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Found 1 result

  1. Intro First, big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for the beans and it's nice to be back home in the Dinafem section after a prolonged break. I had my house on the market and was unable to grow. Total mare tbh once the stash ran out and I had to resort to street weed again. Super pricey and total hit and miss regarding pain relief properties which for me is crucial. I had to have a break from uk420 too as it would have been to heart wrenching seeing all these lovely grows and being unable to crack a bean But thanks to COVID I'm back in the saddle for a while and until I see the world settle down, I'm staying put, plus isn't it great that nobody can come into your home during the lockdown!! At the advent of lockdown, I panic bought growing stuff whilst bog roll seemed in fashion to others , not just for ganja but for vegetables too so I've had a mad 3 months building soils and raised beds etc but great fun despite using all my good super soil and worm bin contents for veggies .....some epic veg is on the way I mentioned in the seeds for diary thread that I managed to cock up my original strain selection with Mark. Despite being within spitting distance of 56 I still get like a kid in a sweetie shop when confronted with FREE new strains to try, that and some medibles and I totally missed that Dinafem have their CBD autos under the CBD section and not the auto section these days. I was too flustered by the thought of trying the new Gorilla auto, I fuckling love GG4 , and Cookies auto so I just whacked a Moby Dick on at the end as I've always wanted to try her too....... MANY days later it dawned on my stoned ass that in my eagerness I had missed ALL the CBD autos, not only that, I discovered they now have Dinamed as an auto too. I have done several diaries for Dinafem and Mark a few years ago and many of them were on CBD strains as I love it for pain relief and general health tbh so the idea of Dinamed auto really appealed to me. So I tried contacting Mark on the off chance he was waiting to batch send off the selections from members and see if I could swap my Moby for the Dinamed auto. Mark said he had already given the order but would not only send me the Dinamed CBD auto but also throw in the Dinamed Kush CBD auto as well!! Frankly she looks better than the straight Dinamed just from looking at the info on Dinafems site. 16% CBD vs 13-14% for the Dinamed and 65 days only to boot, to Mark for pointing me in the right direction Here's a pic of the first 3 eagles that landed...on an old Dinafem brochure I had lying about... As I grow in perpetual way, I have decided to pop a Cookies and Gorilla together then crack the Dinamed Kush once she lands, with the others following later with any luck! Straight into shot glasses with water on arrival, spring water I collect from the mountain I use. I try to use rain, but the last few months have made that impossible despite being in the wettest part of England Then into airing cupboard and give them 24 hours is the usual procedure.... Guess what? 100% germination once again from Dinafem in quick time too! Before the 24 hours were up they had both cracked with the tips of their roots showing and also just visible on both the photos, despite my lack of camera and macro, is the dark tip of the sheath that covers the root as it emerges from the shell casing. Known as the coleorhiza, I mention it as it makes an appearance in a later photo too... The Gorilla Auto The Cookies Auto Once I see that there is life, they go straight into their final 20l airpots. For these 2 I made up the same soil mix. As I mentioned I have no supersoil available for ganja right now so I'm trying Plant Magic Soil Supreme atm modified with Coco, for more aeration, and Worm Castings, Eggshells, Volcanic Rock dust, Gypsum, Crab meal and a liberal sprinkling of Plant Magic Granules for the roots. I then prewated the pot with some rainwater...yes some did fall at last . Planted them about 0.5cm deep and lightly covered with soil and finally covered the pots in clingfilm and popped them in the tent for warmth and hope for the best...... 48 hours later they both popped their heads up The Gorilla still had her coleorhiza stuck on her cotyledons, apologies for my phone pic, but it looks like slime almost in the photo with a black speck, I mentioned earlier, as it came out of the seed casing. I got my trusty piece of thin wire I use for occasional removal of seed casings from cotyledons and a magnifying glass, cos I can see fuck all these days and slid the coleorhiza off the top and the seed casing from the stem and left them for the next pic which came out well....for a phone The coleorhiza is at the bottom right, next to the stem and the discarded case above Here is one of the Cookies not such a great shot I'm afraid, phones aren't great for closeup shots And so it begins with more to follow, apologies for rambling on but it's been a while I've said enough for now and will go into my set up, lights etc on the next post..... as long as they survive the incoming heatwave ..... Keep it green all