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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, hello, how’s it going? Vertically challenged Indica help? This is my first grow and I would just like a sanity check if that’s okay? So I’ve been vegging these for about 6 weeks now. I feel I left it a bit late for the LST but it’s just the plant was/is so short and bushy it felt like it was to stumpy to have an effect, anyway.... My question is now, do I defoliate these humongous fan leaves from the top or are they absorbing more light for the plant than they are blocking out. The bud site below seems to be doing okay in its shade? any other comments welcome - they are Power Flower from RQS grown under maxibright daylight LED, fabric pots, coco, 18/6 THIS IS ONE OF THE MASSIVE FAN LEAVES - 3 near the top of each plant, as big as my (not small) hand THE BUD SITE ITS SHADING... A SIDE VIEW OF ONE OF MY VERTICALLY CHALLENGED PLANTS.... TOP VIEW AFTER TWO ROUNDS OF TOPPING....
  2. Good morning im a long time viewer but haven’t really posted. I’m am doing my first scrog grow and 8 days into 12/12. The canopy is THICK.. lovely heads everywhere.. ive looked at lots of flowered scrogs and it appears at some point most or all of the fan leaves are removed. When do I do this, do I just do all in one go? Defoliation makes sense as at the moment u can only see heads.... little bit about the grow My 3rd grow of 4 different strains all in dwc but this time I have linked the buckets for easy empty/fill. im using general hydro nutes 1.2 by 1.2 tent in a cold location 400w and 600wHps (I know) (I did build RDWC but it was too loud) Strains are Gzkittles dark ghost train Blue Dream Amnesia Lemon Cheers Col
  3. Hi All I have around two weeks until my girls get the chop, just wondering if I should cut the fan leaves off to allow more light to the lower buds? Some of the top leaves do have heat damage and have gone crispy at the ends so could I cut the ends off? I have always left the fan leaves alone but someone mentioned on a post that he cuts them all off in the last few weeks Always looking to try something new Let me know what you guys think