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Found 130 results

  1. Ok guys! This thread is for you out there that have a perticular liking to the cannabis plant photography of it's beauty, morphology and it's trichomes..... So,i suggest that people post nice old pictures of paradise seed strains they personnaly feel really do reflect the specific genetic traits of the strain they where growing at the time, or right now, or in the future. I would like to emphasize that amateur photographers are more than welcome, but for the sake of clarity and accurate analysis of the pic, please take the pictures with a flash just before the light opens, or in the first 2 to 3 minutes after they open, as to get a good overall image of the plant. Those of you that are already accustomed to cannabis photography and it,s tweeks, i have nothing to add. You can also go post your Paradise Seeds picture on our website's photo contest for the chance to win prizes! https://www.paradise-seeds.com/en/media/photocontest.html Now, for this little personnal thread of us Paradise Lovers here, i will personnaly donate gifts and genetics to the most Artistic and professional Quality picture of either a dried flower top (10 inches and up), a live flower top, a whole plant shot or a whole field shot if you guys are so fortunate in this day and âge. Everybody is welcome! Remember this is all in good fun! JF
  2. Timer malfunctioned two days in a row, it was my fault really both days the timer stayed on instead of flicking of an both days got an extra four-five hours of light today is day 14 of flower yday I carried on as the usual light cycle but today have reset it so instead of 5pm-5am light cycle which was the original cycle I have now set it to 10pm-10am jus so they get the twelve hours of darkness, what’s the realistic expectations here From your experience how likely r they to reveg or hemie
  3. Hi, just curious to see if anyone has experience with these types of plastic TerpLoc tech bags for their harvest. I know they're difficult to find in the UK, if not at all, but all I hear are good things about them. No need for boveda packs, self regulating smellproof bags, designed to keep buds fresher for longer. I''d be interested to see if anyone else has experience with these,,they're a good price too, only a few dollars each for the 1lb bags
  4. Not a hydro question, all mediums. Does anyone here stagger feeding phosphorus (p) and potassium (k) during the flowering stage, or is using a combined PK booster the general consensus? Not tried myself yet, but read cannabis plants prefer increased phosphorus in the early stage of flower, and then more potassium towards the end. I'm going to try it and see if it makes any difference with my current run, but wanted to hear from anyone who has hands on experience. My plan is to use an even NPK base line feed throughout, and peak the 3 at different stages. (veg, early flower, mid flower)
  5. First signs of nuggies!

    From the album Fat Banana Auto (Royal Queen Seeds)

    New to growing, she's coming along well.
  6. Story people, bit of a newbie here, quick question on flowering/ pre veg node setup, if anyone can chip in give me their view would be appreciated. Running 3 creme caramel, fast versions by sweet seeds, 2 pheno types among the 3 girls, awesome vigorous veg so far from pheno 1(as I'm calling her), I'm growing in limited space and Wana keep the numbers down, so I've been fucking with mainlining, got the canopy within 6 inches, all the tops are now poking out the scrog screen, the girls a veging bout 6.5 week, the are responding to outrageously well to mainlining, got average 9 healthy main colas per plant, all defoliateed below the net with 3 nodes set up just above the net. right I've been debating to flip them, each of the colas are peaking out of the net as described and have on average three nodes within two inches of each other as described. Question is how many more nodes before the flip?? Will I get more in flower? Is three nodes enough to stretch into a donkey dick of a cola, answers on a post card. Peace. I hope someone can make sense of wtf I've described.
  7. Sup peeps! Having a bit of an issue with my current grow. Week7 and new roots are growing. I think this is down to high feed and lockout. Roots seem okay with no slime. Been using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to try ensure no root rot as I have no chiller for this. Strain is Nerdz. I was using Megacrop in DWC. Res temps never higher than 23ºc. Week5 is where it seems to started to go wrong. I completed a full res change with EC of 1.6 and then next top up the water level went down to about 1 inch. EC was sat at 2.4. Brought it down to 1.7 the next feed. One plant was stressed a kept chugging along but this one showed signs of deficiencies. Purpling leaves, slowing progress of packing on weight. Resin seemed to stop and some of the leaves turned fully purple. Buds lack resin still smell buds are not dense at all. Started flushing for two days and then added nutes at EC1.1. Still nothing major happened and the deficiencies looked worse. The roots seemed fine but stained from the nutes. My question is: Due to high nutrient stress lockout was caused. Adding PK booster and nutes hoping to fix only caused more stress and the roots can't take up any nutes thus growing new roots to save itself??? Is that a thing? Add some pics shortly
  8. Hello everyone, I am running a 6 bucket rdwc with cyco nutrients, using bloom a+b, swell, b1, sugar rush, supastiky, and Dr. Repair at dosages suggested by Cyco dwc calculator. I'm noot using clones and some plants have taken better to the system than others. I'm about week 5 but also previously i've noticed the PH dropping from 5.8 to usually 4.2 overnight and EC slightly rising. Any ideas on the reason behind the plummet? Thanks
  9. dawn2.jpg

    From the album schmoakie photos

  10. Week 5 Flower

  11. Hi, has anyone bought and grown any of the discount female autos from "female seeds uk" ? They seem to good to be true for 2.50 each but they have decent reviews etc..
  12. Im not exactly new but ive also had a long time off. I am completely new to autos though. Basically its important to me to know exactly how long an auto takes from planting to harvesting, and I'm seeing a lot of confusing terms. my question is... How do i know how long autos take, a strain guide might say "flowering 8-9 weeks", or they might say "full life cycle 8-9 weeks" or "blooming stage 55 days" and so on, etc etc etc. I'm confused because they mention flowering or blooming does that mean, for example, a plant might VEG for how ever long, and then, BLOOM for "55 days". How long is veg, How long is bloom with autos, how long is ALL of it? How do i find out how long it takes to PLANT it and HARVEST it? Im sorry if im not making sense, I'm just confused by the difference in terminology I've seen while browsing online.
  13. Hey Guys, I have an unknown genetics photo-period which has been vegging for 35ish days. I I took a few close ups to see if it was showing any signs of sex yet. Looks kind of like pistils, but not sure. Any input would be great!.
  14. Using a 3500k rspec board on my first tent set up ever and want to know what i should dim the board to and how far it should be from the pot. I was thinking of dimming to 100w for the begining and slowly increasing from there to 150w in flower? Thanks any help in kindly appreciated
  15. Hi all. Was just looking for some input. Two plants here, possibly the same strain just two different phenos. But that said, they do look like they could have maybe had different fathers due to cross pollination. (Bagseed) Day 51 of flower, and both are showing signs of Nitrogen deficiency. Now, I understand that this is normal, in fact I am pleased. However, could anyone maybe provide input on what they would do about the lightest green plant, as this I suspect to be a heavier sativa strain, thus meaning it will take longer to flower, ergo my question...Has it faded too early? I’d say the purple variety with more indica traits will be done in a week or 2 max. But the light green plant seems like it is only halfway done!!! Could I throw some EWC on top for a nitrogen boost? Or is it far enough along to leave be. Thanks for any input. Happy growin
  16. Hi All Quick question if anyone can help Due to current circumstances I need to change my lights so they are on though the day instead of at night Im in week 4 of flower would it be best to keep them off for 24 hours then start my new cycle or leave them on for 24 hours Im thinking the off for 24 would be best as wouldn't want to stress them thinking it was veg time again Has anyone had to do this? Thanks in advance
  17. Hello 420 Start off with a massive thanks to @HSO-Mark for sending me a 5 pack of THE NEW by sherbinski much appreciated Iv also got .. Choc mint og Sapphire og Black d.o.g Bubbas gift Sugar breath Ogkz Soil:plant magic Ferts:biobizz Veg/clones :5-45w led/100w cfl/ 200w cfl Flower:400-600w hps This will be a timeless grow journal will do bits on clones,veg ,flower & Harvest won't be any Schedule/Organization will try and do regularly updates through veg and flower from the seeds/1st clones then after that will just do updates of the clones in flower with the odd update of mothers/clones/bits&bobs when have the time also any new HSO seeds i start Still in the boring stage at the moment... few will be going into flower in the next couple weeks .. don't want them going in very big until i see how they express themselves in my flower room ...
  18. Hi I am very new to growing weed and still have a lot to learn-i'm just half way through my first grow and as I think it's going pretty well (touch wood) I'm sure I can still improve my tent. It's 2/1/2 ten with wilma 8x18l system filled with clay pebbles. I have 4 auto vertigo plants from paradise seeds on left and 8 quick ones from royal queen seeds on the right. I use 2x mars hydro tsw2000 panels and they are doing a good job so far but it looks like they are not enough to get a max potential of them plants. I read a lot on this forum and a lot of websites plus all youtube growing diaries and my mate grows for years in soil under hps lights. Now to the point: These mars panels give very good light but I don't believe in what they claim that they flower 90/90cm as I have measured light intensity with my phone (I know its not best tool but shows the difference) 10" directly below the panel light appears to 4-5 time more intensive then just 4" to the side of it. When I was looking for best light for my tent (and value for money) I though 90/90cm will be ok but my plants take all the space of that tent now and I started thinking of upgrading my light. I don't really want to get rid of them panels as they aro good just don't cover 100% of my growing space(and I have paid nearly 500 quid for them. First idea was to get one more led panel but my mate suggested hps as he knows them well as he was growing under them for years (they were old street light etc up to 800W) but as I was going through the forum CMH got my attention. Does it make sense to push my led panels close to the sides of the tent and set them on a slight angle and place CMH bulb right in the centre of the tent with more of the flatter reflector to cover more surface? ps. Are there any less powerful cmh bulbs then 315W or can they be dimmable? That's how it lokks now (week ago in termns of plants themselfs):
  19. Evening UK420 hope your all enjoying the weekend, quick question I’ve just flipped to 12/12 and wondering when should I change the res to the bloom nutrient. I’m due a weekly res change tomorrow but unsure to stick with grow for a week then swap over. Im using advance nutrients sensi line if that makes a different or not. thanks in advance
  20. Zkittlez close up flower

    From the album Summer 2019

  21. Zkittlez close up flower

    From the album Summer 2019

  22. Bubblicious flower

    From the album Summer 2019

  23. Bubblicious flower

    From the album Summer 2019