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Found 44 results

  1. Although itching my bits to get cracking this year, just looked at a long range forecast and no significant rain due till may at earliest lat 50/51. I hope it’s wrong, last year was a fkn ballache luggin water and all I remember 24/7 is thinking when’s it gonna fkn rain?
  2. Exo Gold BX1 day 3 outside

    From the album GG 2022

    Exo Gold BX1 - Day 3 out at the patch
  3. Preppin the patch

    From the album GG 2022

    Preppin the patch
  4. Almost ready to go

    From the album GG 2022

    3x Exo Gold BX1, 3x Purple Freeze BX1, 3x MightGold BX1
  5. So, all my players have arrived for the season. We got, and in no particular order RGSC DFG. First time with this strain Lemonade Freeze. (sadly missed the boat in my go to lemonade OG this year, a winner strain on all angles for me) I’m assured this mo fo is next best or maybe even next level Fast Diesel. Did the biz last year, chunky fruity buds in the blink of an eye GG#3. Being a complete dumbass, I didn’t notice that these were regs till I got them home. As I keep plot visits to an absolute minimum it’s gonna be a bit arse twitchy keeping an eye on these, any tips for spotting early boys much appreciated. Fire 99. Got a couple these left from last year, gonna drop one super stealth, and claim the prize for most Pisstake growspot 2020 Alfemco. Mighty wonder fuck, been ogling these for ages, can’t wait to try them Brock-1. Short hazy days x blackberry gum ive no idea how these will turn out, in a gg sitch, subbed to the site cos it’s about time I put something back in, chose these, watch this space. Sweet seeds. Creme caramel fv, a season saving jar filler last year, smooth mellow high, lovely stuff, good mould res. Killer kush fv, Fruity, smash ya up stuff, also v good mould res. Reserves bench. Affie daze, a heavy hitting smoke, don’t have room this year really, these can get v fat. Easy sat x skunk #1. Still not tried these out. Some random bag seed from a fruity, orangy can’t talk let alone move shit I got gifted So, many beans only so many holes. Gonna have to whittle down to what goes where but looking around room for 18 plus 3 I always gift to a mate who does a balcony grow. Best get some j cloths ready Best of luck Guerillas. Peace
  6. Hey Guys... Apologies for being abit absent on this site.. It has just been abit crazy recently... Seem to be working twice as hard and as long what with all this strange times we are in... So right off the bat I will say that this will not be the greatest attempt at a diary... More of a general update every now and then. I will also add that i will try and do a diary for other breeders so there will be a few group shots and probably a fair bit of copy n paste (like this one!)... . As doing multiple updates can take a surprisingly long amount of time... So i have had a bit of a wierd month where i thought someone had stole my whole seed collection....(moved house and stored them at work) So bought a few more seeds started them... Then found my collection..with some seeds i really wanted to try.... . Duh! So that has thrown me sideways alittle in terms of what i want to grow... I have also found that some of my plots are no longer usable... And found new plots... But they rely on Maize being planted for pheasant cover... So this may become interesting, anyways this year i will be growing: DFG GGold Lemonade OG Auto Sweet tooth And maybe Auto Tangie...... Thats about it! Good luck with all your grows guys! Oh yeah.. And just one more thing... Anoher reason I may not have alot of time is that now i am in collaboration with RQS, which is news to me.... They just haven't officially told me yet... They are probably too busy planing to fly me around the world! Hosting massive parties Doing guest appearances and hosting talks around America And of course signing seed boxes! Take it easy guys! Stay safe! MacGanja Mitty
  7. Hey guys, I'm going to receive probably this week and I want to try GGing. First off, is it too late to grow this year? Also, I did some recon today and took pictures of a spot I found, it's remote in the woods off trail (about 150m from a path through the underbrush following a tiny creek) . It's a wood exploitation forest but all the stumps seem overgrown with moss and I have seen 0 marking on the nearby trees which leads me to think this area is going to be peaceful for a while. Without further ado, What do you think of this area? Does it seem fitting for a grow? There is a canopy that lets sun through but provides decent aerial cover. The area seemed undisturbed and hard to access. Lots of trees roots but I think I can dig some holes for plants on the banks of the creek. I've never grown so am welcoming all advice, observation, etc... I'm not in the UK but very close with similar weather.
  8. Best Gorilla Glue from Seed Not talking about flavour hybrids like strawberry just straigh GG. .... Go Go Go Mine - Dinafems Gorilla (comes in female seed) First tested the fast gorilla and got three really good plants but one was special. Which got me into gorilla Uniform strain, just covers in white frost all over, smells of chemmy earth danky glue. so easy to trim. Rock hard buds with just bio bizz and soil but looks like something out of Cali or PGR grown. Hands down my fav glue but chasing others still.
  9. Finally banged my plants out sat just gone, fast diesel, lemonade freeze, dfg, short hazy days x B.B. gum, mighty wonder fuck, and a random lone fire 99. Not big numbers just a few of each spread over 2 plots, got a cream caramel runt I couldn’t bear to bin so I’ve kept her back for some tlc and a late plant out. The mwf has an astonishing growth rate, neck and neck with fast diesel but has the most incredible fruity smell just from rubbing the leaves. Rained just after planting so maybe this is my year. Bring on the flower show
  10. 2 days

    From the album Jinjah Ninjah

    2 days
  11. So lockdown is lifted, we can now go fishing, which means I can get to my plots. Best wet a few beans..ye ha!
  12. 5dc81d2d53057-ImagenPNG.png

    Lemonade og, this one was well early
  13. Help Guys! Never had this prob before. Two weeks old bottom pair drooping, then top droops. had two others go like this then die. Rest seem ok wtf? Underwatering? In seedling compo, under a couple t5,s, no nutes, due to go out to a gg plot. Grew this last year (rgsc lem og) no probs just lost two fire 99 to the same
  14. So iv been planning on doing an outdoor grow hopefully be planting outside soon on my other diary, but my granny went on holiday for a bit and theres a full greenhouse with a heater so.... and all the things you need for growing are in the greenhouse so today i went down with my germinated seeds planted about 5 and turned the heater up :))) planning on just leaving them seeing how they do just come back now and then to give them a wee water and wee check up..... they grow chillies in there and many other plants and veg so I though why not fk it haha anything diffirent about greenhouse growing rather then inndoor/outdoor.... Cheers Best of Luck 2019 Tam
  15. Does it have to be Autos for a GG or would it not be efficient to have a non Auto
  16. Now and again I bump into my old weed dealer in the high street, it’s a kind of nod, “alrite” kind of mutual greeting. Then an uncomfortable pause where I don’t ask to arrange a purchase, really don’t wanna say “sorry mate I got kilner jars full o better than that” which is why I’ve not bought weed off you since July last year but waddya say? Bigger problems to have but I feel kinda guilty. Well, sort of
  17. GG4 x Leeroy OG

    From the album Random Uploads

    This is a special pheno of a breeder tester pack Mother GG4 (from clone) Father Leeroy OG Rare Dankness from Seed. Think it's the favorite thing I've grown and smoked in 5 years, the dry sift yields have been massive.
  18. Hi guys am I to late to start a gg off I can liquid feed when needed also should in pots or not thanks a strain would be helpful also
  19. hello guys! here's a photo heavy insight into my first time greenhouse grow.. soo much preparation went into it that was not documented as i only decided to take pictures etc after the site was pretty much complete.. untill i made many changes as it was my first time and my OCD's where kicking in hard when i wasn't happy with something, as you will see in the photos! i designed a self watering system and also a solar fan system. so far i have 3 strains growing.. 4 sensi skunk autos but one seems to have different genetics to the other 3.. maybe from a different mother or different strain all together, who knows! these are now the biggest and are all now flowering (for picture reference) 1 pineapple haze feminized still vegging, and 4 magnum autos not long transitioned.. ill be updating this post from now on
  20. I'm planning on a GG next year. I've never done GG before so I don't know how much smell to expect (I appreciate this is strain-dependent). I was thinking of 2 sets of 8 plants to cope with losses, if they occur. Each set will be in a different place. That said, the smell part of it is important as I'm scouting around for for a suitable place. I know to go where people don't, but knowing how much smell would be useful. I'm kinda expecting it to be less than a tent, if that doesn't sound too obvious or stupid? Thank you.
  21. More seeds germinating in paper towels

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Just some more seeds being germinated in paper towels
  22. Homemade Sulphate of Potash

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Homemade Sulphate of Potash ready to be dug into soil