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Found 1 result

  1. I know this has been covered before on the origin and parents of cheese and psychosis but I hear of a few more crosses made in the exodus rooms back in the late eighties early nineties (nelly), (nl x haze) , (nl x cheese)(possibly blues/livers)(stilton cheese) (blue cheese) etc and I would like to get to the bottom of just how many of these amazing strains/cuts there are or whether in fact some are indeed the same cut which have adapted differently to environments,growing practices etc some sort of genetic dna test would probably do the trick now I was on the understanding that a fellow known as wing commander blue was the man responsible for the planting and mothering of the original cheese seed plant and the reason he named it this was because the stench of it reminded him of a smell of blue stilton cheese he was working with in a food processing factory at the time.this man wrote an article in a ww magazine I read a long time back to try and clear up some of the mystery and confusion around the cheese in this article it was said (if I remember correctly) that cheese was from a pack of sensi seeds skunk no1 seeds planted in 1988 by himself and a few friends (exodus rooms related not sure)?now when big buddah was writing for red eye and he decided to make cheese available in seed form it was said that he obtained the cut from friends of the red eye mag in batley (if I remember correctly?). after this I heard/read this was not the real deal cut (again not sure?) as there was so many others. now psychosis is in my opinion closer to some of the phenos ive found in bbc seeds from the cannabis cup last year(2012)so could it be that psychosis is in fact the cut used by big buddah ? who knows ?(again this is just a thought not a fact) it is said by some that psychosis is an exodus cut of northern lights 5 x haze from sensi seeds perhaps but wheres the haze not in the flavour or smell in my opinion perhaps in the high yes and it definatly is quite sativa dominant but then so is the cheese in my opinion. I also have heard/read that psychosis is a northern lights x cheese hybrid now this makes more sense to me as it is so similar to the cheese in growth pattern, bud structure, smell, flavour, and perhaps the high ? again this is only my opinion many people may say psychosis is cheese x afghan but is northern lights not ov afghan origin anyhow ? then I hear theres blues thrown in the mix to add to the confusion however this to me also makes sense as im sure there is a bit of a berry hint behind the sharpness of the northern lights and the cheese smell/taste (again my opinion) but doesn't the original blues cut come from Liverpool hence also having the name livers and not the exodus rooms where I believed were on the haz manor estate in luton again only going on what ive read and heard etc. now reading more on here about the psychosis and cheese trying to make head or tail of it for myself a strain called nelly is mentioned quite often (is this an exodus cut?)if so what is the origin of this strain seed company etc ? what are the parents ? was it a cross made by the exodus lot or a cut or seeds given to them made by someone else ? then the blues/livers cut ? is this an exodus cut or from Liverpool. nl x cheese (which I believe to be the psychosis)as it smells like northern lights to me till about 5 week flowering then week six comes and bang the cheese smell kicks in strong and gets stronger and stronger as the peak approaches.(my opinion) stilton cheese I hear of next ? perhaps the original cheese after the man saying the stilton at work ? or separate cut ? the same for an exodus blue cheese I read of and again is it maybe the man saying blue stilton cheese is why his strain was named cheese and people got confused as cuts were passed further and further away from luton? or is there in fact an exodus blue cheese aswell as all the rest if anyone has the truth rather than aww my mate knows a guy who knows a guy who spoke to a cat who spoke to a dog and he says then it would be great to get all this confusion cleared up and im sure many would agree what would be good here is if sir wing commander blue himself could come along and clear all this up with him been the man in the know now I know someone on here knows this guy so come on now lets be having you please p.s the reason theres so many in my opinion and just a thoughts and if I remember correctly's in brackets is I don't want executing for saying the wrong thing any help here is greatly appreciated many thanks kushalicious