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Found 12 results

  1. I have biobizz nutes/soil going with rainwater, any idea if my pH should be good? I've thought of adding about 15% of my hard alkaline tap water to the solution to bring it up slightly to 6.5. From what I can tell rainwater is 5.5ish but Is brought up by the co2 in the air as it falls, I guess I'm gonna need a pH test really. I thought rain water with biobizz nutes and compost would be golden and my pH woes would be over..... but my plants say otherwise (they aren't too bad but need tweaking). Any rainwater users in soil out there got a two pennies worth would be mucho appreciato
  2. Hello all. Just starting my first run with and indoor setup. Ive got a 250 actual watt LED In coco coir Im wondering how much to feed the plants considering there autoflowers? My plants have just started to sprout and the first leaves nearly showing Im using canna and I was going to do as Ive read and do 1/4 dosage of what they recomend. Starting E.C. between 0.7-0.1.. Any advice is much appreciated. ✌
  3. could i feed while the light off and not have any problems cheers
  4. Anyone know why there is no heaven used with the white auto schedule found in google? Am imaging weed won't be that great without heaven, anyone know how much to use?
  5. Anyone understand if there is any bioheaven added to the auto feeding schedule seen on google. I'll try and post it ( doesn't seem possible tho, help with that too ?) If so, how much? I can't image having much success if there's no heaven.
  6. i am a newbie and using biobizz fish-mix but was also told by a friend to put chicken pellets down as well as this will help but someone else has told me not to use them as it can make the taste and smell disgusting now in two minds what is best any advice would be very helpful
  7. Hi folks, this is prob a stupid question, but, i've been reading posts and topics and the terms watering and feeding come up, i understand the first 2 weeks the seedlings dont need food as the soil has food in it, so i take it i use clean ph'd water(mines is ph8, is that ok?), then from 3rd week on i mix the nutrients (bio bizz line) with the water and use that. or do you have norm water and another with nutrients, please forgive my dimness
  8. Hi everyone, basically my 5 plants (critical) just entered week 3 of veg, I was planning on vegging for 4 weeks and then transplant into flower. Im growing in COCO, Ive been feeding them every other day but by the time is time to feed, they are droopy. There is a lot of difference compared to how they will look later on today after I fed them this morning. Just wondering do you think I should feed everyday? There doesnt look like there is any deficiency in the leaves, they all look a good colour with thick nodes. Any advice welcome, thanks
  9. Hello everyone have a question to ask, would like to give a shout to @@SkyRider for helping me so far ect.. I first thought i was planting autoflowers, somehow i managed to germinate and not realize for a few days that they were just fast version seeds (Sweet seeds cream caramel F1 to be exact) yeah i know right real stupid.. The most stupid thing was i was following this guide which i was telt on here wasn't that useful. To cut it short i germinated 4 photo seeds straight into 11 litre pots of coco and perlite 70:30, they are sprouted fine just now there light pale green, there not dead as i say @@SkyRider has done alot to help me so big ups to him, but hes a soil guy! Hes helping me to the best but theres gotta be someone whos done or know someone whos done this before? Anyway there on day 8/9, three of them are fine as i say abit light but number 4 is still lacking on producing any new leaves. (BY THE WAY ITS MY FIRST EVERY GROW, JS;)) I started them on a ph of 6.5 thinking they were autos i give the pots an initial soaking of that before germinating anyway i started dropping it now ive been told and read that i should be giving in the region of 5.8-6.0 ph, is this correct i have done this for the last two days just with misting the top soil so hopefully that sorts them... But since ive put them in big pots i dont know the best way about watering ive read so many claims let it dry out, flush till run off, ect i havent watered or fed till any run off so far ive just kept misting the top soil there are still abit heavy/damp so still have water in them but should i flush till run off to see if thats the problem? thats what i dont know since there only babys and they obviously wont have much roots yet? Anyway that probably sounded confusing as fuck i hate typing so bad!, im a bit stoned but everyone on here is full of helpful advice i was wondering if anyone could sort off lay something out there!! Thanks james, happy smoking
  10. schedule

    From the album refer

  11. Hello homegrowers Had a question about feeding coco in 1.8l pots. I am testing 25 cuts in flower, each in 1.8l pots under a 600w light. I am drip feeding each pot 0.5l feed every day. Of the 12.5l feed in, I get about 10l runoff. Im wondering if I can get away with feeding less, say 400ml, even 300? Do any others flower in 1.8l of coco? What would you recommend?
  12. I have some Whiteberry plants, just gone into 12/12. I am using biobizz nutes in All Mix with OT's feeding schedule, just planning on using the grow and bloom during the 12/12 cycle. The advice about Epsom Salts on the OT Schedule is to give the plants one heaped tablespoon per 10 litres at day 21 of bloom. The alternative advice in the sticky is to give one dose of Epsom Salts during veg and twice during bloom, on bloom days of 10 and 35. The amount is given as between one level desertspoon and one heaped tablespoon per 5 litres. This is up to double the amount suggested in the OT schedule. I have not used Epsom Salts before so I am a bit cautious about using too much. About 6 weeks into the 8 week veg I did give the plants a litre each of water with Epsom Salts at a concerntration of half a level desertspoon per 5 litres. They seemed to grow a bit faster and became a healthier looking shade of green. I feel that they could have taken a bit more though. What are people doing with Epsom Salts? The water here is alkali and hard, if that makes a difference. How big is the window between not enough Epsom Salts and too much? How do you know when they could take some more and when you have given them too much? What I could do is label up the 4 plants into group A and group B and then find out which Epsom Salts method works better on these particular plants. Before I do this though I would like to know how others have got on with Epsom Salts in the past and how to avoid any disasters. Thanks.