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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys never done this before do you repeat with ICE every time you flush through the week or two or just once? Any advice greatly appreciated
  2. Alright lads, To those that use Autopots how are you pre harvest flushing . I’ve been told to top feed and obviously empty the run off from the pots. However i have been seeing a few saying they just fill their res with PH’d water and continue watering from the bottom?? Cheers.
  3. Evening all, I've been flushing my DWC since Weds and I've seen no fade of the leaves - I think she's fine and i don't want to open a debate about flushing. I know she could do with a another week as she's still hungry - ppm is @ 80 but PH keep dropping from 6>5.1 in 24hrs. She's on her 9th week of flower but i'm chopping early due to space. Would you chop her tomorrow or let her go another few days? Aficionado French Connection Pineapple Sorbet info Type: Regular cannabis seeds Genetics: (Heirloom Pineapple Thai x In The Pines F3) x (Zkittlez x Magnum Opus F11) Sativa dominant hybrid Flavours and aromas: rotten pineapple, fuel, guava, paint, lavender Indoor flowering: 7-8 weeks Outdoor harvest: End of September Yield: medium THC: Medium CBD: Some phenotypes have a THC:CBD 1:1 ratio There was an issue where I saw her getting red stems and thought she was getting too close to the light. Moved her to a bigger tent and she just flopped over. The stems just folded due to the weight of the buds and only 1 trellis net supporting the lower half. I added another net for support -3 weeks ago. Excuse the state of the photo's.
  4. fade

    Hi am fairly new to Organics and coco I have been watching how people achieve different colour fades in amended organic coco buy letting the plant starve of nutrients come end of harvest just wanted to know if this is possible in a full hydro system like Nft or in hydro clay has anyone ever achieved pinks reds and purple leaf fade in a Nft system I flushed mine for over 2 weeks and still plants healthy and bright green maybe I should flush for a month with plain none ph tap water and change the tank everyday? Or is it down to the strain genetics? I chose to grow organically in coco as I prefer the cleanliness to soil and less chance of pest but I prefer hydro to the eas of watering Thanks Any info appreciate
  5. Greatings growers, im ready to flush for harvest. So i thought idd make a post for tips and advice. Whats your method?
  6. Does anybody have any solid information on flushing with iced water?
  7. Something I've always wondered is when flushing in the last two or so weeks do you flush the plant then leave the soil to completely dry out before flushing again, normally I just flush one a week regardless if the soil had dried out or not. Am i doing this right?
  8. Hi folks, I have read lots of info regarding when to start flushing, but when do you end flushing? Do the leaves always go pale (as the plant eats itself), or is this strain dependant (I would have thought not)? According to the trichs, the plant is ready, so I've put them on a flush a couple days ago, but have not noticed much change in leaf colour. Just wondering if it is me not being patient enough Cheers for any info
  9. Coming to the end of our first auto grow in coco, just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on how to flush these, I am unable to remove them from the tent. Some of the plants are ready and some are going to need another couple of weeks which is annoying. Thanks in advance!
  10. 5 wks

    5 weeks old 9 plants 1 small tent
  11. Organics - To Flush Or Not To Flush? that is the question,vote above and thoughts and comments below please im debating whether or not to flush(water+molasses) for 2-3 weeks before harvest to maximise taste and cleanliness of the buds,i know its said not to be needed but i still see some doing it regardless so i wanted to get an idea of the general consensus on flushing organics,would be much appreciated and might be good for future reference especially for beginners like myself. H4rdc0r3.
  12. right ive got autoflowering plantS nearly ready to be chopped IN COCO should i ph the water before flushing or just use tap water ??? Sick of seeing so many different things i wll have to use ph down id needs phing witch is a chemical s does this matter thanks in advanced
  13. Afternoon All, Just a quick question about flushing. My 3 auto's are on day 51 and looking good. At some point I'm assuming I need to flush with just plain water. Obviously waiting until they are finished will be too late. I'm expecting them to be ready to cut in the next 2-3 weeks - I've read on this forum that 70 days is usually a good time to cut. I have only used the following nutes/additives: RHS Empathy Bio Bizz Bio Grow Bio Bizz Bio Bloom Plant Magic Bloom Booster Bat Guano So my question is, at what point should I start the plain water flush and for how long? Thanks in advance for any and all advice. Cheers, Col.
  14. Hey ho. In coco with canna A & B and its great but how do you know when to start flushing if you dont know how long the strain goes for? You're supposed to start flushing two weeks before finish, but how do you know when finish is unless you've grown em before? The last batch finished in six weeks so they were completely done while I was still feeding MAX strength and PK+ not much good flushing after that coz the plant doesnt really drink or feed after that point and I was well past it before I realized. Does that mean the weed is poisonous or what? this go I was paranoid about that so I think I went too far the other way and ended up with loads of yellowing. Is there a trick to know for sure like wait for a couple of yellow fan leaves or anything? (I've read Owderb's post on reducing feed towards the end) Does anyone who grows from seed in coco have any tips for judging the right time for my next go? I'm loving the yield but having trouble timing the flush - and the luminous green leaves are freaking me out was organic b4 and I miss the peace of mind now - how do the pros do it? cheers folks. MM Edit: anyone smoked through a few ounced of non-flushed coco and lived to tell the tale?
  15. Haze x Unknown

    From the album DIY