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Found 95 results

  1. IMG-20180609-201153.jpg

    From the album First grow..ready for going into flower i think??

    3 weeks into flower
  2. green ninja

    From the album n

    2 weeks into flower...curling leaves
  3. Hi guys welcome to my Average Joe Grow I'm running 5 autoflowers this garden. 3x CDB industrial plant - Dinafem 1x Gorilla Glue - Fastbuds 1x OG Kush - Mr Krippling Equipment 26w CFL 600w dual spectrum bulb Digital ballast Floor fan Small clip fan Fan and Filter (when I get paid next week lol) 7.5litre Smart pots RO filter for water (produces 50GallonPerDay) Bio-Bizz All mix soil Nutrients So guys I have a spare cupboard with some good height so I thought it would be a nice place for a couple plants.You can see from the list I have a pretty basic setup, and instead of a tent (and save some money) I've stapled black and white sheet around the room. Germination I popped all seeds in straight RO water for 36 hours and all seeds cracked and tap roots were just poking out so I moved them into damp kitchen roll and placed in plastic food bags in the dark for another 24 hours. The next day all tap roots were visible so I got them planted into 16oz American Red Party Cups and moved them under the CFL, for the first couple of days I'll keep the light on 24 hour. I kept food bags over each individual cup to keep it humid, also I put them on top of a heat mat set to keep the soil at 26 degrees Celsius Veg Day 1. Another 24 hours has passed and the all the girls are reaching for the light. Some seed shells were stuck on the first set of leaves so I carefully removed them, everything looks fine nothing more to be done. Day 2. The girls are looking healthy and should have some roots by now so time to remove the food bags from over the cups. Ill leave them on the heat mat still to keep the soil temp up. it's a little cold in the cupboard so I plan on keeping them on the heat mat untill I move then to there final pots and get the big light on them (no later than 10 days) The soil is still damp so no need to water, nothing more to be done today, I'll try and get some photos up once I learn how lol.
  4. 4X4 grow tent soil - 16l pots 4 blue cheese 1 royal ak 1 pineapple chunk watered every 2-3 days fed every 3rd watering with old timers grow. 5 weeks into veg from seed this is my first proper grow last one was a mesely 2 plants i got a half oz off. the light cycle is on 20/4. i took cuttings today from one blue cheese because i though it looked monster, before i swapped to flower in 2 weeks time. after i examined the cut i realised there were little hairs coming out the stems and clicked it had gone into flower (i wondered why it got greedy and stretched 5-6 inches) and i have no clue why ? may have possibly mixed up nutes on a feeding and gave it a shot of bloom but that wouldnt have affected it surely? im just gonna flip the tent to 12/12 and get em all under way but anyone got an idea as to why this has happened ? i dont want it happening again because i could of done with the extra week or 2 of veg. any help would be appreciated.
  5. 6 week old dutch power

    From the album First Grow Dutch Power Auto

    this is the only one in the tent now
  6. Hello guys, this is my first grow and im in my fourth week of flowering, the strain is kush crossed with something or other? I used miracle grow as nutrient in veg stage for 6 weeks (it was clone given to me). I have recently switched nutrients to big bud at the start of flowering, my problem is that I keep losing my largest flower at the top over and over, I lost my largest last week and my next largest yesterday, it always seems to occur to the top most flower? The leaves begin to wilt following by a yellowing color and eventually droops over. My setup is far from ideal, but I am monitoring ph and nutes levels etc. She looked so strong coming into flowering? Now I am worried its all been for nothing. Any advice you can offer or opinion give will be most appreciated and thank you in advance for taking the time to reply. https://ibb.co/k8eZDw
  7. Hello, I consider myself a new member still. Only posted once before and still a relative newbie. I have a decision to make and wonder if anybody has done this before. I flicked to flower to weeks ago. I have one 600w air cooled hps and one mars hydro 600W hps equivalent LED. Environment is good and plants are growing, dark green BUT, I think I could have been underfeeding them. I tried bottom feeding them on this one, using KISS as simple as could be, but maybe I was giving them way too little volume, and the stems just arent that thick, nor have fully turned green yet, and the arms arent very strong either. New growth a plenty, and a few white hairs starting to form. I have been advised by an experienced friend to revert back to a veg cycle of light, 18/6 or 20/4 for a week or so and then restart the bloom phase from week 1 again. Spangly is the word that comes to mind when trying to describe them, plenty of arms and look in nice enough health but without any real weight behind them. What do you guys think, can plants be sucessfully reverted back with good results or is it best to carry on and hope for the best, now Ive diagnosed the cause. Since ive top fed them to get 20% run off, theyve grown a few inches in a couple of days, but Ive just hit week 3 of flower. But if I need to add an extra 7-12 days to my cycle to guarantee the right results, Im stuck in two minds. Any help appreciated as always, thanks for reading.
  8. soil.JPG

    From the album plants

    WWXBB flowering day 18 in soil
  9. just wondering if anyone had got any tips for me, im hoping to plant mine start of april, ive got my location of where im going to put them, whats the best to start them off through veg for nutrients and also when there flowering, so far i know im going to turn all the grass/soil over at the location and mix in some horse or cow poo to use as a natural fertiliser, any tips would be a great help for me as its my first ever time trying the great outdoors but ive done a few indoors so kinda know whats what, also ive heard people mix in nutrients with the soil before they plant etc any help is much appreciated
  10. Hey guys and gals, So, this is my first post on uk420 and looking for some tips regarding anything i can do to my plants to make the final weeks of theirs lives the most productive they can be. I have a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent with a 600w HPS. Obviously i'm now on my 12/12 cycle and i'm growing in coco ( using Canna Coco A+B for feed ). I am currently growing out a couple of Lemon Kush and a couple of Special Queen. Currently they are on day 27 of flower and looking great. That being said this is my first grow and any ' top tips ' to ensure the best quality at the end would be appreciated. I spend a lot of time online watching videos and reading forums so i'm aware of the main methods ( Low/High stress training, flushing ect...) but i'm looking for the ' old wives tales ' that have been tried and tested in the final weeks of flower and have seen great results. Thanks in advance peeps. Peace & Love Jay420
  11. Ok guys! This thread is for you out there that have a perticular liking to the cannabis plant photography of it's beauty, morphology and it's trichomes..... So,i suggest that people post nice old pictures of paradise seed strains they personnaly feel really do reflect the specific genetic traits of the strain they where growing at the time, or right now, or in the future. I would like to emphasize that amateur photographers are more than welcome, but for the sake of clarity and accurate analysis of the pic, please take the pictures with a flash just before the light opens, or in the first 2 to 3 minutes after they open, as to get a good overall image of the plant. Those of you that are already accustomed to cannabis photography and it,s tweeks, i have nothing to add. You can also go post your Paradise Seeds picture on our website's photo contest for the chance to win prizes! https://www.paradise-seeds.com/en/media/photocontest.html Now, for this little personnal thread of us Paradise Lovers here, i will personnaly donate gifts and genetics to the most Artistic and professional Quality picture of either a dried flower top (10 inches and up), a live flower top, a whole plant shot or a whole field shot if you guys are so fortunate in this day and âge. Everybody is welcome! Remember this is all in good fun! JF
  12. Monk x Leb27

    From the album Wizards 2016 HFH grow

    One of my most successful macro shots of this years grow. The flower in the picture is a Monk Leb 27 cross. Has a piney lemony smell and great mould resistance. This one had great trichome coverage and so looks most appealing.
  13. as u can see from pics my leaves are going funny 6 weeks old autos and as u can see from other pic the top of the plants are doing great can any one help me please ??? is it lack of nitrogen ???
  14. hi all happy 420, just like to say very new here and to this so have a few questions for you avid green fingered fiends, all auto relating and mainly nutrient related, well where to begin... 1: using nutes would you scale down if you were in batmix or lightmix or just generally scaledown anyway irregardless of what soil you use..? 2: what nutes to give.. grow, root stim, bloom, nector, bloom/flower enhancers.. etc? and when to give them.. let the pot go dry?? wet/dry? or just every few days give it a lil drink..? 3: pot size 12l airpots same as 18l premium square pots.. well thats all i can think off now.. sit back light up and have a lil think,,, many thanks
  15. Hi everyone, im currently growing 5 Wappa in a 1.2 meter tent. The last grow i did i had a Jacky White from Paradise Seeds, i thought it was a beautiful strain, tasty smoke great to be around friends with, great effect all round Im using 2 x 400w HPS with a 6 inch twin speed carbon filter and 5 inch twin speed intake. Oldtimers veg and bloom. Plagron light mix, bat mix. Its day 6 of flower plants are in stretch, i know itl probably get pretty busy in this space so ive done some defoliating, cut away lower small branches that wouldnt amount to much supercropped one plant and pinched branches on others then gone in with a baseball bat only messin' no it was a chainsaw and im mainly focusing on the top two thirds of the plants for hopefully quality bud. Hope its a good ride, i like my meds. Peace out brothers n sisters
  16. From the album Psychosister & Cream Caramel

    Cream Caramels are the 3 at the back. The rest are Psychosister.
  17. From the album Psychosister & Cream Caramel

    Cream Caramels are the 3 at the back. The rest are Psychosister.
  18. From the album Psychosister & Cream Caramel

    Cream Caramels are the 3 at the back. The rest are Psychosister.
  19. Morning Fellas, I've taken my own cuttings for the first time but I had to take them 5 days into flower. I've read lots posts some say that it's fine and won't make a difference less than a week in and others saying it'll take a month to reveg and so on which worries me. I popped them into root riots a week ago, no roots yet but look very green and healthy. Does anybody here take cuttings less than a week into to flower? Will they be fine and once rooted ready to go into veg the same as a cutting taken in veg? Cheers Marv
  20. Start Of Week 5 Flower

    From the album UK420 DIY Cree 3070 Test Grow

    One of many filling the canopy. Start of week 5 flower, lights cree 3070 diy 200watts

    © Mother Nature, Mother Fucker Plod

  21. 750w gavita 2x25w Uvb 5xGFD day5

    From the album 6 grapefruit diesel cuts in coco

    the plants first look at their 2 new 25w uvb bulbs day 5 flower
  22. Sorry if this has been done alot but its hard to find, as there is so much info of how much plant stretch vertically when in flower but little in comparison about horizontally, just methods of how to train one to do so Any one got any ideas? If vertical growth in flower would be around 3 X, would horizontal be around double? Also would the amount of plants around it make a difference, eg one plant on its own with space would grow wider than one surrounded by others?