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Found 13 results

  1. Im currently doing the rounds with wholesale changes possibly afoot...I needed a new light, so I went LED - all new, and now we doing OK. I then thought 'since were changing the light, why dont we have a go at hydro? - so I bought coco - and havent looked back thus far...in fact im sure im not, but I feel like im smashing it I recently bought a camper van and like to get away which kind of fucks with the grow - short bursts do anyway. Long term lights off doesnt cause too much harm, up to 3 weeks in my experinece, but the lights are off and nothing is doing... i tried a passive hydro system, Blumats - loved the idea... That kinda worked on their day - ish, maybe, kinda/wanna/sorta didnt really in the end..., and was very unrelaible over periods of days, so the natural progression is just to go all out and go hydro, for the summer anyway. I fancy the IWS system as its largely self contained, apparently it adjusts itself not to over flood, and is bulletproof relaible...and if im only away a few days i can also reduce the res capacity so if I did get an issue, then it could manage the overun.. Im petrified of the nuteage situation. I had problems stabilizing my PH with the blumats in my 47L res and now thakfully back to hand watering - but that wont do at all when I need my open spaces - . I never filled it over about 30L anyway, but my plants were massively over fed which means my PH was probably out. Also blumats in coco dont create runoff so I assume some fo that over feding would have been roots related... In short I want to use an Auto PH range that just needs dosing to the water...does this exist? Is it any good? is it massively expensive ?- who has experience? if any? Im happy to aeriate with a pump of course, but if i could PH without PHing in a 100L res that would make my life a whole lot simpler...and easier. being a long term organic grower Ive never really had to bother about dry plants until recently. Ideally I'd like to fuck off for the week, but if I did that my weed would never grow - part of me wild campervanning is about my weed and devices on tour anyways i digress.
  2. Just a quick question really. I want to move into a 6 pot IWS flood and drain system, not because I love hydro, but because I love going away in my camper van with my weed... If I used an IWS system with the culture pots and coco, could i use coco nutes? I can't be bothered with all the adjustments and shit to be fair. I dont understand EC, and not really interested in doing so. My interest is in the simplicity of growing the weed in the summer, and in the winter I go back to loving my grow, when I have the time... I want to use coco nutes because apart from PH, I dont have to do anything with them. If they look light in colour, I can add stuff locally and individually to suit...I udsed Blumats for a while, but they cant cope with coco's transpiration rate, so the next logical is to take that up a notch. I also want a self contained system, which lead me to the IWS... I know nothing about hydro, past growing in coco, im an organic soilist to be honest with you, but my circumstances have deemed change in the short term...Any help, pointers, tips, tricz and/or suggestions would be greatlty recieved...` Thanks
  3. Now then forum, wondering if anyone else is using the IWS flood and drain system for their autos. I have some Pineapple Sativa in at the moment about a week old being flooded twice a day. getting a lot of mixed answers when reading for the water cycle going forward, does anyone have anything tried and tested or advice in general? ta
  4. Cupboard 1.jpg

    From the album nirvana white widow

    flowering start of white widow.
  5. 5c1a222b69b53-pre99bb.jpg

    From the album Pre 99 big bud

    day 4
  6. Is this doable? Currently using 60/40 in the F&D and it just takes too long to dry out, so I want to switch to clay pebbles, but this means I need to change my veg system: I'd like to use the oxypot system to veg then transplant into my IWS F&D system, would I be able to remove the plant from the oxypot without damaging the root system? Or could I put the whole pot into the IWS pot and add more pebbles? Thanks
  7. Lets get this started by saying big thanks to Dinafem for providing the seeds for this diary. Right now ive got 5 Big Kush seeds in Root Riot cubes which i put in yesterday. Some of them are already starting to show themselves today. As it is at the moment ive got limited access to the internet so i will be updating this as and when i can, but it will be done at least once a week. When theyve all put theyre heads up they will be transferred into my Aerogarden to get them ready for the Alien F&D system they will be going into. They will be grown under a 600w Dual Spec HPS and hopefully ill do them justice. I will get some pics up when there is anything to take pics of, so until then, for those who have not been here before. let me wish you a warm welcome to The House of Freax.
  8. howdy guys just wondering what you guys do to clean up your flood and drain systems? I was thinking of flushing around a low PH solution? but how low? any recommendations are welcomed!! also: clay pebbles, what a nightmare to clean! any thoughts on that? I currently set up a 3 stage cleaning thing in the bath, first stage is a big deep bucket (20L) full of water, pebbles are soaked to allow roots to dislodge, second stage is a mesh with say 5mm gaps, the pebbles roll across the grate pushed by the shower, this removes the remaining roots. stage 3 is a large bucket which collects the pebbles pushed off the grate once completed this is then filled with PH'd water and soaked, then reuse. sound ok? I ask all this because my plants went a bit wrong last time, which may have been due to not cleaning properly? by the end of my last grow they were getting .6 ec and it was still going up! plants were hungry and fucked by the end of it :/ many thanks guys!
  9. hello I hope someone can help me figure this issue out. the girls seem to be suffering with everything all at once :/ I have/had wilting or so i though so i reduced the flooding interval to 3 hrs normally every 4 hours. but then they seemed to show over watering. so now i have increased the watering interval. but still they persist in being sick. secondly, their going pale/yellow/dying but show tip burn, in the propagator they were having .8 ec but once transferred to the pot they started with this tip burn, so i have reduced the ec. it's stable @ .66 here's some specs to help dr120 tent 600w hps with parrabolic shade 6' out 4' in RVK's 9 pot flood and drain 'pro' system (just large pipes) EC: 0.66 PH 5.6 temp: on 29 max off 21 canna a/b + canna enzyme. roots look white and healthy thank you for looking! heres some pics
  10. howdy guys I hope you can help me out here as im a bit stuck and what to do ? I have 9 girls in a flood and drain using canna a/b everyday my PH rises by .5 and my EC rises from .9 to 1.1 in a few days! things were going well i started them off on .8 and crept up to 1.0 over 2 weeks but i started to get tip burn so dialed it back. this has gone on and on. I'm like 5 weeks into flower and my ec keeps rising even though my ec is at .9 when i fill the tank up! the girls are suffering now but im not sure if it's burn, nutelock??? or just hungry (they have tip burn?) heres some pics, if anyone needs more info just ask! thanks guys
  11. good morning! well i have had my flood and drain set up for a few weeks and have done some test runs while the clones are rooting and its almost time now but i have left the water in the pots/res. should i flush this out? and some sort of sterilising fluid? and what sort of fluid should i use? secondly my tap water has an ec of .6 should i deduct .6 from my ec reading while adding nutes? many thanks!