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Found 591 results

  1. Does anyone here raise their system off the floor with bricks under each bucket or similar? Thinking its going to make life easier identifying leaks and reducing vibrations through the floor but wanted to see if there was any arguments against besides losing a few inches height
  2. The first leaves of my plants are dying off and the set above them are showing some spots. I’ve looked at all the diagnosing pics but can’t make my mind up what it is. I did have a few ph issues early on if that could be the cause? New growth looks ok (i think)
  3. Hi all, another noob question. I have a few leaves on my 3 week old girls that appear mottled. I know that new leaves can look a bit yellow to start but I thought I’d just check incase. Tia
  4. Hi all, I did my first res change yesterday in the dwcs, the water went in at 5.8, checked this morning and it was back upto 7.5 so I lowered it back to 5.8. 1 hour later its back upto 6.7. Clay pebbles were soaked and rinsed twice in 5.5 over 24 hours. Is it possible that I am airating the water too vigorously? currntly running at 0.6ec with: dutch pro silica - 0.1ml p/l Silver bullet - 1ml p/l dutch pro grow a+b 0.2ml p/l of each dutch pro grow PH down I don’t mind keep lowering it but is it normal for it to rapidly rise so fast? How often do you dwc guys have to adjust PH? Tia
  5. Hi all, I moved my seedlings into the DWCs yesterday so I didn’t have to keep moving them around incase I damaged the roots. I have the aquarium heaters on (tents in garage) and the airstones running however the pots are NOT in the water. Condensation is keeping the net pots damp so I haven’t needed to water but as I’m only using water and nothing else I cant keep the PH below 7/7.5. The seedlings still have their cotyledons and look happy but I’m worried about the PH killing them off. When I do start to add nutrients will this help to keep the PH stable and should I take any action now. I dont want to keep messing around with them if I don’t have to. Thanks in advance.
  6. Day 10 from first true leaves. Got a think different seed from 2 years ago, didn't expect it to grow as its old but it has. I've got it in a started plug from root it. It came out nicely and is now on the second week from first true leaves which showed up on the 1rst January. How is it doing? I'm using masterblend, calcium nitrate and magnesium sulphate and some benifcial bacteria Mycorrhizal inoculant. TNC Mycorr hydro is the name of it. It done wanders for my other herbs like basil In dwc. The roots have started growing very fast. Ph is at 5.9 at the moment. And around 1000 ppm but I do have a cheap tds metre so not sure on accuracy. My water is between 200 to 300 out of the tap. I leave it for 24 hours to evapourate most of the chlorine before I use it. I mix masterblend first then magnesium sulphate then calcium nitrate. My tent stays around 24°C Which I read maybe a little high but it is stable. I did have a very weak nutrient water at first, I'm now following the table I have put up which is grams per litre of water. I am using week 1 at the moment, sorry for my hand writing. Anyone see if I'm doing anything wrong or a better guide for masterblend for a grow such as this.
  7. Evening all, My main grow is currently suffering. LED Qube 1.4m x 1.4m Tent Logic 900 ( 3 x Logic 300 ) - All three Logics are set at 50% @ 20 inches Currently Flowering - 2 x San Bacio Gelato & 2 x L.A Gelato Flipped DWC - 14th Nov 2020. Currently on day 40 of flower. Nutes - Current Culture - Bloom A&B, CocoCal, UC Roots & Bud Booster mid - EC 0.9. Temps - 20°c lights off - 27°c lights on - RH 45 - 60% - with Dehumidifier running when RH rises. Everything has been running smoothly in my DWC setup until about a week ago. I noticed my ppm meter was set to ppm 700 instead of 500 so I've been underfeeding. I saw 2 plants developing brown spots and put it down to underfeeding and it being the start of week 5 flower - possible looking mag def due to low phosphorous. I increased the feed and bud booster to EC 1.0. EC was dropping over the next few days so everything seemed fine. PH was in check ranging from 5.5 - 6.2. Looking back now the PH was constantly dropping due to the low feed and since increasing the EC PH has stabilised. Noticed the leaves curling inwards and thought the fresh res change would resolve it or maybe I'd added too much bud booster. Done a fresh res change last night with a lower EC 0.9 with less bud booster. Checked again tonight and all leaves seem to be curling inwards. I can't see any pests and have sticky traps up that are fairly clean. I've got 4 weeks remaining and was wondering if there's anything i can do to fix this? Any help appreciated. Pics to follow shortly!
  8. Does anyone know how to use Oxyplus liquid oxygen (Hydrogen Peroxide) for root rot? Is it too late, do I have a chance to save my plant? This is my first time growing in DWC. I have 4 autoflowers. 1 of them has root rot. The others look like they may be on the way because the temperatures are too hot. I've been struggling to keep them down since I put a 400w HPS in my tent. I wanted to give them a little boost before they hit flower as they were looking a bit small. They're on day 20 so I was expecting them to flower soon. I'm using Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow so no need to PH but I do measure EC. I'll swap back to the CFL right now.
  9. Dinafem-BigKush-BudBuddy1byeargrow.jpg

    From the album What's bubbling in the bucket now?

    Dianfem BK
  10. Dinafem-BigKush-BudBuddy1yeargrow.jpg

    From the album What's bubbling in the bucket now?

    The first 10 images are just some veg images.
  11. Hi aye everyone. im back with a totally new adventure. This time im back to growing in a tent , a new one. Its a green qube gq120, and i have to say, after years of so so tents its great to get a hold of a really good one. This one has thich solid poles, weighs a ton in the box, and solid zips, thick material and a viewing window. Its the bollox, truly.....if you're looking for a good tent, buy one. As well as a new tent , ive also got my hands on a couple of LED boards. These are loaners from a mate, and are brighter than the brightest star in the galaxy They are from INvisible sun, one is sporting lm561c chips, and the new one has the Lm301h, with extra far red and deep reds. Im trying them out to see if i want to go full on LED in the big room, and to see if i think its gonna be possible to do the kilo plant with LEDs. These will let me know, i reckon, i will see how they do. They are well made, and are in 3000k, so should be good for bloom. These are getting grown in dwc buckets, the smaller 37 litre boxes, with a small air pump and a single golf ball airstone per tote. nutrients are IOnic, grow and bloom, il try the roots axcellerator in a side to side, to see if it does anything. also got canna cal mag and pk, but i dont think ill use it. strains are white widow xxl auto from Dinafem, and critical + automatic from Dinafem. i will get some pics up when the seeds are cracked etc, cheers. I decided to go with autos, because i havnt done an auto grow for years, and being in a shed, i thought it would be a good idea to keep the temps up in winter. Beans have been cracked, tent has been put up and buckets are waiting in anticipation. Should be good fun,
  12. Quarantine grow of OG Kush and Gorilla Setup : 3.3'x3.3' grow tent 4'' Fan and carbon filter 300W of VERO29 DIY COB LED SCROG Net Nutes Greenleaf Megacrop Greenleaf CalMag Greenleaf Bud Explosion Mykos extreme bennies Had a rough start, my cheap PH pen broke the day I made my reservoir which resulted in my seedling being in 5.0 PH solution. Getting a new pen was pretty slow because of COVID19. The poor babies mutates and looked like shit. After 5 days of being in the corrected reservoir they look much better but are pretty beat up. The sativa phenos of OG Kush are looking pretty bad. Day 20 Of OG Kush Day 19 of GG4 Day 15 of Gorilla The GG4 is much bigger than the others and I'll try my best to train it to be even with the rest of the canopy. In red -OG Kush Sativa pheno In Green -OG Kush Indica pheno In purple -GG4 clone OG Kush Sativa phenos looking beat up 1/2 The other 2/2, looks fried, will it ever recover? OG Kush Indica pheno 3/3 OG Kush Indica pheno 2/3 OG Kush Indica pheno 1/3 @Dinafem-Mark
  13. hi guys just looking to hear from anyone growing in deep water culture, about the additives you put in your water, any setup tips and just any tips in general, basically just looking for as much info as possible, if you could try and keep it simple for my baked brain that would be great, thanks in advance
  14. Good day all. I have been growing the Fast Flowering Green Crack for a couple weeks. Here she is in all her glory. This grow is for @HSO-Mark Strain: This is a new fast strain form Humboldt Seed Organization. The plan is to vegetate the Green Crack until the OGKZ is ready to harvest. This will give her about 6 weeks of veg. before the switch. Setup: I now have a 24" x 24" x 40" DIY veg tent with a LEG grow light that emits light between 449nm blue and 630nm red. This light is only for veg. Flowering tent is 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m and my intention are to try and fill her completely with 1 plant in that space. Method: DWC 5 gal bucket with hydroton and two air stones; light in the flower tent is a Mars-Hydro 2000. 6 inch extractor with speed control and carbon filter. Exhaust outside, with passive air intake. Just trying to keep it simple. Nutrients will be HP Flora series, Cal-mag, Silica, Hydro-Guard, unless something unexpected shows up. Let the show begin.
  15. When growing cannabis in hydro (RDWC), does it matter if the air temperature surround the leaves/stem/buds is high (e.g. 22-35 degrees C), if the roots are bathed in chilled water (at 19-20 degrees) constantly? I am starting a hydro attic grow soon, and my attic gets quite hot. However, I have a hydro water chiller that can keep the water at a constant temperature of my liking, and I have plenty of circulation fans. I can also, regularly mist the leaves of the plant if needed. However, is there any point at all in starting an attic grow if I can only control the temperature of the water reservoir?
  16. hHi, i usually run a sterile system, but lately ive been considering running some form of mycorrizal innoculant, such as TNC MYcorr hydro. My latest grow has got off to a piss poor start, due to too high temps in the room, and me not turning the lights down to keep them lower. i eventually did, but not before the damage was done. this resulted in higher water temps, as my chiller couldnt keep the water cool enough, it was over 24 degrees, which caused really poor root growth in some plants, and some staining, but no slime on the root. i usually have a nice big healthy rootball, but this time, its really poor. some plant roots look ok, others look really poor, little development of the root system etc Anyway, the point im getting to is root innoculants. Has anyone used the TNC one in dwc or rdwc (im thinking ahead here, for the next grow). im really wary but it says it has been developed specifically for dwc, flood n drain and recirc systems.. anyone used it? notice any difference? cheers
  17. Hello, It’s been a long old time since I’ve been on here but after moving house I have an ideal room or space for a 2m x 1m or 2m x 1.5m tent. lighting wise, I’m looking to possibly go for 2 x 315w CHM lights (if that’s enough) with the possibility of having some vertical LED corner lights? In the past I have only grown with 2 x 400 HPS filters etc. Had Autos In soil and had mixed results, 2 out of 3 were about 0.35 to Watt (not great) and one just smoked like hay!? Too warm I think. I am looking to either do a drip feed system/DWC (not an eBay one but more like IWS or Alien). I really like the look of the Alien 8 Pot XL EasyFeed System 30L by EasyFeed system but would probably go for a 1.5m x 1.5m tent? Would that be big enough? For fans etc would go for the Rhino Pro with correct extractor, what’s the best brand at the moment? I’m a property developer and also install home automation (Control4) since my last grow so this time I would like to be able to monitor the tents from my phone via VPN, I can do that part. I do know there is lots of solutions out there but I love tinkering and have Arduino’s, Raspberry Pi’s and breadboards around the workshop but would mainly looking for the following to monitor? Water / nutrient temp Water / PPI Water / PH Temp at root level (using multiple sensors) Temp at canopy level (using multiple sensors) Humidity Light Lux Anything else? Ideally after the first grow would look at automating the following: Lights on/off PH corrector Nutrient (PPI) corrector Temp corrector using fan speed controller Humidity corrector using dehumidifier Many thanks
  18. Evening all, I've been flushing my DWC since Weds and I've seen no fade of the leaves - I think she's fine and i don't want to open a debate about flushing. I know she could do with a another week as she's still hungry - ppm is @ 80 but PH keep dropping from 6>5.1 in 24hrs. She's on her 9th week of flower but i'm chopping early due to space. Would you chop her tomorrow or let her go another few days? Aficionado French Connection Pineapple Sorbet info Type: Regular cannabis seeds Genetics: (Heirloom Pineapple Thai x In The Pines F3) x (Zkittlez x Magnum Opus F11) Sativa dominant hybrid Flavours and aromas: rotten pineapple, fuel, guava, paint, lavender Indoor flowering: 7-8 weeks Outdoor harvest: End of September Yield: medium THC: Medium CBD: Some phenotypes have a THC:CBD 1:1 ratio There was an issue where I saw her getting red stems and thought she was getting too close to the light. Moved her to a bigger tent and she just flopped over. The stems just folded due to the weight of the buds and only 1 trellis net supporting the lower half. I added another net for support -3 weeks ago. Excuse the state of the photo's.
  19. This grow is for @HSO-Mark. This is a knew fast strain from Humboldt Seed Organization I will be growing the OGKZ first, and I plan on doing another new strain from HSO a fast-flowering Green Crack (this sounds interesting) next. The plan is to let her vegetate for about 3 to 4 weeks then flip her to 12/12. The veg tent is a DYI 2x2x3 with a LED Plant grow light that emits light between 449nm blue and 630 red. This light is only for vegging. The flowering tent is also DTI 2x3x6 with a Mars-hydro 300 led light in a DWC bubbler, with two separate air pumps. Well, I think I am ready to give it another go. Let the fun begin. Only one plant for now. (Keeping It Simple KISS) Indica/Sativa Hybrid - 80/20 Indica dominant strain, OGKZ has a THC is in the range of 24%. Effects are Cerebral, Long-lasting, Powerful Method: DWC 5-gal bucket. RO water. Medium: coco cord/perlite, root wool and Hydroton clay pebbles. Light Marshydro 300 LED. Flower DIY Tent: 2’x3’x6’ (expandable) with Panda wrap. Looking to buying a tent down the road. 5-gallon bucket. I plan to elevate the bucket by 4” inches; to facilitate water changes. 6-inch Exactor with speed controller and carbon filter. Exhausted outside, passive air intake. 1 Air pumps 40 gallon and 1- 10 gallon (flower tent), and 1 - 10 gallon for veg. 2- 6” clip fans, 1 - 10” stationary. Only using the clip fans at this time. I will be doing an LST with SOG net to maximize yield; but more so to learn how to do it better. Only one plant for now. (Keeping It Simple KISS) Nutrient: I decided to give GH Flora Duo part A and B a try; because I don’t think I will have enough HP Flora Grow series for the complete grow. Cal-Mag Silica Orca Hydro-guard PH up and down Epson salt if needed PH and TDS/EC meters. 3 temp./ humidity monitors – low, middle, and the third one will be for the veg. tent. Tent Temperature c / Humidity: ( ) I water November 25th, transferred to paper towel on the 26th tap root appeared 8 hours later - transferred to rockwool or maybe coco/perlite TBD, maybe tomorrow. Germination occurred at temp 21.5 and 49% RH in sealable sandwich bag. I know this may not be the norm, but it is what my readings are. Current bucket: RO water Bucket temp. Initial readings: PH EC TDS Temperature: c Humidity % If I left something out, I will update accordingly; but feel free to ask questions. Keep on smiling, BB
  20. Hi guys. growing in soil now for just about a year .1.2m tent 8 inch extraction Passive intake. . 600hps. Normally run 4 plants average between 10-14 oz with a 4/5 week veg. Not great numbers but the bud always seems good quality. Looking to go hydro to see if i can increase yield a bit . My environment seems decent. Average lights on around 25 lights off 17/18. Stay in scotland so very rarely outside temp is over 20. Looking at dwc single pots most likely have been speaking with @badbillybob and his info has been great. Is it possible to run dwc bubbler buckets and have good results with the chiller?. The recirc system i would need would be to expensive and building one will need to wait.
  21. Hi, I have used Plant Magic before for DWC and were happy with the results. I am using it again but have a question please regarding flowering nutrients. I am following the DWC grow schedule as per: http://www.plant-magic.co.uk/userfiles/downloads/52/UK DWC Feed Chart.pdf According to chart there are things added to the mix when the plant enters flowering (Bloom etc) but there is nothing taken away. I thought that during flowering the plants need less Nitrogen, and so was expecting that the chart would reflect this but it doesn't. Can you please clarify why it seems that we are only to add things during flowering and not take things (Nitrogen) away? My cynical side, says the PM just wants us to use nitrogen when we need not, but I dont know.... Thanks in advance
  22. HI ALL, HELP AND ADVICE PLEASE,,,, shes 28 days old, was running 5.8 ph and 550 ppm, she was looking fine,i fimmed her, 2 days later now she is dying by the day!!!!, first fan leaves turn and curl,and plant looks droopy!! 2 days later now leaves are drying out and crumble to touch, roots are discoloured a little, but shes NOT drinking as plant is slowly withering and as stated leaves are dry, been spraying 2 -3 times a day with ph water only, shes on 450 ppm at mo, with 10 ml cal mag and 10 ml hydroguard in 3 gallon please help!!! see photos thanks
  23. hi all! I have two gelato autoflower (fastbuds) and had them under a 125 cfl in a small res tank with veg feed for the first couple of weeks (1ml/l) I last night moved them under my HPS in flowering tent in 25 l buckets with 1.5ml/l of flowering feed. I've set my light at 250w as they are still quite small. Overnight they have all whilted to the extent that 2 leaves are now almost touching the bucket lids. My PH is 5.7. I have a cool tube which is hooked up to a 6 inch extraction but this is set to 25% with my fan speed controller. anyone any ideas? the feed surely cannot be too strong? the only thing I can think of is that they are too cold as the cool tube will be taking what little heat comes off 250 out of the tent. no discolouration or marking on leaves. any input would be appreciated.
  24. Hi All, Please see below for my setup: I had intended to only grow 5, but due to me effing up a few seedlings, and due to an over abundance of caution I have planted more than I need a further 5 as can be seen in the propagator), thinking I may eff up at least some of them again. However, they all seem to be fine so far, so now I'm left with more plants than holes. You can see the top right guy doesn't look too good. I'm thinking he will get the bin, and then to squeeze 3 into the top right pot and then then other 2 into the top left, so the top left and right will have 3 rock wool plugs in them. I can then train them out of each others way as they grow. I'm thinking that because its a hydro grow, it would be OK to squeeze them in like this, as the pot is not the rooting medium, in this case the rooting medium is the 5 pot hydro tub. Is that a valid thing to say? I know that growing multiple plants in the same soil pot wont work, but I'm thinking that the situation is different for hydro? Has anyone tried this before? Appreciate any thoughts you guys might have on this? Cheers,