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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all, I got a Dutch Pro nutrient starter kit with came with a feeding chart, although my question is regarding the time scales. I'm not sure if im allowed to upload the actual chart here but it says: Vegetative growth seedlings and cuttings week 1 and week 2, then goes straight to Bloom period and has weeks 1-9. I am or at least was in the thinking of for the first 1 to 2 weeks after germination was just plain water then the nutrients after that. So if I am right in saying that (which I am very aware I may not be) then does that mean that their "veg week 1 and 2" would be closer to week 3 and 4 counting from day of germination, and then flip in week 5 totalling 13 weeks-ish from germination to harvest?
  2. here is a comprehensive go-to for your favourite nutrients. have nutes but dont know how much to use and when? or have you heard of a particular brand and want to know how they dose? check out these charts.... charts for: ADVANCED, BIOBIZZ, BLOOM, BHUDDAS TREE, BOTANICARE, CANNA, CHEMGEN, CX HORTICULTURE, CYCO, DUTCH PRO, EMERALD HARVEST, EVOPONIC, GENESIS, GH, HOUSE AND GARDEN, HYDROTOPS, IONIC, MILLS, PLANT MAGIC, SHOGUN, VITALINK they have recommended dosing for each week of the grow from 2 weeks @ seedling, 4 weeks veg and 8/9 weeks flower
  3. I’ve been using Dutch pro nutrients for the photosyns side but now I’m trying some autos do I need to purchase the Dutch pro auto flower nutrients or can I use the same ones for photosyns and could someone give me a rough guide on the feeding schedule from seedling to harvest please
  4. Hi, I’m hoping someone could help my confusion here, I had a read through previous threads but couldn’t find much on this topic. I’m going to be using the Dutch Pro soil nutes and found the chart abit confusing. I know a lot of you say don’t follow the charts and just make sure you EC is low but I’m questioning why the chart only has two weeks for veg and 9 weeks for flower. Here is a link to the chart https://dutchpro.com/feed-charts/#iLightbox[a03fad7592e7850073d]/0
  5. Greetings growers! So im following this chat and iv mixed it and the ec is four times the suggested level. So iv watered it down. Is that all there is to it or am i missing something? Do i need to just get the A & B to 1.8 ec in a liter of water, then add the root it and multi total after or is it that i need the whole mix to be at 1.8 ec? Iv never test ec before, iv only tested ph in the past. Im hand watering right now until they've rooted properly. Then moving them to autopots that use a reservoir so need to have it figured out by then. Thanks for reading
  6. Hi all, I fucked up and ordered Bloom nutes for soil (Dutch Pro) and I needed hydro. I can't return them as they're open as I didn't notice until I was about to use it . From what I can see on the Dutch pro website, it's just not as strong. What do you all think? can I use it or have I wasted £50? I'm using a Wilma System The Hydro nutes: 4.9%NO3 5.9%K2O 1.3%SO 0.006%B 0.015%Mn 0.4%NH4 3.7%CaO 0.4%Na2O 0.002%Cu 0.002%Mo 2.1%P2O5 1.4%MgO 0.3%CI 0.021%Fe 0.006%Zn N-P-K 5-2-6 TOTAL The Soil nutes: 4.4%NO3 5.5%K2O 1.1%SO 0.006%B 0.015%Mn 0.4%NH4 3.7%CaO 0.2%Na2O 0.002%Cu 0.002%Mo 1.7%P2O5 1.0%MgO 0.2%CI 0.013%Fe 0.004%Zn
  7. Hi its my first time using Dutch Pro Explode, has any one used it on a G13 Haze before. when was the best times to use and how was it for you cheers
  8. I have been growing with ionic for years and can achieve some nice quality but just not the best yields. I am growing in a 1.2 x 1.2 tent and everything is for personal use so I'm aiming more for quality but the maximum yield I have achieved has been about 15oz dried. I have read a lot about growers aiming for 1g/watt and am pretty sure I will never get there with ionic. I have grown in soil, coco and recently switched to the autopots all using ionic and I'm thinking it's time for a change. I have done a lot of reading and think I'll go with canna, Dutch pro or growers ark, for base nutes at least. Does anyone have experience using these preferably with the autopots? Also is there one additive/supplement that you wouldn't go without? As I said I'm looking for quality over quantity but the best of both worlds would be nice haha. Cheers
  9. Good evening all, i've been given a sample bottle of Dutch Pro Explode and so was wondering if anyone has used this in soil and is it any good? I grow in Plant Magic soil, nutrients are PM Oltimer Grow and Bloom. Any advice on amounts per litre and how often would be much appreciated. Says on the bottle its suitable for every irrigation system, culture on soil, hydro and coco, dosage is 100ml per 100 litres water. All the best.
  10. Hi there folks. This is probably a daft question but here goes anyways. When mixing nutrients (I'm gonna be using dutch pro for soil) and aiming for a dosage of 2-3 ml per liter of water (as per Dutch pro instructions), does it mean 2-3 ml total or 2-3 ml each of A and B?