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Found 5 results

  1. Greeting all, Thought I would have a go at doing a grow diary and what a better way to demonstrate new genetics but to illustrate how not to do things. Firstly some genetic details Glueberry 0G Gorilla Glue x OG x Blueberry Indica/Sativa Photoperiod Feminised High Yield 1.5-2.0 m Indoors 8 Weeks Taste - Blueberry, Diesel, Sweet system - 2 tent system ( veg 1.2 x .3m .1.2 and flower 2.4 x 1.2 x 2.1) Lighting Veg 4 x T5 Flower 400 + 600 HPS Grow medium clay balls and vermiculite ( layer of balls on top and the bottom of all pots with vermiculite in the middle) Pots 200 mm which sit in trays Why I do it this way. Basically I use vermiculite so I have to water once a day as I work 12 hour days so only get the morning before I go to work. I hand water till the runoff reaches a certain level then let them sit in the runoff i use a nutrient cycle of N N N Water N Water Flush The cycle I have adjusted over time as I have had nutrient burn quite often on previous grows as I multistrain grow so the balance between the nutrient requirements is a bit of a juggle. I use AN nutrients with Sensi Veg (ph adjusting one) and jungle juice bloom i also use final flush for 8 - 12 days i do the majority of the maintenance stuff early sat mornings and also have a green head torch to do stuff I need to do with the lights out. so that's some background, i got these girls the day before Xmas so they started the life on the 24/12/16 The first pic is the obligatory proof of packaging ect I will post up the next pic tomorrow as it's now been about 4 weeks and have not taken another one as this is a spontaneous decision to go ahead with the diary. i did top the biggest one of the two today at the 5th node. anyhows thanks for taking the time to stop in and have a look. i make no promises but I usually aim for only one major fuckup per grow cycle but you never know as am always still learning cheers BB
  2. Might as well start a thread for the odds and ends in the garden this year. I didn't do as well as I hoped for last year and that was mainly down to me choosing the wrong seeds for the situation. I went for Mazar photoperiod but they flowered too long and they would have kept going past Xmas. I had to pull early due to frost and mould. I got a good amount of oil from them but it wasn't what I wanted. I managed to finish a couple of coffee kushes but I did stick them under a light for the last few weeks. In 2015 I ran a couple of my coffee kush strain and got a good 4 -6 oz from each one. On top of that my mates said it was the nicest coffee kush they've tried since I isolated the clone 9 yrs ago. I was kicking myself for not growing a few last year so I'm making up for it and I've got six going this year. I had planned an indoor grow consisting of Glueberry OG and some Fire99 a few weeks back. I had trouble with early stage growth which decimated the seedlings. I was left with three Glueberry OG which had stunted in dodgy coco. I've repotted them into three litre pots of soil about a week ago and they seem to be picking up. There are three Fire99 in the greenhouse but they have their own thread so I'll not repeat myself in this one. All plants are in Bio green Totall Mix soil -not seen it before but it's what the growshop had in stock. I've mixed that with calcified seaweed, dolomite lime, BFB meal and cannabis based compost (made with 100% composted cannabis). It was a bit rich when I first planted up but it's mellowing now. I haven't decided on nutrients but I have some biobizz grow and some Plant Magic bloom from last year . I'll start with these and see how the girls like it. 6 coffee kushes. The smaller ones in the square pots were much larger last week but I needed a tray of 24 cuts so they have reduced in size Three Glueberry OG and the smaller one is a Fire99. I'm not fully set on a plan for these GOGs and might be tempted to try them indoors. Alternatively, if they do well I could take cuts and do them indoor. I'll try for an update every two weeks
  3. IMG-2274.JPG

    From the album Glueberry og Dutch Passion

    The biggest of the 2
  4. IMG-2273.JPG

    From the album Glueberry og Dutch Passion

    The smaller of the 2
  5. IMG-2272.JPG

    From the album Glueberry og Dutch Passion

    Couple shot