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Found 13 results

  1. Coming soon... (just wanted to bagsy the title)
  2. Well here it is, the official start of my Real Gorilla Seeds outdoor comp diary! Firstly a massive shout out to @panikand Real Gorilla Seeds for making this possible! So, as mentioned in the tags, I will be running a lovely mix of genetics - * Lemon Freeze * Purple Freeze * Fast Lemon Drizzle * Fast Diesel Really excited for what is hopefully a booming summer for all of us to take advantage of and produce some beautiful crops. (Wishing everybody the best of luck) Not sure on exact numbers just yet as the plot has potential to grow some monstrous sized bushes so I need to be mindful of overcrowding for sure. The plot has been vigorously turned over and fertilized with cow manure, compost, mycorrhizal fungi spores, fish blood, bone meal and chicken manure pellets. Bat guano is on standby for top dressing along with more bbm & biobizz bloom if needed. As some of you have already seen, I've scored very lucky with my plot location. Here's a peek for any who haven't. Need to get down in the next week to get fencing posts and rabbit wire up and then lay a thin top mulch of composted lawn cuttings and top off with straw until planting time! All ladies involved in this production will be started indoors and propagated under a kind led. They will be soaked for 24 hours and then set to germ, I don't have Rockwool so will be paper toweling it and kept in controlled temps and monitored. Once popped they will be planted into a blend of biobizz light mix and Westland multi compost to do them until plant out in mid May. Going to have a proper measure up to see what I can get away with space wise and obviously select numbers to suit. Germination will begin from next week! Thanks for dropping in! Be safe, be green... and don't be seen!! TT
  3. Sup growers Sun is out in full swing and it's time to get things under way! Got 4 different rgsc strains this year, first time growing any of there seeds so looking forward to it. Lined up I have Only have a small plot amongst the gorse bushes with 5 plants in, but always serves me enough for the year. fingers crossed for another season. Put in to soak 24th march all opened withing 48hours.. Put in clover compost and covered with cling film for humidity, the TP are from another breeder. Then put under 125w CFL. Plan on growing them for roughly a month before plant out.l, always gives them a healthy start. Another 48 hours and they had all sprouted through the soil with first set of leaves. Officially day 1 (28th of march)
  4. Let's get crackin lads Pre-dawn plot visit Photo plot before extension Photo plot mid extension You can't see that well but mid-left in the photo above I had to leave a few metres of brambles to avoid disturbing a birds nest: Just hope they're ok and the mum returns to look after them Photo plot after extension Auto plot before extension Auto plot after extension Will be putting a bunch of auto amnesia and others in here. I would extend further (still might..) but for security reasons I can't take the piss and I already am. In some places I have to duck to not be seen by lorry drivers and double decker buses until the hedge thickens up He who dares rodders 120 Litre compost Lugged one of these bastards down the plot the other day, 4 to go. All I could get right now. Says 120 litres when filled.. when filled with what, the rest of my fucking compost I guess they pack it in tight but fuck me either I'm getting stronger or Wickes have pulled a fast one haha Woodland topsoil/leaf mould Collected well over 1000 litres of this stuff already for a Serious 6 plot. Will be getting some for this one too this week. This years seeds Unfortunately none of the new freeze lines from rgsc this year, went with the tried and tested for 2020 but will be watching everyone else's grows with a view to including them next year if they perform. Already regretting not getting more dfg. In fact fuck it I'm getting some dfg, and maybe one of the freezes... god damn it I'm addicted to this shit! LED starter box The photo above is from last year, but I'll be using the box again. I've traded 2 of the LED's for 2 sunblaster T5's which is hopefully an upgrade.. I've got a few Serious 6 in the box now, but starting my rgsc strains in the next few days with a view to getting them out early-mid may as @panik suggests. Will be using biobizz light and probably root trainers for ease of transport (can get 24-48 seedlings in a big shopping bag that way). Got some plant magic root stimulant and intense nutrients kickstart to help them along. Feel like I'm late to the party with everyone having started, @Tommy tucker your diary is already probably longer than mine will be when finished Good luck everyone let's smash it
  5. hi and welcome to my first uk420 diary thanks to @panik for the seeds hope to do them proud mate. fast diesel Strain Lineage: Sour Diesel x GG2 The sour Diesel clone was crossed to the early GG lines to bring down flowering times to 7 weeks , these plants grow fast have great bag appeal and structure with a fruity hint of citrus Diesel. zkittzo Strain Lineage: Zkittles X Skunk#1 Rgsc take on Zkittles ,..Zkittlez is an indica-dominant mix of Grape ape and Grapefruit that is crossed with another undisclosed strain to produce this candy-flavoured cannabis bred by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz. This award-winning combination took 1st Place at the 2016 Emerald Cup and 1st Place Indica at the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and in Michigan. The chunky Colas explode in a spectrum of light green hues and emit a sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavours. The effects of Zkittlez are surprisingly Uplifting for an indica, leaving consumers focused, alert, and happy while relaxing the body to help unwind any time of day, now crossed to our Skunk#1 it brings even more pack to the punch and is still fruity as hell Genetics: Zkittles x Skunk Mostly Indica Dominant Indoors 9 Weeks Flowering Feminised this will be a simple soil grow setting three of each off and will keep updates short and sweet. seeds will be soaked overnight in a glass of water then straight into a small soil pot and put in a warm place until hopefully i have 6 new babies to show you all
  6. @panik Hi all and welcome to this 2018 indoor diary competition entry for Realgorilla seeds https://www.realgorillaseeds.com For this I shall be growing Fast Diesel https://www.realgorillaseeds.com/products.html#!/Fast-Diesel/p/83327785/category=23228166 Exodus https://www.realgorillaseeds.com/products.html#!/Exodus/p/99332070/category=23228166 Seeds arrived safely today Signed for Royal mail in a "discrete" plain white jiffy bag. Not a hint of it's possible contents
  7. rgscb.jpg

    From the album Doobies pics

  8. Hey All, Thought I would get this set up in readiness for action. Thank you @panik for the opportunity to grow a couple of the strains from Real Gorilla Seedbank The strains are - Fire 99 (Fire OG x Auto 99) Fast Diesel (Sour Diesel x GG2) I will be growing the seeds using light deprivation, grown outdoors and then put in a shed at night to force flower, will continue the method throughout until harvest. The plants will be in pots and the soil will be - Soil is DNA/Mills Ultimate Soil with Cork and Ultimate Coco with Cork also from DNA/Mills, mixed 60/40 Amendments Myco Fusion 150 - Myco Bone Meal Calcified Seaweed Rock Dust that was added to the soil and coco a few months ago, due to the slow release properties. Alfalfa powder, love this stuff, full of N and natural Triacontanol. Ecothrive Insect Frass Neem Powder BioChar that as been charged with EM1, Molasses, Bat Guano Ecothrive Biosys Compost Tea. Will also top dress with some of the above throughout if needed. Brew teas along the way, but mainly plain water throughout.