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Found 17 results

  1. Females.jpg

    From the album Anesthesia

    5 females
  2. Hi, has anyone bought and grown any of the discount female autos from "female seeds uk" ? They seem to good to be true for 2.50 each but they have decent reviews etc..
  3. Got 2 landrace Thai sativas showing what I believe are early pre-flowers 30 days in. The first plant I believe may be showing female pre-flowers - however, the other seems to be a male/too early to tell (both might be ha) Up until now I thought the faster, more vigorous growing plant with the thicker stem was the male but I had a look today to find these little tear drop shaped leaves appearing at a few of the upper nodes. The shorter, bushier plant seems to have 2 balls growing at the 5th node. Plant 1 (F?): Plant 2 (M?): I've been vegging them on 13.5/10.5 but since last week started shortening their daylight hours and increasing their darkness by 5 minutes for the last week or so (don't want these lot getting too big!) Currently on 13/11. I also suspect it is very early for Thais' to be showing this quick - perhaps this is all too early to tell? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey Guys, I have an unknown genetics photo-period which has been vegging for 35ish days. I I took a few close ups to see if it was showing any signs of sex yet. Looks kind of like pistils, but not sure. Any input would be great!.
  5. This is my first time growing so I bought some feminized seeds but this plant looks a bit different from the others, my others don't have any growths in the joints yet and one of the stems on this plant is only growing on 1 side. https://imgur.com/a/LY6BLup
  6. Male or Female

  7. Monk x Leb27

    From the album Wizards 2016 HFH grow

    One of my most successful macro shots of this years grow. The flower in the picture is a Monk Leb 27 cross. Has a piney lemony smell and great mould resistance. This one had great trichome coverage and so looks most appealing.
  8. first off,apologies,as im sure this will have been asked before,but i cant find any threads on it...this picture is of a female amnesia haze cutting that is on 18/6 lighting,it is there with 2 other plants also,but the AH looks like its flowering,showing hairs quite boldly. So im looking for some reassurance that this is normal behaviour if thats possible? here is the plant: Like i say,i know this will have been asked before,but if someone could run their expert eye over the pic,i would be grateful. p.s...grown in soil under 200watt led cob lights... p.p.s...just been informed by my mate,(his plant) that there was 400 watt light until about 3 weeks ago,when one of the lights was switched off,leaving 200 watt. thx.
  9. Top of EZ Ryder

    From the album Greenhouse grow 2016

    © Castro.

  10. Joint Doctor Easy Ryder

    From the album Greenhouse grow 2016

    © Castro

  11. PRE FLOWER 2

    From the album Flower


    © RB

  12. sexbud kingz 2 5

    From the album Sexbud

    © Height: 80 - 100 cm Flowering time: 8 weeks Seed to Harvest: 75 day 
Harvest: High Taste / Smell: Extremely fruity pineapple/grapefruit aroma

  13. Sexbud

    From the album Sexbud

    Height: 80 - 100 cm Flowering time: 8 weeks Seed to Harvest: 75 day Harvest: High Taste / Smell: Extremely fruity pineapple/grapefruit aroma

    © KingzSHABABA cannaweed.com

  14. Morning {just} all Wanted to post a separate question to get a wider consensus, this is running in my diary here too http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=358639&page=1 So I have 3 I need to sex, in coco, hand watered, currently Day 6 of 12/12 looong veg...dont ask... So first up I think obvious...tight growth on this one compared to No3 and lovely 9 finger fan leaves. No 2 Looking like a boy too? Same growth as above in terms of foliage and the 9 finger fan leaves. And finally the last of the 3 which I am hoping is a lady, this has a more stretchy growth throughout the whole plant... All standing approx 23' tall and a total of 9 in my tent, for the record, these 3 GojiCheddar, 1 x Sour Diesel and some surprises... Atb JTS
  15. Rsz 14335110330900

    From the album growing and extracting

  16. Healthiest baby

    From the album Second grow

    1 month old.
  17. By best i mean the company that are known to sell the vanilla kush seeds that produce plants that yield well