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Found 6 results

  1. As a new member I am limited to post so far. Anyway. Been growing a while. But I do have a problem I would like some help with. I have really old seeds I acquired from Afghanistan. Wild grown original afghan cannabis. I brought peony back and had a blast with it. Grew a few plants in my dads greenhouse. Now it’s been a few years and I have just found my old seed box and tried to germinate a few for old times sake. And so far none have popped with various methods. Temp. Humidity. Tissue. Rhizo, gibberilic acid, plant stims, etching, cutting. Hydro peroxide Etc. I have made it my mission and I am determined to bring them back from the dead. Anyone else know of any other ways. I have other seeds and all that. Like I said this is what I want.
  2. Hi guys, so just started my first grow. im going budget and organic, auto northern lights grown in greenhouse with biobiz and tomato feed. so the guide I’m following for these seeds says 18hours in distilled water until they sink then 36hrs warm dark place, same water but in damp kitchen roll, then plant. Iv just now put them in kitchen roll so 36 hrs takes me to 8:30pm Sunday night but silly old me got my seeds in the post and get going instantly forgetting my 11ltr bags for planting arnt arriving until Tuesday at the earliest..... so question is what’s my best option? Does it matter if I leave them germinating for an extra 2 days ? Or can I plant in egg shells then when my bags arrive plant the egg shell filled with soil and seed ? Or have I failed at the first hurdle thank you for any advice!! Joe
  3. Hi all, new member here i just had a quick question I have just got my setup and am waiting on some stardawg clones but I've been bored and so ended up ordering 818 headband from cali con I only just read their reviews 😒 Anyhow the seeds arrived but won't germinate I had a few f1 durban bagseed I was saving so did them all together and they germed but the cali con just hasn't budged. is there anything I can do to them like pot them anyway just incase? They were expensive so I didn't wanna just chuck them
  4. Has been 2 weeks since I pop'd a Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk and its yet too pop its head out. Sunk it in a jar of water for 24 hrs then in paper towel for another 24 until taproot appeared. Carefully tweasered into a squeezed out root riot cube and covered. Temps are 27 and 80% humidity I pop'd another strain at the same time and that's now got its proper leafs. I have read this can be a tricky strain but should i persevere? Thx
  5. Lebanese01

    From the album PCK x Sinai + Kumaoni

    Germinating 15 '09 Lebanese
  6. I've tried many ways of germinating seeds and found soaking them in ph6 water for 24 hours, then placing them between some damp kitchen roll in a dark covered container works best for me. I find if they are going to crack, this method will produce the results. I believe some seeds will never crack no matter what you do to them, The problem I have is the consistency of the ones that crack, some crack straight away & usually go on to develop well but I do have problems with slow seeds quite a lot. These take a lot longer to crack and usually die in the planting medium having only developed a small tap root. Occasionally I do manage to grow 'slow seeds' but it is a rare occurrence. I've found planting into rockwool cubes is a lottery as is direct into soil, coco & vermiculite. So to get to the point of this thread, have you used Root-it sponge plugs & do they work for you? I've just ordered some to try & I would appreciate your feedback on them and be grateful for any tips. Do you also suffer with 'slow seeds'? Thanks for reading my thread & I look forward to your response Skunnymonster