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Found 15 results

  1. Best Gorilla Glue from Seed Not talking about flavour hybrids like strawberry just straigh GG. .... Go Go Go Mine - Dinafems Gorilla (comes in female seed) First tested the fast gorilla and got three really good plants but one was special. Which got me into gorilla Uniform strain, just covers in white frost all over, smells of chemmy earth danky glue. so easy to trim. Rock hard buds with just bio bizz and soil but looks like something out of Cali or PGR grown. Hands down my fav glue but chasing others still.
  2. LST

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. Gorilla glue training

    From the album Summer 2019

  4. Veg tent training time

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. Just wondering if anyone has grown any Gorilla Glue #4 or any stardawg both of which are auto flowering. I am planning to plant the seeds into Jiffy pellets and then outdoors when the time is right. what kind of success rate did you have and is there anything I need to be aware of. I had a problem with aphids last year, so any advise on how to prevent aphids from getting on the plant would be much appreciated.
  6. Hello again everyone. Run down of the environment - 240w LED light 24/0 coco coir Growers Ark hard water nutes, currently feeding 3ml/l of bloom a+b with 2ml/l of traces which gives an EC of 1.7-1.8, PH'd to 6.5 temps are always between 23-28 degrees Humidity sits between 45-55 currently I have 5 plants in my tent, 3 zkittlez autos which are doing fine and 2 gorilla glues which are having slight issues, one more so than the other. I have been a bit lazy and been feeding both plants the same amounts of nutrients etc so I know that most likely is somewhat to blame. The GGs are showing a couple of different symptoms that has got me not knowing what route to take so I thought I would ask you knowledgeable folks your opinion before taking action. So as you can see in the photos, it's the top of the plants that seem to be affected with spots, you can also see that they are a bit pale and the leaves are also curling up / canoeing. If they were just pale, I would have upped the amount of feed they are getting. If they just had the black spots and paling, I would have guessed that it might be mg deficiency, and if my temps were too high then perhaps that could solve the canoeing and curled up tips, or even nute burn but then they wouldn't be pale? I dunno However, they are all present, so what do you think? They seem to be doing OK otherwise...only a few weeks til i chop them as well I reckon, if that! Hope the ramble makes some sense...Let me know if you need anything clearing up Cheers
  7. Gorilla glue #4 auto what is the problem

    Please can someone tell me why the leaves are turning a pale colour an then turning white/yellow.
  8. Hello everyone Second grow on the go now and have decided to give some autoflowering seeds a go. Everything seems to have gone OK so far until the plants started to look how you can see in the photos below. At first I thought it may have been nute splash burn as I knew I had splashed the leaves when watering, however, it seems to be getting a bit worse and is affecting some newer growth which makes me think it is more likely to be something else. They're 2 and a half weeks old from seed and are currently on 2.5ml/l of Growers Ark a+b (hard water), 2.5ml/l extra traces and 2.5ml/l of root tonic. Temperatures have been fine, got a tube heater on the go and an oil radiator coming on every now and then to keep everything nice and warm, temps are between 24-28. Humidity has been quite low, usually about 30% sometimes a bit higher, been giving them a mist with some water to try and make up for it and have got a large bowl of water by the passive intake to try and help bring it up a bit. I've got some calmag on hand just want to get your opinions before I potentially give the plants something they don't need. Cheers.
  9. Looking through Expert Seeds seedbank. Was wondering if anyones grown anything by them and what they rate , got my eye on there gorilla glue #4 .
  10. Gorilla Glue 4 (Cali Cut) Plant 2

    From the album Bits and bobs

  11. Hello guys, I was just wondering which company has the best track record regarding Gorilla Glue & Girl Scout Cookies, both in terms of successful blooms, and all-round goodness of the fruits? I know what a minefield of luck it can be, so a few recmendations from those with experience would be valuable to me. I'm uk based, if that helps Thank you so much!