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Found 77 results

  1. hi guys need some help to minimise whoosh noise exiting to outside property, ive attached a shite job of a diagram. my question is - will the box with the extra carbon filter beside the tent reduce the whooshing sound & if so what cfm fan will i need with all the 90 bends any other suggestions will be of great help
  2. Hi, I've been trying to maintain my temp/RH according to the recommended values as set by the VPD chart: If I put my extraction on the lowest setting, I get temps of about 25, which means the RH should be around 60-70%, but the problem is it sits around 30%, so I've been messing around with sprayers etc trying to get the RH up, but cant seem to manage to keep the RH up. If I switch the extraction off in an attempt to keep the moisture in the air and raise humidity, then I can get RH up to 60-70 and the temps go to 29. This puts me in the green zone according to the VPD charts, but in this setting, I don't have any extraction on. My question is whether it is ok to sit with no extraction in order to maintain RH, or is extraction needed at all times, which is more "important" in term of plant growth? Cheers
  3. Hi guys Got a new 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent set up in the corner of a spare bedroom. Living in an old rattly terraced house with a family next door. When I used to sleep in that room it felt like I could hear the family pretty loudly so I've always felt a bit conscious of the sound of my fans since I set them up. Particularly at night when it's quiet. I've got the window slightly ajar in there to prevent condensation build up and noticed I could hear the fans humming when I've got my upstairs loft window open (where I sleep at night.) This is before I've even set up my extractor which will be considerably louder and I'm getting anxious that it will raise suspicion. My neighbours bedroom window is a few metres from the grow room window - can I shut the window to dampen the noise from the fan? What then to do about any condensation build-up on the window? Any advice / peace of mind would be greatly appreciated! (Am I being paranoid?) Cheers
  4. Evening ladies and Gents Hope all is good ,, I am having some issues and am not sure if its human error or faulty equipment.. most likely human error haha. Rite so,, I have a 150mm systemair EC fan,, this works at full power fine when there is no controller attached to it. However when I remove the probe on the side and add in the G.A.S multi phase digital fan controller I get nothing out of the fan at all! Is there any wiring inside the fan itself that needs changed to allow use with the controller? As far as I can see it should be plug and play??? Any help would be greatly appreciated ,, cheers in advance
  5. So this is for all you urban growers out there. How are you guys hiding your extraction when venting out of the window? Last time around I attached my extraction duct to the radiator behind the curtain and just left the window open. It worked just fine but I'd like to seal off the window with a hole for extraction, giving me better control of temps at different times of year and better protection from smell leaks when opening up the tent. The best idea I've been able to come up with is to cover the entire recess with a layer of hardboard and fit a duct spigot. Obviously the hole where the extraction point sits would be massively obvious from outside. And a house with boarded-up windows looks just as bad. So I thought about buying a made-to-measure wooden Venetian blind to fit the recess. Now I thought about simply fitting the blind in the recess and fitting the board behind it but the slats would be hanging free to jostle in the breeze caused by the extracted air. This led me to the idea of taking the blind apart and attaching them to the board with glue (or something) in an angled up position so nothing could be seen by passers by except an open blind. Sorry for the rambling and I hope this makes sense as I'm working my way through a grinder full. I'd love to hear some ideas. Cost effective ones are better. This idea I've mentioned would cost about 50...
  6. I have been wondering about venting my extraction out through a window. Does anybody do this ? The stealth window box is a great idea but I can only see it working with windows that open up and down. Would this be possible to do somehow with a window that is on a latch and opens outwards. Example: (The loft would be a better place although the flat next door shares the same loft space so this is almost out of the question.) There is a extraction vent in the bathroom but that is a bit far from the grow space. Any advice/help would be appreciated Thanks!
  7. Planning on running intake&exhaust looking for a twin fan controller to help me control temps. Can anyone make a suggestion? & if you can remember the price paid it would be helpful since I'm trying to compare price. Thanks in advance:) & HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  8. Morning all gonna take advantage of a black Friday discount a supplier is offering and upgrade my carbon filter. my rhino pro is at the end of it life well at least for the flower tent. Im set on getting a CarboAir as heard good reviews on them. question is which do you think would be the better choice 6inch 50mm bed 330mm length 6inch 50mm bed 660mm length 8inch 50mm bed 500mm (with reducer to 6inch) 6inch 60mm bed 660mm will be going into my 1.2 tent. Any experience with the different thickness bed of carbon? Im thinking best to go for the thicker but are they worth the extra money?!!
  9. Couldn’t help giving it a name, although really it’s still just an idea and quite probably a stupid one. The name is also questionable as neither decarboxylation nor extraction contain an ‘s’... but sugar does so it makes sense in my post volcano brain. The idea is to combine the decarboxylation with the extraction by adding sugar to the water when making canna coconut oil.. 1 gram of sugar will raise the boiling point of a litre of water by .94f so my thinking is if I chuck 30g in there I could accurately achieve decarb temps while extracting into the oil at the same time (My oven is not accurate). So I guess Its possible that some canna oil might remain in the syrup and also that some of the sugar might bond with the coconut oil.. only one way to find out.. I make kefir with the finished oil so any sugar that bonds with it should get eaten up by the probiotics anyway. Any comments welcomed.. to be continued as am currently out of trim.
  10. Hi guys got a 1.2 tent looking at the phresh 6 inch fan. Was wonder how you connect it to the filter and ducting as i cant see a lip like my current rhino fan? also would the 6inch be enough for a 1.2 space thanks
  11. So I have a Bay 6 XL loft tent running a Telos-0008 and only currently have a 4" extraction fan sucking through a Ox carbon filter. I am looking to upgrade my ventilation system and having a intake fan paired with a fan speed controller to keep the environment dialled in. I am considering venting into a box buried underneath the shed filled with woodchips and some kind of oil or smell neutraliser, as im paranoid that my Sticky Beast Autos are going to stink to high heaven come flower ripening time and my neighbours are going to suss me out. Has anyone ever done something like this before ? Im hoping that if I rig it up properly and get a decent fan system inside the tent and outside in the shed venting down the same ducting into the box and then out into the underneath of the shed I can kill a lot of the odour and stay stealth - thoughts please?
  12. Hi all, Does anyone have any guidance on setting up extraction for rooms with co2? One of the things I'm looking at with my new 1.5x3m setup, is running un-filtered extraction through the cool hoods so I can have a lower extraction flow rate of my environment. I currently have a 5" 380m3/hr fan which has done well to keep up with the temps of my 1000w HPS. This runs through a 6" carbon filter and 6" ducting. I've built a foam and wooden box around it and surprisingly been able to reduced the noise of it from 63dB to 54dB while at 100% and from 54dB to 38dB while at 50% power. I'm looking to add another light, so I was thinking to change my cooling fan to an 8" 700 m3/hr and use the 5" for environment only. This would allow for a sealed yet small vacuum situation for co2. But if times get hot, I can have them both pulling air and can turn the co2 off.
  13. Hi All Im going to upgrade my setup after this crop (my 3rd so far only so i'm still pretty new to it all) currently have a 2.4 x 1.2 x 1.8 tent and i started out with 3 x 600w viparspectra lights. last two yields were only 15oz from 3 plants, and 18oz from the 2nd yield, 3rd one is 2 weeks to go after taking in lots of advice, it seems that those lights just dont output the kind of power needed for decent yields and for this latest crop i have borrowed 2 complete 600w HPS lights with normal parabolic reflectors, and new bulbs (omega dual spectrum, and Lumii Black ballasts). i have retained the middle LED for a side by side comparison.. so far the two plants under HPS are producing much larger and fatter colas so i'm sold on HPS and dumping the LED's. a little about my current setup: 2.4x1.2x 1.8 tent 2 x HPS Lumii ballasts and omega dual spectrum lamps 600w, 1 viparspectra reflector 600w led alien easyfeed system, 30l pots 60/40 coco 24 hour feed schedule rhino 5" 360cm3 fan, carbon filter into rhino silent theromstatic fan controller passive intake using 2 x 8" duct s bends for light baffle feeding canna nutes 1400 oil filled rad for night with inkbird controller plants are 2 x Kritical Bilbao, and 1 Incredible bulk Im growing in my cellar, which helps to regulate the ambient air, its about 15C in winter and 18-19 in summer my next upgrade will be to a 3m x 1.5m x 1.8m tent which will need extraction upgrade im thinking of an RVK L1 6" fan and mountain air or similar filter. i think that gets me up to 60 x air extract per hour even with filter and ducting my real question is how many lights for that size space? i intend to start growing 4 plants. my concern is with heat, and getting rid of it.. and the next question is cool tubes.. do i or don't I some people love them, some hate them. Im having a bit of success at the moment using a dump fan to duct cool air towards the HPS lights, but I hav'nt used this setup in summer yet thanks for takking the time to read and reply
  14. Heya Guys, I've been away for a while as my Mrs has been very sick indeed. She is in chronic pain and it is breaking my heart more and more each day. Unfortunately we are no way near a diagnosisis yet but I want to start treating at home with CBD oils and Edibles. I've had a quick look through the seedbanks and always have a preference towards Dinafem. But can anyone recommend a strain that is suitable for CDB extraction?
  15. I have a 4" carbon filter which still has plenty of use in it. I'm thinking of upgrading my fan though as temperatures got dicey when I added more light in bloom last time and don't really want to fork out for another filter. Will a 6" fan (Can max-fan pro) make my 4" Rhino hobby filter die extremely quickly? Thanks all.
  16. Hello! I have recently purchased this Variac: https://www.sentera.eu/Product/Details/eng/108450/230-VAC-transformer-fan-speed-controller-15-A and this extraction fan: https://www.amazon.co.uk/XFLO100S-Inline-Bathroom-Extractor-Standard/dp/B01GCG35RA Despite reading the mounting instruction, I have literally no idea on what to do to connect the Variac to my fan. I have tried searching on the forum but I am not able to find a step-by-step guide for newbies like me. This is the last problem I need to solve before starting my grow, so I would really appreciate if someone who's got a similar setup could help me out. There's nothing on Youtube and can't seem to find anything that explains the mounting for a complete electricity illiterate. Thanks in advance guys.
  17. chim4.jpg

    From the album Work in Progress

  18. Chim2.jpg

    From the album Work in Progress

  19. Hi all, first of all I have to say how brilliant this community is! So much useful info all in one place. So I am very close to starting the process of creating medicine for my nephew who has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time, this time in his neck, stomach and chest. He has had chemo each time and has beaten it but this time it has come back worse hence turning to cannabis medication.I have done endless research on the different ways to create the extract and it seems like every way has its own risks involved so after much consideration I have decided on the method below and just want to run it by the experts before I get going.So here we go...... 1) lightly grind and decarb the bud in the oven between sheets of grease proof paper (will double check times and duration before hand) 2) Leave to cool and grind to dust3) load dust into extraction tube using coffee filters over the open end secured with tape/rubber bands? (Any more secure method anyone could suggest?)4) blast the product using DEXSO - DIMETHYL ETHER near zero impurities into a Pyrex tray(This is one of the main things I would like advice on, does anyone know much about this product? I’ve looked into it as much as I can and sounds as though it would be a much healthier option than butane, it’s even used to collect natural oils in certain food preperation)5) soon as the oil/dexso mix stops dripping from the extractor, move the Pyrex tray to a hot water bath for the mix to evaporate until it stops bubbling6) collect the oil with razor blades on to grease proof paper spreading it thin and even(the nice and messy bit!)7) place collected oil on the g/p paper into a vacuum chamber 8) place chamber on a gentle heating device and turn on vacuum pump. (Not sure what to use yet as the heating device but I have my laser gun thermometer ready to make sure the oil doesn’t get to hot)(Should have mentioned that I have made oil (BHO) before but not for medical use hence the extra precautions this time round. I’ve always purged only using heat before so from the vacuum chamber onwards it’s all new to me)9) oil will bubble and expand which I plan on just judging by eye when to stop the pump, letting the oil decrease in size, popping the large bubbles with the tip of a razor and repeating until I am happy that I have got out every impurity that I can.10) place final product in fridge to solidify (I am hoping for something close to the consistency of shatter when cooled so that I can snap and weigh easily, if the final product is too soft I will most likely opt for empty capsules to easily control dosage)11) weigh out doses that will also be left in the fridge12) take doses as you would a tablet with ice cold water so the oil doesn’t start to liquify until it’s in the stomachAny advice from anyone that has solid knowledge would be much appreciated, especially on the solvent (dexso) that I plan on using and anything else that I could improve to create as clean of a product as possible.Thank you for reading.
  20. First grow guys. Please don't bite. The search limit makes it difficult to self serve. We've just had our hottest May bank holiday on record and temps have been easy to manage in a 1m*1m tent with LED light and 2 cheap fans, no dedicated extraction fan fitted yet, The tent intake is passive, via a mesh window at the base of the tent. During those hot days, my temps were bouncing between 23 and 26.7. Happy days. It's got cooler recently and now I'm bouncing between 18 and 23 which I believe puts me on the borderline of shocking the plants. Today I'm fitting a 6 inch phresh extractor with manual speed controller in readyness for vegging. I feel that even at minimum speed, temps will drop further. So just looking for a cheap/low power option to get the temps up a couple of degrees and regulate them. My plants have just started producing their third nodes. Here is where my head is at... Digital LED Temperature Controller Thermostat For Aquarium Reptile AC-112 UK/ . £12 on ebay. with 250w Honeywell personal heater with a low/high setting hooked up to a cheap reptile thermostat. £30 on amazon which is a bit pricey. or 2000w portable fan heater with a low setting at 1000w. £12 screwfix. 500w oil filled radiator with adjustable mechanical thermostat. £20 screwfix. No need for a separate thermostat. Maybe I'll put the oscillating desk fan behind it so it is fanning warm air onto the plants. I'm concerned that the heat will just get sucked out of the tent and the plants get no benefit. Or maybe keep the inline fan switched off until the plants get bigger or outside temps pick up, and let the fans just waft the recycled air around in the tent with the door unzipped a bit. Or just crank the central heating up, fit the exhaust fan, put some inlet ducting to the radiator, close the passive mesh intake, close the door to the box room and keep the window open. Note : The radiator is under the window and the tent is located 1.5 meters away. Put my portable central heating thermostat in the grow tent and hope the tent is passively pulling warm air in. I also want a heating matt for my next grow. In summary. I'm leaning towards.... 500w oil filled radiator with adjustable mechanical thermostat and no bespoke thermostat. £20 screwfix. Hoping to rely on the integrated thermostat. 10inch * 20.75inch 18W Seedling Heat Mat Hydroponic Seed Reptile Plant Heating Pad £10.59 on ebay. Might try popping this under my pots. I'm still waiting for roots to pop out so that I can pot up into 0.5 litre root pouch. Thoughts guys?
  21. Hi guys (and girls), I am just in the process of building myself a small secondary room in my loft for purpose of clones/seeds/ and general vegging until all is good to go into my main room. My camera is broke on my phone so I can't show pictures at the minute, but out of beams of wood, 18mm loft paneling, and some mdf board I have my self a little box room that is 1.25m high, 1.7m wide and 0.9m long. Will be insulated and then reflected with mylar or radiator sheeting. White plastic sheet on the floor. (kinda proud of myself tbh) I just want some opinions as to whether extraction and filter is neccessary, I will be running a 300w CFL with a basic reflector and im hoping that keeps the temperature up during the colder months, light will be on between 20-24 hours a day to also aid to get it near to 21-22 as possible. If I can maintain the correct temps, and a correct humidity (for clones and young plants) with just the light and an osclillating desk fan, is extraction neccessary while theyre that small. I only want them around 10 inch max before I swap into my main room. Its all speculation of course at this stage, but I will be able to test in a day or two. Any advice always appreciated, as always.
  22. Hi all, finally got my first one up and running. It's been a lot of trial and error, putting things together, pulling them back down etc, but think I've finally got it somewhere near right. The biggest obstacle for me has been the noise of the extraction. I've made a shabby DIY silencer box out of cardboard, rockwool, acoustic ducting and a shit load of tape, hung it from the ridge in the loft and it seems to have (almost) done the trick. I can only hear air movement when I'm inside the grow room and it's cancelled out 99% of vibrations, had my ears to every wall floor and ceiling in the house. However I'm still paranoid, partly because I've been listening so much I can hear next door drop a pin and I'm thinking every noise I hear is "something up with the fan" or its moved, partly because I've boxed in an electrical appliance that's running 24/7, and stuffed it full of insulation is it a fire risk? When this is done I'd like to invest in a quieter extraction system for peace of mind. On ebay I've found things like QBF Low Noise Hydroponics Box Fan and also been looking at the TD fans. Are these any good or is an RVK in a home made box the way to go? Thanks all
  23. Would this fan, the one with the built in temp and speed controller, be too big for a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m high tent, running it on low speed? Its rated at only 29db, quieter than the 6" KSA. I need quiet as possible, just wondering if anybody uses them and if indeed they are quiet. And does the whooshing from the 8" ducting make much difference to 6" ducting? Cheers.