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Found 14 results

  1. Morning all, can anybody point me in the right direction for my DIY project. I’m looking to automate my air management. I have: warm air intake cold air intake extraction I could use an inkbird to operate both of the intakes but I would like this all set up with a fan controller as my fans are oversized and I would much prefer them dimmed the majority of the time. cheers in advance guys.
  2. Hi guys, Just a quick one, been looking at transformers for a fan controller. Don't need huge adjustability maybe 2 or 3 speeds. What transformer is suitable for this in terms of output voltage choices? I'm only seeing outputs of say 12v, 24, 48 and 110v. How would you achieve say 150v or any other number between 110v and 240v? Thanks
  3. Hi chaps, Looking for any advice/opinions on which is best? The Phresh seems to have a speed controller dial built in to it, whilst the silenced revolution EC fan needs something called a G.A.S EC Fan Controller (extra £120!) just to control it. Then i also seen a GAS controller for the Phresh Hyper Fan Stealth. Im confused! :S I thought the whole point of EC fans is that they are cheaper to run, and I wouldn't need an extra speed controller (eg smscom hybrid). Apparently the Silence Rev EC fan MUST be used with the GAS controller, but what benefit would one obtain by using a GAS fan controller for the Phresh Hyper Fan because it seems to already have one built in? Cheers fellas!
  4. Hey Peeps, Looking at some silent fans at the moment for a new set up. Trawling through about every website available I'm thinking of going for a 6 inch TD Silent for extract 500m3h and a 5 inch TD Silent 350m3h for intake. They're generally cheaper than other silent fans and seem to get good reviews. This will be in a 100 x 100 x 200 space. I want a compatible controller which controls both fans safely and quietly (preferably one that maintains negative pressure) but anything over about 150 notes is getting a bit silly IMO. Is anyone running these fans successfully with a controller? Or maybe the 4 inch for intake at 250m3h would be better... Thanks
  5. Planning on running intake&exhaust looking for a twin fan controller to help me control temps. Can anyone make a suggestion? & if you can remember the price paid it would be helpful since I'm trying to compare price. Thanks in advance:) & HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  6. Morning all I'm in the process of setting my 1x1x2 tent up, I’ll be running a 600w mh/hps I’ve got a 6 inch extraction I turned it on yesterday and the negative pressure was ridiculous thought the tent was going to implode on its self I managed to get hold of a SMS Hybrid Twin Fan Controller 2amp version which I plugged the fan into but the fan only seemed to run on a really slow speed so do you think this controller has to have two fans in/out plugged in for it to function correctly?? Also this unit only has one dial on it and that’s for the temperature. I was hoping it would just work on the extraction as I was going to have just the vents at the bottom of tent open for fresh air. Any ideas or experiences with these units? Much appreciated.
  7. Struggling to keep a steady environment at the moment, so I think it's time I invested in a fan controller. Been looking at the GHC Progrow as it will work with my Phresh Hyper Stealth (ec fan). Expensive bit of kit, but if it does everything I need it's worth it in my eyes... Was hoping for some real life reviews rather taking the guy in the shops word for it! Any users on here? Done a good search but can't find a lot, as it's pretty new on the market. My main concern is that it's silent, I've read a lot of controllers can make a humming sound (or is your fan that hums!?) which is no good for me Aphat
  8. I guys I’m planning on buying some sort of controller to help maintain the temp in my tent. I’ve got a 600w hps. A 150w extraction fan in 6 inch duct. And a 2kw heater outside the tent. Any suggestions on best set up to maintain temp? Thanks
  9. My 4 inch inline fan / sms twin fan controller are playing up... Not sure which though Funnily it was working fine on my last grow and this time I turned the speed below 40-50% to see how quiet i could get them. Sounded like a light bulb going out so i checked the tent and the light was still on, and then started smelling a bit like plastic and fireworks. Checked the fan which is an RVK sileo from 2013 but used only in 2 grows.. It was running very slowly at full power and eventually was fried. Its currently at the hydro shop they gonna 'look at it' or send it off and let me know what the 'outcome' or should i say 'income' is.. Got a new fan... plugged it in the same way and everything into the SMS controller... left it a while I come back and theres a PULSATiNG ... WHOMMMP ...WHOMMMP . sound coming from the fan at 2 second intervals and a faint smell of fireworks and plastic again. I have turned the fan speed up to around 50% or a tiny bit less. It seems to be managing ok but I feel like the fans bearings or something have been ruined somehow. Can running a fan at a really really low speed affect the internal parts and make them overheat maybe? Anyone experienced this or maybe an electrician who can help?
  10. Wiring a STR for relay/thermostat control

    From the album DIY

  11. Fan controller

    From the album DIY

  12. Hi Can`t find clear info.Need to buy fan controller for a Tornado acoustic box and I am not sure can Ecotechnics controller will do the job without all attachments like CO2,heater ect...Basically want connect only extraction fan maybe intake if needed no other equipment so far. Thanks for help
  13. Evening folks Right, been paid and looking at bits.. So, I´m looking at fan controllers [sPAM REMOVED].. Found this Two Speed 5 Step Transformer Speed Controller. Description: This transformer speed controller has two speeds settable, trickle and boost. The speed is selected via a 2 way connection so you can switch with a thermostat, (changeover type) or humidistat or a variety of other sensors with the aid of a contactor. Thus a fan can be made to run at a slow speed until the temp/humidity raises above a pre-set level at which point it runs at full/high speed. This is then a variac/transformer version of various electronic fan controllers. Don´t know if I can link it? Sounds top ya ken? Pricey but skimping on the environment is balls up at the first hurdle right? Cheers.