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Found 7 results

  1. 2017 was not only the year that saw more than half a dozen US states legalise cannabis; it was also the year that two cannabis legends collaborated. The result was Paradise Seeds and Tommy Chong working on three exclusive strains. The three strains have quickly gained a quality reputation for being the ‘choice of legends’ and are becoming increasingly popular. The great thing about the choice on offer is that there is something for everyone. Blue Kush Berry will take the edge of anyone’s day with a fruity twist; this one is a combination of Kush and Shishkaberry and has satisfied stoners and medical users alike. Then there is the Mendocino Skunk, a delightful hybrid that brings California and the Netherlands together to produce a fruity uplifting high; the end result is something you can puff on throughout the day. Last but by no means least, we have the L.A. Amnesia and this sativa dominant baby is so good you will forget what the other two choices where. See for yourself and let us know which of Chong’s choice you choose.
  2. Black Friday is almost upon us once more and to celebrate the busiest shopping day of the year, Paradise Seeds is slashing the prices of selected strains from the Finest Seed Collection. From Midnight 24/11/2017 this link will be live: https://www.paradise-seeds.com/en/info/black-friday-cannabis-seeds-2017 Cut the chaos of shopping queues and indulge your winter garden with what it deserves cannabis strains straight out of Paradise.
  3. VERTIGO CANNABIS SEEDS: Deep Chunk… Once you have tasted Vertigo, the only way is up, because this is a great autoflower option for medical cannabis patients looking to cancel out their pain. One of our newest strains, Vertigo is an autoflowering plant that we took our time to research and develop. We spent a number of generations breeding this sativa/indica hybrid before we released it, perfecting its characteristics of stability and strength. Over the past few years, there has been much demand for our autoflower varieties. To develop our autoflower range, we put our 20 years experience into practice, to ensure that the reduced size and quick flower times of our autos were matched by quality. Vertigo is one of these strains that has benefited from the rigorous R+D process we employ at Paradise Seeds, producing one of the first auto varieties that has been bred specifically with medical users in mind. Read more here:
  4. The reputable leafly have just published an article and it raised a smile on the faces of the pirates on the Paradise ship docking here in Amsterdam. In said article, it discusses how much THC is in certain strains. For the record it is not a bunch of stoners arguing about which kush is stronger or more potent, these strains have been scientifically lab tested by scientific scientists. Weighing in at 26.6 THC Wappa is doing Paradise proud and has shaped up to be a real contender. Read the full article here: https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/the-strongest-cannabis-strain-according-to-lab-data?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=B2C NEWSLETTER 2017-11-01
  5. This year Cannafest has had a last minute change of venue. The Prague based expo has one of the more impressive expo venues in the world but the roof has quite literally fallen in on this year's event. It has been announced by the organisers that a change of venue is required due to 'technical issues'. We hate November, but we love Cannafest in the Czech Republic and the show must go on. Cannafest will move from expo Holesovice to expo Letnany. Paradise Seeds will be on Stand 23 with a full range of seeds and merchandise as well as that we are offering expo promos and all the advice you need for choosing the right strain from our 30+ varieties. For 3 days (November 10 – 12th) Cannafest brings the world of cannabis under one roof. (Hopefully) Team Paradise
  6. vertigoroofbud.jpg

    From the album Paradise Seeds Strains

    A fast to finish variety, in approximately 60 days excellent for commercial growers
  7. vertigogarden2.jpg

    From the album Paradise Seeds Strains

    A fast to finish variety, in approximately 60 days excellent for commercial growers