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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, im wondering if anyone knows of some trusty reliable websites in the U.K. where I can buy CBD edibles like gummy bears? CBD not hemp, a lot of h are hemp oil but CBD oil is stronger and contains a tiny bit of thc. thanks
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to this, and need some advice. I'm thinking of making legal CBD edibles, and so far I've found a couple of organic, non VG oils. One is suspended in coconut oil, and the other two are suspended in hemp oil. The coconut oil one - I'm thinking of getting the 250mg. The seller was really nice and told me that I need to add more dosage for help with anxiety and relaxation, and less for joint pain. The other two are suspended in hemp oil, and they say they have around 3.2%, one being an indica dominant hybrid, and the other sativa. Which one would be the best? I'm gonna start off with cookies. I'm thinking of using the coconut oil one, and mixing it in with the butter. Is that cool? I could also add a droplet to the cookie ball before it's ready to go in the oven (that could be more concentrated?) Any help would be appreciated, guys. Sofia
  3. After ruining most of my weed after burning it I have managed to dry my last plant and now have 3oz (90g) of dried, ground and decarboxylated bud. I want to make an oil based ticture something similar to the CBD oils you can buy online but much stronger and with THC in it too and without using solvents. (today I hear you can buy CBD oils from Holland & Barrett) I've read about making cannabutter, Rick Simpson Oil and other edibles and my weed is now decarbed so has anyone got any views on how to proceed from here? Many thanks Cmoon
  4. There was a video on youtube about making weed e juice in a long, drawn-out way. You carbox the weed then place in a jar and cover with PG, stir shake regularly for a month then add more PG or VG, repeat. After 3 months it's ready. I bottled up yesterday, the result is quite a tasty light cover juice that doesn't mess you up but you get a mellow high that then caused me to fall asleep for hours. I read that a second extraction is possible by heating the PG-covered week in a jar placed in water or oil on medium-low heat, so I did that too, stiring regularly for a few hours and this resulted in a very dark juice- I havn't vaped any of this yet. Waste not want not is my motto so I then used the weed to make a ginger cake- ate 50g slice and was a good buzz. The cake has a bit of a strange taste obviously due to the glycerine but is safe to eat and sliced can be frozen. So that was my Saturday
  5. I'm interested in whether uk420 users making (m)edibles are decarboxylating (applying heat to speed the conversion of THCA to THC) their weed as a distinct step (eg baking weed in the oven for a period of time) prior to extracting into butter/oil or does your process of extraction (e.g. simmering for a long time in hot butter/oil) also take care of any necessary decarboxylation process? All opinions are welcome but I'm particularly interested in hearing from people who have tried both and are able to compare or those who are firmly on either side of the fence.... to decarb or not decarb... that is the question.. Full disclosure... I've recently tried to make canna coconut oil and it's been a bit disappointing in terms of potency....10g of decarboxylated weed (actual bud rather than trim) infused in about 40g/45ml of coconut oil should be quite strong and yet I needed to consume approximately 10g of canna oil (theoretically equivalent to 2.5 g bud) for a decent buzz...I've previously made better (ie more potent) canna oil using a similar quantity of ABV and oil so not sure what went wrong...
  6. Ingredients and equipment First of all, you will need about half a gram of weed for each cracker you will make. Figure out how many crackers you expect to make and acquire the right amount of weed accordingly. Secondly, you will need Ritz crackers, Saltine crackers, Jacobs crackers, or some other similar type of cracker that go well with peanut butter. Now for the peanut butter: you should make sure that it is a type of peanut butter that has plenty of peanut oil. It should be non-hydrogenated as well. Unfortunately, Jif and Skippy brands of peanut butter do not have enough peanut oil in them — and that means they won’t work for this recipe. Go for another brand. You can also use Nutella or a chocolate spread instead of peanut butter if you prefer. Crunchy peanut butter is also perfectly fine to use. Next, you will need an item to mix together your peanut butter and the marijuana. This should be something small, like a toothpick. You should also have scissors of some sort or else a coffee grinder on hand to cut up the marijuana with. Make sure there’s enough tin foil to cover and store the crackers when they’re done. Finally, you will also need an oven. How to make firecrackers First, you will need to bake your marijuana. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. While you wait for it to heat up, take scissors and cut up the marijuana into tiny pieces. A coffee grinder will also do the job thoroughly and quickly; the finer the pieces of marijuana, the better it will work for your weed peanut butter crackers. Once the oven is ready, you can put your marijuana inside a tin foil bowl of sorts to hold the marijuana. Leave it in for about a quarter of an hour, then check on the weed. If it is extremely powdery or dusty, they have been baked for the perfect amount. Baking your marijuana is a highly important part of creating a weed firecracker. The reason for this is that it needs to be decarboxylated. Decarboxylation means that the THCA turns into THC. This can only occur when the marijuana is dried out enough — this drying process is accomplished through baking the weed. This process automatically happens when you smoke or vaporize marijuana since it is heated up enough for the decarboxylation process to take place. If you forget to bake your marijuana, you won’t feel a thing from your peanut butter pot cookies, so be sure not to forget. The next thing you should do is turn up the oven to approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit, then wait for ten to fifteen minutes. Put a thick layer peanut butter (regular peanut butter without any weed yet) on both sides of each cracker (up to a centimeter). Then take your freshly baked marijuana and sprinkle it on half of the peanut butter crackers. Leave the other half for sandwiching it later. Take your toothpick or other mixing tool and mix the peanut butter with the marijuana, doing so as thoroughly as possible on top of the cracker. You want as much weed as you can to touch peanut butter. When you’re done with that, sandwich the crackers together and wrap them up in tin foil. Place the wrapped up peanut butter weed crackers onto a cookie sheet and into the oven and bake them for 20 minutes. Once the twenty minutes have passed, up the heat level to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit and leave it for another two minutes. Remove the freshly baked weed peanut butter cookies from the oven and set them to the side until they have cooled off. Now you are free to enjoy your delicious marijuana firecrackers! Original source: http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/firecracker-recipe/
  7. Hey everyone just made my first batch of cannabutter never really dabbled in edibles yet, shit when i hear about people tripping and that i was abit concerned haha. But after making my first batch and not really knowing how strong it's going to be and what to actually make? I have just over a pound and yeah theres the orignal cookies and brownies to make but i was wondering what have you guys and gals tried out? Many thanks James
  8. Chococanna smileys

    From the album Weescars Edibles

    200g chocolate 100g cannabutter
  9. Harvesting a problematic plant today. It had to be nursed back to health in infancy and then had to be stuck on vegging for months. In the end the buds look great and healthy with loads of trichs. The main colas have very large dense buds, but there are ZERO fan leaves. They died of long ago so much so it already looks trimmed! 1 - First issue. Quite a number of the fine trim leaves between buds are also yellow and crispy and v hard to weed out. Even though im only chopping it down today can i go ahead and manicure before hanging to dry ??? 2- Secondly. This plant has A LOT of tiny popcorn buds. some are very loose too. Can these be made into edibles? Is it ok if there is a lot of small trim leaves on small buds being used for edibles because some of these are smaller than a pea and trimming is too difficult. If ok for edibles and use in cooking as oil/butter, do i need to dry them still ??? Thank you.
  10. Gummy Bears Banned In Colorado Where Cannabis Is Legal, Parents Warned About Candies With THC By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald | June 20, 2:10 AM Weed gummy bears don't look any different from actual gummy bear treats, which is why kids might think it's safe to eat. Cannabis or marijuana is legal in Colorado. In fact, it is one of the first states to impose such law. However, the state, through Governor John Hickenlooper, has recently signed a bill that will make weed gummy bears or candies laced with THC illegal. This law will take effect July 1. High Times reports that the state found it necessary to enforce the law for the protection of the children and in the interest of public safety despite legal marijuana. Under the House Bill 16-1436, the manufacturer and sale of cannabis-laced candies or edible marijuana products with shapes that might be attractive to children are banned in Colorado. This specifically covers marijuana edibles typically shaped like fruits, people or animals. However, the law doesn't specify the punishments for the violation. With legal marijuana becoming a booming business in the state, the move to ban candies with THC comes at the right time. The state's health department has actually been pushing for this since 2014, following numerous reports of accidental consumption of marijuana-infused products in children. Some adults apparently carelessly leave legal marijuana or weed gummy bears out in the open, which makes it easier for kids to take, per Merry Jane. These candies also get transported outside of Colorado, thus further putting more innocent kids in danger. Recently, police arrested individuals in possession of candies with THC in South Carolina, which they believe were legally obtained in Colorado, per The State. Parents are now being warned about the existence of candies with cannabis that are quite indistinguishable with the authentic candies. Most of these weed gummy bears contain at least 10 mg of THC, which can have grave health consequences on children with smaller body mass. Legal marijuana in Colorado took effect in 2012, allowing an individual above the age of 21 to possess 28 grams of pot in one transaction. However, smoking or using this out in the open is prohibited, per the Colorado Pot Guide. http://www.parentherald.com/articles/49994/20160620/legal-marijuana-weed-gummy-bears-banned-colorado-where-cannabis-parents.htm
  11. hi to start a bit of back story. i have just been to visit my mum, she broke her upper arm around 6 months ago and something happened during the healing process that has left her in chronic pain. this has left her unable to do much and very depressed - she said 3 times during the my visit "i now understand why people with chronic pain kill themselves" this has rocked me a bit and lead me to suggest trying some canna muffins or cake in conjunction with her pain killers (tramadol and codeine) and some sort of electronic device which attaches to her upper arm both of which aren't working. gladly she say yes she would be up for trying anything at this point. so im gonna go there on monday with some edibles and sit with her for a while. im wondering what dose to give some who has never tried canna before as i have total fear when it comes to edibles i don't want to over do it but at the same time i don't want to under dose. my thinking is ill start with 3g of herb, make it into butter then make 8 muffins out of that? does this seem enough/too much for a noob like my mom. an help or advice would be much appreciated cheers sancho
  12. Hey all, I have the trim from my recent harvest which is packed into two plastic sainsburys bags. Not sure on weight but its a fair amount. I have previously always made Bubble hash, doing 3-4 runs each time, usually pulling substantial weights, got something like 60gram last harvest. Quality isn't the highest and with me doing almost daily edibles and moving from spliffs to the volcano, bubble just doesn't appeal as much any more. I want oil for multiple reasons, mostly to use in edibles as I am sick of tasting cannabutter (high tolerence means strong butter needed, nasty stuff). Would be smoking some through my rig aswell though. So because BHOing all of this with my small OG extractor tube would take a hell of alot of butane and time I'm wondering about first making bubble and then making BHO from this? I would probably keep the 25ug bubble. Any problems I should know about? Can you make BHO if material is damp? Also wondering about decarboxylation since I'm thinking about edibles, would I be better decarbing the hash before BHOing? Seems like decarbing BHO is a bit of a pain needing an oil bath rather than just oven. Cheers