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Found 92 results

  1. 20220713-154959.jpg

    From the album First attempt

    My Northern Lights at 13 days. My first ever attempt at growing.
  2. Budvengers: End Game

    From the album Fat Banana Auto (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Update! Nut burn and deficiencies aside I feel I've done alright. Slightly airy buds but the lord loves a trier.
  3. First signs of nuggies!

    From the album Fat Banana Auto (Royal Queen Seeds)

    New to growing, she's coming along well.
  4. So, just started my First grow, put 8 seeds into Germination, 2 3Bears OG, 3 CDLC x Forum stomper and 3 Sour Gummy bears, 7 germinated out of 8 with 1 3Bears OG not sprouting. So 7 plants to start all straight into 3 gall fabric pots. Im going to be using Biobizz soil and nutes. Now while i wait for my seedlings to emerge, i have a couple of questions id like clearing up. 1. Biobizz recomends a PH of 6.2 to 6.5 - I have high PH at about 7.2 to 7.6 - Will this be an issue? iv read because of soil acting as a buffer it shouldn't matter, if that's the case why do Biobizz recommend 6.3? 2. Temps are sitting around 24-27c, however my humidity fluctuates around 35-45%, is that too low humidity for seedlings?
  5. First ever grow, Hi all, so I have had issues with my 2 girls soil (John innes no2) was always wet, bad lights in beginning , recently found a gnat or 2 jumping and flying around, caught a couple now but doesn’t seem bad for now, recently been seeing yellow spots appearing on some leafs so had a look online found out it was something beginning with S forgotten the name as I’m here writing but I see a good treatment for it was neem oil which also helps with prevention from pests to your plant so have ordered some of that, for 3 to 4 weeks they were under bad lights I bought cheap from eBay, also ventilation wasn’t great as had no inside fan circulating air and was relying on air vent and extractor fan to help circulate, they are now 6 weeks and have had mars hydro ts1000 above them for couple weeks, and have a fan inside tent, also have a heater to go below pots to help dry out soil , my light does have a dimmer and is 150w at max, I have put them on max about 20 inches from plants for a week then after doing some reading of seen you don’t need them full blast at that height? They are both females (white hairs showing from a week or more now) am I at preflower stage? Or still veg, as the timing I guess should be in pre flower? But I know I’m in slow growth so not really sure where I stand, If anyone can have a look at my girls and let me know, what could be done or what I’m doing wrong or what could be going wrong, if my lights being at max is ok? And if so what height is best, a lot of new growth happening but not much in size in general, been also doing some lst last couple of weeks, I have also today done some snipping to some leaves that were to big and some that had yellow spots so it’s not as bushy as it was but still tiny, also due to plant being always wet at the bottom, I have not been feeding it properly, and only given 1ml of fishmix since week 3 to 6 and little root juice but only using about 300 to 400ml as bottom still wet (just trying to get some food to them to help them grow during slow growth of being to wet) not sure if I was making it worse or not , hard to find all the answers online. yesterday I added 1.5ml per litre fish mix and 1.5ml per litre of bloom so it was its first bloom feed at week 6 and the end of week 6 at that, as tomorrow is the start of week 7 from seed in soil, any tips/advice/help greatly appreciated thanks all
  6. Hi all, sorry for the spam but my diesel leaves near the top are curling inwards, and it's nearly ready to harvest. I'm what's causing it? Research suggests light burn, nute burn, too hot, too cold, over watering... Any help would be great! Temps range from 21 lights off to 28 lights on (canopy). Rh sits about 50, not much higher. I could stand to turn down the nutes a little, have backed off the ec (really hard to get my a+b below 1.4). Last few feeds I'm doing 0.9 explode and multi total. pH might have snuck up when I let my big bucket sit for a week.
  7. Not seen my plant for 3 days, just came to water and it looks horrible... Ive looked online it looks alot like a potassium deficiency or a nitrogen deficiency, i cant decide which one.. any advice would be greatly appreciated ill go to my local grow shop tomorrow It's an autoflower mystery seed 25 days old! thanks in advance for any help scratching my head at this one :/ growing in coco 70/30 perlite mix using standard bio series nutrients half dosage for the auto, watering not too heavy when there is roughly half inch - an inch of the top medium dried out. Struggled to edit the photos, im still learning haha.. Thanks for your time farmers sorry to summon you.
  8. Hey guys. Hope you're all doing well. I've been reading this great forum loads and particularly Serpents guide to growing autos in soil to help me get started with my first grow. I have got 3 Lemon auto seedlings from Seedsman in a prop in my tent (120x120x60cm) up in the loft now. I cracked the seeds in tap water (ph roughly 7.2-7.4) and then placed them in Root Riot cubes and placed them in my electric prop. After a couple of days, they had popped so I turned on my 1000w Philzon Cree COB LED on the half-beam setting at a distance of 24 inches, 24hr schedule. The following day there was a long root poking through the bottom of the Root Riots so I transplanted them into small pots (the ones that came with my prop - think they're about 0.3L). I sprinkled the Root Riots with myco funghi and filled the pots up with neat BioBizz All-Mix that I lightly sprayed with tap water beforehand. It's now been 6 days since they popped and I am worried that they will not be ready to transplant into their final pots at the 7-10 day mark. They have not seemed to do much for the last few days and the leaves on 2 in particular of them have started to look curled and crispy on the edges. I have been keeping the soil moist with a spray bottle of tap water and at a steady temperature of between 25-27c. I know my tap water ph is a little high, but I read a thread on here by OldTimer1 that mentioned that my soil should buffer this to a more acceptable ph. I do have a bottle of ph-Down on hand in case I need to lower my ph. I have also read that Biobizz All-Mix may be too nutrient-rich for seedlings. Should I go buy some Light-Mix and quickly transplant them into that perhaps? Can any of you esteemed growers give a noob some advice on what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be very much appreciated. Pictures below for reference; This is the healthiest looking of the 3; This one is not looking so great (the wire is a probe for my electric prop); This one is not rooking so good at all now;
  9. I really dont know what I'm doing wrong here. Temp is at 24oC-26oC approx. Humidity is pretty high. Water coco coir autoflower feminised full spectrum LED lights air circulation I'm not sure what else you need to know to help but please ask. Leaves are kinda crispy but it's being watered. It also hasnt grown any in about 2 weeks. It's just stopped.
  10. Hi all, I'm a first time grower. Planted an autoflowering seed in June, and it started to flower around 4/5 weeks ago. Development has been slow. I'm worried the heat has caused flowers to 'popcorn'. Trichomes looks white & pistils are brown but not much growth in terms of cola formation. Not sure whether I could cut my losses, harvest now and make do with what I've got/use it for hash, or wait it out & see if the colas form bigger buds. Any expert eyes would be greatly appreciated! Peace
  11. Hello everyone Yesterday on 420 I plant my First Lady in the pot. Was a good day because managed to germinate exactly on this day. Im growing in a very small tent only one plant in a Coco under 200w led light. Hopefully my new hobby will be friendly and grow nice and healthy plant.
  12. I opened my DIY grow cabinet this morning to see the far left plant bent over, no idea why this happened, but will it survive or should i get rid? I previously overwatered so i have been leaving it to dry out for a few days, thats why there is a bit of algae on the top layer. Also there is currently no ventilation in there as i heard it was possible to get away with just opening the cupboard doors a few times, not too sure i believe this so ill be installing 3 PC fans. Or would a inline fan be better? Smell isn't too much of an issue as i smoke in the same room. If anyone has any tips for ventilation in a grow cabinet please advise. Medium is BioBizz All Mix soil and i have 3 600w LED lights above (100w true power)
  13. I opened my DIY grow cabinet this morning to see the far left plant bent over, no idea why this happened, but will it survive or should i get rid? I previously overwatered so i have been leaving it to dry out for a few days, thats why there is a bit of algae on the top layer. Also there is currently no ventilation in there as i heard it was possible to get away with just opening the cupboard doors, not too sure i believe this so ill be installing 3 PC fans. Or would a inline fan be better? Smell isn't too much of an issue as i smoke in the same room. If anyone has any tips for ventilation in a grow cabinet please advise. Medium is BioBizz All Mix soil and i have 3 600w LED lights above (100w true power) IMAGES -
  14. Hey there guys, looking maybe for some tips and tricks outdoor auto plants. I’m based southwest so weather is quite good at the moment I have got 3 white skunk seeds ready to go. Got some BioBizz all mix soil and some fabric 10L smart pots. wanted to ask on the purchase it says is cool / cold temperate strain what sort of weather does it need and will rain water be better then normal ? Any tips in advance be much appreciated. il keep this posted soon as I plant it in soil be in couple of days.
  15. Hi everyone. I've been holding off posting anything on this for a few days while waiting to see whether an issue with my plant was due to over watering or something simple. I'm thinking now that it's probably something more complex. An overview of my set up is as follows: Seeds - California Snow Autoflowers Growing area - Approximately 1200mm x 1200mm area curtained off in an enclosed lean to at the back of my house. The area is lined with heavy black plastic refuse sacks and then space blankets for reflectivity Environment - Between 21 and 29 celcius, 40-50% RH. No additional heat or fan being used Growing Medium - Coco coir (flushed and buffered with cal mag over a 36 hour period) with 20% perlite Light - Kingbo 150w LED full spectrum UFO (approx 6" from the plant). Light is on 24 hours Nutes used - Only Biobizz Biogrow so far Before I start I just want to say that budget is extremely tight now as I just found out last week that I will be losing my job at the end of July so hopefully I can come up with a simple and low cost remedy - please bear this in mind if you can! The photos below are from this morning which will be day 25. Basically, all seemed well and she was growing fine up until around day 22 when I noticed that the lower leaves were yellowing a bit. For the first week I was watering tiny amounts around the base with no nutes and in week 2 I started adding 1ml per litre of Biogrow, giving her 500ml per day. The run off PH has remained steady at around 6 although I can't give an exact figure as I'm using paper PH strips. As I wasn't seeing any signs of over watering I continued with this until I spotted the yellow tint to the lower leaves. I haven't watered now since day 22 and the top surface of the coco still seems a bit damp to the touch which seems odd given the amount of water I've given her. She's currently 5 1/4" (around 135mm) tall and the top of the plant is around 1" (25mm) below the rim of the pot. I realise now that I've probably under filled the pot, hence lining it with silver foil to try and reflect some of the light to the lower leaves and bud sites. I realise that my LED lamp is a bit underpowered and to try and help things along I've been leaving her outside on sunny days to try and soak up some natural sunlight. I do have 5 additional full spectrum LED strips which can be daisy chained which may help in adding some more light but to be honest I'm not sure what benefit there will be (photos added below. Anyway - I hope that there's enough info here to allow some of you guys to take a look and advise but if there's anything else you need that may help please do let me know. Thanks in advance
  16. Hi guys.Im newbie here and im planing to grow in a pc case.Generally indicas are short and easy to grow for beginners.I learned bunch of things like lumens,cool air and etc.My case is about to 48cm height and i'll use 7cm pot with 6 liter soil.These are the items that i'll use in my grow box. 3*50W full spectrum cob led (with fans and alluminum block leds have to stay cool) 10 liter of biobizz light mix soil 48cm height pc case 2*120mm good fan with good rpm(one will be exhaust fan with active carbon filter the other one will inhale fresh air from outside) 1*white widow auto or something that mostly indica and dwarf And im gonna cover inside of the case with alluminum car sun visor. I checked real statistics of leds.They are real 50W. 1*120mm fan for the leaves can feel the wind At the growing stage i'll use biobizz nutrients like bio bloom-grow and all mix. Do you think is there any problem about my system?50W led can produce 80lm/watt and 3*50W can produce 12K lumens.I searched for the lumen thing and i saw for the 1 plant it has to be 10K lumens minimum.Do i have to change something or system will be ok with 1 plant? Btw i'll use 18/6 at veg stage,12/12 at flowering stage.And i'll try to use low stress techniques for control my yield in case. Is that all?Do you guys wanna help for the better result? If this system will success this topic can be the best for people who wanna grow in a pc case.So please dont hesitate to fix something if its wrong on this setup.
  17. Hi all, Doing a check of the plant I’ve encountered these very small bright yellow things on the undersides of my leaves, I’ve managed to rub them off incredibly easy, but obviously want to prevent them returning. Has anyone encountered these before? as always thank you guys in advance!
  18. Hi all! Please don't hate me, I know there's probably been so many people asking the same question but I have spent DAYS reading through hundreds of threads and still can't make my mind up on soil. This is my first solo grow! I have just started to germinate some autos (Lowryder and Alaskan Purple Auto) so needing to sort the soil asap. I was going to go for Biobizz light with grow & bloom feed however I can't find it in the likes of B&Q or Homebase and an order on Amazon won't arrive in time. So I'm ideally grabbing some bags from Homebase... They're going to be outdoor grows (in my garden, SW UK) and I'm going to be transfering seeds straight into their end pots so have got 15L (I've read that autos don't like being transferred and it actually works better for us this way). However, I understand this makes soil choice trickier as a lot are too heavy for seedlings or have too many nutrients. One thread suggested buying John Innes number 1 and mixing it 50/50 with a normal multipurpose so my question is: 1. Would a 50/50 John Innes number 1 and multi purpose work well for this? 2. What multipurpose would you recommend (must be able to be purchased from Homebase)? 3. Will I need to feed them? I was planning on starting them on bloom & grow about 2 weeks in, should I still do this with these products? Any advice on this will be a massive help, I'm pulling my hair out right now! Thanks in advance all.
  19. 09B93264-5AEE-44FE-A2BE-C6B77BF1F971.jpeg

    From the album Auto Northern lights

    3 days old and 4cm taller good progress so far.
  20. DB3ADEC2-E69A-4ED6-967D-E4F7DDF5BAC5.jpeg

    From the album Auto Northern lights

    This this morning it’s already 2 cm. drop the light a bit because was to high.
  21. 58742005-B3DE-40EC-B2DF-85C2DA1E4FD4.jpeg

    From the album Auto Northern lights

    It’s show up finally yesterday morning. For a 12 hours grow 1 cm.
  22. 50500710-37D6-498A-90FA-DD622E1867F2.jpeg

    From the album Auto Northern lights

    All set up waiting for the big day
  23. Hi all... First time grower here doing 3 purple punch from seed in 12l smart pots, I'm on day 11 and was wondering what sort of amount should I be watering them? I'm doing 500ml in each every 48hrs Just water ATM , Any help/thoughts would be very much appreciated!!
  24. Day 10

    From the album Purple punch auto

    What a difference a couple of says can make!