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Found 19 results

  1. From the album The White House

    Dinafem - Gorilla - Largest Fan Leaves Stripped - Day 10 of 12/12 Opened up to let more airflow through the canopy and let light into the whole plant. Image Top Left - Before Leaves Removed Image Top Right - After Leaves Have Been Removed Bottom Left - After Leaves Have Been Removed Bottom Right - How She Looks And Lets Light Pass Through The Plant
  2. It is time to capture some gorilla ladies and let them frolic in the water garden of zen. I can run some regulars and find mums at the same time but boredom has got the better of me and I am itching to get going again. Let the hunt begin.....tranquilliser is ready......Gun loaded.....lets go
  3. Hi all, Firstly many thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for the chance to have a crack at the new strain, much appreciated bro I'll update this this diary as often as I can, be it weekly, or whenever I get in there. Still very much consider myself a learning student at the art, will certainly appreciate any and all advice from any who come along for the ride Onto the beans, received five fem beans, so I popped all five as i think five plants will fill my 1.2sq space nicely. I'm going to try and keep these quit tidy where I can, maybe a pinch out, but nothing to massive. I started by dropping them into a glass of council pop: I left them like this for an hour or so, them gave them a prod to get sub surface, all bar one sank and that was having a good go at it: After a day in water they are transferred to my high-tech germination factory... So here we are today after 24 hours processing in the germination factory, looking really good, these were solid beans a day back. Can't complain with 100% germination, all looking nice and healthy so far. After this I put them back into the wet paper towel for another day, I'd like the tap root to get a little more established before I pop them into soil, if that's not tomorrow, I'm sure it'll be day after. Will update again with pre-potting-pikkies in a day or so..
  4. Dinafem - Gorilla - Girls Top Shelf.jpg

    From the album The White House

    Dinafem - Gorilla - Girls Top Shelf trained and ready for flower
  5. GG4 x Leeroy OG

    From the album Random Uploads

    This is a special pheno of a breeder tester pack Mother GG4 (from clone) Father Leeroy OG Rare Dankness from Seed. Think it's the favorite thing I've grown and smoked in 5 years, the dry sift yields have been massive.
  6. Outdoor Grow 2018

    From the album smokeymcpots outdoor Grow 2018

    so this here is one of the autoflower chemdawg and it has started to flower for some reason ?
  7. OUtdoor grow room

    From the album smokeymcpots outdoor Grow 2018

    Hi guys these are the pics the 3 small ones are the chemdawg auto flowers and the other big ones are the lemon and ami all are soil and water only i used biobizz light mix and black magic compost is working pretty well for me and i will re pot in a few weeks and i think i will cut the top off the non autos tmorrow,
  8. 01-Dayone.jpg

    From the album Dinafem Gorilla Grow

  9. hello guys! here's a photo heavy insight into my first time greenhouse grow.. soo much preparation went into it that was not documented as i only decided to take pictures etc after the site was pretty much complete.. untill i made many changes as it was my first time and my OCD's where kicking in hard when i wasn't happy with something, as you will see in the photos! i designed a self watering system and also a solar fan system. so far i have 3 strains growing.. 4 sensi skunk autos but one seems to have different genetics to the other 3.. maybe from a different mother or different strain all together, who knows! these are now the biggest and are all now flowering (for picture reference) 1 pineapple haze feminized still vegging, and 4 magnum autos not long transitioned.. ill be updating this post from now on
  10. WW.jpg

    From the album Gorilla grow 2017

  11. Hi everybody reading all this Gorilla growing has made me jealous especially down south near me. I've been walking a lot lately trying to get a little fitter and I have identified some nice sites for next year . I was just wondering if anyone knows the best short growing 3 ft or so cannabis strains as I want to be really stealthy . Cheers
  12. 6 weeks going on 7 weeks now... The rain and humidity was a killer last week! The floor was literally puddling around my feet when i stepped inside and pools were forming in dipped areas, which made the humidity and condensation inside really bad! New level'ish floor with a new damp proof membrane, completely dried and wiped the inside and now that the weather has picked up - conditions are amazing!! Too good! (Dry and the heat) new fan system coming next week! Heres a few recent pics!
  13. Water system design (self feed drip)

    From the album Secret greenhouse

    Heres the design for my self eatering system.. Slightly changed to the design.. It is now one full circuit.. Feel free to tell me how good or bad it is :)
  14. Looking to do some autos outdoors this year in N.ireland, remember a friend telling me about a Scottish breeder doing autos in highlands can't remember there name anyone know anything of these breeders? Thanks Snydgrow
  15. Real Gorilla - Real Good!!

    From the album Real Gorilla

  16. IMG 20160621 091838

    From the album Garden grow

  17. IMG 20160621 091927

    From the album Garden grow

    2 plants