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Found 4 results

  1. hi everyone. been a while since ive been on the boards but im back. thanks to panik @ realgorillaseeds.com ive got some fire 99 and gorilla haze to try out in the comp. ive popped 4 of each so far. all have popped but 2 aint shown there heads above ground yet here how they are now, will be potting them up soon into small 5 inch pots of coco.
  2. Indoor diary for @panik Doing Fire99 and Gorilla Haze ... in soil ... under 600 watt HPS. Trying to be organic .. with DNA soil with added cork ... PM OT nutes.
  3. Hello guys and girls welcome to my diary. Firstly a big thankyou to @panik for gifting me these seeds, im a fairly newcomer to these forums with no grows under my belt yet so it really is a nice gesture of him. The very least i can do is showcase these strains that RGS has created and thats exactly what im going to do Secondly im not very good at writing long essays and my spelling and grammer aint the best so ile let the pics do the talking So basically i have used the paper towel method till taproot shows which was 36 hours, then i put them in jiffys in an unheated prop. Ambient temps at my flat are sitting about 20c currently. Oh and i got 7 gorilla haze instead of 6 nice1! And heres a banana i ate earlier I was planning to have a bash outdoors as well as indoors, i got a nice plot lat53 but its not been prepped, i been thinking about it loads and toying with different ideas but i kinda made my mind up now and this is going to be mostly indoor, i say mostly because i might, if theres time put a couple of cuts ouside. I will have two tents free for flower, both 1m2, one under 400w digi and one under 600w digi if temps allow. Im growing in coco run to waste, using canna a&b. Ok thanks for looking, ill report back when they break the surface.
  4. Hey All, Thought I would get this set up in readiness for action. Thank you @panik for the opportunity to grow a couple of the strains from Real Gorilla Seedbank The strains are - Fire 99 (Fire OG x Auto 99) Fast Diesel (Sour Diesel x GG2) I will be growing the seeds using light deprivation, grown outdoors and then put in a shed at night to force flower, will continue the method throughout until harvest. The plants will be in pots and the soil will be - Soil is DNA/Mills Ultimate Soil with Cork and Ultimate Coco with Cork also from DNA/Mills, mixed 60/40 Amendments Myco Fusion 150 - Myco Bone Meal Calcified Seaweed Rock Dust that was added to the soil and coco a few months ago, due to the slow release properties. Alfalfa powder, love this stuff, full of N and natural Triacontanol. Ecothrive Insect Frass Neem Powder BioChar that as been charged with EM1, Molasses, Bat Guano Ecothrive Biosys Compost Tea. Will also top dress with some of the above throughout if needed. Brew teas along the way, but mainly plain water throughout.