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Found 26 results

  1. Hello, I’m just wondering in the ‘Ecotechnics Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller’ works with the new EC fans or not? If so does it work with pretty much all fans? Cheers
  2. Do I need an EC pen as necessity? What is it for? Can someone point me towards a guide pls? I'm about to start my first coco gro...
  3. Hello everyone, thanks for approving me! <3 I was searching as a guest last night for answers, but i was unsuccesful.. If a thread with this question already exists, PLEASE point me to it so i can educate myself. I also tried to ask a few questions on the Growdiaries site, but that limits you to 280 Characters and that is not even remotely enough to explain the (ill call it mini problem) im having. I am 9 weeks into my very first grow. After some extensive research on ADHD, I chose one of the exotics, a landrace heirloom sativa, Dr. Grinspoon as the one i want to grow, thinking the end result will help my other half to be motivated and productive during the day. (But thats not the question.) Following all Advanced Nutrients calculators online and guide sites specifically made for Advanced nutrients and growing in coco. The recommended amounts per litre are somewhat reasonable when you look at them, i mean its only reasonable to have 4ml A&B per litre of water during late flower right? Well my TDS pen says otherwise. From what ive gathered, Early seedlings like to be at a range of 300-500EC Early and mid veg it likes to be at a range of 1.1-1.5 and early and late bloom it likes to sit at 1.7-2 (average numbers ive gathered over many different sites and forums) That is understandable and easy to follow. The problem comes here: Even though i am on week 9, because of some complications dring early seedling phase, my Dr.G didnt develop very fast, so i am currently using nute strength for week 3 of veg. The recommended amount of nutes at this stage is 3ml(A&B) of sensi grow and 1.5ml of vitamin-B52 per litre. That brings my 1 litre of water all the way up to 2.2 and im not even at full recommended dosage, or not yet using any supplements that ill have to be using during flowering. That panicks me a little and i dont really want to give that to my G as i already stressed it plenty during early veg with transplanting it into a massive pot with poor drainage. What i do is, i add all the recommended amounts, and then i add 250ml of extra bottled water (using still bottled water from the supermarket that reads at 0.18) to bring the EC down to 1.7-1.9 which Doc seems to be okay with. My question is: Is this right? i mean when i add that 250ml extra water to dilute the feed, the recommended measurements stop being per litre and begin being per 1.25 litre. Is that right thing to do? what happens when i reach full recommended strength and it skyrockets the EC all the way up to 3 (and i know it will considering the nubers im having right now). Do i still keep diluting it with more fresh water until i reach the recommended EC? Or do i keep the feed measurements at 1 litre ignoring the EC levels? I already burned the plant when i had the poor drainage situation and the EC rose up to 5 and i had to transplant it to fresh medium so it wouldnt continue dying. Doesnt diluting the feed made with the recommended amounts also lowers the strength, making the feed weaker than what is the recommended? Any Info would be very much appreciated, and again, i was searching all night to find this answer, and its been bothering me for the last few weeks, If an answer or a similar topic exists already and i missed it PLEASE point me to it so i can read and gather info Thanks for reading and sorry if its too long.
  4. What do you guys reckon is the best environment controller for hyperfans?
  5. Hi, I'm starting my second DWC grow (5 plants in one big pot) and one of the things I hated was lifting the lid and checking the PH/EC (especially when the plants grew big). I was thinking to get a Hanna or Bluelab Guardian/combo meter type setup where I could leave the probes in continuously to make my life easy. I was wondering if the probes can be left entirely submerged (including some of the cable that goes back to the meter) or is it just the tip of the electrodes that can be submerged. I cant find any info on how these things are installed and would be grateful for any advice from someone who's is in know. Manufacturers always show the setup on the left, whilst I just want to dunk it in the drink like on the right....if you guys do it like the setup on the left, how do you ensure that only the end of the sensor is submerged (I always fill up to slightly different levels and also as the plants drink the levels lower). I don't feel brave enough to permanently install them by cutting holes in the side of the basin. +-------------------------------+ +-------------------------------------+ | | | | | | | | | METER | | METER | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-------------------------------+ +-------------------------------------+ \--- | | \- \ - | \ ----- | / | -----/ \ | \ -\ | / | -- / / \ | / | | | | / \ +----|-------+ / / | | | / | \ | | | / | | | \ / \--------------+----+--+----+-------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------| | | | \ / \ | | | / | | | \ | \ | | / / | | | | | \ | | / / | | | +---|-------+ / \ | | | | | | | | | | / \ | | +----+-+----+ / | | | | | | \ +--+ | | / | | | / \ | | | | | | / \ +-+ / | | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Cheers
  6. Afternoon everyone, I’m after some advice and wondering if anyone can help me out with R.O units and which is best to go for. My background e.c is 0.7 so water is terrible and I’m thinking it’s worth the investment now to be able to work with clean water and really give the plants a proper feeding instead of loads of unknown crap. My local hydro shop wants silly money for a unit so been looking online but there’s so many to choose from 3/4/5/6 stage which will be suitable? I’m guessing just a bog standard 3 stage will be fine but if anyone has experience with them I’d be grateful. Cheers
  7. I’m currently on week 2 of flower with 6 stardawg girls. I’ve been using canna nutrients from the start and have been following the guide Almost exactly, I’m currently feeding at EC 1.7 but I’m reading that this is too high?? They seem to be happy but now I’m worried about bumping the EC up which is what the guide says to do as you get further into flower. Any tips or advise would be much appreciated
  8. Morning all a quick question regarding ec I got a bluelab truncheon yesterday and tested my tap water it’s coming out at 0.7/0.8 now with it being so high when I start my dwc which will be in a oxypot Xl so 70litre res what should I be aiming for as a start point. My understanding is to stay on the lower end of the scale when it comes to feeding in dwc. I’m using AN Sensi Grow A+B and will be addingn some voodoo juice as I’ve read some good things about it. So Do I only mix feed in and make it up to say 0.9 which is only 0.1 of added grow or go upto 1.0 which still doesn’t seem a lot at only 0.2 of food. Cheers in advance
  9. Hi Everyone, I am new here so firstly I would like to say hi to everyone and that I look forward to what I hope will be a long journey here on this forum. I have never grown before and I am currently prepping for my first, I will be germinating this weekend. I have just been calibrating my new pH & EC readers (both are Essentials) and getting base readings for our water. Here's where things are getting a little strange, we have an undersink reverse osmosis filter (we've had this for some time now as I don't want the tap water for obvious reasons, I have however replaced all the filters a few days ago to get the best of the best for my girls-to-be) and I know manufacturer (iSpring Water Systems) specification is that water pH should come out at 7.4, it came out at 8 which is fine for myself and will just have to use a lot of down, but the EC reading has come out at 0.8, which even as a virgin grower I know is waaaay higher than the majorities. I know that during filtration some ionised minerals are added (calcium, magnesium, sodium & potassium), but this has thrown me off completely as I now have no idea where I'm at with nutrients. My plan was to start the seedlings off with around 0.5-0.6 EC (assuming a base of 0.2) as I am growing in coco, so 0.8 is already higher than that without any nutes added. Should I just treat this as my base? Should I use normal tap water? I really am lost and have no idea how to even find the answer. Any help or general beginners advice would be hugely appreciated. I'm so excited to be joining this wonderful community and can't wait to progress, happy growing!
  10. Hi all,, a couple of quick questions for you? 1, Does your EC have an effect on the temp of you res water? What i mean by this is, does the water in your res warm quicker/easier if the EC in your water is higher? 2, What temp is ideal for a res? Ive modded my wilma so the roots dont go into the res in the thought that i may be able to get away with slightly higher res temps if the roots are in it. Lights off im at 19c and lights on it climbs upto 22c. Ive tried everything to bring res temps down and really dont wanna have to buy a chiller. Thanks in advance...
  11. ph

    Ok, the new problem... My PH is a bit low for my feed. So that is going to be adjusted. However, for those who asked in a previous thread what the PH and EC were, well I splashed out and bought myself a crissy prezzie of an EC and PH meter, they arrived today. I have tried el-cheap-o route, splashed out on a couple of middle of the range meters that were about the £35 mark each. Normally about £99 the pair, got then on deal via a trader that I have used several times for substantial purchases and got them both for £69.99. So these are not your £20 grow shop cheap as chips, ok for a grow meters. The PH meter was easy to set up, there is an option to set the alternative end standards of 4.0 and 10.0 on the PH scale, I just went with the Neutral PH 7 standard for now. The EC meter was pretty much same sort of deal, I happened to have bought, quite by accident a month or so back, EC28 buffer... Single button push calibration... Couldn't ask for more. OK now, those people asking what my water EC and PH is. This is a current state that IS GOING TO BE CORRECTED. Feed mix... PH 4.3 EC 1.3 Separate Water (for all uses, including adding more water to the pot when dry between feeds) PH 4.8 (Originally I set the PH to 7 for a baseline, was aiming for PH5 when PH was too high) EC 1.0 The water I used to water and other things like spraying was aimed at being PH 5 as I needed to drop the PH of the water in the pot as it was a bit high, the test paper system I used was pretty good guide and PH had risen to above 7. So now I can make the required changes to the current feed mix, readjust the water back to PH of 7.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know of a good summary like a table of sorts maybe, that covers all the combinations of PH/EC behaviour, perhaps something like: EC PH PLANT IS DOING stable stable <chilling> down down <needs more nutes> etc etc I keep reading like tit-bits here and there but is there an authoritative reference? I'm in hydro if that makes any difference. Appreciate any info/links Thanks,
  13. Hi all. Ive just bought a Bluelab EC Truncheon and would like any aditional info in using it and general info on EC. Im in Hydro with AN GMB nutes and a small Voodoo Juice not going to use boosters i want to keep it simple. Ive alreay read about using the nutea at a lower strength and build up as they can be abit strong but with an EC meter ill be able to monitor it properlt for once, so here is the info ive gathered from browsing the forums. If anyone can add/correct anything or give knowledge the thanks in advance. ---------- Small plant needs 400-600ppm, bigger plant 700-800 and heavy flower needs 900-1200 max. if, as your tank levels drop, the e.c level rises, = too much fert if, as the tank level drops, the e.c drops, = not enough ferts 13/6 - w1 - pop bean - mix 1f 1r ---------- Small plant needs 400-600ppm, bigger plant 700-800 and heavy flower needs 900-1200 max. if, as your tank levels drop, the e.c level rises, = too much fert if, as the tank level drops, the e.c drops, = not enough ferts --------- Advanced Nutrients use EC scale 700 eg 2.4EC x 500 = 1200ppm (500 scale) or 1200ppm / 500 = 2.4EC 2.4EC x 700 = 1680ppm (700 scale) or 1680ppm / 700 = 2.4EC ---------------- General Grow Regime Example Vegetive feeding 0.6-1.2 EC Flower 1.2-1.6 EC Flowering formula for 8 weeks using Sensi bloom A+B, Big bud and Overdrive. Medium Feeding:- Week 1:-Add equal parts of sensi bloom A+B to reach 1.2EC Week 2:-Add equal parts of sensi bloom A+B to reach 1.3EC Week3:-Add equal parts of sensi bloom A+B to reach 1.2EC, then top off with Big Bud until a reading of 1.4EC is reached. Week4:-Add equal parts of sensi bloom A+B to reach 1.1EC then top off with Big Bud until a reading of 1.5 is reached. Week5:-Add equal parts of sensi bloom A+B to reach 1.1e.c then top off with Big Bud until a reading of 1.6EC is reached. Week6:-Add 2.5mls per litre of Overdrive, then top off with equal parts of Sensi Bloom A+B until a reading of 1.6EC is reached. Week7:-Add 2.5mls per litre of Overdrive, then add equal parts of Sensi bloom A+B until a reading of 1.4EC is reached. ----------- Does this all make sense???
  14. Hi all I posted a few weeks back, asking for some help and advice as my friend (@maverick40b) and I are getting set-up for our first grow, we got some good feedback across the various posts we put up and some great help along the way. It seems like this has now been going on for a while but we believe we are now very close. We have put together an itinerary of the equipment we have gone for and think is necessary to get everything setup. This is now our final step before committing and spending alot of money on this, we would appreciate any feedback and advice from you guys, what do you think of the list? have we forgotten anything? would you change anything? reasons for changing any equipment? Any other valuable information? Itinerary • 1 x BudBox Pro - 1.2m x 2.4m x 2.0m • 2 x Adjusta-watt digital dimable 600w light kit • 2 x Easy Rolls & Hooks Set (Pair) • 2 x LUMii Heavy-Duty 24Hr Analogue Segmental Time Switch (for timed light switching) • 1 x Rhino Pro Carbon Filter 6" (150mm) x 12" (600mm) • 1 x Systemair RVK 150mm L1 In-line Duct Fan • 1 x 5 metre length of 150mm Flexi-Ducting Aluminium • 3 x Duct Clip 60-170mm • 1 x 5 metre length of Jack Chain 2.5mm Width • 1 x green power 6 way power box • 1 x Agrolab Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer • 8 x 12 litre Root Pouches • 8 x Round Pot Saucer (Black) 12 Inch • 2 x Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme 50 Litres • 1 x Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Grow 1 Litre • 1 x Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Bloom 1 Litre 1 x Bucket (for mixing nutes) • 1 x 10ml Syringe with 0.5ml Graduations • 1 x 2 tube t5 propagation kit • 1 x pH and EC test kits thanks for taking the time to read through this post and we appreciate any feedback or advice given no matter how big or small. Happy 420 everyone
  15. Right quick question tap water ec is 0.9 and i know people say start bloom at 1.2 ec but my plants been vegging a good 7 weeks from clone and feeding on ionic grow at ec of 2.1 that was including background of 0.9 so 1.2 worth of grow add to tap water ec , now they just starting 3rd week in flower so empty res and filled with water same ec 0.9 added bloom upto 1.9 should i go higher or will that be ok? Thanks barney
  16. Right quick question tap water ec is 0.9 and i know people say start bloom at 1.2 ec but my plants been vegging a good 7 weeks from clone and feeding on ionic grow at ec of 2.1 that was including background of 0.9 so 1.2 worth of grow add to tap water ec , now they just starting 3rd week in flower so empty res and filled with water same ec 0.9 added bloom upto 1.9 should i go higher or will that be ok? Thanks barney
  17. Hi All After some help/advice please. Been using a Bluelab truncheon for a while now and the one i have now is just over 12 months old. I always have looked after my kit and always checked this against calibration fluid and if reading low cleaned with Jif etc. But today i tested in the calibration soulition (2.8E.C) and im getting a high reading of 3.4....... Anyone know what to do if these read too high....????... Thanks
  18. Hi ya guys, This will probably get merged, but thought I'd give it a go anyway. I've posted this on the end of the coco thread too. just wondering what people do with seedling and early veg, I always seam to struggle with this bit, suffering from super slow growth and last time yellowing of the bottom leaves, are you watering them little and often or, flood and drain from day one and let them dry out or what? Cheers guys Atb✌
  19. I left my friend to take care of my friends because I wanted to go on holiday for a week. So the temperatures were too big, I know that. And he once forgot to put the water pumps back to the tray after lowering down the ph, which I asked him to do. Next day he returned when lights turned on. and Three plants were completely dead. Like their leaves were all hanging. He obviously understood it was the water which girls wasnt receiving. and turned pumps back on. They survived, and the others have suffered as well as I now see when I returned. All the lower parts of leaves are yellowing. Although there are so many leaves, maybe the plant tries to get rid of them naturally. Those who where effected the most by water shortage, the lower leaves completely dried off. And I have nutrient burns as couple of times when water was lowering in its quantity EC rised to 1.8-2.0 I've emptied the tank and refilled with EC 1.4... and today is EC 1.6... Too much again... It is a fourth week of flowering. Could it be that, because of the stress they received, they just drink water and dont want to uptake any nutrients? Why EC is rising so fast? PH is rising was aswell, but at least there is ph down for it...
  20. Yo, My EC of runoff higher than when I mixed the nutes. It was 1.5 going in and 1.7 in the runoff. Is this ok?
  21. So I'm getting run off EC of 2.05, now the feed I'm putting in currently is around 1.40, my question is should the run off be the same as the feed thats getting put in or is it normal for the run off to be higher? My last grow which was my first coco grow I left them sitting in the run off and by the end of the grow I was getting EC levels of 5.00-7.40 so obviously a build up of salts from sitting in the run off, this time though I've been giving them plenty of run off and removing the run off each feed plus the pots are sitting of the deck using rubber blocks so aren't in the run off at all.
  22. Hi everyone Just need some advice from you wise folk. Iv got 9 killerskunk females at day 24 of flower. All 9 females I found from one pack of killerskunk. They all look different, some healthy and some have had better days. My problem is I cant seem to feed them passed 1.2 ec of nutes without getting the claw on some of the girls. Is this normal? I use ro water with a ec of 0.02, i add calmag to 0.25 ec. Then I add pk13/14 at 0.4ml per liter and ec comes to 0.38. Then I add a+b at 2ml/l and ec is at 1.2. Some plants seem to have dark green foliage with tips curling down. Some plants are doing fine. All nine seem steady atm at 1.2 ec ph 5.9 Thank you
  23. good morning! well i have had my flood and drain set up for a few weeks and have done some test runs while the clones are rooting and its almost time now but i have left the water in the pots/res. should i flush this out? and some sort of sterilising fluid? and what sort of fluid should i use? secondly my tap water has an ec of .6 should i deduct .6 from my ec reading while adding nutes? many thanks!
  24. say my tap water is 0.4 ec and I want my ec to go to 1.2 so does that mean I add nutes to 1.6 ? or do I just add till 1.2 thanks jfly
  25. So I have got away with it for years by just changing reservoirs once a week with one top up a week of fresh water and keeping an eye on PH. For once I have decided to want to know my nutrient strength. After doing a bit of research I have invested in a top of the range chinese ppm pen for £4.50, done a few tests and even if it were 10 to 20 ppm out which it isn't, I would still be in a safe zone. I went for the high end of nutrient measuring pens cos of funds and because I saw a video with a top guy saying about current trends with regards to measuring your nutrient strength, as in must have kit etc and what can we sell um next? Using Spock and Holmes logic It seems to me that it just comes down to numbers, with CF and EC you have low numbers and with ppm you have high numbers.....Fascinating..... , Which means when using a ppm scale you have a lot more rope to play with and stand a less chance if any at all of making a mistake. When I used to grow other crops I also favoured Fahrenheit opposed to celsius for the same reason, which I still do,..... call me retro, some folk do. Elementary my dear Watson, more rope, more dope. Gunna stick with ppm, write down the numbers the pen displays /mls per litre as a guide and maybe buy a better one down the line, or another one of these when it feks up. It's weed Jim but not as we know it, not as we no it, not as we know it, It's gange Jim but not as we know it, not as we know it, Captain, There's truncheons in the hydro shop, hydro shop, hydro shop There's truncheons,in the hydro shop, but do we really need one? Answers on a postcard please and send to 221B Baker street or USS Enterprise NCC1-1701