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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there guys, posted in here abit but a little run down on my growing system... I use a wilma xxl 8 pot system, 3 x 600w hps. Just completed my 4th grow so still a novice always looking to improve. 1st grow I used; 18 litre square plastic wilma pots, 100% coco with 2 inch of clay balls Second grow I used 25 litre square plastic Wilma pots with 70/30 coco perlite 2 inch clay balls at the bottom. These plants tried to grow 2ft bigger than my room height so alot of tying down and super cropping was involved, extremely close to the hps and it was heatwave season so most of the grow was done at the 250w/400w setting. Resulted in 25oz, some burnt bud, very airy bud too. 3rd grow I ran Dinafems ocean grown cookies, 18 litre square Wilma pots, 100% 2%charge coco 2 inch clay balls at bottom. Also put a big tube heater down the middle of the Wilma to help root temps at lights out. This was by far my favourite grow which left me about 35oz of tight purple frosty nugs 4th grow I wanted to try and keep improving, I opted for 12 litre airpots with 70/30, I set up a drip ring using 4mm hose and t peices. I did however forget to put the tube heater down the middle of the Wilma, I do beleive light out temps was too cold and the pots definitely Contributed to the roots feeling it, all my plants hermied. I broke up the 70/30 into my compo bin last night and the roots inside the airpots was pretty impressive tbh, when I used my square Wilma plastic pots majority of the root mass is at the walls and the floor of pot where as the airpots it's throughout the whole pot and alot of them! So what I've gathered knowledge wise I want my 5th grow to be the best yet! I've had my best yeild results from the 18l square plastic pots with tube heater using 100% but I would like to give fabric pots a try. I will use the drip ring as the feed is evenly distributed into the coco. Any little tips or methods you guys use or acquired through your experiences? If I did try fabric pots, what size would you recommend if 18l plastics are my preferred size. Do you use clay balls at bottom in fabric pots? Also how do you Wilma users keep those pots toasty? I have a intake box with oil rad and that 1x 1.5m tube heater.. Could do with a couple degrees higher for those cold mornings tho, another tube heater maybe? I've not re read what I've wrote hope it makes sence.
  2. So after attempting to dig my holes at one plot, I've realised the reason it's so clear of trees etc. is because there's only a few inches of soil before you reach a massive rock. My plot is perched atop this massive rock and is surrounded by thick foliage. Basically, there are no digging alternatives, and it's a great plot with near-all day sun (just a cunt to get to) - so I'm going to plant out in fabric pots. It's within a reasonable distance (just fuckin awkward terrain) so I can get up there to water when necessary. I was also going to mix some water crystals into the compost to help with dry spells. My current thinking is this: -Germinate the seeds in 1/2L peat pots -Have them in my LED cupboard on shitty days and out in the sun whenever possible (16/8 cycle) -After approx. two weeks, assuming they're alive and healthy, soak and rip the peat pot and plant directly into fabric pot full of 100% compost (w/ bit of perlite) -Because I don't have time to let natural fertilisers break down, feed with liquid nutes as and when required This is my first grow and I've already managed to butcher a fair few of my photos. I have two Auto Mazars just sprouted and they will be following the plan above unless someone intervenes (lol). I'm considering buying six Auto Lemonade OG from RGSC, because a few photos will be going out today and there will be more space in the cupboard. I've invested £hundreds in this already, I really want some smoke out of it! The first is always going to be a massive learning curve and next year I already know what I will be doing differently. But I know how much I'll kick myself if my only survivors don't make it to bud. I have three decent sized photos about to go out but I'm very aware of how vulnerable they are. Any recommendation on pot size? I currently have a few 40L and 50L fabric pots which I bought a while ago to plant photoperiods in undiggable plots. Could I get away with smaller with autos? 30L? Absolutely any advice would be hugely appreciated. I know there are already discussions about fabric pots and autos etc. on here, I just want to know if there's any glaring problems with my plan. Sorry!