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Found 12 results

  1. 120mm Fan Exhaust

    From the album Random stuff

  2. Hello, i was wondering which brands for exhaust fans are considered the best? There are so many brands, it's hard to choose. Please suggest me some fans that you trust from experience. To be more specific, i'm looking for a reliable quality fan that i can use 24/7 and never turning it off during the whole grow, without ever worrying about malfunctions and fire hazards. Also noise is a factor, it needs to be quiet, but still powerful enough to pull a lot of air. Don't need humidity and temp sensors, only a speed controller is enough (but anything extra is a bonus) It needs to have an overheating protection so it turns off automatically if the motor gets too hot. And it has to be waterproof. It also has to be plug & play, no wiring needed. So i'm looking for the cream of the crop of fans, the best of the best and pure quality. Preferably made in EU. Thanks in advance!
  3. I was thinking of keeping few oscillating fans inside greenhouse and I was thinking of installing exhaust fan there too, would that be overkill?
  4. Hi guys, Im upscaling my grow from a tent to a room. Im hoping to put 4 lights in, i already have 2x600w HPS.. but would my 8” 1008m3/h extraction be enough? I cant find a calculation. My room has a calculated volume of 12.6m3. More light = more heat ..weep tia
  5. Want to run a humidifier+dehumidifier in my tent where each activates only when needed using inkbird controller, my goal is to maintain RH 75%-85%. Q's: 1. If I were to use humidifier/dehumidifier where would be the best place to install them? Close to intake maybe? 2. Is it pointless to run these when your extracting air 24/7? 3. Is there a way to calculate humidifier size? P.S. I KNOW HIGH RH AND CARBON FILTER DOESN'T MIX PLEASE LEAVE THAT TO ME
  6. Planning on running intake&exhaust looking for a twin fan controller to help me control temps. Can anyone make a suggestion? & if you can remember the price paid it would be helpful since I'm trying to compare price. Thanks in advance:) & HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  7. IMG-0007.JPG

    From the album Popping my cherry

  8. How can I silence my extraction fan it is a 4" extractor fan running at 185m3/hour air movement in a 1.2x0.6x0.6 tent. It sounds like a boeing jet engine and the missus wont have i on when shes trying to go to sleep in the bedroom. Thanks Here is a pic
  9. Bottom left in this picture linked, on the outside of the property, looks like some kind of vent, I don't know what it is and whether I can make use of it by drilling a 5" hole from the inside to meet it, then tucking the exhaust through the hole in the wall from the inside of the property so that the end of the exhaust is nestled right up against the inside of the vent. Is this plan possible with this vent looking cover? Please advise
  10. RVK + CF

    From the album 1st grow coco perlite CFL's Bluematics

    Rvk inline fan, sucking air throughout my carbon filter and exhaust out the top of tent. Duck tape and jubilee clipped to high hell