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Found 21 results

  1. Some pics of my plants so far, among them are a fast flowering green crack, couple of auto northern lights, an auto purple queen, a feminised skittlez I got as a freebie an a seed I planted I got among some lovely weed called wedding cake, it was so good I took chance an planted the seed, it’s growing at same rate as the fem skittlez so here’s hoping, have to say tho it’s deffo the green crack an the purple queen I most looking forward to trying not the best of pics but I’ll get some better ones as time goes on
  2. This grow is for @HSO-Mark. This is a knew fast strain from Humboldt Seed Organization I will be growing the OGKZ first, and I plan on doing another new strain from HSO a fast-flowering Green Crack (this sounds interesting) next. The plan is to let her vegetate for about 3 to 4 weeks then flip her to 12/12. The veg tent is a DYI 2x2x3 with a LED Plant grow light that emits light between 449nm blue and 630 red. This light is only for vegging. The flowering tent is also DTI 2x3x6 with a Mars-hydro 300 led light in a DWC bubbler, with two separate air pumps. Well, I think I am ready to give it another go. Let the fun begin. Only one plant for now. (Keeping It Simple KISS) Indica/Sativa Hybrid - 80/20 Indica dominant strain, OGKZ has a THC is in the range of 24%. Effects are Cerebral, Long-lasting, Powerful Method: DWC 5-gal bucket. RO water. Medium: coco cord/perlite, root wool and Hydroton clay pebbles. Light Marshydro 300 LED. Flower DIY Tent: 2’x3’x6’ (expandable) with Panda wrap. Looking to buying a tent down the road. 5-gallon bucket. I plan to elevate the bucket by 4” inches; to facilitate water changes. 6-inch Exactor with speed controller and carbon filter. Exhausted outside, passive air intake. 1 Air pumps 40 gallon and 1- 10 gallon (flower tent), and 1 - 10 gallon for veg. 2- 6” clip fans, 1 - 10” stationary. Only using the clip fans at this time. I will be doing an LST with SOG net to maximize yield; but more so to learn how to do it better. Only one plant for now. (Keeping It Simple KISS) Nutrient: I decided to give GH Flora Duo part A and B a try; because I don’t think I will have enough HP Flora Grow series for the complete grow. Cal-Mag Silica Orca Hydro-guard PH up and down Epson salt if needed PH and TDS/EC meters. 3 temp./ humidity monitors – low, middle, and the third one will be for the veg. tent. Tent Temperature c / Humidity: ( ) I water November 25th, transferred to paper towel on the 26th tap root appeared 8 hours later - transferred to rockwool or maybe coco/perlite TBD, maybe tomorrow. Germination occurred at temp 21.5 and 49% RH in sealable sandwich bag. I know this may not be the norm, but it is what my readings are. Current bucket: RO water Bucket temp. Initial readings: PH EC TDS Temperature: c Humidity % If I left something out, I will update accordingly; but feel free to ask questions. Keep on smiling, BB
  3. C99 x Blueberry FAST

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  4. Original Skunk FAST

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  5. Big Nugs FAST

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  6. Big Nugs FAST

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  7. Big Nugs FAST

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  8. Yo hows it going you lot. I wanted to ask to see if anyone has had any luck with CBD strains outdoors because I'd really like to grow some as I like the sound of them and I'd like to be able to give some friends some who think most weed is just too strong and spinns them out.... But they used to smoke it but say they just can't handle it anymore, although they seem to be able to handle my outdoor grown better than dealer weed i presume this is because sun grown cannabis has a broader range of cannabinoids. I'm looking for fast flowering or early flowering strains although I'd be happy letting them run this late in the year (end of October) I not bothered about taste I just want a CBD strain that'd finish. I'm going to grab a strain or two from CBD crew though because you've gotta start somewhere, who knows there could be a right gem waiting to be discovered. Any suggestions will be much appreciated and I'd be ok with an equal thc/cbd ratio though. I hope this isn't too much to ask thanks
  9. So I was looking for some fast flowering satdom strains and I came across these two: Eva Seeds Jamaican Dream - 42-45 days bloom according to breeder blurb G13 Labs Cinderella 99 - 50-55 days " " Anyone here grown these out and do they really finish fully matured around that time? Even 8-9 weeks is OK for me. Also what's the smoke like? Thanks all