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Found 61 results

  1. Auto Outdoor Grow

    First time grower - I know, not much here but it was fun! Natural sunlight (what there was of it), organic nutes.
  2. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  3. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  4. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  5. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  6. flower week 3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  7. Flower week-3

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  8. Flower week-2

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

    week 2 flower just had a go at lollipoping !!!! and SCROGED as you can see. I think I have done this way too late, from what I can see it should have been done during veg.
  9. Flower week-2

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

    week 2 flower just had a go at lollipoping !!!! and SCROGED as you can see. I think I have done this way too late, from what I can see it should have been done during veg.
  10. Nice Roots

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

    Yes, that is me behind it,
  11. large Bush

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  12. Hi guys first post on here been an active reader for some time, thought id finally give growing an attempt :)! Any tips and advice i welcome, as i have lots of questions on my mind lol! Setup - - Grow tent 120 x 120 x 160, loft grow tent which i have in a spare room. - 2 x 600 watt LED - 10 ltr Fabric breathable pots - cannaterra soil mix - 2 x clip fans - 18 / 6 Hour light cycle. - temps with lights on 24-27 degrees - lights off 19-21 degrees - humidiy 50-70 Currently day 16 into the grow (potted into the medium), prior to that i soaked for 18 hours and germination via damp paper towel method / 48 hours. Started with 7 Critical 2.0, and 2 mobydick. All took off so 100% success rate! So far i think everything is going well, had my first heart break lost one of the moby dick day 13 in, basicslly came home from work to the new fan had been to strong and bent it over, not snapped but opened, i think i done some root damage trying to support it up right after 3 days it didnt look healthy at all so i decided to get rid for more space to focus on the others, as my first grow i guess i have alot on my hands as it is, lesson learnt. I do wish i took some pictures for your second thoughts! I have been using cana rhizotonic as i read great reviews online via fourms etc, im not sure what impact it's having as ive never used it before, or grown in that case, i was applying via sprayer throughout the day when surface was starting to dry up for the first 7-14 days, i have been since using natural water ph 6.7. Now they are starting to get bigger n bigger by the day im wondering watering volumes moving forward, ive read water every second day, when soil is feeling dry down to knuckle or by lifting the pots to feel weight, however im baffled are my plants at this stage were they need big volumes of watering every second day, or watered smaller amounts more frequent?, shall add pictures to follow :)! I know im in need of an exhaust system, i plan to get this over the next few weeks, from reading online the veg into flowering stages the humidity needs to drop a significant amount? Sorry for the long winded post, thanks for reading any questions, recommendation, and tips welcome! I Will add photos directly when i work out how to via my phone lol!, can view them in the mean time in my growdiaries journal,
  13. Alright Everyone, I've been meaning to start a grow diary, and still intend to do so but have been a bit pushed for time since I started my first grow. I'm growing 3 Royal Gorilla and 1 Cheese (All Autos) by RQS in a 75x75x200 tent under a 260w Quantum Board from Diyled and I decided to go against the common consensus online and with some of the more experienced growers on here and start them in a 0.5 litre solo cup before transplanting into their final pots, but I'm now on day 7 since they popped their heads out of the soil and I'm thinking I'll need to get them transferred soon, but fairly nervous to do so given all that's said about this subject. I just wanted to see if anyone could give me any advice to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible and when the right time to make the transition actually is. @JJJ Had given me some advice as to starting seeds in a cheap 1 litre fabric pot as the roots could grow through when popped into the finishing pot, but unfortunately I was a bit thick and forgot entirely, gutted! I plan to put them in 10 litre fabric pots, but do have a selection of other sizes available, so let me know if this isn't a good idea based on my tent size. If anyone could give me any tips to make sure I don't bugger this up that'd be awesome. Sorry to call you out as I don't believe I've spoken to some of you before but @Serpent @blackpoolbouncer @JJJ @Owderb @Joint hogger I've read a lot of your tips on here in regards to growing, if you've got the time and could cast your eyes over this I'd really appreciate it, and anyone else who might be able to help me with this bit is definitely more than welcome to do so! Thanks and sorry in advance if I don't get straight back to anyone, I'm tight for time at the minute. Also, sorry the pics aren't rotated, I could swear i did this when reducing the size! Cheers!!
  14. Hey this is my first grow dwc cmd 315w sensi jack seeds i am in last weeks .... I think browning up nice but tricrombs still clear I should have two weeks left ish ..... my problem is I had some nutrient burn so I flushed in ph water now I am yellowing up I am not sure how long till I finish as I should be flushing from now .... my question is will I be ok just to let her go or should I feed for a week
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping this is the right place to post. So I'm going to be starting my first grow just as soon as I can decide what to grow. I'll be using a 120x90x180 grow tent indoors, 600w HPS duel spectrum, in general purpose compost. I have a few choices available; 7 unknown bag-seeds, some clones from a mate of a mate (trying to find out what they are), or buying some seeds. The idea is to become 420 self sufficient for me and the OH at around 1.5g per day, over whatever period the grow takes. So a 60 day grow would need to yield roughly 90g dry for us to enjoy while the next batch is growing. From what I understand autos are a good place to start for us noobs and that would take the uncertainty out of unknown seeds or dodgy clones. So, I'm after some seed suggestions please. Fast seed-harvest time Need a minimum of 90-100g in a 120x90 footprint under 600w hps. Prefer high THC strain Resilient / noob resistant If it could roll its own blunts, that would be great too. But really i'm just looking for suggestions from guys who've been there and done it already. Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. Hi all new to forum , needing some help i am growing gsc autos and having issue i have successfully gemrinated my seeds but when i put them into the 10ltr pots most of them have struggled or died off. I have a 1800 w cob led from china and also a 600 w hps/mh lamp. I have tried using jiffy pellets but the seeds i tried just grew long and whispy and when potted up into the 10ltr and put under the led they died 2 have took. One seems to be starting to sprout its second set of leaves and the other has its first set but one leaf looks damaged. I am basically looking for a helping hand. Am i going under light to early i have my light quite high so to its not to intense for the seedlings. I am growing in all mix bio bizz soil and have purchased bio grow bloom and topmax thanks
  17. My 4 plants are now settled in their final pots, from these pics do you reckon I should switch to flowering 12/12 yet? Someone said I should stop feeding for a few days prior to changing the lighting schedule, any truth in this? Also, I'm unsure whether I should trim any more leaves before going into flowering or leave as is. Any and all advice appreciated as usual
  18. Ciao everybody! Ok, so after my previous absolute shambles of an attempt at growing which saw me do exactly what you're told not to and murdering 6 clones which were doing just fine I am here with my first proper grow! I intend to be as thorough as possible having read some absolute blinding grow diaries from some respected forum members in the hopes that this diary can also serve as a sort of go to for any issues that may arise with other grows. Day 1 Seeds are currently in a in a dark cupboard on moist kitchen roll between two paper plates, sat on a heated propogator and with a dome over the top with vents open. The grow tent is a 1.2x1.2x2 containing two home made bubblers and is currently running to try and dial in the temps etc under a 600w MH with a MountainAir filter and RVK fan. I will be using Sensi pH perfect Grow and Bloom nutrients with Growth Technology - Liquid Oxygen... currently dont have any bloom boosting nutes lined up so any suggestions would be appreciated. That's all I can think of at the minute so any questions or suggestions please let me know and lets have a good grow!
  19. Hi folks, My seedlings are now 2 weeks old and look a bit too droopy to me, it's my first grow & I'd rather try and fix any problems before it gets too late. I'd been running 18/6 on the lights, 600w hps 18" away, temps were getting a bit too hot so I switched down to 400w on the ballast a couple of days ago. Initially I had to keep the lights much further away (hence the stretch) as my temps were wild until I got my ventilation set up better. The pots have biobizz mix in them & I'm wondering if I should repot yet or leave them as is for a while longer, these were the pots the seeds went into straight after first germinating in on paper towels. Any and all advice welcome!
  20. IMG-20180426-184637507-1497x1996.jpg

    From the album Taste da buds gallery

    Just a few pictures from my current plant.

    © Taste da budz

  21. hello this is my first ever grow I put to a alright set up together I got a 1.2x1.2 loft tent 600w light dripper system and a temp controller that is hooked up to the fans to keep it at a nice 25c but anyways my plants are in there 3ed week from seed and 1 of them just looks sad it doesn't look as healthy as the other 3 this is the one I think is ill ??? that's the other 3 that are looking nice I have started a bit of lst on them 3 but I really don't know what to do with the other one as I don't want to stress the plant if it is ill any help or suggestions would be a real help
  22. Hello to everyone. Glad to be here. Just on my third day of veg with a bag seed. Absolutely love growing and very interested in growing my own weed. OK so I'm using a 45 watt led panel at the moment. Itso very close to light. Using canna coco plus. Got canna a and b nutrients plus rhizotonic. Im aware I may need cal mag. I know I shouldn't have but watered 3 days ago with a and b nutes. Not done since. They going to need water tomorrow. Purposely i had 1 plant close to light and one not so close. The closer one definitely better. I have a one plant tent and as I say I'm a complete novice so any tips or constructive criticism would be cool !!
  23. Greetings. After hours upon hours of reading and planning, I've taken the plunge and popped 15 seeds into coco. 9 days into this first grow and I've had the confidence knocked out of me and was wondering if you great folk could advise. I have them under a 942 315cmh. The light was raised right up at the start so I assume that's why they're mad lengths. I've had the light 28" above canopy for 3-4 days now. I know I messed up feeding them. I pre-soaked the coco but thought not enough as didn't get any runoff. I topped them up again on day 3 and think I muddied the medium as they slowed till about day 7. I fed them again yesterday on day 8. They were dropping a bit but aren't as bad. I've got them on GA Root Stim and First Feed, EC and PH have been bob on. I'm struggling a bit with my humidity at the mo. They looked sound in the propagator but due to the stretching, I had them out after a few days. Since being out, I've not had my humidity much higher than 30%. I've got a fan bouncing off the tent over the plants and temperatures are consistently between 21.5-25c. I reckon the runts are due to the bad drainage holes in the cups (the ones in the jiffys seem cool). I'm more worried about the yellowing on the tips of 3 of the babies. More so, about the wrinkling/crinkling and slightly upturned edges of the leaves prevalent in pretty much every seedling. Also, do they seem a little light in colour and how far behind are they for 9 days? Here are the babies. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'd have post earlier if I hadn't spent a few days trying to dial in my pride.
  24. 5a1dd83f74ef1-DLIME.jpg

    From the album vortex

    my first ever grow .... daiquari lime ... hd to pull early and not in the best grow aea but managed a little for christmas
  25. Mini Cola?

    From the album Grow Uno

    From one cola cometh another. Is this normal?