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Found 27 results

  1. Hi all. This is a very simple question probably with complex answers. I am looking to buy an Environmental Controller that will allow me to control the following from a SINGLE box. Humidity Fans Temperature Heater CO2 Lights I am looking for suggestions on the best with the most functionality and also a community or knowledge base on using them is extremely important also. I would like something that has options like Day/Night Temp splits, Fan off when Heater on etc Also for talk sake lets say money is no object however that doesn't mean i only want suggestions of the most expensive, im really looking for the best controller to do this for my next grow room build. I have used Inkbird for Humidity and Root temp/Heater and i also have an Ecotechnics Fan controller but the support and KB for this device are woefully absent. Thanks for all your input and suggestions, JW Just as a side note i would be interested in more than one controller to do al lof the above but 2 would be my maximum in a perfect world.
  2. Hey up lads, I have seen quite a few people on here use the eco technics fan controller and I am in desperate need of help. basically I have been using it with out any problems with a system air rvk. Working perfectly great piece of equipment. anyway got some cash so thought I would treat me and the ladies to a new silenced fan which has more power than the rvk and obviously is quite as hell. anyway did the set up on the fans and I though it was working perfectly, so here’s the problem it runs well on the min fan speed but when it changes to full power (80% in this case) and corrects the temps/humidity and switches back to min, the fan still runs at full power even tho it’s suppose to be on minimum. it’s driving me crazy as if I’m out one day and it does this and I’m not there to correct it, it could mess shit up. any help or insights are much appreciated. I also reset the controller back to default to see if this corrects but it hasn’t
  3. Can you run a humidifier and dehumidifier at the same time? If not how would I take care of humidity @ lights off? What size for 3m x 3m x 2m space? Thank you all in adcance
  4. Hello there my fellow uk420ers, I'm looking at starting my 1st gro. I've got mostly everything I need but I'm just abit stumped on environment control, I'm not sure what to get to keep my room running at constant ideal temps\humidity and as far as I understand these are some of the most important things to have spot on! So any advice from you pro's would be really appreciated and if you need to know the equipment+room size I'm using to give me a definitive answer feel free to ask
  5. I'm planning 3mx3m space w/ 6x 600's to use end of flower. Air extraction 1080-1350m3/hr (depending on which fan I get) intake 800m3/hr. Inside target climate: 25-30°c RH 65-80% Avg outside climate: -2-10°c RH 60-90% Never used inline, kept running into low humidity this time want inline+humidifier. I played w/ online humidifier size calculator it said I need around 14-20kg/hr=14-20l/hr to keep up with extraction. Long story short seems like this is industrial size and way out my budget so instead wondering anyone knows how to make a humidifier maybe w/ pond foggers/mist makers+centi fan? I'm all ears to any advice, thank you in advance:)
  6. Want to run a humidifier+dehumidifier in my tent where each activates only when needed using inkbird controller, my goal is to maintain RH 75%-85%. Q's: 1. If I were to use humidifier/dehumidifier where would be the best place to install them? Close to intake maybe? 2. Is it pointless to run these when your extracting air 24/7? 3. Is there a way to calculate humidifier size? P.S. I KNOW HIGH RH AND CARBON FILTER DOESN'T MIX PLEASE LEAVE THAT TO ME
  7. Formula I've come across: Maximum amount of water you will ever give your plants(probably flush period) x the amount of plants. Problem is how the heck would could I possibly calculate how much water I'll be giving my plants?
  8. Planning on running intake&exhaust looking for a twin fan controller to help me control temps. Can anyone make a suggestion? & if you can remember the price paid it would be helpful since I'm trying to compare price. Thanks in advance:) & HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  9. Evening everyone, I've had a combination of large to small clip on desk fans in the tent. Currently, I use small 6in fans in each corner. I was thinking to get some standing venturi bladeless fans much like the Dyson fans. Just to save on space somewhat. What do people recommend? I'm trying to keep noise down to a minimum as well lately. With four big fans, I feel the noise might be too much. So was thinking a selection of smaller fans or bladeless for noise. All thoughts welcome! Tent size is 3mx1.5mx2m.
  10. Please move if posted in wrong place Hi everyone. Been reading on here for a while found a lot of helpful information that’s helped me with my first few attempts. Long story short I started growing to help my mum who had terminal cancer with pain relief, fast forward 18 months and I’m now on my 4th grow. I’m struggling to achieve gpw and think this is down to my environment. I have a 1.2m bloomroom loft tent. I have a 6 inch outtake with a rhino filter. Currently using passive intake with a bit of ducting from room below. Running a 600w hps with dimmable omega ballast. X2 oscillating fans, humidifier for veg. 700w oil filled rad for lights off. My fan is a rhino thermostatic but I don’t think the temp control is very reliable. I’ve been using 11l pots with pure canna coco. Using canna range a and b, rhiz, cannazym, boost and pk. Swapped pk for bloombastic on current grow as advised by someone better than me lol. Watering every 2 days up to 2.5L in flower! Don’t seem to be getting the growth I would like in veg and seems to take forever for them to gain size! Now for the questions please! Do I need an intake fan? If so what size? Recommendations on fan controllers for intake outake and heater? Or easiest way to control them all? Would I be better doing 9x6.5l? Less veg time? If so would I put them straight under hps from cutting? A lot more info to share with you guys if you need any to help me! Sorry to ask so many questions on my first post! Thanks in advance
  11. Hi buds. I'm posting this here as well as on my diary. I've already started with the 18/6 lighting cause the sprouts popped out and added the nutrients. However, I'm having a hard time setting the environment. My main problems are: 1. The 400w HPS bulb is hanging few inches from the top of the tent and I'm still getting a minimum of 28.8 C (in the picture I'd just switched the light on). Too hot :/ 2. RH has gone from 60-70%, which I considered ideal, to 40% with the lights on. Not looking good. 3. Water temperature is also a problem, even with bottles filled with ice the minimum I get is 21 degrees, and just for a couple hours. 4. I removed the air pump because of the noise and ordered a new one that's supposed to arrive on Monday. Not that it worries me too much because roots didn't reach water yet. All in all, I don't expect much from my first grow, as I understand hydroponics requires more experience and I'm a complete newbie. However, I would like to get tips from experienced growers and learn from my mistakes. Cheers buds!
  12. Hi all, This is my 1st grow and about a week into 12/12. I have noticed these shiny patches on a few leaves and some older marks have gone brown along with a deformed leaf. At first i thought water splash but have been cautious and more have appeared and on some higher leaves. They have been fed following the canna coco chart for hard water and normal feeding. So im thinking either environmental or perhaps deficency? I dont think its bugs as i havent seen any but then i dont realy know what im looking for?? My temperatures and rh fluctuated abit since going into flower as we had hotter days and i put in the extra light(250w2700k cfl). At the worst they hit 31°c and 75rh, i have since added 2 pc fans by a vent and temperatures have been more consitant at 27°c 55rh daytime and 20°c 40rh night time, but still varys a little. Im awaiting an extractor and filter when i got the money which im hoping will keep the environment more consitant. They are in a 1x1x2 tent with 2 pc fans by intake vent and a small oscilating fan inside. Lighting is 250w 2700k cfl, x4 55w 3000k cfl and x2 20w 2700k cfl. Thanks.
  13. First grow guys. Please don't bite. The search limit makes it difficult to self serve. We've just had our hottest May bank holiday on record and temps have been easy to manage in a 1m*1m tent with LED light and 2 cheap fans, no dedicated extraction fan fitted yet, The tent intake is passive, via a mesh window at the base of the tent. During those hot days, my temps were bouncing between 23 and 26.7. Happy days. It's got cooler recently and now I'm bouncing between 18 and 23 which I believe puts me on the borderline of shocking the plants. Today I'm fitting a 6 inch phresh extractor with manual speed controller in readyness for vegging. I feel that even at minimum speed, temps will drop further. So just looking for a cheap/low power option to get the temps up a couple of degrees and regulate them. My plants have just started producing their third nodes. Here is where my head is at... Digital LED Temperature Controller Thermostat For Aquarium Reptile AC-112 UK/ . £12 on ebay. with 250w Honeywell personal heater with a low/high setting hooked up to a cheap reptile thermostat. £30 on amazon which is a bit pricey. or 2000w portable fan heater with a low setting at 1000w. £12 screwfix. 500w oil filled radiator with adjustable mechanical thermostat. £20 screwfix. No need for a separate thermostat. Maybe I'll put the oscillating desk fan behind it so it is fanning warm air onto the plants. I'm concerned that the heat will just get sucked out of the tent and the plants get no benefit. Or maybe keep the inline fan switched off until the plants get bigger or outside temps pick up, and let the fans just waft the recycled air around in the tent with the door unzipped a bit. Or just crank the central heating up, fit the exhaust fan, put some inlet ducting to the radiator, close the passive mesh intake, close the door to the box room and keep the window open. Note : The radiator is under the window and the tent is located 1.5 meters away. Put my portable central heating thermostat in the grow tent and hope the tent is passively pulling warm air in. I also want a heating matt for my next grow. In summary. I'm leaning towards.... 500w oil filled radiator with adjustable mechanical thermostat and no bespoke thermostat. £20 screwfix. Hoping to rely on the integrated thermostat. 10inch * 20.75inch 18W Seedling Heat Mat Hydroponic Seed Reptile Plant Heating Pad £10.59 on ebay. Might try popping this under my pots. I'm still waiting for roots to pop out so that I can pot up into 0.5 litre root pouch. Thoughts guys?
  14. Hello im totally a noob to this but can see these forums are really the place to go for advice. Ive got a setup in my room in a little budbox tent and ive been using the window for intake air then exhausting into room. I understand this isn't the healthiest option but im limited for options at the moment. I do have a bathroom (with an extractor fan) attached to my room so im wondering is it possible to use the already fitted extractor fan as an intake by somehow attaching the duct from my hybrid flo fan to the already fitted extractor fan casing?- like cause im thinking the duct that extracts the warm/damp air could be used in the opposite direction to pull in fresh air if I put a powerful enough fan on the other end? or if not then would I be able to use it as outtake or would I likely need to fit a whole new extractor fan to be able to pull the air from tent threw duct then out to roof vents? any help appreciated thanks!
  15. 'sup 420ers, I'm looking for recommendations or advice about humidity monitors/loggers. I've seen all sorts of mega environment controllers available online in the £££-££££ region, but these are well overkill for what i need. I've also got a couple of those little battery powered display cheapo things but don't reckon much to them and they only show the readings on screen. I also know there's the arduino, DIY/programmable approach, but don't think i've got time to get into all that to learn how to do it. So, what i'm looking for is a relatively simple humidity monitor which i would leave in the GR constantly monitoring and recording the data, then periodically, take out and plug into my computer to view the readings. I'm sure there's plenty out there, hoping to spend less than £50, if possible? Has anyone got anything along these lines and can reccommend? Any pointers appreciated, Cheers dudes Wisjam
  16. Hey guys, so my seedling are at day 7 under t5 light in 1.2m grow tent. At which point should I turn the extraction fan on? Should I have done this as soon as they go in the tent or when in veg cycle? Just turned that fan on today and temps are stable but dropped 10% humidity to 68% advice much appreciated! Thanks
  17. Apologies if this has been beaten about already but I think i'm a give it a go, all I need is a poly box...... http://www.todayinmanila.com/2015/03/how-to-make-improvised-air-conditioner.html#.VZZiGHgk_zI Atb JTS
  18. Room: Garage, virtually seal aside from garage door and courtesy door. 2m x 5m Grow Tent: 1.2m x 2.4 x 2.0 Feed system: 12 pot IWS Flood and Drain Number of plants: 12 Lights: 2 x 600w lights Strain: 8 white widow, 4 pineapple chunk Exhaust: 150 A1 RVK Fan Intake: None - soon to come Tent Fan: None - soon to come Dehumidifer: None Lights on Time Temp / Humidity: 27-30c / 50-60% Lights Off Time Temp / Humidity: 18-21c / 75-85% Time in Veg / light schedule: 6 weeks / 18/6 Height: 2ft PH: stable 6.2 average EC: stable at 1.6 Base EC 0.2 Help, I got a right sweat box here! No shit, I hear you say. Hey up, so the girls are going to change to their new 12/12 regime and given this is my first indoor grow I concerned to say the least about the humidity with the lights off. After a previous outdoor experience, the mold was devasting, just seeing everything turn to dust. The garage is acting like a convection oven, as the hot air is not being vented to the outside world and only into the internal garage, the only intake into the room is a courtsey door into another room. I am loathed to start drilling ventilation holes in the garage door/wall to intake outside external air, opsec and all that, so I guess the only approach is a dehumidifer. This has been bugging me for ages and I think the answer is this: https://www.trotec24.co.uk/machines/dehumidification/ttk-70-e-dehumidifier-.html. Has anyone had a similar experience? Do you reckon this bad boy will do the job, perhaps focused on the last four weeks. I plan to have it situated next to the intake fan I intend to get.
  19. Filtered to the hilt but still a little odour apparent! Any opinions on which product such as Ona Block are worth buying?
  20. Just need some advice/opinions on single fan filter and hood set up's, currently I have a 4" filter and and fan (wolfnado) twin speed. So currently have the filter connected to one end of the hood, the other end of the hood connected to the fan the fan is sucking air out! Some air is sucked through the not so air tight hood, so some smells do escape! A fellow grower has suggested that instead of sucking that blowing through the hood might be better? Any opinions on that? I know I should probably run a separate fan for the hood but I'm trying to minimise the amount of equipment etc...
  21. Hi, just wondering what the temperature should be (max) whilst flowering? Currently I'm running between 20c lights off/ 29-33c lights on! Does the flowering process cease above a certain temp? I know for bottom end its about 14c Any help be mucho appreciated
  22. Hi guys recently with the wealth of knowledge on this wonderful forum I've been looking at improving my environment. I'm considering a few heat mats and was wondering if Root It are a reliable brand. Also is there a benefit to be had in keeping the roots warm with plants that are are flowering or will an oil radiator be enough. What sort of radiator wattage would be useful for a 120 x120 x2 tent. Lots of questions I know but if you are able to answer just one then that would be great. Thanks again everyone!
  23. Hi all So it happened my kit arrived, massive! imo, so a few hours later and most boxes open, tent is up, now fook me, where do I start.... They sent me a CAN-FAN not the RUCK Low Power Fan as promised - should I be worried first? Second there is not mains power coming from it, I now need to get some adequate cable and wire it in, that can't be right surely?? I mean I can wire a plug but I now need to go out and get a plug and the right cable The Rhino Pro Filter 150/300 looks mahoosive too - need to find some decent set up pics so any pointers of anyone you know who has set up a DS120 II so I can get some ideas, bit anal with my work so want a clinical environment Also I need to extract externally so my own bit of DIY to do for that but would like to see some ideas on how to fix the ducting outside and inside of tent. Worried about bug intake around the intake and light as the exhaust site should be covered by the Rhino filter. Haven't even looked at the Wilma system yet... Feel like a kid in on first day of school but one who cannot even count!! Please be gentle and appreciate any constructive help, thank smuchly.. Sweaty!
  24. Well it's hot again today and, while I've already got control of my temps, I'd love some 420 peer reviewed advice! So, I've got the following setup : 2 TentsMother/Clone Tent (M)​Using T5s Flower Tent (F) 2 FansRVK 125 Low Power Rhino 150 High Power 1 CF - in (F) 1 Extracted Reflector - in (F) 1 Primair In/Out fan controller 2 Intakes from outside Loads of Ducting Acoustic & NormalSo much my house looks like a scene from Brazil! Initially, I ran them as 2 separate air flows / systems; (M) had a passive in and the 125 RVK extracting; 150 Rhino was extracting (F) and it too had a passive intake. This setup worked fine - that's to say the temperatures are easy to control, albeit manually, through the min/idle speeds on the primair. However, because they are separate systems I was a little reluctant to rely on the primair's temperature sensor to automatically adjust the fan speeds. So on hot days, like this morning, I have to manually adjust the min/idle speeds to increase the extraction and keep the temperatures down. In the hope of automating the speeds, I've connected them into a single system: Exhausted of (M) is now connected to the in of (F) Only been connected for 48 hours and I think I've almost found the sweet spot in the (F) tent to position the sensor & the temperature setting for the primair. So if I've got the temps sorted, what am I asking? Well I'd like some feed back on the whole idea of using the Mother tent's exhaust as an in for the Flower tent? Also the exact arrangement of how I use the 2 intake from outside with the fan and the ducting. Time for a little diagram or 2... Here's the current configuration: | OUTSIDE | =====V==========================V========= | | | | | ----->-----Y ---V--- ^ | | | 125 | | | (M) >---->@-->- ------V------ | | | | ------- 150 | (F) | -<----@<----| | ------------- Note how I've positioned the 125 RVK fan before the intake from outside that feeds the Flower tent. Idea being, the flower's 150 fan is much more powerful and so, when required, draws additional fresh air from both intakes. But I'm no Air flow / aerodynamics expert so was a touch concerned the Y piece will allow for the flow air to push fresh air back-out. It appears that it doesn't, but is there anything I should be aware of if I'm using this configuration? An alternative layout I'm considering is the following: | OUTSIDE | =====V==========================V========= | | | | | ----->-----Y ---V--- ^ | | | | 125 | (M) >-------->- @ | | | ------- ------V------ | | 150 | (F) | -<----@<----| | ------------- Note how the 125 is now AFTER the Y piece. I'm worried this might cause the insufficient air to be extracted from the mother, guess I'll have to suck it and see! Has anyone tried this setup before and have any advice? Or can you suggest any other arrangements that would be worth trying?