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Found 1 result

  1. G'day all, I've done a few bubble runs over the last week or so and arsed things up. One run was an ordeal - the bubble was so sticky it was like working with tar. I'm amazed I got anything from it at all since it immediately welded itself to anything it touched: bags, pressing screens, hands, kitchen. I literally (OK, maybe not literally), practically had to hose my entire kitchen down with iso. I attempted to freeze and grate it, which was only partially successful since after 10 secs out the freezer, it was the consistency of warm shatter, and set it out to dry. Yesterday, I was collecting some up from the drying tent and picked up the wrong tray - the sticky one which had only been drying for 3 days. The good grades are now a solid mass in jars which I don't think was fully dry, and I could do with a little advice on what to do now. I intend to press all the hash with a hot bottle (a la Frenchy), so freezing the bubble would not be a problem, but I would rather keep it as bubble since I have different grades/strains and would like the freedom to press 'blends', as and when. So, do I: A, Freeze the bubble and take bits, as and when (preferred option)? B, Freeze the bubble and try to grate and dry it again? C, Press it all now (will the hot bottle be sufficient to remove the moisture I think may still be in there). I doubt this will work, but...? D, Turn it into a rosin/shatter (I really, really don't want to do this since I dab very rarely)? I am aware of the argument that freezing breaks tric heads, but since it was fresh frozen, and frozen to grate, that horse has already bolted. Also, it will be pressed as soon as it comes out the freezer, so I'd much rather freeze it than run the risk of it molding (which I'm fairly sure will happen if I leave it as it is). It is only 12 grams, but that is quite a lot to me. Any ideas anyone? Many thanks