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Found 3 results

  1. Sup fella's got a bit of an issue, been growing in a 3x2x6 with a 600TS mars hydro temps were reasonable 26ish depending how fast I had my out take going highest it hit in there was like 29 on a really hot day, anyway I've moved em over to my new tent that is 4x2x6 with the TSL2000 in it temps have shot up to like 29 and one of them really aint enjoying it, I've just transplanted to the final pot so that coupled with the spike in temps might be causing them a lot of stress but they've really just drooped badly, roots are fine literally just transplanted so I know for sure they're looking good. So what my questions would be is 29C really gonna effect my plants that badly so a swing of 3-4C, also I was thinking my 185 CFM fan would be adequate as an out take is that the case or? I've heard 29-30C is a good place for LED lights is that true or just a myth? So do you reckon I should just ride it out with winter around the corner or should I be looking to make changes? Anyways I look forward to hearing your opinions would like to get this sorted asap as I'm looking to flip soon.
  2. Thought I would update you all with my progress well I’m waiting for my led lights to finally come but been Using good old sunlight so far ones been two weeks grow the other two days please can you tell me what else needs to be done. Going to transfer them to a bigger pot later 5L if not mistaken.
  3. Good Day people. I have a question. I have these components and 5 Blueberry Auto's ready to be potted on to 10ltr pots. The components are intended for a large no-till super soil I'll mix up for my next crop. That's once I source some good compost. I want to design a fast soil mix which won't hurt these plants. Plant Magic soil supreme - Not intedned for super soil, Compost - Need to source a quality local compost Bucket of Worms Wormcast Peat Moss - Yet to get but readily available Bone Meal Blood Meal Dolomite Gypsum Rock Phosphate TNC MycorrEndo -Endomycorrhizal Innoculant Chase Seaweed Meal (Kelp) Alfalfa Meal Maxicrop Extract of Seaweed PLus Complete Garden feed (Not yet sure if this is organic) Plus lot's of Comfrey growing in my garden Of course im impatient and sitting on all this lovely stuff is hard. I'm concerned various ammendments would be toxic if not cooked. A simple mix or complicated with or without the need for an organic bottled liquid fertilzer to keep things afloat is what i'm shooting for. Any idea's or good threads? I've had a bit of a nightmare trying to collate all the information i've read on the various components I have in order to formulate a mix which I'm confident nothing has been overlooked. Hence why I am now here asking for advise