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Found 69 results

  1. Saw these go up on the site the other day, I couldn't stop myself from grabbing a pack. £15 for 6 interesting-sounding fems from RGSC, I'd be stupid not to right? https://www.realgorillaclothing.com/product/killer-orange-s1/?attribute_pa_seeds=6 @panik Sorry to steal your thunder if you were going to announce it later on in a new thread. I'm surprised no ones mentioned it on here yet. Is there any extra general info you can provide us with mate, like from your experience growing them out or with parents etc? Thanks!
  2. Gorilla Girl F1 Fast Version® This is a photoperiod-dependent, feminised and ultrafast flowering version of Gorilla Girl® (SWS74), the most potent “Super Strong” strain in the Sweet Seeds® catalogue with THC levels of up to 31%. It is a cross between the potent Gorilla Girl® and our own Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76). The plants have a very strong and stimulating effect with a THC content as high as 25%, some plants may even exceed these levels. This strain is known for its exuberant resin production which completely coats the calyxes with aromatic trichomes. The buds have an intense, sweet and fruity aroma and taste, with tones of blue cypress and wood complemented by citric, earthy shades. Variety SWS86 Indica: 40% / Sativa: 60% THC: 18-25% · CBD:0,1% Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 350-600 g/plant Indoor Harvest: 7 weeks Outdoor Harvest: early September
  3. Fella.jpg

    From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition Fella.
  4. From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
  5. Hi, everyone - hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe. It’s that time of the year again. Can’t believe it’s come round so fast. I’ve spent the last few weeks tidying up the greenhouse, checking supplies and I’m just about ready to get growing again. All we need is some decent weather this year. There was far too much mouldy stress for everyone last year. In a selfish way, I’m hoping the lockdown stays in place most of the summer - it’ll make growing in the garden a little easier without the threat of someone popping round. Anyway, I’ve had a dilemma this year in what to grow. I had a lovely selection of seeds from @Dinafem-Mark. After last year, I thought I’d go down the auto route. My plan is four strains and I’ll plant two maybe next weekend, and the other two the week after to stagger them a little. I might throw in a Shark Shock CBD as it’s been sitting in my cupboard since last year and I’ve not tried any CBD strains. This will be the only photo seed I’ll do, but I’ll leave it for a few weeks before I decide. So here’s my 2020 line up: OG Kush Auto White Widow Auto Gorilla Auto Bubba Kush Auto As you can tell, I love my Indicas! The weather is supposed to be turning cooler next week, so I’ll probably pop the first two in soil next weekend, and the other two the weekend after. I had a significant birthday a few weeks ago and my lovely hubby bought me my first bong, so I can’t wait to get these girls ground up in it. Anyway, I’ll be following everyone’s diaries again this year. Good luck to you all - this is the best growing forum on the planet so your advice and support is much appreciated. Stay safe x
  6. Hello folks I hope everyone is doing fine during this pandemic and lockdown. This is my first proper guerrilla grow, I say proper because when I last tried a couple years back I didn't really put much of an effort when I first tried a couple years back and ended up carrying one of my plants back home to my back garden to finish off. So firstly her is a list of plants/seeds that I have on the go for this year... Photoperiod x1 OG Kush (it's about 4-5 weeks old now) x1 Gorilla Autoflowers x1 White Widow XXL x6 Roadrunner If you're new to Dinafem and haven't heard of Roadrunner that would be because it's a fairly old strain and I don't believe there's any info on it on their website let alone the availability to purchase it, though I think you might be able to purchase seeds of this strain from vendors like Attitude. I've never kept my seeds in a refrigerator so I was quite worried that they wouldn't germinate and I thought "ah to heck with it, I'll give 'em a go and see what happens". To get my seeds started they all went into a shot glass of water and have been left till they crack open and the taproots come out. I don't have any early pictures of my OG Kush so apologies for that. But before I get to the pictures of the plant and seeds here's the two plots I gotten to work on(I may make a third plot).
  7. Quarantine grow of OG Kush and Gorilla Setup : 3.3'x3.3' grow tent 4'' Fan and carbon filter 300W of VERO29 DIY COB LED SCROG Net Nutes Greenleaf Megacrop Greenleaf CalMag Greenleaf Bud Explosion Mykos extreme bennies Had a rough start, my cheap PH pen broke the day I made my reservoir which resulted in my seedling being in 5.0 PH solution. Getting a new pen was pretty slow because of COVID19. The poor babies mutates and looked like shit. After 5 days of being in the corrected reservoir they look much better but are pretty beat up. The sativa phenos of OG Kush are looking pretty bad. Day 20 Of OG Kush Day 19 of GG4 Day 15 of Gorilla The GG4 is much bigger than the others and I'll try my best to train it to be even with the rest of the canopy. In red -OG Kush Sativa pheno In Green -OG Kush Indica pheno In purple -GG4 clone OG Kush Sativa phenos looking beat up 1/2 The other 2/2, looks fried, will it ever recover? OG Kush Indica pheno 3/3 OG Kush Indica pheno 2/3 OG Kush Indica pheno 1/3 @Dinafem-Mark
  8. Best Gorilla Glue from Seed Not talking about flavour hybrids like strawberry just straigh GG. .... Go Go Go Mine - Dinafems Gorilla (comes in female seed) First tested the fast gorilla and got three really good plants but one was special. Which got me into gorilla Uniform strain, just covers in white frost all over, smells of chemmy earth danky glue. so easy to trim. Rock hard buds with just bio bizz and soil but looks like something out of Cali or PGR grown. Hands down my fav glue but chasing others still.
  9. hello again. im back with a brand new adventure. And it should be a good one... This time im doing this fine selection of seeds. im waiting patiently for the gelatos to drop, but they shouldn't be long.... I kept back a seed from the new and ogkz from my outdoor adventure specifically for this grow. Some of you might have noticed my pathetic attempts at amateur breeding in another thread, and I have got to the stage where I appear to have finally managed after 4 attempts , to reverse some females to sprout nuts, woohoo. so this collection will be grown out to be pollen recievers, as well as some personal stash for special occasions, like,...…. say Mondays, or Tuesdays, maybe Wednesdays etc, they wont last long …... they will be receiving pollen from another couple of HSO and dina strains (|Black D.O.G , critical+2, moby dick and cali hash plant, if it survives, its looking grim, but you never know) the velvet octane and lemon citron are all new strains from HSO and the descriptions had me drooling so when I got a chance to grow them out, I jumped at it- Thanks Mark for the seeds, its much appreciated, and i'll try and do them justice. im going to be growing these in hydro, because I suck at mud and coco, but seem to get on better with water. so, once germed they will go into my mini bubbler, till by dwc buckets arrive . mini bubbler below. from here, most of them will be going into some 37 litre bubblers, and will be fed my usual nutes, which are ; IOnic grow IOnic bloom growth tech silicone Canna cal mag Growth tech ph down and that's it, that's all you need imho. more once the seeds crack. im only doing one seed of each, I need to be careful with plant numbers, so if they don't sprout they aint coming in. Stay tuned
  10. resized.jpg

    From the album Dinafem -OG KUSH -Gorilla

    Day 30 OG Kush 26 Gorilla GG4
  11. New to gorilla growing and have a growing scenario I'd like to sound out and hopefully get some advise on. 52' N. A reed bed which is the last in a sequence of 6 lagoons each filtering cattle shit with the run off flowing in to the next but has been lying dormant for 10 years now as concrete tanks are preferred for European regulation and is now overgrown with limited access in a it never existed style. Facing South. Currently a covering of reeds along with nettles scutch and a variety of native grasses on the surface of the lagoon. My plan is to clear an area of the surface and grow in tyres with a small amount of light soil on the surface. I have read that the canna indica plant thrives growing on filtration reed beds and am hoping that an autoflowering indica cannabis would too. Again am a noob so open to all or any advise. Is planting in a tyre with soil necessary? Is an autoflower the right call?
  12. My first Dinafem Grow, I've always wanted to try White Widow and Gorilla sounds amazing. I grow in reused Canna Pro Plus making organic teas from Borage, fish emulsion, worm castings and bat shit. I have a perpetual grow .. all HSO until now.
  13. Been waiting to do this one for a while. Aim is to find a really good keeper out of gorilla. I have an idea in my head what I'd like to find but ill let the smoke decide when the time comes. Plan is to run 15 gorilla's through flower and hopefully poke in 3x the new which will be a seperate log. I've planted extra beans to cover casualties and failed germs. If I get too many plants I'll select as many the news as I have and then kill gorilla's untill I'm down to 18 plants total. Biggest grow I've ever run but I keep running out of smoke messing around, bean popping and doing other stupid things so I'm running a bigger grow this time to stock up and hopefully find some special plants. Set up: Veg: Tent:1x1x2 Lighting: 5x cxb3590 (4x 3000 k 1x 6500k) @50w each. 250w total. Fans: 2x 6" rvk in/out on a fan controller (currently running dumb as I dropped the probe into a watering can. Awaiting spare from manufacturer) + matching carbon filter Heating: 800w oil ratiator on thermostat. Flower tent is 2.4x1.2x1.8 with 250w of cobs on a rail and 4x 240w Quantum boards. I'll go into more detail at the time save bogging the thread down. I'm planning to arrange the plants into 3 x 6 pattern. Probably finish in 15l fabric pots. Medium: Germinate in rootits. Veg in light mix. Flower in amended lightmix. Will effectively be a reduced coots mix (worm castings + minerals) added to the light mix base to give it a smidge more juice. Feeding: no plan to feed npk in veg. I use rhizotonic. Its good shit. Flowering will be a top dress of worm castings, amendment mix and barley malt. If and when I feel its needed I may add some biobizz liquid nutes. My biobizz liquid schedule is a 50/50 grow/fish mix low dose + bloom. I usually add epsom salts via watering as per oldtimers regime. Micorhizae inoculation will be done when transferring to first pot. I use xtreme gardening MYKOS as it's pure Rhizophagus Irregularis. That's the man for the job. Any ectomicorhizae, bacillus etc are a waste of time. I roll the bare roots in the granules and throw some in at repot. Benes will be provided by DIY compost Tea. If and when I can be arsed. I also have sannies bacto that I add at least once a week. All water is obviously dechlorinated. Anyway onto business: 2 full 10 packs of Dinafem Gorilla into Rootit tray. Try to get the damn foam plug out.... Water the cubes to approximately correct moisture level. Seeds into the cubes. Rip a piece off and stuff it on top as per instructions to cover seeds. Lid goes on the propogator and it goes under my bed with a heat mat. This was Saturday night by the way right before I sat and trimmed up the headbanger. Little moral booster before the misery of trimming. This very afternoon. Starting to pop up. Can see about 15 that have either broken the surface or i can see are about to. Rest should be up by morning I think. Transferred propogator to veg tent. Light is high up so they don't get battered too hard. I don't have another chance to attend to them untill tomorrow night. Imo if I leave them untill then before giving them light I'll be setting em up for stringyness. Individual detail will obviously be limited with so many plants in the log but I'll try to give a good overview of the genetic content of the strain and give detailed reports of the best ones. The new log will be on hso as soon as they arrive. If they're far behind I'll just train them less to let em catch up. Cheers guys and fingers crossed this goes smoothly. Spring grow is usually the best!
  14. It's nice to be doing an indoor diary again, haven't done one for a while. I was given some Gorilla last year and Orange Juice when they were released, by @Dinafem-Mark cheers buddy. 2 of each went in to dirt on Monday and a few days later all 4 were up They are starting off life in the main/flower area while I start a reversal in the veg area. So I'm about 2 weeks they'll go under the 65W QB until all the seed mothers are pollinated at which point I'll move these into prime positions under more of @diyleduk's lights (possibly r-spec Qb's if they're in by then). So there's my intro, expect random updates when I remember to take pics
  15. Firstly big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for letting me be one of the five chosen for this UK420 Ocean Grown Cookies pre release grow show. Hopefully I can do them justice and do a good preview of this new strain. I will be growing out 3 of them along with 1 Dinamed, I have never grown CBD strains before so this is a first for me. Also in the mix is 2 Purps#1 and 1 Remo Chemo, I ran these 2 last year and I want to fill my jars up again. Lastly 1 each of Gorilla and Bubba Kush, these two are new strains for me too. So that’s the plan, 6 strains over 9 plants to showcase Dinafems brand new unrealeased strain, a CBD strain, 2 old favourites and some new ones to me. I will be getting them wet tomorrow evening, I loves a Dinafem grow so this spring should be a lot of fun.
  16. Dinafem grow

    From the album Delights

  17. As the title says, i have some Sensi A+B for the veg, after getting them used to being outside, i gave it then a week before a first feed to try and reduce stress, its been a few days and they've shown no sign of distress, but the bottles didn't really have a guide for how often to feed them, i know over-feeding can cause problems, so would every 2 weeks for a feed seem ideal? Or can a week be okay without running the risk of over-nutris-them There about 6-7 inches tall, with the stem being at about 5mm thickness at this point, cba going and taking a picture at this point
  18. As the title says, i have some Sensi A+B for the veg, after getting them used to being outside, i gave it then a week before a first feed to try and reduce stress, its been a few days and they've shown no sign of distress, but the bottles didn't really have a guide for how often to feed them, i know over-feeding can cause problems, so would every 2 weeks for a feed seem ideal? There about 10 inches tall, with the stem being at about 5mm thickness at this point, cba going and taking a picture at this point
  19. Grow 3 - Day 9

    From the album Third Grow

  20. IMG-7514.JPG

    From the album Dinafems

    Gorilla by dinafem
  21. IMG-7513.JPG

    From the album Dinafems

    Gorilla by dinafem
  22. IMG-7512.JPG

    From the album Dinafems

    Gorilla by dinafem
  23. IMG-7511.JPG

    From the album Dinafems

    Gorilla by dinafem
  24. IMG-7508.JPG

    From the album Dinafems

    Gorilla by dinafem