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Found 90 results

  1. Hello, i was wondering which brands for exhaust fans are considered the best? There are so many brands, it's hard to choose. Please suggest me some fans that you trust from experience. To be more specific, i'm looking for a reliable quality fan that i can use 24/7 and never turning it off during the whole grow, without ever worrying about malfunctions and fire hazards. Also noise is a factor, it needs to be quiet, but still powerful enough to pull a lot of air. Don't need humidity and temp sensors, only a speed controller is enough (but anything extra is a bonus) It needs to have an overheating protection so it turns off automatically if the motor gets too hot. And it has to be waterproof. It also has to be plug & play, no wiring needed. So i'm looking for the cream of the crop of fans, the best of the best and pure quality. Preferably made in EU. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys and gals... I have a Q regarding extraction for more than one tent! My less than problematic but somewhat perplexing issue is this: I have just bought a BudBox Pro L200 white tent and I already have a Greenlab Pro 80 tent. New Budbox is 100cm x 100cm x 200cm. Existing Greenlab Pro is 80cm x 80cm x 180cm. I already have a RVK (4") on the existing (80x80) tent with a Rhino Pro filter. I know I can't use the RVK for both so my question is, do you guys and girls think there's a solution for extraction from both tents combined ( a larger 6" RVK outside the tents with passive extract vents) or should I just get a separate system for the Budbox Pro (5" + Rhino Pro)? I'm trying to think of costs, partly, but more importantly, venting both via a single extraction point if I can. I know there have been posts like this - I am a noob in awe of a lot of you guys and... well, I want to learn more but am struggling to understand how to best facilitate my plans to the best energy usage given the soon-to-be energy price hikes. Tl;Dr is a 'centralised' extraction system the best way to go with two different sized tents or should I (KISS) keep it simple st**** To complicate matters (or not) I have an FC-E3000 and a Mars Hydro TS1000 lighting set-up, the former for the Budbox, the latter for the Greenlab so in terms of heat, perhaps that is a consideration? At least, for me anyway it's something I'm considering. Really appreciate any help please, before I buy twice, etc. Thank you so much!!!
  3. HI So I have a very simple and cheap distillation set from vevor to make some oil and tincture for med reasons I recently started putting one drop of my oil to a CBD Capsule (which also cotains tumeric and black pepper/piperine) and tis really does the trick on the fibro Now I came across a blast from the past....secondaryschool.... the soxhlet extractor This would mean less alcoholto use (though according to the comments I have to look inro wintering whatever that is ) Now what I am wondering appart from that Video 1: Anyone uses one of these devices (Soxhlet) 2: Anyone here makes their own piperine (or other extract as addition) if so what do you use ? 3: How much piperine do you ad to the oil drop for drop
  4. 4x3 loft revamp

    From the album Loft

    My leaky loft during a revamp. Now dry and warm. insulated and hardboarded. Bathroom extractor in the far corner is perfect to tap into for extracting.
  5. Hi guys time to look at getting a new fan have changed up the space a good bit and now using half a room rather than a tent. Room is seperated by a large blackout curtain and black and white panda. And sealed to the walls except for a small intake. I currently run a 200mm rhino pro fan. With a str stepped controller. Serves me well but i do get a buzz from the controller had a sparky look at it and he says nothing to worry about he says if you want quiet to look at an ec fan. been online and to local grow shop and both have recommended a few different options. My fan currently sits in a box filled with noise and fire foam. And the only noise is from the controller and ducting . New fan will sit veeticall on top of the filter and have a straight line into loft with phonic ducting. can you guys help with a few fans . so far seen the hyper fan v2 and ac infinity t8 both stocked at local shop
  6. Easy everyone! Hope you're all good and HAPPY 4/20! Was going to send an email over to @panik and team to get some advice on this, but figured a lot of people may be interested in this so decided to post publicly, instead. Just wondering what the best RGSC outdoor (fem) strains tend to be, with regards to stupidly high resin/THC production, as well as having citrus or fruity terpene profiles? Hoping to make some live rosin with some freshly frozen whole plants (WPFF) at time of harvest, and hoping & expecting there's some standout strains that have been tried and tested for extract purposes. I want to do a GG plot (alongside our others) with a specific strain or two, just for WPFF extract purposes this year. Thanks in advance! Enjoy your 4/20 everyone!
  7. I would like to go for a 200 x 100 x 200cm grow tent. What size intake and extraction fans would be suitable for this size tent. I already have 4 inch fans. Which are quite powerful, I will want to use carbon filters, I have seen online I can get some to use with these fans just by connecting with ducting. Would I be able to use 4 inch fans for this size efficiently. I have multiple so I could use 2 for intake and 2 for extraction and adjust the speeds accordingly? Also how many plants would be suitable for this space using autoflowers. Thanks
  8. So I'm about to begin a grow and I'm just currently running the grow room to see how everything is working. The fans I have bought to use as the intake and extraction seem to be quite powerful, and the grow space is the size of a tall fridge. I'm having trouble getting the humidity to rise, I have the temp at currently 25c. Is there any way of reducing fan speed or the amount of air that's being drawn and extracted. As the fans I have do not have any control options . I feel like before the space even has time to adjust its being replaced with new air and the humidity is very low.
  9. The wife has seen my build in progress in the she'd & now she's worried about the smell. I was just planning on using a couple of fans in rhe room to move & refresh but now om going to have to think about extraction with a filter. Now this has been asked a thousand times but I can't be arsed to trawl through all the threads again! my memory isn't the best either so could anyone recommend an extraction fan & a filter for a room 80x90x200 please? I'm on a pretty tight budget as she's found out I've paid over £200 on "just a fooking light" so my manliness are in a jar at the moment! Also will I leave the fan on 24/7 or just when the lights are on? Cheers guys
  10. Can anyone recommend a 6” fan that’s reasonably quiet but not too expensive? For a 1m x 1m tent, I currently have a 5” kaisen in-line which is too loud even with a speed controller. I have a max budget of £150 but would like to stay well within this if possible. The Cloudline ones on @diyleduk look mint. How quiet are they? Can anyone recommend a cheaper option? Cheers wreck-heads
  11. Hi, I've seen quite a few posts recently about saving head room in a tent, or not being able to lift the equipment to the top of the tent. It is often assumed that this is where the carbon filter must be located but there are other options, the fan & cf can even go outside the tent it necessary. I am in a wheelchair so had to opt for #4 in the below diagram with the fan & filter in a box on the floor (outside the tent) with a cushion underneath to dampen the vibrations/noise and it works a treat. Good negative pressure in the tent, no whiffs, job's a good 'un. (Fan blows air through filter). Hope this helps a few of you Tip: fully stretching out ducting reduces noise. Found this diagram on this forum but forget who posted it. If this is your picture, thank you
  12. 5ED453EE-C1B8-487C-AB18-3A508A4DB8BE.jpeg

    From the album Budbox

  13. hi guys need some help to minimise whoosh noise exiting to outside property, ive attached a shite job of a diagram. my question is - will the box with the extra carbon filter beside the tent reduce the whooshing sound & if so what cfm fan will i need with all the 90 bends any other suggestions will be of great help
  14. Hi, I've been trying to maintain my temp/RH according to the recommended values as set by the VPD chart: If I put my extraction on the lowest setting, I get temps of about 25, which means the RH should be around 60-70%, but the problem is it sits around 30%, so I've been messing around with sprayers etc trying to get the RH up, but cant seem to manage to keep the RH up. If I switch the extraction off in an attempt to keep the moisture in the air and raise humidity, then I can get RH up to 60-70 and the temps go to 29. This puts me in the green zone according to the VPD charts, but in this setting, I don't have any extraction on. My question is whether it is ok to sit with no extraction in order to maintain RH, or is extraction needed at all times, which is more "important" in term of plant growth? Cheers
  15. Hi guys Got a new 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent set up in the corner of a spare bedroom. Living in an old rattly terraced house with a family next door. When I used to sleep in that room it felt like I could hear the family pretty loudly so I've always felt a bit conscious of the sound of my fans since I set them up. Particularly at night when it's quiet. I've got the window slightly ajar in there to prevent condensation build up and noticed I could hear the fans humming when I've got my upstairs loft window open (where I sleep at night.) This is before I've even set up my extractor which will be considerably louder and I'm getting anxious that it will raise suspicion. My neighbours bedroom window is a few metres from the grow room window - can I shut the window to dampen the noise from the fan? What then to do about any condensation build-up on the window? Any advice / peace of mind would be greatly appreciated! (Am I being paranoid?) Cheers
  16. Evening ladies and Gents Hope all is good ,, I am having some issues and am not sure if its human error or faulty equipment.. most likely human error haha. Rite so,, I have a 150mm systemair EC fan,, this works at full power fine when there is no controller attached to it. However when I remove the probe on the side and add in the G.A.S multi phase digital fan controller I get nothing out of the fan at all! Is there any wiring inside the fan itself that needs changed to allow use with the controller? As far as I can see it should be plug and play??? Any help would be greatly appreciated ,, cheers in advance
  17. So this is for all you urban growers out there. How are you guys hiding your extraction when venting out of the window? Last time around I attached my extraction duct to the radiator behind the curtain and just left the window open. It worked just fine but I'd like to seal off the window with a hole for extraction, giving me better control of temps at different times of year and better protection from smell leaks when opening up the tent. The best idea I've been able to come up with is to cover the entire recess with a layer of hardboard and fit a duct spigot. Obviously the hole where the extraction point sits would be massively obvious from outside. And a house with boarded-up windows looks just as bad. So I thought about buying a made-to-measure wooden Venetian blind to fit the recess. Now I thought about simply fitting the blind in the recess and fitting the board behind it but the slats would be hanging free to jostle in the breeze caused by the extracted air. This led me to the idea of taking the blind apart and attaching them to the board with glue (or something) in an angled up position so nothing could be seen by passers by except an open blind. Sorry for the rambling and I hope this makes sense as I'm working my way through a grinder full. I'd love to hear some ideas. Cost effective ones are better. This idea I've mentioned would cost about 50...
  18. I have been wondering about venting my extraction out through a window. Does anybody do this ? The stealth window box is a great idea but I can only see it working with windows that open up and down. Would this be possible to do somehow with a window that is on a latch and opens outwards. Example: (The loft would be a better place although the flat next door shares the same loft space so this is almost out of the question.) There is a extraction vent in the bathroom but that is a bit far from the grow space. Any advice/help would be appreciated Thanks!
  19. Planning on running intake&exhaust looking for a twin fan controller to help me control temps. Can anyone make a suggestion? & if you can remember the price paid it would be helpful since I'm trying to compare price. Thanks in advance:) & HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  20. Morning all gonna take advantage of a black Friday discount a supplier is offering and upgrade my carbon filter. my rhino pro is at the end of it life well at least for the flower tent. Im set on getting a CarboAir as heard good reviews on them. question is which do you think would be the better choice 6inch 50mm bed 330mm length 6inch 50mm bed 660mm length 8inch 50mm bed 500mm (with reducer to 6inch) 6inch 60mm bed 660mm will be going into my 1.2 tent. Any experience with the different thickness bed of carbon? Im thinking best to go for the thicker but are they worth the extra money?!!
  21. Couldn’t help giving it a name, although really it’s still just an idea and quite probably a stupid one. The name is also questionable as neither decarboxylation nor extraction contain an ‘s’... but sugar does so it makes sense in my post volcano brain. The idea is to combine the decarboxylation with the extraction by adding sugar to the water when making canna coconut oil.. 1 gram of sugar will raise the boiling point of a litre of water by .94f so my thinking is if I chuck 30g in there I could accurately achieve decarb temps while extracting into the oil at the same time (My oven is not accurate). So I guess Its possible that some canna oil might remain in the syrup and also that some of the sugar might bond with the coconut oil.. only one way to find out.. I make kefir with the finished oil so any sugar that bonds with it should get eaten up by the probiotics anyway. Any comments welcomed.. to be continued as am currently out of trim.
  22. Hi guys got a 1.2 tent looking at the phresh 6 inch fan. Was wonder how you connect it to the filter and ducting as i cant see a lip like my current rhino fan? also would the 6inch be enough for a 1.2 space thanks
  23. So I have a Bay 6 XL loft tent running a Telos-0008 and only currently have a 4" extraction fan sucking through a Ox carbon filter. I am looking to upgrade my ventilation system and having a intake fan paired with a fan speed controller to keep the environment dialled in. I am considering venting into a box buried underneath the shed filled with woodchips and some kind of oil or smell neutraliser, as im paranoid that my Sticky Beast Autos are going to stink to high heaven come flower ripening time and my neighbours are going to suss me out. Has anyone ever done something like this before ? Im hoping that if I rig it up properly and get a decent fan system inside the tent and outside in the shed venting down the same ducting into the box and then out into the underneath of the shed I can kill a lot of the odour and stay stealth - thoughts please?
  24. Hi all, Does anyone have any guidance on setting up extraction for rooms with co2? One of the things I'm looking at with my new 1.5x3m setup, is running un-filtered extraction through the cool hoods so I can have a lower extraction flow rate of my environment. I currently have a 5" 380m3/hr fan which has done well to keep up with the temps of my 1000w HPS. This runs through a 6" carbon filter and 6" ducting. I've built a foam and wooden box around it and surprisingly been able to reduced the noise of it from 63dB to 54dB while at 100% and from 54dB to 38dB while at 50% power. I'm looking to add another light, so I was thinking to change my cooling fan to an 8" 700 m3/hr and use the 5" for environment only. This would allow for a sealed yet small vacuum situation for co2. But if times get hot, I can have them both pulling air and can turn the co2 off.