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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Gals/Guys/Trans/LBTQ I've got a 1mx1mx2m high tent. I have 5 White Widow, some of various crossings. The environment is in the tent above, and I've had a 4" swiftair extraction running 24/7 plus a Honeywell floor fan set at 2. I have a Rhino thermo controlled extractor, insulated ducting, and a black orchid intake fan, and all the fixings, to be fitted this evening. I'll get the filter set, and duct to extractor. My question is, should I open the window to vent from tent or into tent? Bear in mind I get a lot of helo activity, but they're pursuing suspects, not flying casually. But a rel got caught in an industrial grow! Apparently, it was the stench!... So, I've 5metres of insulated 6" ducting and a thermo controlled fan. Should I crack window open and vent (outwards) through there, or just vent into room, and leave door open for fresh airflow? And for intake, any ideas on whether just to open the window space thing at bottom of tent, or use a 4" intake fan, and should the fan be placed close to cracked open window? I've tried to search threads regarding this, but always come up with a blank, so my apologies to those who have already posted answers. If you could give me a link to ex fan set ups with filter inside, that would be great. And also, as I can leave grow room open with fresh air coming in through bathroom and toilet, should I use the full extractor ducting to blow into room, rather than out the window. I live in an area of society where overhead cop helo activity is frequent! I can't stress this enough. Any ideas would be most welcome. Plants have passed 4 weeks 12/12 and are developing very sticky buds. Photos later. Thanks 420. Peace out.
  2. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, have been reading a lot and there is so much great knowledge I've been absorbing, unfortunately I'm a good few months away from starting my own groom but I have a great idea I feel would be good to share. On a diary I saw a guy making a water cooling system for his LED lights, the pipes looked like they came off the back of a fridge, they connected to a car radiator mounted to a wooden board with a fan mounted to the radiator, he was asking very little of the radiator to cool the heat. What I've been thinking is just in case anyone wanted to make the extra precaution with cooling down extracted air after passing through the filter, maybe connecting to a large intercooler, one from a large wagon potentially, if the ducting was attached the intercooler would that cool down the air to a consistent temperature? Could potentially skip having to tap into the flu or maybe in a new house, could be a solution to not even having a flu to extract out of? Just putting the idea out there to see what anyone thinks
  3. I need some advice regarding options to reduce fan noise. With regards to maximising noise reduction (not accounting for ducting, and placement / hanging of the fan) is it better to: 1. Get an acoustic silenced fan, or box fan (such as Gecko 2)? Or 2. Get a standard/normal fan such as the RVK, and place it within a sound proofed wooden, home made box?
  4. I have a 4" carbon filter which still has plenty of use in it. I'm thinking of upgrading my fan though as temperatures got dicey when I added more light in bloom last time and don't really want to fork out for another filter. Will a 6" fan (Can max-fan pro) make my 4" Rhino hobby filter die extremely quickly? Thanks all.
  5. May I bend the ears of you guys that have the knowledge, 2 of my seeds popped, put them in soil and we have new life, got them in soil, in plastic cups, 1. how long under the lights for, is it 24 hrs or is it 18-6? 2. should I be watering every few days with just water? 3. do I need the fan on at this stage? 4. do I need extractor fan on too? I'll load up a photo later for your advice, thanks in advance you guys defo know your stuff.
  6. Looking some advice on a new extractor fan, im looking at the Phresh Hyper Fan - 150mm (6") - 535m3/hr. Is this unit going to be enough once connect to a matching Carbon Filter in a 1.2x1.2x2m tent. I have a 5 inch temp control fan I'm using for intake atm but when running it even on low speed I lose negative pressure due to current 6 inch fan being next to useless. Cheers Folks
  7. So the girls had a near death experience today. Went into the growroom a few hrs later than usual at lights on to feed and murphys law had struck. im walking to the garage and im thinking hmm the smells a bit strong but fans on so check the filter can which is outside the GR all fine and running so whats going on with the smell ? open the door 115 in the room 2 hrs into lights on 12/12 cycle im like wtf Must be the rad or something, so after an hr of checking the rad thermo is working fine while the rooms cooling down and making sure the extraction ducting isnt leaking and its pulling properly im none the wiser and now even more confused a bit in shock and not thinking clearly. Time to check everything else then,so I come in get a cup of tea return to room and the extractor is now off but lights still on ... so its not the timer malfunctioning anyway, first thing I check this time is the plugs and sockets and low and behold somehow the extractor fan plug had worked itself partly out of the socket and was of course the problem. No doubt it was me that was responsible somehow without noticing Doh ! PLEASE remember to check your plugs, sockets and connections regularly. Everything back now in harmony and I was lucky to catch it after only a few hrs of lights on and maybe the past 12 of lights off the extractor was out starving them of fresh air but temps would have been lower and only the rad outside the tent flicking on and off as temps dropped, The damage is light but concerning, slightly wilting plant leaves but no other leaf damage and dried out soil which is easily dealt with and they were getting a watering today anyway. The main damage im concerned about is to some pistol hairs that only yesterday were lovely proud and full and white. Now about half the top buds have got heat damage shrivelled dehydrating hairs or browning hairs or both. i definitely have some crispy haired buds in there atm and light is going to be high for a few days to let them recover I'm 41/2 weeks into flowering and on occasion having burnt a bud badly in grows before know the results but have never caught things so quickly into lights on. Max overheat is 2 hrs since I checked on them before i went to work before lights off this morning, the worst will be 12 hrs of lights off with no extractor and 2 hrs lights on so maybe 1 1/2 hrs at overly high temps and perhaps warm dry air adding to the room a bit and if the extractor was off it would mean there was no passive air drawing in the warm dry rad air from outside the tent. Not good but not as bad as it could have been, fingers crossed Sometimes buds regen from heat damage if not too serious I know, Q is will the hairs regen over the next few weeks if the buds arnt themselves burned. Im hoping they continue to produce new calyx's and hairs etc and recover as they grow. Anyone had a similar near death experience or tips ?