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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, it's my first run, my girl is not looking good, please help. Grow space: very small and short (38x38cmx 75cm high) and the plant is at the end of week 4. Light schedule 18/6, XS1000 100W @50%, actual distance to canopy around 30cm Temp: Night 22° C, Day 27-28.8°C (since yesterday I dialed the light back at 45% and have 27.3°C during the day) Pot: 6-7L, 28cm diameter, 10-12cm high, diy Airpot Substrate: 2 parts Lechuza-Pon (Zeolite Mix), 1 Part Soil Water: reverse osmosis +0,3mg/ CalMag from BioBizz, 1-2L each 2 days Nutes: BioBizz Grow, Bloom, TopMax, each 1mg/l My girl was always a little droopy, but I thought maybe it s the strain. Week 2 and 3 she grew very bushy and very low. Since middle of week 3 up to now I've been doing LST and cut 2 fan leaves. Yesterday I noticed that almost all leaves are droopy now, even more than before and that some of the lower leaves turned yellow. Also, 2 leaves have have brown spots on them. Usually I water until I have 2-3cm under the perforated bottom of the pot and the Lechuza substrate is sucking that back over 1 day (the pot bottom has 3-4 feet with substrate in it, which are sitting in water at the bottom of the outer container). Yesterday I took out the pot and saw there were some pretty long roots (even 10cm long) sitting in the water. I cut the longest ones and watered only with Calmag and less than usually (only 1liter), so there was no water on the bottom. Needless to say I am very worried and would like to hear your advice. Is it a nutelock? Is it overwatering? Is it a light burn? I can t tell, please help
  2. Hi all, I posted earlier about same grow, different issue (one of my three is having a bad time, topic linked at the end) but my other issue is, of the two remaining plants, both of which were thriving, one is now drooping, growth has slowed and the other one is still doing great. same strain as each other. Same feeding. Is it overwatered? They are 27 days old, White Thunder. EC is currently 850 ppm (500 scale) and I am feeding them 3 x per day for 15 minutes via my wilma system, in clay pebbles, 18 litre pots. Currently under 600 watt but I have a dimmable ballast so could it be too much for the droopy one? maybe should turn it down to 400?). I'm using Dutch Pro hydro and vita link root stim, in a 1.2 by 1.2 by 2m tent here is the good one here is the droopy one. it wasn't droopy 24 hours ago. only change was turning light up: Also has the tiniest bit of pale yellow at the tips of one of two leaves other topic:
  3. Hello all I’m after some help I transplanted my cuttings into new rdwc system on Saturday and they were looking very stressed out I did damage a few roots but they had plenty so hoping they would pull through. Anyway they have progressively started to look worse everyday this week extremely droopy curled down leaves the roots are still growing as they’ve found their way out of net pots and about to touch down into the nutrient solution. AIR TEMPS DAY 24/25.4 NIGHT 18/19 ROOT TEMPS 19/20 EC 0.6 Humidity is on the low side around 40 lights on 50/60 lights off I’ve got a little seedling that seems to be doing just fine in my environment. So do I wait and see if they pick up over the next week or pull them all and plug up another three beans to run. I’m short on time this run as my tenancy runs out may so they need to be finished and in jars by then. Please any help from experienced dwc growers would be highly appreciated. heres a few pictures of them beginning of the week And now they look like this
  4. Hi, One of the little ones is looking droopy and has a brown/blackish leaf tip and a bit of yellow discoloration. They are on EC 0.4, very mild mix of the plant magic range. Its been pretty hot recently , but I suppose the others would have suffered similarly if tit was due to the heat, but they seem fine. Does anyone know what it may be from these bad (sorry) photos?: can see one of the healthyones in the background: Leaf tip discoloration: Thanks for any advice
  5. Hi guys I’m new here. I will start a diary and list all of the stuff using later on today. For now I’m hoping some of you guys can help. i was watering my plants with feed every 2 days and leaving the coco to get dry in between. I now understand that it should be done every day and never left to get dry like soil. So yesterday I gave them enough feed to give them 20% run off, there not sat in their own run off either. I’m using 16 litre root pouches and they took about 1900ml each to achieve 20% runb off. plants are even worse this morning does that mean they were actually over watered? Although I’ve always let them get dry. Any advice appreciated thankyou!!
  6. Hello from the South-West! This is my first grow. I could really use a second pair of eyes to see what the problem may be, and any help would be amazing! After researching and looking at diagnostic photos my guess is that it could be a... Nitrogen Deficiency? My Indoor setup: 2 x Skunk No.1 plants. 11ltr pots. 3rd week into Flowering. (Had 2 months of vegetive growth) Secret Jardin DR60 tent (60x60x170cm). Mars Hydro 400w LED Light. Can Rk Fan 100A with filter. Feeding with Plant Magic Soil Grow and Bloom. Problems: Losing bottom leaves. Usually older ones. A hand full every 3/4 days. Older lower leaves getting brown spots, becoming crispy, thin, droopy and weak. New growths at the bottom end are a very pale green. Some almost yellow. Weak. Droopy and curling inwards. Top leaves are suffering few brown spots and tips. White bubbly patches I cant identify? 5% of pistils getting brown tips now too. This is a very recent thing though. Everything seemed to be going very well until the last 2 weeks of vegetive growth. Few brown spots appeared and some leaves getting crispy. Assumed I over fertilised and eased off it for a couple weeks. (originally doing water,water,feed.) Problem seemed to be getting worse and I realised I could of been too careful and under fertilised. As the plants have started the flowering period the problem seems to be escalating. Since i've done a few soil slurry's and tried to fertilise more frequently. Between 14th and 20th I fed 3 times on half strength bloom (2ml per ltr. Watering each plant just over ltr water every 3 days) Slurry Results: 1st Jan: PH: 6.10, EC: 0814 us/cm, PPM 0407. 17th Jan: PH: 6.2, EC: 0880 us/cm, PPM 0444. 23rd Jan: PH: 6.6, EC: 0710 us/cm, PPM 355. (I did water plants first then take the slurry on this one.. would this of fudged the results?) Im not sure what I should do. From the slurry results I feel like I should keep feeding every time I water until I get higher results..making me think its a deficiency (Nitrogen?). But I'm also worried I may be burning them at the same time. A flush is something I've considered too. Thanks for any help, Cheers everyone!
  7. Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and nicely stoned! I have been having a list of never ending problems that i am just starting to get past but just cant quite clear the end of it. A short time ago i done built a whole new grow room out of wood. The idea was to make the most of my spare space and improve some of my equipment. For those of you interested in knowing more about the spec just check this link and you will get the run down... https://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=372839&hl= To start with i did have some clones that i had vegged up and put in the new box under the new CMH lighting. They were quite healthy to begin with but the did need a pot up but nothing major... Its worth mentioning that in the same room i have 2 tents with plants in with no problems. One mother tent with no real problems, and a 60cm squre tent with a 150w mh. Both no problems. I vegged them up for about 4 weeks or so and they had barley grown. They hated the environment. I also had really bad problems with fungus gnats and i put the problems down to that as it was really bad and nothing worked in getting rid of them. I used gnat off, multitude of sprays, smoke bombs, and gnat nix (recycled ground glass on top 4” of pot to stop them reproducing). Nothing made a blind bit of difference, i even let the pots dry out to the point they nearly started to wilt before i watered to stop the larvae. No hope so i decided to let the plants die in the pot as they were clearly not going to produce anything worth the time judging by the 3” growth in about 4 weeks. After they all died in their pots i cleared out my growing space and sprayed everything down with multiple pesticides about 4 times, let of smoke bombs daily for about a week and half. Ok i chalked them up to the fungus gnats which i thought was funny as they aren’t the most harmful pests but i had a lot of them. In the mean time i had started some seeds as i wanted to do some pheno hunting and hopefully find a stud male. I cracked 10 x Yeti OG F3 from loompa farms and 5 white OG from karma genetics. They were going with no problem or hiccup in the 60cm tent under the 150 MH. I eventually repotted them and put them in the wooden box under the CMH bulbs... After about a day they had all drooped heavily and looked like they were on their way out. I thought it might be the light intensity as temps were fine so i turned one of the CMH bulbs off and checked regularly. Temps stayed fine but still, no joy as they just got worse if anything. They had stayed droopy as fuck and started loosing colour from the bottom upwards for about 4 days before i decided to see what would happen if i put them under normal MH lighting as that was the biggest change from their previous environment in which they were flourishing and healthy. I put in a normal 400W mh light and went to work. I cam back 8 hours later to find all my plants not drooping and looking about 60% better. I was and still am puzzled as to why this is was, but i was just happy to see i still had plants that could recover and i could still have a decent phenol hunt. Thought i was out of the woods but the gnats managed to come back but have so far not been as bad as before and i have been adding liquid oxy /oxy plus and gnat off to the water to hopefully kill any larvae. Any way the plants started to droop again i noticed so i got chatting to a few good pals that also grow as i was growing tired and hoped a fresh eye to the situation would help... it did as they got me to check my humidity and it was low at around 25% and in all my other tents it was about 40% - 45%. I got a large bowl of water and left out and the humidity rose to around 30% and the next day they had started to go back to normal. Since then i have brought 2 humidifiers to run in there during lights on to raise humidity, they work and the plants are mostly happy and all new growth looks good on most of them, a couple look a little rough still but nothing to far gone. I am also going to line the box with plastic silver or white sheeting to hopefully stop the wood drawing too much humidity out of the air. Now the thing i need your help on is the fact i have noticed that my plants are still drooping in the last 3-4 hours of their day and i cant work out why as the next morning after their 6hrs darkness they are all perked back up and look healthy. But they look like shit for the last few hours. I have just potted up 10 Sour Power OG from karma genetics and put in the environment a day or 2 ago now and these plants don’t droop in the last few hours of the day as you will be able to see in the pictures. Any suggestions on why this is or what is causing it. All plants are in hand watered coco, and under 2 x 400w MH lights with lights on tmeps around 25c-27c. Any advice on plant drooping, humidity, gnat management would be great as these are all new problems from me. Thanks in advanced for reading and trying to help with my problems, i know it was a long read and appreciate any and all help as i just need things to get back on track as i have run out of bud a good while ago and don’t want to waste any more time, electricity or plants. Manny Thanks Fatcalyx
  8. 20160102 223828 Copy

    From the album bubbleberry

    this plant isn't looking so good, unlike any of the others, the branches that support the fan leaves look very droopy and weak, I've drawn some circles to show what i mean. at first i thought over watered but this is not the case.
  9. Good day to all I am currently growing 5 plants in a 120x60x180 tent with 2 x 250w hps. When initially put into my set up they were 12 inch tall and healthy, I put them in 11 litre pots with canna terra professional plus soil and fed only water every other day. To begin with they show normal growth and seemed to be fine, but around 2 weeks ago they started to yellow and slow in growth. I had not long finished a grow using the exact same set up, the only thing i can see that has changed is the time of year. i.e. the cold weather. I have insulated the pots and used 2 1 ft green house heaters and the temps have been fine for the past week or so. But still getting worse... Im starting to think its a problem with the soil / up take of nutes? Can anyone give any advice? Thanks in advance, John