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Found 18 results

  1. I was lucky enough to be gifted a 3 pack of the much hyped and discussed HSO strain The New. Like the other diaries this is no place for taking the piss out of the breeder or the price of the seeds, I personally think they are too expensive and I would never spend that much on seeds no matter how good they are. @HSO-MarkThanks for the seeds dude, you know I will do you a detailed and honest photo diary of these, let the fun begin. With that out of the way I will be doing an honest warts and all review of these when I grow them out, I don't know Sherbinski, I never heard of him before all this started on here so I don't mind calling him out if these turn out to be shit, I will be taking a ton of photos from germination right up until harvest so its all going to be here in black and white for everyone to see. As usual they have arrived in the nice wooden packaging that all HSO seeds arrive in. I am not opening them yet as I have other plans germinating the PS regs for now but when I do I will probably end up breaking the glass like I always do. I doesn't really matter if the glass breaks as I will be getting all 3 of them wet in around 6 weeks time. HSO & Sherbinskis The New
  2. Hello again my stoner chums. Im back with another adventure for you. This time we have 2 x Dinafem purps#1, and 2 of Humbowlts offerings, 1 is a green crack, and the other is a blueberry headband. Here they are.Top left and top right are the purps#1 bottom left the bloob head, bottom right the green crack. The bottom middle is a pre 98 big bud from Nirvana, but we wont mention that here. I started these a couple of weeks back, and introduced them to a life of abuse, leaving them in my propagator till they were almost dead. Then I put them into this mini bubbler, to bring them back from the brink. They seem to be coming good now, compared to how they looked a week ago . Its not gonna be a big grow this one, and I think im just gonna flower them in this bubbler too, but will spread them out a bit before flip, which should be in a couple of weeks time. They are at 0.5 ec and 5.8 ph just now, and the roots have just poked outa the bottom of the pots and into the water. this is the point where they start going nuts on the growth front so hopefully they will be a fair bit bigger next week they aint getting much light just now, but I might go and buy a couple of breeze blocks, to put the tote up higher, nearer the lights. Stay tuned for more dope growing madness.
  3. Welcome to my HSO guerrilla grow! As you'll be able to see from the tags, I'll be trying green crack and mango sapphire, cheers @HSO-Mark I'm not sure if they're good choices or not, but if the weather is better than last season in sure I'll get something good home For these beans I have a new plot with 2 beds that I've dug over with my grow buddy. The soil looks OK, but there was a lot of bracken roots removed from here too. I've added calcified seaweed and gypsum, in a week or so some chicken shit and FBB chucked in and left for at least a couple of weeks. Now I just need to get another root trainer for the beans and we're away
  4. outoct.jpg

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  5. gcout.jpg

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  6. stretching

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  7. Hey guys. I'm back with another HSO diary! After loving the Sapphire OG's so much from my last run - with BOTH phenos coming out cracking, I decided they deserved the RDWC all to themselves for another run. This time they're getting the SCROG net all to themselves. I've upgraded my tent from 1.2mx1.2mx2m to 2mx2mx2m. The difference is massive. I have an 8inch vortex fan and carbon filter (variable), with a 5inch fan for the cooltubes and lots of passive intake holes. Plenty of fans for air movement and plenty of light. Thanks again to @HSO-Mark for providing me with these awesome seeds (amongst some others). Lots more diaries from me to come! Nutrients being used (at various stages). Never used PK boosters before, going to take it easy with them and introduce to my res for a week or two, from about week three post 12-12. This is the SCROG net I'll be using. The string you see on it in this picture is NOT the string on it currently. I've upgraded to some mason line. So off I was! Only problem is... when I originally took the seeds out of their lovely wooden block for my first run, I ended up mixing up the vials and not knowing which strain was which. As I had 3 seeds left of each strain, my only option really was to pop two of each, let them grow a little in the bubblers, then use my eye and experience from last grow to identify the strains and remove the Green Cracks from the system. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Green Cracks, but I loved the Sapphire OG's much more! I'd planned to transplant the GC's from the RDWC system into soil as soon as I was able to differentiate between them with certainty. Here's a photo from just after I'd transplanted the Green Cracks into soil. They're the ones sitting in the slightly larger pots on top of the buckets, far left and bottom right (not the fabric pots). They didn't like the transplant too much, and sulked around doing nothing but looking hungry for about a week or so. They soon recovered in time, with a little TLC. Thankfully they had a good head start in the RDWC, so they've ended up at least as large as the other soil plants. Here they are in larger pots, about a week before the flip... So now the Sapphire OG's have the large RDWC to themselves, they can spread their legs a bit and crack on! IIRC this photo is about a week into the flip. Flipped on 28th May. I vegged the lot under a 600W MH conversion bulb, added a second for the first week of flower, then swapped the bulbs out for 2 600W x Omega Super HPS's, and added the MH back into the centre as a third light. Here's my lighting... Did a bit of tweaking with the ducting, trying to shorten the distance that the hot air is travelling. As you can see I've swapped my MH conversions in the cooltubes for the Super HPS, and added a MH back in, onto the cheap winged reflector. Here's the current canopy....coming along nicely - although it's been hard to train this time as the shape I'm working with is coming from a line of two plants, rather than a nice sqaure of four plants. Not much more training left before they stop stretching. These aren't big stretchers at all, so I've still ended up with quite the bush rather than flat canopy. We'll get there, but I'm debating how much to strip from the underneath. I'd appreciate some advice from anyone experienced in these things. Here are my current ambient and res temps. I snapped a top branch from one of the Sapphire OG's while I was training it, so decided to see if I could save it as a cut. Three weeks later she's showing some nice roots. Thanks for stopping by, until next time! SVS
  8. outGC.JPG

    From the album HSO Green Crack

    What have I done!?!
  9. Thanks to Humboldt Seeds for the opportunity to have a go with some of their Californian genetics. I went for Em dog and Green Crack. Some wicked packaging . Like burned onto wood . pure class. Bottom right you can see the little seedlings. The 2 em dogs out of three are up and out of the coco. 1 was a no show. Green crack 2 out of the three made it out of their shells. 1 is looking lovely, the other has semi decapitated itself and gone a bit spindly, I'm not sure it will make it. Heres how they are loned up a Green crack , flanked by 2 Em dogs. Only one of each can make it to flowering, there can be only one, I say. Here is a close up of the dodgy green crack. See if it can re grow a leaf. Its in the hands of the gods now lol. That's it for now , come back in a week to see how they have grown. over and out zz
  10. First of all, big thanks to HSO Mark (sorry won't let me tag) for providing me with these awesome seeds. I've never grow anything from HSO, so I'm excited to experience their genetics. I've heard great things about the Blue Dream, but after spending some time reading up on and drooling over a few of their strains, I decided to go with these interesting sounding ladies. Arrived in the post on Wednesday. So into the rapid rooters they go! I'm going to be growing them in my 4 bucket (with 5th control) RDWC, under a dimmable 600w hps, in a 1.2mx1.2m tent, with scrog. For now they're staying in their dome in a warm cupboard until I see those first signs of life. Wish me luck guys!
  11. hso1

    From the album HSO grow diary

  12. What's up fellow uk'ers! Coming up to the end of our second grow, sugar mama auto and green crack auto(both on day 69). Should I really be waiting for the buds to almost stop growing before I use the Overdrive, or do I need to start now so I can be flushing ASAP? Flush for one week or two? Will post some pictures up after work, should really have done a diary:$
  13. Afternoon All, I know the title sounds like it shouldn't be a problem but the plant is 3 weeks into veg and is less than 6" tall with over a dozen internodes. This is my first grow with DWC and my new light but my previous plants in coco under a 400w HPS would have been at least twice the height if not a lot more with this many internodes. I know the manufacturers of these lights claim good internodal spacing but this is ridiculous. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Strain = Green Crack Light = spectrum king 300 led DWC = single 25l bucket Nutrients = Dutch Pro hydro range + calmag Air temps = 21c - 25c Water temps = 19c - 22c Aeration = Hailea 10L/min through two 12" flexible air tubes. Air = 5" RVK with passive intake PH = 5.6 - 6.2 E.C. = 0.4 (had it at 1.1 but obviously too high) Light height = it was 10" above the plant but I have moved it to 24" to try to induce some stretch
  14. Sickmeds Green crack Purple pheno day 30

    From the album Tokeits plants

    Sickmeds green crack purple pheno day 30