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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been having an "issue" lately. Last few weeks some of my lower leaves (mostly the ones that don't get too much light) start to turn brown/yellow and fall on their own. What can this be? ( N or P problem? ) I might be over-watering: 3L of water with organic nutes in 15L pots. I am getting around 30% runoff instead of 20%. Should i water with less water for starters? Also some red/purple stems are present.
  2. Hello from the South-West! This is my first grow. I could really use a second pair of eyes to see what the problem may be, and any help would be amazing! After researching and looking at diagnostic photos my guess is that it could be a... Nitrogen Deficiency? My Indoor setup: 2 x Skunk No.1 plants. 11ltr pots. 3rd week into Flowering. (Had 2 months of vegetive growth) Secret Jardin DR60 tent (60x60x170cm). Mars Hydro 400w LED Light. Can Rk Fan 100A with filter. Feeding with Plant Magic Soil Grow and Bloom. Problems: Losing bottom leaves. Usually older ones. A hand full every 3/4 days. Older lower leaves getting brown spots, becoming crispy, thin, droopy and weak. New growths at the bottom end are a very pale green. Some almost yellow. Weak. Droopy and curling inwards. Top leaves are suffering few brown spots and tips. White bubbly patches I cant identify? 5% of pistils getting brown tips now too. This is a very recent thing though. Everything seemed to be going very well until the last 2 weeks of vegetive growth. Few brown spots appeared and some leaves getting crispy. Assumed I over fertilised and eased off it for a couple weeks. (originally doing water,water,feed.) Problem seemed to be getting worse and I realised I could of been too careful and under fertilised. As the plants have started the flowering period the problem seems to be escalating. Since i've done a few soil slurry's and tried to fertilise more frequently. Between 14th and 20th I fed 3 times on half strength bloom (2ml per ltr. Watering each plant just over ltr water every 3 days) Slurry Results: 1st Jan: PH: 6.10, EC: 0814 us/cm, PPM 0407. 17th Jan: PH: 6.2, EC: 0880 us/cm, PPM 0444. 23rd Jan: PH: 6.6, EC: 0710 us/cm, PPM 355. (I did water plants first then take the slurry on this one.. would this of fudged the results?) Im not sure what I should do. From the slurry results I feel like I should keep feeding every time I water until I get higher results..making me think its a deficiency (Nitrogen?). But I'm also worried I may be burning them at the same time. A flush is something I've considered too. Thanks for any help, Cheers everyone!