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Found 16 results

  1. My plants are suffering from the symptoms shown in the pictures. These begin in thelower fan leaves but quickly affect all the fan leaves. The leaves get rust spots. Then the spots enlarge, the edges dry up and eventually the leaf dries up and dies. The plants always get this after the second week of flowering. Until then they are perfectly healthy. The are vegged in fluro tents then moved to CMH lamp tents for the flowering. Pots - 15 litres medium - Canna terra pro (not plus) feeds - 2ml canna flores, 1ml canna npk per liter of water water - rain water (EC 0.2) ph - 6.5 (after feeds added) feed solution EC 0.8 Tent temperature 22-26C humidity 55-65% runoff EC 2.5 runoff PH 5.4 plants - Soud dosidos, honey cream, gorilla zkitlez note: I did experiment with regular tap water - that brings the ph up to 1.2. No improvement I have also tried on other plants to cut out the feed so as to try and bring the EC run off down (it has been up 3.5EC) to the same level as the feed solution. But after two weeks of no food the plants were not improving (probably starving) and the EC run off was still 2.5 pictures to follow as soon as I am able...
  2. Kief pellets

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. G'day all, I've done a few bubble runs over the last week or so and arsed things up. One run was an ordeal - the bubble was so sticky it was like working with tar. I'm amazed I got anything from it at all since it immediately welded itself to anything it touched: bags, pressing screens, hands, kitchen. I literally (OK, maybe not literally), practically had to hose my entire kitchen down with iso. I attempted to freeze and grate it, which was only partially successful since after 10 secs out the freezer, it was the consistency of warm shatter, and set it out to dry. Yesterday, I was collecting some up from the drying tent and picked up the wrong tray - the sticky one which had only been drying for 3 days. The good grades are now a solid mass in jars which I don't think was fully dry, and I could do with a little advice on what to do now. I intend to press all the hash with a hot bottle (a la Frenchy), so freezing the bubble would not be a problem, but I would rather keep it as bubble since I have different grades/strains and would like the freedom to press 'blends', as and when. So, do I: A, Freeze the bubble and take bits, as and when (preferred option)? B, Freeze the bubble and try to grate and dry it again? C, Press it all now (will the hot bottle be sufficient to remove the moisture I think may still be in there). I doubt this will work, but...? D, Turn it into a rosin/shatter (I really, really don't want to do this since I dab very rarely)? I am aware of the argument that freezing breaks tric heads, but since it was fresh frozen, and frozen to grate, that horse has already bolted. Also, it will be pressed as soon as it comes out the freezer, so I'd much rather freeze it than run the risk of it molding (which I'm fairly sure will happen if I leave it as it is). It is only 12 grams, but that is quite a lot to me. Any ideas anyone? Many thanks
  4. Hi I hope someone can offer a little advice please! I have a pair of nice, fast growing, cuts that maxed out their 3lt pots two weeks after potting on from 0.5lt. Growing in 100% coco, they are dry (maybe 80% dry) in 24 hours. I'd like to avoid 3 things: 1 - having to water them twice a day; 2 - potting up into 6lts; 3 - trimming their roots. The question; can I use clay pebbles on the top of the medium (100% coco) to help reduce evaporation? Or, should I just bite it and get on with one or more of the three things I'd rather avoid? Any advice appreciated, even if its - "stop being a lazy bastard and just water them twice" Also, I'm not sure if this thread is posted in the right section - sorry if its not.
  5. From the album Odb

  6. GG4 x Leeroy OG

    From the album Random Uploads

    This is a special pheno of a breeder tester pack Mother GG4 (from clone) Father Leeroy OG Rare Dankness from Seed. Think it's the favorite thing I've grown and smoked in 5 years, the dry sift yields have been massive.
  7. Eyup! I have never made hash before, but I have some trim from my recent harvest and just want some opinions and explanations as to what method people prefer. Im a yorkshireman, which means I dont want to spend more than I really have to. Id rather redneck something if I could. If I dry sift, Im going to need at least one or 2 different mircon silk screens (and maybe dry ice). If I do bubble, Im going to need the bag set. What is peoples prefernce? So far all I have bought is a T bar pollen presser. Regards and thanks.
  8. Coming to the end of my grow now so want to start planing. Ive got 4 on the grow in a tent with a 400w hps bulb. My house turns the heating off at night and being in england can get cold around this time. Ive been using my hps for some heat in the tent, but when your drying theyre meant to be in darkness. Any ideas are more then welcome!
  9. Hello All, I love the site and the information! A little question that I can't seem to find the answer to..... I am due to harvest next week. I only use the lovely flowers and trim for edibles (butter) and never smoke it. Do I need to dry and cure my plants or can I just decarb (Decarboxylation) then slowly in the oven to remove all the moisture? Looking at 115c for 1 hour, or more depending on how dry and toasty it gets..... I have decarb'ed and made butter lots of times, but this is the first time I have my own plants. Advice would be very helpful. thanks in advance
  10. Hello everyone here is a nice video showing some very pure hash made from our automatic cheese that was seeded to create our seed,s but also produced some excellent 90-95% pure heads. This was a relatively gentle bounce on the dry sift screen,s we could have been a lot more aggressive with the material but we wanted the best product with the least amount of contaminates . Enjoy y`all D-M.
  11. Dusty - Dried and ready to cure

    From the album Dusty

  12. Dusty - All jarred up!

    From the album Dusty

  13. Hi there, I've had a wee tub (about 3g) of dry sieve bout the place for ages, and just haven't really been bothered with it. I've just pulled a couple of the girls down and am tempted to run the trim for oil instead of bubble like I normally do. I was just wondering if anyone has ever topped up the evaporating tray with extra crystals (the dry sieve) when there is still a good amount of butane left with the HoneyBee? OR use the coffee pot method and dose the trim with dry sieve when soaking? I have pressed hash plenty of times - but have only thought of this one recently! Wanted to know if you people think its worthwhile or have done it before or if I should just keep them separate and make jelly with them? Cheers!
  14. What are people doing with this? I have just started growing with soil, using biobizz all mix. I flowered some Black Jack autos and I now have some Whiteberry in veg, after 8 weeks from showing there is one plant at 90cm tall, one at 80cm and two smaller ones, at about 50cm and 60cm. This morning the large plant had dried out completely, was looking a little droopy, and she drank 3lts of water with 1ml per litre of biogrow. The other plants were sitting in pots still a little heavy with water and looked healthy so I will water them another day..... I am not worried about the 4 Whiteberry being different sizes, when I switch the lighting cycle in a week or so I can bend the taller plant and I have the two smaller raised up anyway, so I can get a canopy going. My question is, with organic growing, do you need to let the pot dry out completely before watering again? I understand the organic nutes are not absorbed by the plant right after watering but only when the pot has dried out a bit. How dry does the pot have to be before you should water the plant... ....I am thinking just letting each plant individually dry out until it looks thirsty then giving it water and nutes. I am used to growing in canna, where it is wet all the time, but that seemed to be contributing to some kind of fungus in my tent, which eventually gave the plants stem rot. With growing in soil the problem is manageable, I think because the fungus cannot survive a long enough dry cycle....