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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all hope your well its been a long-time since I've been on here .. been bouncing round rented houses so not been growing my last one was a loft grow which i did well on a whole but the last one was crap full of seeds which assume was a herm due to the hot summer we had Not sure if this is the correct section but the new house has a nice garage to build a grow room.. coming from a loft I have a few questions Ok grow room size I've got 3m x 2m i intend to build a 3 long x 2 wide x 3 .5 High frame and use 75mm king span to create a fully insulated box.. there will be a air gap of 100mm right around the box .. the garage is a fully brick units with a tiled roof lighting I still have 6 x 315 CMH id like to use and 4 x UK DIY led units can think of the model but it was a 400w HPS replacement could mix these up as wont need to run them all ventilation my stuffs still boxed but I'm sure i have 1 x 10" stealth perish fan matched with the same make 6" fan controlled by a G.A.S controller which ramps up and down In the loft i used 6 x 11ltr pots in a scrogg with coco.. i did wonder if upping the pot size might increase my yield ? Nutz i was using the Canna feed since it was some time again maybe there is better out there now.. Something new Some months ago i was stripping a old factory out which had gone pop and i was able to get my hands on 2 x Mitsubishi air con units which i have in storage i believe these are around 15000 Btu.. I'm thinking of installing these but need to do a lot of research how they would be used in a grow room assuming there don't remove any air from the area so smell shouldn't be a issue and it would mean that i don't need to exchange so much air to cool therefore been more stealthier? any one got some advice on AC or tips to look into? Humidity not sure on this one would the AC help here Thanks in advance
  2. Hey, Im planning my first set up, it will be in my garage loft which is sandwitched between two houses, im in the UK The garage is insulated upto ceiling joists only and it stays about 11c above outside temps, outside temps are around 2c at the moment and temps dropped to -2c last couple of nights. So inside is 11-13c with no heating. The garage loft where i plan to grow is not insulated so i will be building a grow box from insulated foam For arguments sake the box will be 1.2 x 1.2 x1.5m The garage loft temp when the garage below is 13c and outside temp is 2c is around 9c so pretty chilly. But no where near as bad as outside (can get to -3c) I will be drawing warm air into The insulated box from inside the house. Where temp is about 20c during the day. And 17c at night I will be using a fan speed thermostat controller to control the speed and temperature inside the tent I plan on using autoflowers so i can keep lights on 24/7 to further help with heat production In addition to this i will be using a heat matt with a thermostat in the plants roots to stop it dropping An idea i have floating around in my head to try and do a diy heat recovery system to also help save some heat leaving the box My question is, What is the minimum ventilation amount i can get away with? To prevent as much heat loss from the grow box as possible.
  3. 08861FBF-066C-4F4D-B145-3626F70F83C0.jpeg

    From the album Groom build out and opticlimate

    All set up!
  4. DD93ACC3-8676-4F6B-A62C-185238681FDD.jpeg

    From the album Groom build out and opticlimate

    Stud frame going in first to take upvc door
  5. My friends looking to set up in a single skin garage on the side of his house. Obviously he’s going to need to insulate the whole inside. What type and thickness of is he going to need in order to be safe? Cheers!
  6. Any builders, decent DIY’ers out there…?! Looking to build a little veg /clone cabinet in a crawl space / cellar under the patio The crawl space goes all the way under the house, split into different rooms I guess with the dividing walls of the house. Under patio it’s a bit larger with, 150cm ceiling height The space I’m looking to build something can be any size I want really, but thinking about 70x70 or so. Just going to be using a 125w cfl. I know heating is going to be an arse in winter, but as its going be on 20/4 not so much an issue. The room is accessed via another cellar room with a door to the outside. It’s a bit dank in there, but brick construction and structurally sound. My thought is to build a room within the room out of celotex. Few things I’m not sure on... I know these have been asked before, but couldn’t find the answers so if anyone has a link for a good thread with frame building guide all ears Where the box will go, I’ve got one wall & roof to connect to. It won’t be in the corner. Questions 11) To build against the brick wall, should I put a damp proof membrane against it and on the floor? Or can I just put celotex directly against the brick wall? Is it really needed , thinking £££. If so any particular type? 22) Battens - Assume I need to battern wall. Do I put the battens against the wall, then the celotex on top of the battens? So there’s an air gap? Daft questions but if 50mm celotex, do I get 50mm batterns? 33) Sides of the box, if its 70x70, do you think I need side supports? I was thinking it would be slabs of celotex. 44) Floor / roof- I was just planning on putting 50mm celotex on the floor and roof (it’s a concrete slab roof) - so height down to about 130cm. Anyone see any issues with this? The floor is basically just dirt. I’ve raked it flat, but feel it should have something a bit more weatherproof below. Maybe 100mm on the floor? This is only a little mess around project, don’t really want to spend loads. I’ve also got a tent that can go inside the box if needs be. Thanks for any tips cheers B ob
  7. So the days are going to over 30 im on 18/6 autos flowering plenos vegging. Usually lights off at midday back on at 6pm, this is going to be a problem for the next few days if today was anything to go by, 30 was garage temps at 6pm before lights on intake will only suck in hot air in a hot garage by late afternoon so on days like this I find it easier to knock off a few hrs and run 15/9 from 9pm and wait it out for temps to drop before going back to 18/6. Its not ideal but its better than frying them I guess. Dont want to buy an aircon just for a few days a year, any tips out there from garage growers ?
  8. I have just fully insulated my garage and am now in a position to get going, I still need to setup my veg and mother room, but now the flower room is operational I have planted some seeds and need to prepare for the cold in the winter ahead. I have a flower room that is 2.2m W x1.0 D x1.8 H, and a veg/mother/drying section 2.2x2x1.8 I have a 10" Airteq out and 6" Airteq in on a atc800 and 2.2amp str, with insulated ducting. I am having to draw fresh air straight into the grow, through the 2x2 section straight from outside but after been given some advice on here I boxed a 1500w radiator in front of the flower room connected the intake ducting to it and it has helped warm the air temp inside to between 18c and 22c with an outdoor temp between 6c an 12c. This is with the str on step 3. I monitored these temps with lights off so I am pretty positive that when the 2 600s I intend to run are in full swing there will not be a problem lights on regarding heat. Obviously though if the temps lights off plumeted down to zero centigrade and below my flower room will be to cold. I will be running a 600w digital ballast for veg eventually and that heat will be dumped into the flower room if need be. So today I purchased a 2 metre square section of underfloor heating rated at 150w p/m and a digital thermostat. I had a few questions which are: 1) After reading on here about how root temp is more important than air temp, once I have my floor heating in place will this be good enough to keep the roots warm? My walls are 40mm Kingspan, floors 30mm then lapped with loft/radiator foil and a 100mm kingspan freezer unit door to enter the overall grow area so once I seal a few draughst I have found heat leakage shouldnt be an issue. 2) Also what temp should I have my floor heating set on so the roots stay happy, but the compost doesnt dry out to quick after watering? 3) What is the lowest air temp that the cannabis plant can produce without been slowed down as long as the rootballs are at the right temp? 4) And the final question. I have a section of the garage before I enter the grow sections and this is uninsulated with plenty of holes in the ceiling where the corrugated roof sits on the garage walls, If I was to pull the intake through that section of the garage would it help take the chill out of the air and raise the flower room a degree or 2? I am thinking if that will help I will draw air in the winter from the uninsulated section and in summer direct from outside? Any help is very much apreciated, it has cost me an absolute arm and a leg to get this up and running on my wage and limited work so really need to get a half good crop without it being ruined with temps. I think this is my last issue at the moment and I have everything pretty much sorted.... I hope.