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Found 35 results

  1. Hi I'm looking for a silent running oscalating fan. I currently have a tower fan in the tent but it's making some racket, each time it's turning at the end of its cycle so like every 10 seconds making a cunt of a noise the rest of the grow is more or less silent its that fan making most of the noise. Any yous know any good fans?
  2. Hello, i was wondering which brands for exhaust fans are considered the best? There are so many brands, it's hard to choose. Please suggest me some fans that you trust from experience. To be more specific, i'm looking for a reliable quality fan that i can use 24/7 and never turning it off during the whole grow, without ever worrying about malfunctions and fire hazards. Also noise is a factor, it needs to be quiet, but still powerful enough to pull a lot of air. Don't need humidity and temp sensors, only a speed controller is enough (but anything extra is a bonus) It needs to have an overheating protection so it turns off automatically if the motor gets too hot. And it has to be waterproof. It also has to be plug & play, no wiring needed. So i'm looking for the cream of the crop of fans, the best of the best and pure quality. Preferably made in EU. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi guys screwing over these little clip on / pram fans.. So... I used to use the plug in clip on fans more often than not but then I found that the stroller fans on river and bay with the micro-usb input tend to make a lot less noise and push air with more velocity on the highest setting. Naturally , I bought a few of them. They were all connected to a usb power hub. The issue I'm having is that whilst they DO CHARGE... they won't hold the charge when connected to mains power - even on mid setting. Is this a battery failure? The amp / watts rating from the mains seems adequate. This really sucks as I thought I had a fool proof oscillating fan system. - especially as the stroller fans have the cool feet things you can wrap around the pole instead of those stiff awkward plug in fans. Would love to know if anyone has insight into this? I definitely won't be buying any more until I figure out what is causing the issue!
  4. Never realised how electronically illiterate I was til now starting my first indoor! I've got this 5" RVK which I was gifted, and I know to stay away from cheap electronic controllers to avoid the hum. I read on a thread from many years ago oN THCtalk about someone saying SystemAir (who make RVKs) actually make suitable controllers themselves, but on their website I'm completely lost. My next step would be to just ring them up and try ask them but I was wondering if any of you guys could please help a dude out to save me doing that ? Many thanks in advance!
  5. Whats good fellow croppers. Just wanted to know if anyone has any grow diary or experience with using LED & HPS ligting in the same space. Equipment: TENT 2.4m x 1.2m x 2.0m MARS HYDRO 1600W BAY6 HPS - Digital Ballast - 600w x2 6inch intake 8inch outake X2 clip fans Drip to Waste Hydro setup Nutrients Shogun range. A B Katana Roots Calmag Silicon PK Warrior Dragon Force Sumo Active Currently vegging under the LED & temps are optimal. Was thinking of using the extra hps on either side at a rate of 300-400 watts each after taking cuttings to fill my other pots for SCROG. Any tips & tricks would be a blessing.
  6. Hi all, Another helping of brain picking is in the menu. Once again all the advice us appreciated. The title might not have given it away so I'll spell it out for you stoners! Starting a grow in a 1.5x 1.5 tent. 4 plant scrog. What fan should I get? Also what filter? My price range is around 150-180 for both fan and filter. I'm looking for the cheapest most quiet fan thats got enough oomph to extract enough air. Also, what's the smallest size I could get away with. Comfortably. I dont want to risk it really but do you think I could get a decent 5incher? Regards and thanks!
  7. Want to run a humidifier+dehumidifier in my tent where each activates only when needed using inkbird controller, my goal is to maintain RH 75%-85%. Q's: 1. If I were to use humidifier/dehumidifier where would be the best place to install them? Close to intake maybe? 2. Is it pointless to run these when your extracting air 24/7? 3. Is there a way to calculate humidifier size? P.S. I KNOW HIGH RH AND CARBON FILTER DOESN'T MIX PLEASE LEAVE THAT TO ME
  8. Planning on running intake&exhaust looking for a twin fan controller to help me control temps. Can anyone make a suggestion? & if you can remember the price paid it would be helpful since I'm trying to compare price. Thanks in advance:) & HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  9. Evening all in a couple weeks il be able to get my tent back up and running but I thought I’d try and reduce the sound of the extraction fan, I’ve currently got a 6inch rvk which has been in full speed due to my old controller not working. Now do you think I’d be better off going for a new stealth extraction fan as most I’ve seen come with controller to dim the speed down or would I be better off keeping current rvk and investing in a new sms unit? Is anyone running td silent fans or anything similar,Are they worth the money? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, Does anyone have any guidance on setting up extraction for rooms with co2? One of the things I'm looking at with my new 1.5x3m setup, is running un-filtered extraction through the cool hoods so I can have a lower extraction flow rate of my environment. I currently have a 5" 380m3/hr fan which has done well to keep up with the temps of my 1000w HPS. This runs through a 6" carbon filter and 6" ducting. I've built a foam and wooden box around it and surprisingly been able to reduced the noise of it from 63dB to 54dB while at 100% and from 54dB to 38dB while at 50% power. I'm looking to add another light, so I was thinking to change my cooling fan to an 8" 700 m3/hr and use the 5" for environment only. This would allow for a sealed yet small vacuum situation for co2. But if times get hot, I can have them both pulling air and can turn the co2 off.
  11. Evening everyone, I've had a combination of large to small clip on desk fans in the tent. Currently, I use small 6in fans in each corner. I was thinking to get some standing venturi bladeless fans much like the Dyson fans. Just to save on space somewhat. What do people recommend? I'm trying to keep noise down to a minimum as well lately. With four big fans, I feel the noise might be too much. So was thinking a selection of smaller fans or bladeless for noise. All thoughts welcome! Tent size is 3mx1.5mx2m.
  12. Hi Guys I currently have a .5x.5x1m tent, which was my first purchase. Currently I have 8 young plants in 1L airpots in there, and have a 4"/100mm swiftair fan in there, with no baffling. Yes, you can hear it, sounds like a hairdryer, but tbh, the two integral fans on a 300w chinky led, are much louder. Once I close the door, you can hear it, but not loud enough to annoy anyone. But, currently putting together a 1mx1mx2m high tent, to transfer plants into. Obviously, I need a bigger fan for that, and the makers of the tent (Trojan, great value) recommend 6" RVK in summer, or 5" fan for not summer. As we rarely get any fkn summer, it's a debatable point. But, I like buying stuff (being disabled, it's the only pleasure I get) so have a swiftair temp fan controller. But as the plants won't suffer (I think) from having too much fresh air, and as I will be getting a hi/lo setting fan, what would you guys recommend for fan, I mean make of fan. I'm in this for the long haul so no point in buying something that will only last a year (plan on growing about 4 months a year to start, then I'll see what leccy costs are like.....switching to chinese cobs (youngsters seem to love them), so heat won't be a problem. In fact, I need heater now to keep temps between 22 - 25c even at this time of year. Climate change?? Also, should I get insulated ducting? I have current luxury of having a bedroom to use as grow room, and kindly friend (when I was in hospital) put up plastic shelves there and put all my grow stuff on the shelves.....thankfully left enough room for small tent, and big one! But he didn't have that in mind....God works in mysterious ways! So, just asking for 6" fan recommendation really. If you have any links to ebay or amazon, greatfully appreciated. Plus insulated ducting. Thank you!
  13. Please move if posted in wrong place Hi everyone. Been reading on here for a while found a lot of helpful information that’s helped me with my first few attempts. Long story short I started growing to help my mum who had terminal cancer with pain relief, fast forward 18 months and I’m now on my 4th grow. I’m struggling to achieve gpw and think this is down to my environment. I have a 1.2m bloomroom loft tent. I have a 6 inch outtake with a rhino filter. Currently using passive intake with a bit of ducting from room below. Running a 600w hps with dimmable omega ballast. X2 oscillating fans, humidifier for veg. 700w oil filled rad for lights off. My fan is a rhino thermostatic but I don’t think the temp control is very reliable. I’ve been using 11l pots with pure canna coco. Using canna range a and b, rhiz, cannazym, boost and pk. Swapped pk for bloombastic on current grow as advised by someone better than me lol. Watering every 2 days up to 2.5L in flower! Don’t seem to be getting the growth I would like in veg and seems to take forever for them to gain size! Now for the questions please! Do I need an intake fan? If so what size? Recommendations on fan controllers for intake outake and heater? Or easiest way to control them all? Would I be better doing 9x6.5l? Less veg time? If so would I put them straight under hps from cutting? A lot more info to share with you guys if you need any to help me! Sorry to ask so many questions on my first post! Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, I’ve been making a lot of changes to my growing setup and would be grateful for any advice I can get on the ventilation especially if anyone is familiar with this size tent. Up to now I’ve been growing with LED’s in 2 DS60’s but I got rid of them all for this grow and bought a 120 x 60 with HPS lights so I could make better use of the space and equipment. I’m just about getting away with one 600w HPS using passive intake from the attic and 5” extraction to a vent also in the attic but temps hover around 30 so it’s borderline. The Prima Klima 125mm fan that I’m using for extraction has a temp probe on it so I was thinking of moving that to the intake so it could click in when temps hit the high 20’s. Then I’ll go get another, larger Prima Klima. I’ve never looked to adjust the speed so a 2 speed basic model will do the job fine. Thing is, what size would I need to move to make a big difference in temps ? Would a 150mm make a big difference or should I go bigger ? Cheers..
  15. Hi All I hail from the emerald isle, though spent most adult life in London. Had to come back here (northern part) a few years ago. I'm just starting out growing. Last summer, without any reading, bought an AK Automatic x 2. Tried the papertowl thing, but forgot to water it. It died. Second seed, straight to soil in summer (indoors during night, day outside) autoflowering. Came on a serious pace, til i killed it by overwatering, and putting in a pot with no drainage. Got three narcotherapy autos from barneys seeds. Got a 300w cfl dual, planted seeds, two in small pots with numerous airholes all round in 50/50 mylar, and one straight into an 18.6L fabric grow bag. The one in the grow bag was three times the size of the other two, it was at least ten inches from seed around week three I think, then because I just had the lamp suspended above plants balanced precariously on a mirror, and ikea box (didn't know about grow tents), it collapsed, and two small plants were killed, and the big one, was cut in half. I kept it growing, moved it into a 50cmx50cmx100cm black orchid tent, with fan, but no extractors, just vents open, for airflow, as there is little scent from it. Started nutrients, but fucked that up as well, as I realised i ordered the Canna hydro specific nutes. Anyway, she is fighting to the last, and a mate gave me a scientific level microscope with four different lens strengths. Strong enough to pick up the striations in metal. So, I'll use that to check up on her trichomes (I've been reading round the clock and watching videos, as I'm disabled, so have the time to devote, well, all my time, to learning very quickly, and am taking great delight in simply growing something I KNOW the strain, and having the pleasure, in due course, of smoking something I knew as a tiny seed.) for the right time to harvest......need to read and watch more about drying and curing... Anyway, I'm sorry if this should have all been posted in different sections, but my disability affects my, er thinking, so sometimes if i don't put it down when i think of it, i forget entirely. I just need some advice. Being an all in sort of person, I bought 3 lamps, apart from the beginner cfl. They are a dual 600 hps, a 600 veg hps or mh..one red and one blue. Also bought a cheap chinese "80 watt true output" led multi spectrum, as the price was ridiculous, but reviews good, and thought it would be an experiment. But to get to the point. As I said, the black orchid tent 50x50x100, which I'm super pleased with as i got it from the ventilation hub on ebay, over 25 cheaper than on amazon, is i think, only suitable for one plant? As cash is a bit tight, I can't at the moment order a large black orchid suitable for up to four to five plants, so after watching a vid on youtube about making your own grow space using cardboard, I ordered two double thickness cardboard wardrobes (used by movers to put your shirts into straight off the peg), and planned to join them together. They are double thickness and measure 50+ (few extra cms) square at the bottom, and over 80cm tall. I worked out , as I'm shite with number stuff, that no matter what way I join them, they will have still the 50cm width, but a 100mm length. As they only cost under £8quid a wardrobe, getting another two, and joining all together, will give 100mm length and width i.e. 1m squared. Already bought the black/white reflective lining, plus have enough mylar to ensure total coverage of reflective material. I also (I also have OCD and paranoia lol) bought polystyrene to insulate the cardboard before attaching the mylar. Now, and again apologies for not posting in relevant forums, as I'm pressed for time to return the lights..i.e. the dual 600, which I don't need, or all three for something smaller. Already got the dimmable digi ballast (refurbed from manufacturer choice of 200 400 or 600w), but need to know if I put all the boxes together to make a diy home made grow space, to accommodate four plants, do I need 600w lamps? I'll be going the blue and red phase hid's. Or should I get 400w lamps instead? Last but not least, can you point me in the direction of how to set up an extractor fan and ducting. Got the ducting and the filter, but looking at the online fans, I can't see how to connect them up. Recommendations on the cheapest, but decent quality fans would be appreciated, as this will be a full time activity, albeit on a small scale. My brain needs simple explanations, as due to some brain trauma, memory is shot, and I need childlike step by step instructions. A lot are advertised as inline fans, so I figure they are connected by ducting at one end, then attached to the filter at an exhaust port, but what about the intake? Is it simply a short piece of ducting material sucking in air? Or am I missing something? Finally, in a set up like this, what be the recommended intake intake fan? The filter is 4", a hefty piece of gear. Also, last one, I put four seeds in an electric propagator two days ago using a root riot pod, soaked in rain water then squeezed, surrounded by compost. One has germinated already. Should I now give them lighting, (they're in bedroom, so just get room light) I have a cfl 55watt doing nothing in particular, and could easily hang this over them... Sorry for all the questions....its just that Ive only three days left to request a return on the lamps, so input on that alone would be useful. As for the rest, you can redirect me to the proper forum. Being disabled (mentally and physically), basically, groups of people I avoid, or all people on certain days, but can walk to an extent, and move in short spaces, means I have full time to devote to learning about these little beauties, reading and watching, and it has given me a whole new Major interest. I could buy the finished project, but what prices they charge are galling, plus I could never enjoy it not knowing Exactly what it is.........I was only interested to this extent in motorbikes before, hence injuries, but this has been like an awakening. Again, my apologies for cramming so much into an intro post, but just need some guidance on the lamps. The rest, I'll read all your posts. But planted three peyote critical (photos) and a violator kush, but that got left out overnight after 24hours soaking, and i gave it a squeeze to make sure it wasn't fag ash, but planted now, but I might have fucked it. My trip to specsavers is long over due.
  16. Hi guys! Super excited to grow my own bud! Been reading this forum for a little while which has been very helpful but thought I would start my own topic for some personalized help. Right! So... I have just purchased my seeds (LowRyder #1 They didn't have and #2s) and tent which is a 60x60x140. I am now looking for recommendations for Lights, fans & filters. Once I get the whole setup sorted then I will then start looking into what soil, nutrients etc that i will need any recommendations on those would be amazing too! The budget for the lights, fans & filter is around £120 if that helps?! Light wise I would like to keep the heat/electric bill low don't fancy a knock on the door haha! Looking forward to talking with you (Supper excited for this, has took me 3years to convince the Girlfriend!!) and getting some answers! *Just to add I will be growing 1 plant maybe two but no more than that, Can you grow from start to finish with a full spec LED? I can also go more than 120 but that's a good starting point Cheers! JordySmoke
  17. I recently bought this grow tent and need advice on what else to buy, there are many bundles for sales with fans, lights etc but they are really expensive What would you recommend? All I have is the tent at the moment total newbie https://www.amazon.co.uk/Black-Orchid-Hydro-Hydroponic-80x80x160/dp/B01LYTASLZ/ref=sr_1_9?s=outdoors&ie=UTF8&qid=1530424769&sr=1-9&keywords=black+orchid+grow+room
  18. Hi all I posted a few weeks back, asking for some help and advice as my friend (@maverick40b) and I are getting set-up for our first grow, we got some good feedback across the various posts we put up and some great help along the way. It seems like this has now been going on for a while but we believe we are now very close. We have put together an itinerary of the equipment we have gone for and think is necessary to get everything setup. This is now our final step before committing and spending alot of money on this, we would appreciate any feedback and advice from you guys, what do you think of the list? have we forgotten anything? would you change anything? reasons for changing any equipment? Any other valuable information? Itinerary • 1 x BudBox Pro - 1.2m x 2.4m x 2.0m • 2 x Adjusta-watt digital dimable 600w light kit • 2 x Easy Rolls & Hooks Set (Pair) • 2 x LUMii Heavy-Duty 24Hr Analogue Segmental Time Switch (for timed light switching) • 1 x Rhino Pro Carbon Filter 6" (150mm) x 12" (600mm) • 1 x Systemair RVK 150mm L1 In-line Duct Fan • 1 x 5 metre length of 150mm Flexi-Ducting Aluminium • 3 x Duct Clip 60-170mm • 1 x 5 metre length of Jack Chain 2.5mm Width • 1 x green power 6 way power box • 1 x Agrolab Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer • 8 x 12 litre Root Pouches • 8 x Round Pot Saucer (Black) 12 Inch • 2 x Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme 50 Litres • 1 x Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Grow 1 Litre • 1 x Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Bloom 1 Litre 1 x Bucket (for mixing nutes) • 1 x 10ml Syringe with 0.5ml Graduations • 1 x 2 tube t5 propagation kit • 1 x pH and EC test kits thanks for taking the time to read through this post and we appreciate any feedback or advice given no matter how big or small. Happy 420 everyone
  19. Hi all, im new to the forum and excited to be here, a friend @maverick40band I are looking to start up a personal grow and are looking for some good advice/ information, we are fed up with unreliable, poor quality or overpriced products out there and would like to have a clean tasty reliable source of our own. At the moment we are completely undecided on the best way to set up our tent. Hydroponics or soil grow? Potsizes? Light types? Fan/ extractor sizes? Nutrients? We are looking at a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.4 tent and would like to grow 8 plants, is this tent adequate for the quantity and if so what equipment is needed to setup the tent to achieve a perfect grow environment? We do have some ideas of our own but would like some fresh ideas from experienced growers to compare notes and to see if we are on the right lines. I won't tell you what we have in mind as i feel we will benefit more from the knowledge and experience of this forum. Any advice on the equipment you would recommend, what and where to buy from, things often not thought about when setting up, recommendations on soil or hydroponics (pros and cons), or just any information you would like to share would be greatly appreciated. We are fairly new to this, we have a couple of 1-2 plant grows under our belts, so we are looking for as much knowledge as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to hearing from you all.
  20. diy

    hi guys can someone plz help ive recently wired up a twin variac fan controller, had some major issues at the start but rebuilt it from strach using a multi-meter testing as i go.. now i think ive sussed it but my variacs after time just continue to get hotter and hotter i turned them off when they reached 35C... i think they are wired correctly ive check various threads on here and it seems all good checked it with the multi-meter reads what it should when it should... now i did arc the variacs early one (school boy error very high) could this have damaged them to cause this... ive not earthed the variac themselves ive seen a few people commenting on here but it doesnt appear in any of the steps or photos??? i have netural to a output live e input live c the netural runs straight into the rely then branching off to the atc800+, variacs & neutral out to the fans
  21. Looks like I might have a stroke of luck with a friend in need that will be living in one of my spare rooms temporarily. Just had my annual gas check done and signed off, so should be safe to get a grow on. My friend has a 7 ft x 7 ft tent and some experience growing. I know that it's in his interests to keep things quiet. He is a very private person with a healthy amount of paranoia, for a good reason. I was originally wanting to set up inside the house, but my friend noticed I have a large garage that was bricked up years ago (now basically a large outbuilding) He seems to think this would be a better idea. I'm not so sure, it would mean having to have electricity and sockets wired in there, so there are extra costs straight away. I know there are fans that run almost silently, but I'm worried about my neighbours noticing anything suspicious. I used to let them use my garden as a way through when they were doing some work in their own garden and also to let them in my shed to borrow the odd gardening tool. I've started locking my shed door now and want to cool things off with them a bit as they have pissed me off a bit lately. Won't bore you all with the reasons why Wanting to grow in as natural medium as possible and was wondering what the optimum number of plants would be in the 7 x 7? Also what lighting, extractor and fan size I would need? Many thanks in advance. I would take the time to read up more, but have an illness which has got worse over the years that leaves me easily fatigued and causes problems with my vision when reading/trying to concentrate
  22. Hi There, Been studying how to do an indoor grow for ages saved up a bit of cash and have decided to go for it. So first grow is about to start Bubble Kush Auto seeds arriving tomorrow. So first thing first the room specs. DR60 Secret Jardin tent (small i know but its the only space i got) 1 x P150 PLATINUM LED 2X 2FT Full spectrum fluoros attached vertically in rear corners facing it 1x 4 inch fan and carbon filter with ducting pulling hot air out. 1x six-inch desk top fan for air movement in tent. 1 x exhale co2 bag (i know its not necessary but inquisitiveness got the better of me) Will be growing in soil - start with bio-bizz light with added ecothrive charge , nutrients will be bio grow , bloom etc. Been running tent for 2 days now empty to get the environment right Temps range from 20 - 28 degrees ( high temp is with all lights on and in bloom mode) i think the fluoros are a bit overkill but potentially good for vegging turn them off when switch to bloom. have extraction fan come on for 15 minutes every 15 so could even run it constantly to get temp down. humidity is averaging 56% Any way question with the C02 BAG instead of the exhaust just dumping the warm air out side wasting the co2 was thinking can i recycyle the exhuast back into the inlet thus sealing the room kinda, maybe even put another 4-inch fan on the inlet to move air abit quicker thus cooling it ? DO you think this is the right thing to do to use as much of that c02 as possible ?
  23. I have a friend who is doing their first legal grow in America, however his internet has crashed so he has contacted me to try and find a solution. The Problem is heat! It is a stealth cabinet grow currently with a 125w dual spectrum for 2 plants in 5l pots. They understand that this might not be the best set up but its what they have. Apparently temps usually sit around 85'F or 29.5'C which is quite hot on its own but temps have reached 111'F or 44'C on the odd occasion. The temps are being measured at the average height of the plant, Apparently they are around 2 weeks old (from sprouting) and are an autoflower strain. They haven't browned or discolored and are still a health green and growing daily, however some of the leaves are curling up at the edges and some apparently seem to be almost spiraling around ( not curling under but twisting sideways) not massively but a little. There are 2 80mm PC fans ,one intake and one outtake, which more than cover the cfm needed for the space. So what do you think he should do to reduce the temps? Add two more PC Fans? Also if they were do do this, roughly speaking one fan is in a bottom corner and the other is in the opposite top corner, would the two extra fans if they were to be attached on the opposite side of the cabinet be placed so that the intake are both at the front and outake both at the back or so that both intakes are say bottom right on each side, so from the front one would be near the front and one near the back? Add a PC fan inside to increase circulation? Reduce light hours as they are currently running 20/4 - 20 on and 4 off Also can anyone recommend any threads about building scrubbers/ carbon filters? Would a carbon cooker hood filter work? As apparently it has started smelling not of full flower but a smell they would like to remove. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  24. Hi, looking for a bit of help I have been slowly building my grow rooms up my loft It is a bit of an annoying shape with the trusses going across but I have just built around them I have insulated the rafters using foil bubble insulation then built my rooms from 50mm celotex, hopefully this will be enough to keep a stable environment. I have a bit of an idea of how I want to kit out the rooms but obviously with very little experience ( I had a small drobe about 8 years ago, which wasn't very successful) I am not sure if it will all work or it is the best choice I only want to do this once and do it right.. I am hoping this is were the knowledge of UK420 will come and help Anyway onto the rooms, still need to finally seal them all up and put some liner down on the floors then figure away to stick some mylar to the walls Excuse the mess ( and the roughness ) it is still a work in progress Flowering room at the back and veg room to the left. I have a space to the left of the flowering room that I am going to use for a drying room, but this requires some more work. Flowering Room The dimensions are 118cm deep and 167cm wide Height is 195cm at the peak and 160cm at its lowest I want to run a light in between each of the trusses to allow the best light spread I am hoping for two 600w ? not sure if this will be to much and I would need to go with two 400w ? Hopefully I have the height to get away with 600w ? Fan size I have absolutely no idea, I understand I need a good sized fan to cope with the light and for the extra temps that loft growing brings. Noise is a concern as well, I basically don't want to hear it at all when the hatch is shut at the dead of night when it is silent in the house (and the neighbours) I am not sure if I can do this RVK`s in a box and acoustic ducting ? or do I need to be looking at quieter fans ? They will be connected up to a speed controller whether I build one or buy one I haven't decided yet Veg/Clone/Mum Room The dimensions are 118cm deep and 105cm wide Height is 160cm at its highest and 81cm at its lowest I have 51cm either side of the trusses Light wise for here initially I am planning on two 2ft T5`s for seedlings and clones Not sure on the light spread of the T5`s so would I need the 4 tube or could I use the 2 tube ? Once they have grown up a bit I am wanting to change the lights out for a hps / mh to veg them until they are ready to go into there final pots in the flowering room. not sure on the wattage I need to go for here and again fan size, which I suppose will depend on what wattage of light I want to run. Looking to get everything ordered up asap so I can get up and running, all ready picked up some physosister and no names during the ugorg 420 offer cant wait to give them a try Any help is well appreciated
  25. now then people looking for some shopping advice. looking to buy a new extractor fan and filter already know i'm getting a 5" rhino filter 125mm x 300mm. i've got 1.2m x1.2m x2.0m tent i'm hoping that a 5" fan and filter should be sound. so gone to my locle and got a couple of choices in terms of fans this is what i got to choose from rvk fans tt fans vk fans wk pro fans vko fans max fan pro rhino twin fan ram fans hctt powered fans so there the choices not sure which is the best for the space i've got cheers for any input