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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have four cuttings of Elvis - very robust and problem free grow - and all four are showing yellowing new growth. Problem in more detail: - Yellowing from the stem, outward to the tips - New nodes growing tight together (stunting) - Central leaf viens and stems sowing purple - Some leaf tip burn Background: - The cuttings were held small for around 8weeks. - Potted up into 3lt pots 10 days ago - problems showed in the last 2 days. - Feed is ec1.2 - 10ml Ionic grow and 1ml calmag (mum was on ec2). - Pots are 22.4c at base lights on and no less than 20c lights off - I have not been able to probe into the middle of the medium. Ambient temps are nice. - Water ph is a little alkaline, but Elvis mum showed no issues at all - perhaps the water supply has changed?? I have some ideas - nute lockout causing iron def - or possibly mag def (doesn't really look like mag def to me though) - but hope someone can confirm or shed light on the problem... Their mum grew out in an 11lt pot (so better resistance to temp shifts) and had no issues whatsoever throughout the whole grow - water and feed are the same for the mum as for the cuttings. I lieu of a better one, my plan is to flush tomorrow and start them back on a 0.7ec feed... Many thanks for any thoughts!
  2. bud-02-03.jpeg

    From the album Skunk #1 & Applejack

  3. Excuse the - its-been-a-long-day-stupidity - please... Water is a tad alkaline (not, as mentioned before, acidic) - I've lowered it with a bit of lemon juice - will dig out the citric acid tomorrow... Thanks! Mods, please delete - post was pointless and a mistaken problem.
  4. I decided to clone my Elvis plant as an experiment and because its such a healthy, good grower! I took five in total and all at different times - three are going ahead fine just now, one never rooted (taken wk3 in flower) and the other I put on 18/6 before it had really got its regrowth going. Of the three that remain one had a broken stem and it was the first taken and quickest to thrive. The next taken has also come along fine and the third, taken later, has only just been potted up. All are vegging now. Question: The first two were taken when leafs where showing 7 points - when they started growing back, the first leave were five pointed though now, their growth has ramped up in scale and speed, and new growth is showing three points. I know cuttings taken during 12/12 have a tenancy to show odd growth, so should I just expect these to g back to five and seven etc.? Here's a pic - though it could be a little clearer - it looks hungry, that's deliberate - it was cut from a plant on ec1.6 to being fed 1.2 - no at 1.4. Its being kept under 30watt CFL and at a roughly constant 22c - lowest drop was 18.4c last night. Top right leaf also shows the wrinkly characteristic that presented itself in the first few weeks of the mother's growth... Question: Space is a real issue for me, so I am trying to keep these clones small for another 3 - 4 weeks! That's going to be tough, so, how harshly can I cut back... in the pic below, for example, there is a long stretched space between lower leaves and upper (cause by low light levels) - is it possible/advisable to cut from the bottom of that stretched stem? Sorry if that is not a clear question - I can post an illustrated pic if need be. Many thanks for any thoughts you might have to share...
  5. Elvis_C1_canopy-3-prong.jpg

    From the album Skunk #1 & Applejack

  6. Slightly odd request but one I am sure many of us have had to deal with in the past... How do I slow down my vegin plants until my flowering plant finishes. I took four cuts from the plant I am currently flowering, and three have rooted fine and I have started them going again... I have a fairly small veg area but it won't accommodate 6 weeks of growth with three plants, so I need to slow them down without harming them. I've managed to stop plants before, but not deliberately and not without doing them harm . So, rthe question is, can I slow their metabolism rather than stunt their growth? My plan so far... I have had them on 24/7 while rooting, so I plan to drop that back to 18/6 to give them less light. I also plan to drop down from 20 watt to a 15 watt cfl and keep them on a light feed... I thought it might also be a good idea to top them multiple times to keep them down - can I take more height off without damage? Any insights would be very welcome!