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Found 60 results

  1. Day 3 Flowering.

    From the album Repotted to 8 litre

  2. Sweet Gelato Auto® 5th generation autoflowering strain. Autoflowering version of one of the most powerful and famous American lines, coming from the San Francisco Bay (California): Gelato (Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies “Thin Mint”) is one of the most appreciated exponents of the Cookies family, featuring excellent aroma and high production of THC. In order to introduce the autoflowering genes in Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76) we used our Killer Kush Auto® (SWS56) which was itself developed with OG Kush genetics. The result is an autoflowering genetic featuring sweet and fruity aroma with a strong Kush presence, including earthy and woody tones leaning to dried fruit (hazelnuts) and soft touches of mint and citrus. This plant develops dense buds with high production of big-sized trichomes. Data Sheet Variety SWS76 Indica: 44,2% / Sativa: 55% / Ruderalis: 0,8% THC: 18-23% · CBD: 0,1% Indoor Yield: 375-500 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 50-175 g/plant Indoor/Outdoor harvest: 8 weeks from germination Height: 60-100 cm
  3. Hi all. Really chuffed about this one. Feels like such an honour being able to test these. Panik has kindly agreed to let me test his Strawberry Diesel X Gelato 41, a cross for me sounds like a match made in heaven. In case your not up to speed on these strains Strawberry Diesel really is a blinder, a Strawberry Cough cross I know and have grown, and its also the supposed Stud of the legend Bruce Banner #3. Then add Gelato 41 which I've been told is a little more Indica leaning than Gelato 33 and fruitier than other Gelato Genotypes... when Panik mentioned this cross I almost fell of me chair. So once again the seeds arrived quick and safe... They never got to see the inside of my fridge, they went straight into a light Seaweed soak. They took a good 48 hours for all the seeds to crack but crack they all did, 16 beans and all germinated perfect and are doing great. So atm as a test grow, germination was 100% spot on, and to add on this one the seeds were very well developed, sized, coloured and matured. They're in diddy pots of my fav, Plant Magic soil, and I'm keeping them on a little Seaweed until the weekend when they will go onto Rhizotonic for a week. These are reg's so hopefully given the 50/50 avg ratio I should get some nice plants in this grow. They'll be vegged under CMH and I'm planning to flower them under a mix of HPS and CMH. Many thanks once again @panik Hope everyone is well, take it easy. GV.
  4. Evening all just having a looks at beans and what in house genetics have on offer can across the frosted gelato now they are nearly £200 for ten fems but are they gonna be worth it? Has anyone smoked this strain before or grown it? Don’t want to waste my money if there not gonna be great.
  5. Hi guys I'm new to growing and will be using 2/3 week old cuttings of GELATO I have 8 pot wilma which I will be using clay pebbles and 6 cloth pots with canna coco which I will hand feed for now All pots are 11l Now for the questions Regarding ph I was going to sleep ph between 5.8 -6.2 for both media is this ok? Regarding nutes and ec can they both be fed the same in both media? So I was going to start the ec around 1.0 since there cuttings and through veg up each week until around 3 /4 weeks by say 0.1 so at the end off veg will be around 1.4 ec ? Is this ok ? Then I flower start around 1.4 and work mg way up week by week until around 1.8/2 ec and flower for around 6-8 Feed timings veg will be 2x 15 mins in wilma 1x big hand feed in coco Flower 4x 15 wilma 2x big feed a day coco Does this sound ok for gelato and both medias clay and coco ?? I'm new so any advice is great Also what the ideal temps for lights on and off ?? And humidity Thanks
  6. Hi guys I have one of these feminised beans and was wondering if anybody has grown these out or tried any of TH Seeds stuff before? It is called French Macaron which is a Gelato 33 x French Cookies. French Cookies is a gem of a Cookie by T.H.Seeds™ with all the goodness the Cookie plant can give. French Cookies brings crystal white resin with light orange hairs, a dense T.H.Seeds™ Cookies treat! After traveling to Cali doing some testing we found a seed in a bag of the Legendary Platinum Cookies. All sounded very nice, here is a picture I found of it.
  7. Chop Day

    From the album Sweet Gelato Auto

  8. Gelato Main Cola chopped

    From the album Sweet Gelato Auto

  9. Ripe Gelato Bud

    From the album Sweet Gelato Auto

  10. Tent Overview

    From the album Sweet Gelato Auto