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Found 2 results

  1. I have a 2.4m x 1.2m x 2m tent and only 2 wall sockets, each socket has an extension lead plugged in. currently only running 2 x mars hydro ts600 for veg with a total power draw of Just over 100w each. for flowering I’m filling one side of the tent with 2 mars hydro ts600 and putting a 600w digital hps in the other side, (potentially removing the LEDs and replacing with Another 600w hps if safe to do so) so my question is would it be safe for me to use the HPS’s or am I risking a fire? I’ve read that a extension lead should hold 3000 watts so I shouldn’t have a problem but wanted to ask just to be safe, checked my fuse board and the maxiumum amp for the house is 100a
  2. Hi, I am writing this thread to ask some advice on wiring a room for a friend. I am an electrician I just don't have any experience in this sort of stuff so I thought I'd ask here to get any feedback. The grow is in a bedroom and will consist of up to 6 x 600W lights and a 6 inch fan and any other low powered equipment needed. At the moment the all the house sockets are wired on one ring so I think I will put a new cable up there to a small temporary distribution board that can be removed after the grow or as and when needed. So my calculations are that 6 x 600W lights is around 16A and I guess that a 6 inch fan wont be anymore that than 1KW so an extra 5A there. 21A in total before any of the extras. So I think a 4mm T+E would be sufficent to supply the distribution board backed by an 32A MCB and 30Ma RCD. Or would a 6mm be better just to be on the safe side? Next question is how is best to wire the room. I was thinking of wiring 2 radials in 2.5mm backed by 20A breakers solely for the lights, 3 lights on each radial and another 20A radial to supply any fans and other equipment. I was thinking of fixing a temporary board near the door of the bedroom for easy access then clipping wires direct to the skirting board to any socket outlets so should be easy to remove if needed. Can anybody please give me a little bit of feedback on this? Or anything I might have missed that I should be concerned about? I also presume I should try keep any electrical equipment up from the floor, maybe 1200m up away from any liquids. And I advised of a smoke alarm inside the room and probably one on the landing just outside the room, I think battery ones should be sufficent or would hard wired ones with interconnect be considered? Thanks in advance for any advise.