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Found 20 results

  1. From the album Stigs shiz

    Thanks @Joolzfor the speedy delivery, you do it by hand? I big ups. also thanks @Revivefor for cooking up gg#3 x Rene x gg#3 sent looking forward to seeing what can be found amongst them outdoor this year, big love stig
  2. Good evening UK420, Here we go for the final giveaway no5 !! Rules are as always ..... To enter just post in this thread. 1 go for Members, 2 for Subscribers and 3 for Lifetime Subscribers winners will be chosen by random number generator and the comp will close midnight on Thursday the 20th August 2020. @Joolz has the seeds and will post them out to the winners. Members must have joined as of yesterday 13th August 2020 or beforehand. Anyone posting more than allowed will be disqualified. Now for the fun bit ..... There will only be one pack of seeds in this giveaway and they are ..... True Canna / Chocolate Thainapple x 15 (REG) Classic chocolate thai profile with tropical undetones that give off hints of pineapple & other funky, fruit aromas. Quick finishing for such a narrow leaf (sativa dominant) strain. Yields are above average with nice long colas that can stack up beautifully. The high is electric, motivational & slightly psychedelic.Yield Medium, HighPlant Height Medium, TallGrows Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows OutsideFlowering Time 9-11 Weeks Remember if you want more goes then you can subscribe here :- http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/store/category/1-subscribe-to-uk420com/ That’s it folks Happy Friday and get posting !! peace!
  3. Good evening UK420 Here we go for giveaway no4 !! Rules are as always ..... To enter just post in this thread. 1 go for Members, 2 for Subscribers and 3 for Lifetime Subscribers winners will be chosen by random number generator and the comp will close midnight on Thursday the 13th August 2020. @Joolz has the seeds and will post them out to the winners. Members must have joined as of yesterday 6th August 2020 or beforehand. Anyone posting more than allowed will be disqualified. Now for the fun bit ..... Seeds for this giveaway will be :- Rare Dankness / Pamelina x 9 (REG) Pamelina is an Indica -dominate hybrid that is a cross between the infamous Forum Cookie cut and RD#2. Together these two strains created an aromatic, high yielding, uplifting hybrid that has high potency. Lineage: Forum Girl Scout Cookie x RD #2 Indica/Sativa % : 90/10 60-65 Days flower time. THSeeds / Sage n Sour x 10 (REG) Do you like flavor? Do you like strength? How about yield? Then you will love S.A.G.E.™ 'n Sour. Bringing some West Coast haze flavor to an East Coast legend, Sour Diesel, is a win-win situation for you. S.A.G.E.™ has been T.H.Seeds™ number 1 plant for 15 years and we are sure that S.A.G.E.™ 'n Sour will be one of yours. S.A.G.E.™ 'n Sour is a great plant for deep-water culture, as she can grow quite massive. The finished product is of the highest caliber and will leave you wanting more.TYPE: Mostly SativaGENETICS: Sour Diesel x S.A.G.E.™YIELD: 350gr+ p.s.m.HEIGHT: 120cm - 140cmFLOWERING TIME: 9 weeks Good luck everyone!! Happy Friday folks!! peace lil d.
  4. Good evening UK420 Here we go for giveaway no3 !! Rules are as always ..... To enter just post in this thread. 1 go for Members, 2 for Subscribers and 3 for Lifetime Subscribers winners will be chosen by random number generator and the comp will close midnight on Thursday the 6th August 2020. @Joolz has the seeds and will post them out to the winners. Members must have joined as of yesterday 30th July 2020 or beforehand. Anyone posting more than allowed will be disqualified. Now for the fun bit ..... Seeds for this giveaway will be :- Serious Seeds / AK47 x7 (REG) This easy to grow plant is one of the most popular. It is of medium height and produces good yields quite quickly. Extremely STRONG odor and smoke. The name was given not out of any idea of violence, but more in association with the one hit wonder that the smoke is. Quality without compromise makes AK suitable for commercial grows or home use. These plants have a short flowering period for a sativa, producing compact, not too leafy buds that gleam with a coat of resin crystals. Surefire Seeds / OriginalDawg F2 x 10 (REG) I don’t know much about this strain tbh what I do know is it’s a cross of Original Diesel x Trestardawg f2. Good luck everyone and don’t forget if you want more chances get subscribing as there are a few more giveaways after this!! http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/store/category/1-subscribe-to-uk420com/ peace!! lil d.
  5. Good evening UK420 Here we go for giveaway no2 !! Rules are as always ..... 1 go for Members, 2 for Subscribers and 3 for Lifetime Subscribers winners will be chosen by random number generator and the comp will close midnight on Thursday the 30th of July 2020. @Joolz has the seeds and will post them out to the winners. Members must have joined as of yesterday 23rd July 2020 or beforehand. Anyone posting more than allowed will be disqualified. Now for the fun bit ..... Seeds for this giveaway will be :- Connoisseur Genetics / Hippy Private Stash x 8 (REG) Genetics: NYCD & OG Chem This is what a hippy would want to smoke, this will make you look like a hippy its so strong. It smells so strong you will smell like a hippy and after smoking this you will be a hippy. Rotten chemmy grapefruit funk and great yields. Response well to topping and also suited to sea of green. Vicfirth / Psychosis x Sage x 6 (REG) These are subbies seeds that I have grown out the female I found was a squat plant that was slow to start flowering but then at week 6 swelled really well and frosted up. Typically skunky from the Psychosis and quite narcotic in effect. Very nice weed indeed for the evenings. S.A.G.E (sativa afghani genetic equilibrium) is a strain from TH Seeds and is a cross of Big Sur Holy and Afghani. There we go folks good luck to all that take part !!
  6. Evening UK420, @Joolz has been kind enough to let me do some seed giveaways so this is the first in a series of Friday giveaways to raise the spirits and have a lil bit of fun. The Seeds are from my own stash and I have grown a few out so there will be a few half packs. I hope everyone is up for a bit of fun and the competition will be run in the usual way. 1 go for Members, 2 for Subscribers and 3 for Lifetime Subscribers winners will be chosen by random number generator and the comp will close midnight on Thursday the 23rd of July 2020. @Joolz has the seeds and will post them out to the winners. Anyone posing more than allowed will be disqualified. The first lot of seeds are ........ Brothers Grimm Killer Queen x 6 Killer Queen was originally created by BCGA breeder Vic High. Vic pollinated the Airborne G13 clone with a Brothers Grimm Cinderella 99 male.The progeny showed variation as would any F1 hybrid, however they all reliably expressed amazing, fruity flavors and aromas - ranging from black cherry to Hawaiian punch. We decided to recreate this fantastic hybrid using our selected Cinderella 99 male, so that the masses have the chance to grow this cult classic. Also Surefire Seeds Blazing Blues x 5 (Feminised) Blazing Blues is a build up of a Skunk#1 pheno called Blues also known as Livers which has been a close guarded UK clone only for the best part of 20 years. A lot more potent than Dj Shorts Blueberry with a serious chemical blueberry punch. Hit with the reversed pollen of the Casey Jones in the hope of adding a lot more trichome coverage without compromising on taste and hopefully adding more couchlock to the high. Good luck!!! Lil d.
  7. We're travelling all around Asia on a quest to find the best cannabis genetics. To celebrate "Seedsman Travel", we're giving away 100 seeds of our most popular strain to 2 winners!. ENTER HERE -> bit.ly/free100seeds Travel blog post: https://blog.seedsman.com/travel/ Travel IG account: https://www.instagram.com/seedsmantravel/
  8. CBD

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  9. Choose Your Own Freebies This 420 Seedsman are giving you all the chance to get your hands on some epic freebies, we have also listened to your feedback in included some new varieties of bundles including our main bundle (fems and autos) a high CBD bundle and a classic regular seeds bundle. A standard policy of Seedsman is that all of our bundles can be combined this means over this promotion you could get up to 12 seeds in our 420 bundle (spend €99+), 8 seeds in our Bitcoin bundle (spend €50+ and Pay By Bitcoin) and another 6 seeds (spend €50 or €100) in our with every order bundle - that's 26 extra seeds!! This bundle will be automatically added to your basket, you can find out how to change your freebie below. GET 33% OFF SEEDSMAN COLLECTIONS GET UP TO 50% OFF POTENT HIGH THC STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF HIGH CBD STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF HUGE HIGH YIELDING STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF TOP FEMINISED STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF AMAZING AUTOFLOWERING STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF CLASSIC REGULAR STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF OUTDOOR STRAINS 12 Brand New Seedsman Strains!¡ If our amazing discounts and giveaways weren't enough Seedsman are also bringing in 12 new strains available to purchase. We have been listening to our customers and the new selection features some of your favourites. They will be available to buy at a discount for 420! FULL INFO HERE https://www.seedsman.com/en/fourtwenty
  10. Hello to everyone in the UK!! Seedsman is pleased to announce our first Grow Competition 2016-17. We would advise that you read all the rules carefully. Duration: September 2016 to November 2017 The first 100 people to register for the contest on this thread will receive 9 free seeds (3 seeds from 3 different strains) from Seedsman’s own collection. You must have more than 350 posts in the UK420 forum to be eligible for free seeds. If you do not meet this requirement, you can still participate in the competition, providing you have Seedsman seeds.How to Enter and Win: Open a thread in this sub-forum, with the title “Seedsman Grow Contest” + the Seedsman strain that you are growing + your name. (If you open more than one thread, your name must be the same throughout). Show the development of your plant/s from start to finish (germination, growth, flowering, harvest, dry flowers) with images and text. The original package containing the seeds must be shown at the beginning of each thread. You must make at least one weekly update to qualify. Photos uploaded must have a minimum size of 800x800. Please note: Free Seeds will not be available after 31/12/2016 We will not replace free seeds if they do not germinate All photos submitted on the sub-forum may be used on the Seedsman Social Media Accounts. We will not specify the name of the grower, unless they request otherwise. PRIZES Our favourite 10 Grow Reports will be awarded the following prizes 1st Prize: VOLCANO CLASSIC VAPE WITH SOLID VALVE SET 2nd Prize: PLENTY VAPORIZER COMPLETE SET 3rd Prize: CRATER DELUXE VAPOURIZER 4th Prize: €100 Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com 5th Prize: €100 Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com 6th Prize: €75 Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com 7th Prize: €75 Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com 8th Prize: €75 Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com 9th Prize: €75 Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com 10th Prize: €75 Voucher to spend at Seedsman.com Good luck to all! Strains reach limit of shipments (10) can not be ordered UPDATING LIST Candi Cream Participants with free seeds UPDATING LIST Kyle28 with Somango & Candy cream & California orange stinkiwinky with Candy Cream & Nemesis beezee with Blueberry & Cali Orange & Nemesis Arthur Mix with CBD CRITICAL MASS & Somango & ORIGINAL SKUNK 1 Exile420 with Cheese & Candy Cream & Early skunk Salty with Somango & White Widow & Northern Soul Dodgee Auto Minigun & Auto Sweet Tooth & Auto Onyx Edward Blueberry & Candy Cream & Mazari Noddy Candy Cream & Blueberry & CBD Critical Mass Rufus Brown Power Africa & Candy Cream & Somango widowman11 skunk # 1 & blueberry & Candy Cream Hiphip Auto Sweet Tooth & Northern Soul & Jack Herrer Happy Hippy Sugar Haze & Ata Tundra & Candy Cream Botanics Narkush & Somango & Nemesis Sanctuary Jack herrer & Northen soul & Somango Craigfjyp candy cream & cali orange & somango Bill cooper California Orange & Blueberry & Jack Herrer !HEMPFRUIT! Candycream & Northern Soul & Nemesis *DJ* Mazari & Blueberry & Somango Mr Blue Early Durban & California Prange & Auto Onyx BDG Original Skunk #1 & White Widow & Blueberry Fragg Easy Ryder Auto & Auto White Widow & Auto Blue NeZa Auto Sour Diesel Haze & Auto Blue Cush Fast & Auto Critical Ogre Big n Fast Psycho Sid Auto Blue Cush & Blueberry & California Orange The Old Boy White Widow & Velvet Bud & Northern soul marcjuna Original skunk #1 & Candy Cream & Jack Herrer Tom 68 deep blue auto & auto mini gun & blue kush auto fast Coys california orange fem & auto lemon fem LovinTheBeans California Orange & Nemesis & Northern Soul styer556 Cheese & Candy Cream & Early skunk Geordiejames420 Jack Herrer & Somango Feminised & Auto Sour Diesel Haze Seasick Steve Northern Soul & Blueberry & Nemesis zero Auto Sour Diesel Haze & Auto Blue Cush Fast & Auto Critical Ogre Big n Fast ramblingmadman Jack herrer & sugar haze & white widow r3d jack herer & blueberry & california orange Dartman Auto white widow & Auto sweet tooth & Auto critical ogre "big n fast"
  11. Hi. I fancy growing something different this year alongside my usual tried and tested strains. Might as well kill two birds with one stone... Support UK420 and get some seeds What would you choose out of the subbies selection.. Pictures and opinions welcome. Current list is... Oldtimes x Oldtimes Sweet Tooth F2 Sweet Tooth x Northern Lights Cheese Kush x (Flatland Basic x Royal Nepal) Pink Panther x (C3 x Cheese) C3 x (C3 x Cheese) Double Durban (DP x MD ) Helena Gold (DN x GG#3) and from Gumbo Blues x LSD Smile f2 Smile f2 from dannychoo Dexter fromIllegal smile African /Ghana from Happy Hippy Oldtimes x Blues from charas from Salty Ugorg#1 x Smelly Berry Smellyberry F2 Amnesia Kush x Smellyberry Psychosis x Disco Biscuit from @GreenVision I might just sign up for one year (one choice of seed), but considering getting a lifetime subscription (7 choice's) depending my personal cash flow, and peoples experiences with any of the above seeds/strains. I'm at Lat52, in a pretty rainy area so mould resistance and early finishing is key.. Would be happy with a mixture of indica and sativa dominant plants. Nice one, Tigs
  12. Hey everyone Great mood! Just like to give a big thanks to @@J Trich and the Seedsman crew! Was just expecting seeds for the competition but you threw in a little goodie bag with a few extras... Put a smile on my face this morning thanks so much! Will be taking part in the contest in further time ATB everyone James
  13. ​Win seeds in this scary Halloween comp.... ​​uk420 has teamed up with Reg productions to bring this free comp to uk420. ​Just post something scary on this thread, can be absolutely anything you like, music, writing, movie, meme, anything at all. Go wild and scare us... ​Winner(s) will be announced after 12midnight on all hallows eve. ​further details of the seeds themselves, all labelled and gtg will be released soon....... ​Good luck! ​e2a small print - Usual uk420 rules apply, lifers get 3 tries, subs 2 and 1 for the rest. Winners announced on this thread at the appointed hour.
  14. Hey guys, so my current grow is nearing chop, so I thought I'd (finally) start my diary. Thanks again @@Dinafem-Mark for the free seeds, wish me luck Going for my usual format, so starting them off in small pots of Biobizz Light-mix, then potting up to 1L airpots using recycled all-mix (6th time re-used) with added rock dust, bat guano, Gunaokalong seaweed meal, cotton meal, powdered fish, kelp meal, worm castings, volcanic soil, alfalfa meal, corn meal and Ecothrive charge. Final pots will be 10L airpots, and liquid nutes/boosters are : PM root, PM veg boost, PM biosilicone, PM catalyst, PM bio wetter. PM Granules, Biobizz fishmix, Guanokalong liguid seaweed, Guanokalong taste improver (micro nutes) and Guanokalong bloom. Pictures to follow...
  15. Lot5 X Smottie

    From the album Lot5 X Smottie

  16. Lot5 X Smottie

    From the album Lot5 X Smottie

  17. Lot5 X Smottie

    From the album Lot5 X Smottie

  18. Good afternoon, I had some bad news the other day, which has put my project back a couple of months, (as you could guess I was not very happy ). In order to cheer myself up, I have decided to sub again as I already has Smile F2, thoughts of adding some good flavours to my collection makes me feel better. As I suffer from depression slightly, the idea of an uplifting smoke seems a wise move. I was thinking of Smellberry or Sage x Smottie as there are some good reports and info on these. Maybe you kind folks could help me out with some ideas?
  19. :lucky: :lucky: Photographic Contest Monthly photographic competition in which we award the 3 best pictures among all the pictures presented by any user of the Sweet Seeds subforum at UK420.com How to Participate + Contest Rules 1. How to Participate: 1.1 - This contest is only for registered users from UK420 with a minimum of 15 pots published at UK420 in the moment of the participation. The contestant has to fulfil all the rules imposed by UK420 by the moment of the registration in the forum, which he/she accepted; 1.2 - Publish a post with a picture of a plant from the Sweet Seeds genetic collection in this precise thread, including a title for the picture. The title must include the name of the photographed strain(s); 1.3 - We will not accept pictures of plants that are not featured in the Sweet Seeds catalog; 1.4 - We don't accept pictures of extractions; 1.5 - A picture is accepted as valid participation when published between the 1st and the 25th day of every month. When published by the 25th, the time limit is 23h59m (UTC time, London); 1.6 - Commercial mods, as well as forum users who have any kind of professional relationship with Sweet Seeds or any other company that advertises at UK420, can't participate in this contest; 2. Contest Rules: 2.1 - We only accept pictures uploaded directly in UK420, in the personal gallery of the participant; 2.2 - Each contestant can participate with only 1 picture per month; 2.3 - The pictures have to be originals, authorship of the participant. Using pictures from other person, when detected, originates the permanent elimination from the contest automatically and without previous warning. Besides that a report will be sent to the forum administration so that they can decide if any additional measure should be taken; 2.4 - The contestants can use pictures that were published in the forum in previous months/years, although they can only be used in the case that they haven't yet been used to participate in previous editions of Sweet Seeds contests; 2.5 - Sweet Seeds reserves the right to use the winning pictures in marketing campaigns, articles for magazines, catalogs, Sweet Seeds websites, publications in the Sweet Seeds fan page at Facebook (always rigorously respecting the anonymity of the author), Twitter, etc. Even though, the authors of the pictures can keep using them to any other means as they keep their rights over the pictures; 2.6 - The contest is ruled and administrated based on the most elemental fraternity and fair play principles. Any lack of respect, offence or attempt to discredit or defame the contest will leave the prevaricator out of the contest and at the mercy of administrative sanction; 3. Election of the Winners: 3.1 - The election of the winning pictures will be performed internally by a Sweet Seeds jury (winners are decided by between 3 and 5 members of our team); 3.2 - The winner announcement will be published in the Sweet Seeds subforum in a thread created for this matter between the 26th and the last day of every month. 4. Shipping the Prizes: 4.1 - Sweet Seeds is responsable to send the prizes in within 30 days after the announcement of the winners; 4.2 - Sweet Seeds denies any responsibility regarding packages that do not arrive to the addressee every time that there are evidences that its the winners fault (example: false names that impede to receive the package; mistakes in the address details; prolonged absence of the addressee during the several attempts of the delivery company; etc). In this cases we will not send the package again and the prize will not be attributed; 4.3 - The winners have to send the complete details for delivery until the 10th of the following month. Like this, the prize winners have around 10 days to request the prize and share the details for delivery. The users that fail to do this within this deadline lose the right to the products, which will not be attributed; 4.4 - UK420 internal rules only allow the usage of the Private Message (PM) system to users with more than 50 posts. That being said, we accept the participation of users with 15 or more posts but then in case of getting a prize we can only contact them when they reach to the 50 post mark. If this does not happen within the timing mentioned in the previous point (4.3), the prize will not be attributed; 4.5 - The total amount of the prize is presented in euros and it can only be used to order Sweet Seeds seeds. The shipping costs are paid by Sweet Seeds, which means that the prize winner can ask for seeds with a total amount that is equal or inferior to the value of the prize in euros. Every time the order exceeds the value of the prize won by the contestant, Sweet Seeds will reduce the number of seeds in the moment of the shipping until this limit is accomplished. For example, if you won 75 euros in seeds and you ask us for 78 euros in seeds, we will take 1 seed out so that the prize limit in euros is accomplished; 4.6 - The 3rd prize (1 pack of Sweet Mix Auto) can be changed for any other package of equal or lower price. 5. Validation of Participation: 5.1 - All the users of this forum that submit a picture to this contest automatically assume the full reading and full acceptance of this How to Participate + Contest Rules text. ★ Prizes ★ 150 euros in Sweet Seeds seeds 75 euros in Sweet Seeds seeds 1 pack of Sweet Mix Auto (10 seeds)
  20. Yo..been gifted some seeds and was looking for a bit of feedback..i've had a quick look on the net but would love to hear from anyone who has grown any of these outdoors 1) Channel + ( Medical Seeds ) .. these seem to be a winner from some of the reviews i've read..unless i hear diff on here i'll b popping these post haste 2) Haze 2.0 autos ( Dinafem ) .. these got pretty tardy reviews .. low yield being the main complaint ( i've never tried autos b4 ) 3) Sweety Cheese autos ( Sweet Seeds ) .. these got good reviews altho another auto strain that peeps on here don't seem too keen on So people any advice welcome