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Found 137 results

  1. LSSH/D21F.jpg

    From the album Sids Random Shots

    Close up of a Lemon Silver Shining Haze, 21 days into flower.
  2. D21F.jpg

    From the album Sids Random Shots

    x3 Lemon Silver Shining Haze, x2 Sweet ZZ, x1 Gelat OG - Day 21 flower. Post defoliation.
  3. Hi guys!running 3 autoflower lost track of flower!but one plants seems to be maturing good!!and the other two I think one is doing okay and the other I don’t seem to notice the maturing of the buds any guess??also attached some photos of all three flowering sites please let me know if may just be younger stages of flower compared to main one using GHE 3 parts also atami bloombastic statin is lemonberry haze
  4. Hey guys I'm wondering what Booster/Additives people are using with the bio bizz range besides their bio heaven, top max ect..I'm thinking of purchasing a bottle of Bio PK 5 -8 I am mainly looking for flowering booster I want a nice good flavour Would prefer organic Nutrients thanks all
  5. Hi guys, Hope someone can help I flipped some bag seed GG4 X GSC which have unfortunately put out a few seeds themselves. Nothing too bad, they're continuing to fatten up and are hella frosty, but i'm seeing a seed or so on every other cola they're at day 42 and maybe 2 weeks from chop, i've just started flushing them. I've got two GMO's ready to flip and I want to put them in with the glookies now whilst they're finishing. I don't forsee the GMO's to have really started flowering after 14 days and expect them to be just finishing stretching when i come to chop the hermies - so how unadvisable is this? I don't see any naners so i don't see why there should be any pollen? And if they did put out any pollen would it have already happened by now? Will attach some pics. Pretty long winded and thanks in advance
  6. I was wondering if somebody can tell me what's wrong with my plants, I am on week 10 super lemon haze auto GHS strain. Been feeding advanced nutrients under 2 x 600 watt, 8 x 12L fabric pots and one 15L autopot (just trying it out) Soil. Past few weeks they have been getting Bloom A and B 1.5ml per litre and last week switched from Big bud to Overdrive 1.5ml per litre aswell. So they're on: Cal-Mag 2.5ml per litre B-52 1.5ml per litre Bloom A n B 1.5ml per litre Overdrive 1.5ml per litre 3 fans plus extractor fan so plenty of airflow. 16/8 light cycle 55% humidity 30 degrees Celsius day temps The leaves at the top have turned yellow and crispy but the buds look and smell absolutely fine. I just want to know why leaves have turned yellow and crispy? Will the buds be fine after harvest? How do I avoid/fix this issue? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  7. Alright people, I am 5 weeks into flower and all of the leaves are starting to go yellow, so I read online that it could be the salts building up in the medium and it could be 'nute locked' so I have started checking my ph now which I wasnt before and I yesterday I flushed the coco with of ph'd water ( with 2× the volume of the pot it is in) which I read online), but now im starting to think it is the pot size, I am using a 9 litre pot and my plant is just over 4 foot tall, I would upload some pics but it only gives the option for a url upload. I would appreciate any reply's Thanks
  8. From the album Repotted to 8 litre

    Showing a progression of chlorosis over about to days in the 6th week of flowering. Possibly caused by overwatering, too often. 17.08.20
  9. Hi guys, My AK420 Autoflower is a week or so within its harvesting window. However the Flowering LED lights are not working anymore, meaning the plant is just receiving a 'blueish' vegetation light. Will having just the veg light on for a couple of days, harm the plants buds at this stage? I haven't got the time to harvest the plant until the weekend. Thanks for reading!
  10. hi guys and gals, I've been growing this plant for a couple of months and recently its started flowering... bout time... I've noticed a number of leaves are curling in on themselves. Not sure why, can anyone advise. Not able to see any bugs on the plant
  11. Deformed leaves

  12. With the relatively new arrival of far red and deep red leds has anyone noticed a shortening of the flowering time? When looking at the benefits of added far red and deep red to the led lights one of the advantages is supposedly an increase in flowering and a reduction in flowering time for harvests. Has anyone considered this when using full spectrum leds with these red leds? I am 35 days into flowering in soil with 275 LED with additional far red and deep red. My previous and first grow was GG4 in soil under the same lamp and I chopped on day 59. Not having any previous grow experience to base my decisions on I tried to work out if the plants were ready to harvest by posting pics on here and asking. I went for about 30% brown trichomes and the rest milky. The resulting smoke is very heavy, almost glued to the seat for about an hour before I remember my name. Maybe this was too long to wait before harvesting. The predicted ripening time is between 8 to 9 weeks but I wondered if the red lights wwould possibly reduce this time. As I say on my first and only grow with the same set up I chopped on day 59 , I think maybe 30% amber trichomes is too much. I have read about 5% amber is a better more uplifting smoke.
  13. Week 5 Flower

  14. Better late than never!

    From the album First grow - The Quick One

    Better late than never! Eventually she has started flowering! Its only taken 17 weeks to get there.
  15. Hey, popped a Royal cookies Auto on March 1st, its now June 16th and still not flowering. will it ever flower? Any suggestions? Thx
  16. Hi, I have used Plant Magic before for DWC and were happy with the results. I am using it again but have a question please regarding flowering nutrients. I am following the DWC grow schedule as per: http://www.plant-magic.co.uk/userfiles/downloads/52/UK DWC Feed Chart.pdf According to chart there are things added to the mix when the plant enters flowering (Bloom etc) but there is nothing taken away. I thought that during flowering the plants need less Nitrogen, and so was expecting that the chart would reflect this but it doesn't. Can you please clarify why it seems that we are only to add things during flowering and not take things (Nitrogen) away? My cynical side, says the PM just wants us to use nitrogen when we need not, but I dont know.... Thanks in advance
  17. Hey guys .. I up this thread where all of us can share our grow pics, Only Seedsman strains please Thanks & enjoy!! Testing new gear.. sorry I cant talk about this awesome genetic.. sonn
  18. Hi all, Should I flip this plant? Lots of pre flowers showing, and its a battle to keep the top flat. It was lighty defoliated a week or so ago, and grown back really quick. Cant see roots at bottom of pot yet, but if I leave it much longer it will be really tall. Thinking I should, Lollipop all lower growth that wont reach top of canopy, Defoliate leaves not connected to any buds, leaving large leaves at top of buds. Water well, And flip in a week or so?? That will free up that area to grow 4 clones on under a 125w cfl. All the best!! Fry. Forgive the home made temporary scrog net! Its going soon.
  19. Hello again everyone, I have a small issue once again . My grow tent started smelling a bit "damp" in the last few weeks ( 2-3 weeks, 1 week after flowering started ). I removed my humidifier, had another defoliation session and the smell has decreased decently. This made me think that is should change my airflow in the tent. I will send links as to how my oscillating fan is placed. I have it facing the right corner of my grow tent as i had some mild wind burn on some leaves during the veg period. Should i turn my fan in order for it to blow towards my stems and lower plant in general? I read online that another fan should be placed and blowing air over the top of the canopy. Is this true? Thanks! https://ibb.co/Fw5d9ws https://ibb.co/WKx5P8V
  20. Hello everyone, Have been absent for a long time but after my first (semi-failed) grow i have started my fourth grow a few months ago. First time using feminized seeds (BF liberty haze, glookies and pineapple chunk) instead of autos and finally growing in a proper tent instead of a stealth pc build. I am using soil (Biobizz light mix), first time properly using nutrients and i am currently on week 8 of the veg period. I have used Biobizz root juice, bio grow, alg-a-mic and molasses until this point in time. I was planning to use Biobizz Top Max and Bio Bloom. After speaking with a few growers and doing some research online i was told to use Advanced nutrients Bud Candy as well with the two previously mentioned nutes. I also have AN Big Bud (wanted to try it in my next grow). Lastly i was gifted a bottle of Atami bloombastic which is apparently very strong. My question is the following: Can i use this two different brands together? For example can I use BB bloom and top max in conjunction with AN Bud candy? Also can i fit Atami Bloombastic in there? (It is stated in the box that it should only be used during week 4-6 (8 week period)) Thank you in advance!
  21. Evening all, I have a question about flowering nutes in DWC. Flowering started 10 days ago and so far I've been feeding AN Grow and Rhino Skin. Is it best to slowly transition to flowering nutes using both grow and bloom or can I just use the bloom from now on? Not sure if the stretch has long to go so I am not sure whether to continue using grow as I want to avid nitrogen tox. Any advice would be appreciated. Y
  22. Evening all, I kind of forgot I had a autoflower in my tent and she started stretching and going into flower around 21st October - I only realised last week - very naive of me - I thought wicked shes finally gr0woing and didn't think until pistols tarted showing :/ The seed was popped on 15th September. It's Dutch Passion Glueberry OG. Pistols are really out there - i'd say it's going into WK4 of flower. As I was feeding grow a+b and was two weeks behind, I switched to bloom a+b, big bud, bud candy - EC 0.8. After two feeds she looked a bit better but can't help but think I've screwed up! She was started in a solo cup and transferred to a pot - shouod have started her off in the pot. I will be feeding her plain RO water Monday. So far feeds around 2-3 days - 1.25 litre. Temps are 25-28ºc lights on and 18.5-22ºc lights off. 35-40% RH. Does she look okay? I'm not expecting much out of her due tot he screw ups. This is my first ever grow and first time in flower!