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Found 25 results

  1. Hey guys, first time posting here, and first time growing. After reading @Serpent and @blackpoolbouncer auot guides/diaries I have decided to give it a go myself. As a first timer I have alot of questions etc so please bare with me. My setup is pretty basic, dr80 tent, Spider Farmer Sf-2000, 6" CF. Im using BioBizz all mix in 10L pots, and will be using BB Fish Mix and Bloom. Will be doing 3 plants to start I think. I have just soaked the seeds for 36 hours and planted them in pre soaked 0.5l pots last night and they are now in the airing cupboard, hoping they break through over the next few days. First question, once they pop their heads up shoudl I put them straight under 24hr light? And with regards to watering at this early stage is it best just to mist them? Thanks for reading, and I'm sure these questions have been asked hundreds of times, so thanks for anyone taking the time out to reply. I will update this as I go along, and will try and post some pics, although I use an iphone and I think I read on here somewhere that it wasnt a good idea to take pics with an iphone? Cheers Steinos
  2. Hi all, Please bear with me as I want to pick your juicy brain. ALOT. I'm a first time grower and was hoping to pick your brains. ( I've posted already but since reconsidered my set up ) If I show you my shopping list please can let me know your thoughts. Whether it's something I've missed or dont have enough of, please let me know. 5 plant scrog grow. 1x tent ( 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.8 ) 1x 8 inch fan / carbon filter kit 1 x 600w light HPS (would I need 2) 1x ph tester 1x ec meter Coco nutriants A + B Perlite 1x 20 Litre Cana coco 2x 50 Litre 12 Litre fabric pots x 5 Bruce banner seeds x 5 Twin pack Rope ratchet x2 2x mini usb desk fans 5 pack of syringe Thermostat/humidity stat Timer plug Scrog net Ph up/down So I'm thinking of growing/scroging 5 plants. I hear bruce banners are good for scrogging. Let me know your thoughts/experiences. If you wouldnt mind answering a few questions also? It would be appreciated. 1. Lighting - 1x 600w hps sufficient for 5 scrog plants. To handle the limited light I was going to use the middle of the net so there is 5 plants in an X shape. So there lights have less of a canopy to light. 2. Lighting - If the answer is no and I would need two lights. Can you reduce the size of the pots or would you have to do less plants. Or is the answer simply a smaller tent. (I wanted a larger tent so I can increase number of plants I grow once I become competent) 3. Seedling - how much light do you give seedlings? I plan on using the paper towel method to germinate and was thinking of putting them straight into the 12 litre pots once the seeds are ready. Would you go to a smaller pot and then into the 12 litre? 4. Veg - How long would you veg for based on my plan? Time is no issue, I'd rather a better yield. 4. Scrog net - how high would position the net from the plant? 5. Light height - how high above the net would position the light? Growing bruce banner and I have 1.8 in height. Training plans Please let me know if I'm missing a step or going wrong. I was planning on topping them two or three times early in the veg stage. Whilst regularly trimming the bottom of the plant to increase the energy going to the top of the plant. Once they have grown about 6 inches above the scrog net, start to train them to grow out instead of up. I'm unsure on how long to veg them - any advice? And once I switch to the flowering stage I will add an additional net to support tops of the plant as they grow up. Do I need to do any trimming once I switch to flowering? Thank in advance for you help and please ask me anything you might need to know in order to help. Major flop.
  3. Hey everyone and thank you for the warm welcome I recently got some some seeds and germinated one which was barney auto blue cheese did the glass of water technique and then put it on a damp paper towel and left for few hours then boom we had life... I brought some perlite, all purpose compost and vermiculite and 2 5/10 litre fabric pot... after two days of potting in the final pot and covering with a plastic bottle I think I killed my baby so I transferred it to a smaller pot/cup and brought it back inside for recovery. Please help and tell if she’s really dead or can she be revived.
  4. Hi guys, First time in the forum and a first time grower. I was wondering if you could share your thoughts on the stage of my seedlings. They are around 10-11 days old. The seeds I am growing are stardog auto from fastbudz. Germinated using paper towels, then put into small cups with coco coir. When they sprouted, I did make the mistake of not putting them under a light immediately and left them using natural light in my living room for 2 days (I thought this was okay until first true leaves grew). I transferred them to their final containers (as one root had grown to the point it came out the bottom of the cup) with a coco coir and perlite mix (around about 70% / 30% ratio ). For the first few days, I had them on 24/0 light schedule, and now they are on a 18/6 schedule. I have started feeding them with low dosage of nutrients, around about every 2/3 days. For the last 3 days I have been giving them a little water every day. I am currently using 1000W LED lights (true power around 110W). IT has the ability to adjust Veg (blue) And bloom (red) lights, so veg is 100% and bloom is about 10%. Lights are around 20" away from plants. Other things to know is I have a carbon filter installed in the grow tent, humidity is controlled between 60 RH- 70RH and I an oil radiator is configured to keep temps between 20c and 25c (68f and 77f). however on 'lights out' the heater is turned off and temperatures can drop to about 17c - 18c. (62f - 64f). 1) I am concerned as from what I can see online with other seedlings, it seems mine are growing rather slow, especially considering these are meant to go from seed -> harvest in 8-9 weeks. 2) Also, I am concerned of the markings on one of their cotyledons. As you can see on one of them it has weird lines. Thanks for any thoughts, advice and opinions!
  5. hello guys, been reading as much as i can find on here thats relevant to my grow. but somethings can conflict what other growers are saying and theres obviously more than one way you can do things im finding out, but somethings i cant find through google or using the search option if anyone could throw some tips my way id really appriciate it i made an impulse buy last week because i touhght covid would be shutting everything down and i cba playing xbox for months and nothing else to do so i thought fuck it ill give growing a try, the website was stopping orders friday so i paniccckeddddd and bought a coco grow kit not knowing anything about having to water everyday and tht its basicly hydro, i wouldve opted for soil knowing what i do now but i have everything now and cant really send anything back. (im a douche 100% probs 150%) anyway equipment Pitched BudBox Pro 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m LUMii Heavy-Duty Timer 230v Philips Greenpower Lamp LUMii Black 600w Digital Ballast Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer (Medium) 12 litre Fabric Pots x4 Agrolab Hygrometer 6-Inch RAM Clip-On Fan Rhino Pro 125/300 Systemair RVK L1- 5 Inch (125MM) & 50 L of coco coir got samuari nutes a and b do you think i will need anything else for a succesful grow? equipment/nutes wise? anything to deal with pests as a preventative rather than dealing with the actual little bastards, i cant stand bugs tbh. i plan on germinating 3 blue gelato 41 and 3 Tangerine Dream seeds in hoping atleast 4 will be succesful would this be okay or shall i germ more? would 4 plants be okay for my tent or should i do less/more? im going to use paper towel method then plastic cups, then transfer them into the 12l fabric pots, iv read less transplanting = less chance of shocking them and having them fail, im clumsy as fuck and quite nervous about transplanting, im not in a rush so i can wait on roots filling out the big pots if thts a concern. will my bulb be okay to run on low watt setting on my ballast (250)watt for seedleedings untill i get to veg and turn it to 600w (or 600w all the way?), i cant find info on if the bulb is okay to be dimmed or it must be run at 600w i dont have knowleage on how to find out whats compatible with my ballast/reflector. i live in a place with hard water and the ec from the tap is 0.7-0.8 the ph is 7 water report 156.75 mg/l:Calcium Carbonate 62.7 mg/l:Calcium 0.39 milligrammes chlorine free 0.497 milligrammes per litre total chlorine iv left out a glass of water (to kill chlorine) for germanting tomorrow do i need to do this with all water im going to use on my babys? i know to do 20/30% run off daily but cant find how much they will be drinking a day or when to increase/ do i start run off soon as they go into vegg? how will i know when to put them into the 12L pots i dont wanna take em out to early and ruin it all. seedlings just want spraying with plain water untill you get the first leaves that say its gone to veg? then start run off? i plan on either doing 18/6 or 24/0 light cycle for veg cant but cant make my mind up. im reading cannabis grow bible now any other suggestions on waht to read or watch that will help out along the way? sorry if its all abit much and jumbled up thanks for reading have agood night
  6. Hi guys, so heres a little back story of this plant... I started researching months ago and buying equipment, I had around 60 "bagseeds" (Random seeds in bits of random weed that I picked out and stored in a zip lock bag for around 2 years.) I picked 6 of the biggest looking seeds in the bag and decided to put them in coco(This was the only medium I had at the time and was just to see if they would germinate in this) all was fine a week later I had 5 seedlings 1 never made it 1 out of 5 was very small so I threw it out and was left with 4 which I had in a tent under a Viparspectra 300w After research and advise I returned this cheap LED as I could still get my money back and invested in a Scope 220 from @Diyleduk The plant was around 1 week old under the Viparspectra before I returned it then I had these plants living on a south facing window sill for 2-3 weeks Once the Scope arrived I had it under that which was already approx this size. It was started in coco and potted up into Biobizz Allmix when it was on the window sill I have been practicing with some training techniques as I am a first time grower it has been nice to have an 'experimental' plant to play with as I can almost be as rough as I like with it to see how the plant reacts (FIM and LST) This was the plant 1 week later, today I noticed the leaf was looking a bit stripy and funny and was wondering if this could be signs of MG deficiency (This plant is around 4 week old I believe) and looking back at the previous photo I can see that stripey effect starting 3 days before this photo I fed the plant 0.25ml of Biobizz Grow and Vitalink Cal Mag in 500ml of water and it drank all of this Today before I took this photo I fed the plant 0.25ml of Grow only (Plant took around 400ml before I had any run out then stopped as soon as I seen water) Temps have been sitting around 23-25 in the day time with a high of 28 and the lowest it has been was 18.9 for a night which I sorted out and my lowest temp since has been 20.05 (lights off) Lights have been around 22-24" from the top of plants and dimmed to around 110-140 Watt Thanks guys sorry if I have missed anything please ask if I did!!
  7. Hi, this is my first time ever growing and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have 2 week old seedlings and I am wondering how high my 600w hps light should be above my plants. I am growing star dawg autos. And will training them do me any good.
  8. help

    hey guys im a week into veg and i open up my tent to see this today ,i normally water them every 2-3 days and put in about 3L to each plant depending on how light they feel i use room temp water thats kept in with the plants, the one plant is really bad everything drooped over on it, they've all pretty much drooped over tho , the temps of my room been fluctuating by about 10C the last few days as the weather changes could it be something to do with that ? there was no sign of this yesterday is there something that has happened over night or is this because ive over watered them ? and if so how do i get them back to their former glory ? i feel like crying lmao someone come to the rescue and tell me its all going to be okay ?
  9. First grow

    From the album Set up, first grow

    Just a few pictures on how it's going so far
  10. Hi guys first time grower here been a bit curious as to ask or not incase I end up sounding like a idiot. here are two seeds I got from sensi seeds they’re autoflower Sensi Skunk, I have them in their final pots ( germinated in root root ) and I am using a mixture of perlite and jOhn Innes number 2 about 70% compost 30% perlite now..... I know that these were started off too early as I mixed my dates up. one of them seems to be doing okay and the other one just seems so small and so far behind they are now 3 weeks old I was just wondering wether they will be any good or not as a lot of people have said that by 30 days they should show signs of flowering..... these two are nowhere near that lol.... I’m in Norfolk in the uk and have my two little babies in a greenhouse ( not glass ) I will try attach photos but don’t really know what I’m doing to be honest aha.... all natural no fertilisers
  11. Hey people I would like to grow my own this year. I had brought the seeds towards the end of the growing period last year, so I want to start properly this year. I have 5 seeds, all auto flowering and different varieties. I was just wondering when is the best time to start to germinate the seeds. I will start them in the window and when ready I will move them out doors in the pots, due to the smell that may be given off. I have the pucks to start the seeds off in. Should I wait till end of February or start now. Any help and advice would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi all I'm wondering if anyone as an idea how to get rid of caterpillars from a outdoor grow in plastic greenhouse a friend recommended bugclear fruit and veg which iv applied but they keep showing up. I think I'm about 5 weeks away from harvest Thanks
  13. Hello people. First of all I apologise if this is the wrong place to post or if I shouldn’t have created a thread; internet is not really my thing but I’m looking for help and information so sorry for my clumsiness in the field of blogs and forums. So this is my first time grow: 1 seed of Big Bang autoflower. I am using 600w HPS keeping it at 64cm ( 25'' ) from the plant, my pot is between 15L (4 galons) and 20L (aprox 5 gallons), and for soil I am using a mix of perlite and Wilkinson top graded soil, temperature is around 25 Celsius, humidity kept up with a humidifier at around 70% (as my plant is a just sprouted baby) growing in a 80x80x180 (2.5' x 2.5' x 5.9') with 2 4 inch fans blowing air in the tent and one 8 inch Rhino fan extracting air out of the tent. I'm just wondering what yield am I looking at. I know it's not an easy thing thing that can be said just like that as in ''plant this seed, water from time to time and expect this much'' but hopefully some of you experienced growers could tell me. Is it possible to get 4oz out of this grow without too much headache?
  14. Hello again guys !!! Just been out and bought a Wilma 4 pot system Just need some help on how to use it do i need it on a timer if so on what times or does the pump do it itself on a schedule ?? if i had nutes to the 30 liter tank with the correct ph how do i water them without the nutes by hand or shall i just use a small amounts of nutes in the tank and let it do its thing?? just dont want to over feed or give them to put fluids thanks in advance
  15. Easybud Auto (My first ever grow!)

    From the album cheeky first auto

    This my first ever growing season. I planted 2 easybud auto's and kept them in the eves of my barn under a clear sheet. It gets VERY hot under there and this girl thrived. One of the 2 seedlings struggled in early life and grow 2 growing tips and I took the decision to sacrifice one. This plant has not done as well as the normal growing one but it's still got some nice and ultimately smokable buds so why not keep her going.
  16. Hello This year will be my first time growing plants and I aim to germinate 5. I am posting as I need help : When to germinate? when do I put them out side what condition's do they need to be in before they are put out what soil/ food will I need? I will aim to keep this topic updated as I go with pics and weekly updates, so help would be appreciated.
  17. Hello and thank you for tuning in. If someone was growing 6 plants in their greenhouse when living next door but one to a police officer would they be stupid to finish the plants in a 6x4 tent in his loft? His other neighbours saw him training the plants last week and haven't spoken to him since. The plants stink real good during the day when people are in gardens and it is an obvious smell in the wind. He recently bought a 600w hps kit, 6" fan with carbon filter, essentials, mylar, ducktape and timber for his frame. His plan was to build a 6x4ft frame, floor to ceiling then sit back and watch but on the day he started building he got a phone call saying his new boiler will be fitted along with his new loft insulation. He does not have a date of completion yet so obviously now he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. His plants mean a lot to him but his family mean more. The plants are 3 fem super skunk#1, 2 fem northern lights and 1 reg afgan. He bought the 3 skunk because it is an easy strain for first timers and the others came free. 5 of the plants are about 4ft high 2ft wide and 1 skunk was topped on the first node as an experiment and is now roughly 2ft squared. As I said earlier, they stink real good during warm weather, which has been quite regularly in his area. The plants need to be moved or risk him getting caught. He has 2 options, give the plants away or wait until the work inside the loft is complete to hide and start flowering. The plants are beautiful and were germinated on the 21st of April. They are 4 days into their 7th week and look ready for 12/12 They have only been fed organic liquid seaweed and 2 drinks of homemade stinging nettle water. Because he didn't have enough knowledge of stinging nettle water he took it away and has only fed Doff Organic Liquid Seaweed. Will this be enough through flowering stage? Basically he is looking for advice/opinions on what to do with the plants? Thank you in advance P.S ITS TIME TO REGULATE CANNABIS.
  18. The money shot

    From the album Jack Herer Auto

    She might be small but she's still beautiful IMO

    © DKH

  19. Tiny girl

    From the album Jack Herer Auto

  20. Jack Herer Auto

    From the album Jack Herer Auto

    This is my setup, nice and cheap, cost me about 150 for everything.

    © DKH

  21. Hi guys I'm a first time grower. I have 1 plant (Chem dog ), shes about 4 and a bit foot, 3 weeks into flowering. I have her under a 600w HPs with carbon filter and fan. 120 x 120 x 200 grow tent. just looking for some advice on how the plant looks. I just don't know how to add images onto this topic ???????? anyone help ??