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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all, could any of you seasoned seaweed users advise on how & when to use seaweed extract, during the various stages of growth. I grow in soil, dont feed anything for first 3 weeks, then feed grow for 2 to 3 weeks (to get them through stretch), then bio bloom to last week, then water.
  2. Hello people. I have a question. I am growing this year 3x blue cheese autos and 3x Northern Lights autos, and 1x Royal Gorilla Auto. Which I started Apr 17th. They are all coming into flowering now. Started off with PM soil grow, and now moved onto PM Soil Bloom. giving 4ml per 7l of water and feeding each plant around 3 litres. Growing in my usual 11L pots with PM supreme soil. I use regular tap water which has a PH of 7.6-7.7 I have heard that if you grow in soil I don't need to worry about PH levels. as the soil should bring PH levels down. is this true? If it isn't true what is the easiest way to bring down PH levels. Might be a little to late now though. If it is then why are my fan leaves turning yellow and drying up. bottom upwards. I am also feeding each time I water them, as the soil is very dry by the 3rd day. Someone mentioned and I have read to feed them each time I water them. I haven't used any calmag this year as I have also read that, if you live in a hard water area which I do, then there is no need for calmag, as the water contains enough minerals in it already
  3. At one of my gardening jobs today, an experienced gentlemen of 88 years old was telling me that he believes it is good to put 1 or two drops of washing up liquid per gallon when mixing up feed. He was told that it makes the nutrients more available to the plant in some way. Anyway its a new one on me and thought I get you members here to sort out then answer for this one, truth or complete bs??
  4. Hi All, Apologies if this is in the wrong section I have an SMSCOM Nutrimatic Timer and have a few questions. The timer is easy to set up and runs fine for the first cycle, the problem comes when the second cycle is supposed to start...It doesn’t. Does anyone own/use this timer? If so has anyone experienced similar? Is the timer only supposed to run single cycles? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, 1st timer here so thanks for reading. I have an auto plant growing outside in a greenhouse and I'm unsure if it's wise to repot it at this stage of its life.. Its started in a cell tray (April 4th 2020) then went up to a 4 inch pot 5 weeks later, then after a few more weeks i put it in a 10inch pot. It started to bud pretty quick and now the soil is fairly hard to keep moist and the whole pot is usually quite light by the evening, but there's good buds growing now. I keep feeding her but I'm not sure how long I should leave the buds to grow and when to start flushing and if it will be OK in the same 10 inch pot. I have attached a pic of the plant as it looks today. Just really need to know how much longer I should keep feeding her and if she would or would not like to be repotted. ( shes about a foot tall) Thanks in advance, really appreciate it.
  6. Evening all I’ve managed to get hold of some zcube cuttings I will be running these in rdwc I will start a new dairy very soon. They are just rooted in root riot cubes they just don’t look great and I’m abit concerned. I’ve never dealt with cuttings before and only ever grown from seed so not that clued up on feed requirements etc, I’ve put the cubes into a bed of clay pebbles as I wanted to get the roots growing out more before I put them into my new system. Starting with a litre of RO i mixed a little h&g root excel with sensi a+b grow and a drop of super thrive to EC 0.3 Temps lights off 19 & 62%RH Temps Lights on 25 & 50% RH Under twin t5 tubes. should I be aiming for a higher EC I start low with seeds but I’m guessing these are totally different. Any ideas would be much appreciated
  7. Hi all... First time grower here doing 3 purple punch from seed in 12l smart pots, I'm on day 11 and was wondering what sort of amount should I be watering them? I'm doing 500ml in each every 48hrs Just water ATM , Any help/thoughts would be very much appreciated!!
  8. Cheap feed test

    From the album Summer 2019

  9. Are my plants sick? They are 3-4 weeks old I grow lots of Normal vegetables and this is my first time growing Cannabis if my normal vegetables were looking slightly yellow I’d be concerned.... am i right to be concerned? im currently growing seeds from barneys “CBD blue shark” i have a tent that’s in a shed. (120inx120 by 6ft) The light is a dual spectrum HPS 600w but is currently on 400w. The lights were 14in above plants I’ve literally just raised the lights to 17in. i feed 3 times a week. Got fresh air coming in. Warm air being extracted temps are 20-23c during 18 hours of light. Temps are 17-19c during dark. feed with FormuleX
  10. Hi, Could someone please tell me if I can feed Canna A, B right to the end or if I need to be starting bloom feeds now instead? Trying to keep costs down started out on a budget now seems to be like I need so much more.. I'm 30 days in, plants look good, supplemented with Cal Mag also. Cheers guys.
  11. Had to repost because my original was in the wrong category. Hey guys, a little confused atm. I'm using ghe nutes, my plants were planted on the 17th and 23rd of december. I was giving them preflower nutes and now flower nutes for 2 days. On other sites I read from some experienced growers that autos should be kept on veg nutes atleast thru week 6 to help them last 10-11 weeks regardless of whether the seed comp says they need 8weeks. So I was wondering, should I go back to veg or preflower feed? Also, was thinking about adding PK and Mollasses later on.
  12. Used before but want to know if it’s worth using or not? Do you rate it? What’s better? Reviews?
  13. Hi all my autos are just under 4 weeks old and looking to start feeding them some nutrients. Can anyone suggest types and where I can get them from etc. Thanks
  14. hi all happy 420, just like to say very new here and to this so have a few questions for you avid green fingered fiends, all auto relating and mainly nutrient related, well where to begin... 1: using nutes would you scale down if you were in batmix or lightmix or just generally scaledown anyway irregardless of what soil you use..? 2: what nutes to give.. grow, root stim, bloom, nector, bloom/flower enhancers.. etc? and when to give them.. let the pot go dry?? wet/dry? or just every few days give it a lil drink..? 3: pot size 12l airpots same as 18l premium square pots.. well thats all i can think off now.. sit back light up and have a lil think,,, many thanks
  15. Hey guys after looking around for some time ive finally come to the decision on growing, this will be my first time so i dont want to mess it up.. ive been looking at a few tents and because im on a short budget ive gone for one of ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Canna-Complete-Hydroponic-Grow-Room-Tent-Fan-Filter-Light-Kit-600w-120x120x200-/252323452580?hash=item3abfa656a4:g:rvgAAOSwZQxW6soX could you guys tell me if this tent is okay for growing 4 plants? also the nuts that come with this kit are they any good or would you recommend any others? and the last thing is where can i get a plan that i can follow for the nuts thats been proven to work as i have a track history of messing up and i dont want to take any risks thanks
  16. Afternoon all, Got my 1st grow off the ground on the 1st of May, now its about 7.5 inches, in a 20 cm pot with Canna compost Was hoping for a thumbs up or a few pointers please I havent started to use the any of the old timers veg and bloom liquid yet as the the the feeding schedule says to start feeding 2 weeks before the veg stage Plant is looking okay i think, a few of the lower leaves are yellow, everything on top is okay Ive got the plant under a 600w bulb in a 2.0 meter square tent about 1.5 foot away from the bulb Temps about 29/30 Would you recommend i stick to the growing schedule? or start feeding now, was worried that small pot may have all of its nutrients used up Anything that I'm blatantly doing wrong? I have the Evolution spray, bio silicon, old-timers veg and bloom and root stimulant I'll try and upload a photo if i can figure out how to do it Thanks in advance
  17. I just noticed on the bottle when i went to go compare mag and calcium level comparison with the terra feeds and a cheapo feed: Terra Vega and Terra Flores contain absolutely NO CALCIUM.... I thought cannabis were hungry for Ca(Calcium) and Mg(Magesium), i thought cannabis plants were hungry for calcium in veg(just like kids) and then hungry for Mg in flower(To create chlorophyll for photosynthesis)??? Are they hoping you live in a hard-water area with calcium already in the pipes? surely can't be, i don't understand the logic in it
  18. Hello homegrowers Had a question about feeding coco in 1.8l pots. I am testing 25 cuts in flower, each in 1.8l pots under a 600w light. I am drip feeding each pot 0.5l feed every day. Of the 12.5l feed in, I get about 10l runoff. Im wondering if I can get away with feeding less, say 400ml, even 300? Do any others flower in 1.8l of coco? What would you recommend?
  19. hi guys, my girls are in 6.5L from seed, they've been in there 2 weeks now and things are looking good, i just wonder when i should start feeding these girls? like i say there in 6.5L from birth, there in biobizz lite mix. normally i grow photo period and start to feed one week after potting up but this is all different my gut is telling me to feed on the next water but...... any help guys? Edit: oh also i dont trim anyting? no lower leaves? no small bud site? i just let them be?
  20. Hello to all and thank you in advance for taking the time to check out my dilemma. Info about the grow, I have just the one plant which I believe to be Thai Stick (female), overall age unknown but still in veg state and I'm wanting to put into flower pretty soon. Last re-potted just over 3 weeks ago using J.Innes # 3. Only fed the plant twice since I got her, last fed with a weak solution of generic tomato feed 3 weeks after re-pot. Watering whenever top inch of soil becomes dry (about once/week) - I water until I see first signs of run-off coming out of drainage holes. The plant was started outside but brought in when saw she was being eaten. Looked like symphalids so used an organic bug spray once and put a light covering of pebbles over the top of the soil. 1 week after this there was no further sign of bug attack, ever since the plant has been brought back inside. Growth has been very fast, pinched the top just after re-pot and since then lots of pistils have formed... it's this fast growth that makes me think there's a deficiency of some sort and the tomato feed was pretty cheap. The main concerns are the browning/necrosis of tips & edges of fan leaves and the new shoots are looking a little deformed. The browning isn't isolated to just lower leaves but seems to be catching sporadic leaves all the way up to the top few nodes. The top new shoots are deformed but no browning. Some larger fan leaves as well as new shoots are showing what look like rips or splits. Thought this could be a case of nute-burn but not too sure. Going to buy a ph tester kit and check the run-off this evening/watering water this evening... thought I had some already but ran out ages ago by looks of it... school boy error I know. If my watering water is 6.5-7ph then I'm thinking of flushing the plant regardless of run-off ph, I have been putting off a good water until I was able to check ph. Anything else you need to know please ask away. As said before, if you're reading this then thank you for taking the time to check out my post. Rokks