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Found 3 results

  1. @HSO-Mark Has been kind enough to throw us some lovely free beans to test out. OGKZ and Green crack FVs. They arrived safe and sound after roughly two weeks and were germinated using standard cup method. I'm planning to give them 3 weeks veg then throw them in with my Dinafem Orange Juice and Ocean Grown Cookies. I'm not sure on final pot size but will be using Clover Multi-purpose as always. Brilliant stuff. And will be feeding with intense nutrients until I run out at which point I will either buy more or use up my remaning bio bizz nutrients. Waste not want not. Can't be wasting the ol' Biobizz! Right now, I have them in jiffy pods. which are then inside a 1L pot. They will be vegged under 150w of blurple UFO LED. I probably won't TOP them since I'm trying to fit them in with the others. Timescale wise. Orange juice are supposed to take 9 weeks. I've had them on 12/12 for a week. I'm hoping that I can squeeze these in while OJ is flowering. Thought that would be a good way to use these FVs. OGKZ & Green Crack FVs - 15.12.2019 - Day #1
  2. Dinafems new fv cbd strain Quick Dinamed cbd Some info on the strain : Dinamed cbd plus x male Dinamed cbd auto. Shes a pure cbd photo strain 14% - 18% 5 seeds arrived and because of timings I was going to leave them until I start the next cycle but couldn't wait so Ive cracked one to squeeze in, the others can follow on next cycle. Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and @Dinafem Seeds for doing what you do
  3. The 3 plants featured in this diary all hit the ground on 7th July at 51N in the UK as part of a late plant out. Consequently, two of them didn't grow overly big, in part due to the late plant out, but also due to the fact I didn't do a great job prepping the soil. Although 1 of these 3 plants grew to monstrous proportions in a very short time and it turned out to be one of, if not the, biggest & highest yielding plant of my season. Jack 47 FV I estimate just 1 more week left for the Jack 47 as she is looking very, very frosty indeed and nearly ready. Just the odd few white hairs on the lower buds still so I could actually stagger harvest her. I really like the buds on this plant, like I cannot wait to smoke her. Next year I will definitely be growing her again, but starting 2 months earlier. Killer Kush FV (mid July plant out) Harvested top... Here is the pic of the KK FV after harvesting the main coala and the best tops. The floor branches/vines on this plant are insane, like the way they snake out along the ground. They are actually resting along the floor, possibly due to the weight of the buds. There is an enormous floor branch/vine in the bottom right, just out of shot. There is also another big floor branch at the back of the plant, again out of site in the below pic. After the first chop... I can't say enough great things about this KK FV plant. Due to the plot location (corn/maize field) I had a specific window in which I had to plant (and harvest). I couldn't get my plants in the ground until July due to the corn planting and Round Up spraying which occurs in June, and of course I had to harvest before the combine harvester comes around to cut the maize. Paranoia got the better of me and I ended up harvesting the first lot of KK FV at around week 5 of flower, just to play it safe. This is thankfully the fasted flowering plant I have ever ran, like it flowered at light speed. I still have more than half of the plant going in the cornfield, but I think I will HAVE to chop the rest in this week coming week, which will be about week 6 of flower. It's just too risky to leave. That combine has to come through here sooner or later... Green Poison FV (harvested October 3rd) (4 weeks into flower) (7 weeks into flower - before harvest) Just a quick question... when I run the next batch of FV strains again next year, am I able to germinate them on say March 21st, with 4 weeks in a greenhouse and then into the ground for late April, or will this early cause them to flower early due to them being light sensitive? I know some semi automatic strains flower early under 16 hours of daylight, so I was just wondering whether an early start would cause them to do this? I don't want my FV strains going through vegetative regeneration... Thanks