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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I know I’m cutting it a bit late but should still have plenty of time. I am growing two Tropicana Poison F1 versions with a test plant out in front of it. I have a drobe set with three sections. A germination chamber, a vegetable compartment and a bloom closet. I am growing in soil with biobizz nutes but may change when I’m paid. The lights are from a company called fecida. I have their yj led light in the germination space(50w), a cr600 in the veg area and two cr600’s in the bloom closet. The vegging under these lights is brilliant and really quick but they are too powerful when the plants are full flowering so they need to be dimmed as the plant grows into them. I haven’t had them long and I’m just getting the power levels dialled in. I find if the lights are turned up too bright during flower then the plants can start getting deficiencies. I’ve used soil amendments for the test plants along with microbial teas so the soil should be loaded and ready for the extra work but it’ll still think it’ll need a bit of playing with to get it all just right. The lights have 120w draw and 588 leds each so that’s 1176 leds and 240w of true power draw on gum power. They have 5 types of led colours though from the three whites (2500k, 3500k and 4000k) as well as it and uv. They also span the drobe perfectly so I thought I’d rather have leds covering the whole grow space at a dimmed level towards the end than just 1 really bright one in the middle. Hopefully it’ll work out. the two seeds I have popped went into water for 12 hours then straight into soil (old flushed soil from the last grow) in a small seeding pot. The first seed came out within 24 hours and the second has now come out a day later. Both are looking fine. because my space is small I have been thinking of the best way to get as much yield as possible in my 40x60x170cm bloom closet. To achieve this have decided on going for two medium sized plants trained into a square with a flat canopy taking up around 40x30cm each. I have two plants I’ve tried this out with, it looks like manifolding but it isn’t. I’m basically just topping the plant to the fourth node, removing the bottom two sets of branches and then pulling the four branches left out as much as I can. One of the plants below was topped at the ends of the four branches so it stopped growing and all of the upward growth is practically the same size. this is in the bloom closet and has had 12/12 for about 5 days now so is just starting to stretch. the poison I’m running ahead of these plants is still in the vegetable compartment and I’ve pulled the four tops down around the square plant pot to achieve the same affect whilst keeping the four tops intact. I have time to see what works best as the plants for this competition are literally a day old and it’ll take about 5 weeks before they have grown to a point where I’ll need to choose, by this point the poison and the gorilla should only have a few weeks left. the competition runs u til the 23rd of may. The bloom closet will take 9 weeks from now to empty and these take two months flowering so I’ll be able to veg them for about two months before flipping them and should be able to still finish quite comfortably. anyway photos to follow, first the space, then the idea and then the competition photos. Thanks a lot @Sweet Seeds Apolo and @Sweet Seeds-tommy for letting me take part. Hopefully I’ll do the strain justice and have a wardrobe full of purple tropical tasting poisonous buds to smoke.
  2. Sweet Seeds F1

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

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