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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, hoping for a little diagnosis help. Changed the res 5 days ago and since the ladies are not looking happy. Before the RES change the EC was the same at 0.7 (0.6 of that bloom A&B Mix with 0.1 made up of Mag extra AN additive = total 0.7) and things were going swimmingly with great colour and great vigor in growth,, they looked banging! 5 Days later not so much! Much lighter in general colour and rusting on some leafs, one lady has been hit harder than the other three but she is most defo a different pheno as she has looked different from the get go. A little info.... 1.2x1.2m tent 400w MH 10ltr pots with clay pebbles,, drip system hybrib with some roots in the res allready. Air out through carbon filer and in through RVK'S Temps are 20/21 off and between 25 & 28 degres on. Lights 20 on & 4 off Humidity 65% Water recirculated with Res pump and also pumped to chiller unit and kept at 20-21 Degres Water is RO with EC @ 0.7 using Advanced Neuts hydro Sensi Grow Today I have added a little (15ml to aprox 35ltr full res) Advanced neuts MAG extra as ive read on here that Glookies are Cal/Mag hungry and it seams to marry up with how they are looking,, well that and abit of a nitrogen deficiency too caused maybe by the lack of Cal??? Any help or advice on whether im on the right track would be most appreciated! @stu914 Any thoughts pal,, i know you've been on the AN neuts for ever! Ever had any Cal/Mag issues?? or might it be something else?
  2. So i can only do one plant and i'm really stuck between options, i have a single 40x40x120cm tent with a hlg quantum board led, which i can run really cool with the driver mounted outside, which i would like to take advantage of with a vibrant strain and want a single photo strain to do that must grow like an indica for the whole height issue i personally think (Please correct me if i'm wrong) and must be high yielding (i know people throw this around too much but what i mean is a very high bud to leaf ratio, as it is the only plant i'm growing now and therefore i'm looking to yield the most from it.) I'm a heavy daily smoker and i know that i'm still gonna need to buy bud inbetween harvests, so i'm looking for a very heavy yielder aswell as a great tasting strain. I was looking at Barney's farm glookies which they boast offers 800m² yields (must be exaggerated) but after looking into it, it seems to be a pretty unstable plant as well as from my understanding, Barneys are more of a overhyped brand. I have however had good results with their lsd autos in little pc grows. I have since started looking into Humboldt also known as Hso, Dna genetics and Dinafem after seeing them on other forums being recommended. I'm just overwhelmed by all the choices and always end up finding a strain that i like which ends up not being a good yielder when looking at grow diaries for it. Please could somebody recommend a strain that will fit the bill nicely. I'm really into the usa connoisseur strain's and was considering hso's sugar breath at one point as well, but haven't been able to find much about it's yield online from diaries. I also should mention that i'm looking to spend no more than around £10 maximum per seed so in house genetics isn't really my go to right now as you have to spend a good 100 quid buying 10 seeds, and that i'm using attitude seedbank (https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/). The seeds also must of course be feminized as well. What would you guy's personally grow? Note: also must be stable genetics as i'm growing from seed everytime, and i will be lsting and topping
  3. Multi-Grow

    From the album Muti-strain Grow

    16 Days Since Rising From Soil The Bigger 1's...The 3 On The Right Are 6 days rose from soil...105w LED...Compost/Perlite Mix...2ml/ltr Biogrow...1ml/ltr Topmax...24hr Light...ill be Getting A Better camera Next friday...:)
  4. Hello everyone! As i am in the first week of flowering ( week 9 ) on my fourth organic soil grow I am experimenting and trying new techniques. One such technique is defoliation. I did have two very small defoliation sessions during the veg period but i was too scared to remove many leaves (not even close to 20% of each plant). I did some research and growers do defoliate during flower as well (which is something i thought was not to be done). I will attach 3 pictures so you can have an idea of what is going on in my grow tent and maybe some of you can help!
  5. 31/01 (W8)

    From the album 4th grow

    Week 8 of veg