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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Having read many of the topics on drip and drain systems, I am fairly happy with how it all works and how to set up a basic system to water my plants, which are in coco. I am thinking of the Rhizo Drip and Drain System. However, I do have a few questions: Do you guys clean the pipes with anything? If so, what do you use and how frequently do you apply? Do you recommend putting any sort of air pump in the flexi tank? Do you put any sort of filter on any of the waste pipes, or anywhere else, to stop any medium from entering into the waste pump located in the brain pot? Is there any other tips you think might be useful? All help much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi guys done a few grows in soil but watering is becoming an issue as i can be away a few days at a time. Getting a wilma and have decided on clay pebbles. Few questions how do you start a seed in clay pebbles? Rockwool ? Root riot cubes? Or something else? next question heard good things about ionic nutrients so have decided on them can i use silver bullets with this? How often should i set feed timer Whats ideal ph and ec for this system thanks in advance guys dont want to muck it up .
  3. Hi all, I am trying to build a really simple system to adjust PH automatically for a coco grow. Basically the idea is a permanently submerged PH sensor in the tank talks to a rasberry pi or similar which then releases the required amount of (in my case with my water supply it will always be) PH down. I have a buddy who can handle the coding, what I am really looking for are suggestions as to a dripping mechanism or some type of optic (like for pub spirits) that could be manipulated with a motor or in some way switched on/off by the controller. Ultimately we would use the same mechanism/optic to dose the nutes into the mix but for now we just want to identify a suitable mechanism for administering the ph adjustment liquid. Have done loads of google searches but still havent a clue. have read over the rasberry pi threads on here but they seem to be mainly for environment controllers etc. and WAY more complicated than what we want/can handle just looking for a simple but accurate mechanism/tool for dosing small amounts of liquid that we can automate mechanically with some kind of motor (or failing that gravity) any suggestions very welcome, cheers MM
  4. Hi all, so I've just joined up. I wanted to start growing my own flower, mainly because im tired of the crap chemical laced stuff available here. This will be my first ever grow and im hoping to document it on here to share my experiences but also to get some valuable help from you guys where possible too! My Set up 75cm X 75cm X 200cm Bud Box Pro Tent ViparSpectra 600w LED (270watt draw with veg and bloom switches) Hydrotops Bioponics Nutrients formulated for hard water areas CalMag Wilma Dripper System Kenley intake fan 4 inch Black Orchid 4 inch Mixed Flow outtake fan 2 oscillating fans, one at bottom one at top coco coir 60/40 perlite smart pots 2 X Original White Widow IBL, 1 X Critical by Royal Seeds, 1 Dutch Kush from Paradise Seeds I started with 3 widows, 3 dutch kush and 1 critical but only these 4 showed heads through the soil Ive decided to mainline all 4 plants, and at time of writing ive done all 4 with various levels of success! I used the paper towel method to germinate before putting the roots in to soil to avoid giving nutes for first few weeks. after 2 weeks i transferred in to coco coir I water my ladies twice a day for 15 minute intervals, once when the lights turn on and once about half way through PH sits around 6.0 if it falls within .1 i leave it. PPM has been about 900+ (my water is 500 from the tap) Ive noticed over the past few weeks the plants we struggling a little with some yellowing and then holes developing on the leaves. Ive purchased yellow sticky pads from the local hydro store and ive removed the effected leaves as i think its thrips and don't want it to spread. I will start adding pics in chronological order, i hope you guys enjoy the ride!
  5. Hi all. Just wanting to find out how many people use auto dripper system up in theyre loft grows. I have experimented once but it was not on a timer. I simply turned it on manually and waited until I acheived good run off before turning the pump back off. That way worked, although I lost 5 inches of height which can be a bugger I felt I had much more vigorous growth than I do handfeeding. I would love to go onto an automated timer that came on for every 12 hours and slowly dripping through for 1 hour per feed, but Id like to know if anybody does have an automated drip setup in their loft and if they have ever had problems, with leaks or flooding, due to something going wrong? And, if you have any tips for collecting run off whilst limiting height loss would be sweet. The glass on my hoods are at 1.6m high.
  6. Hi I'm wanting to install a dripper system into my setup as hand watering 28 coco pots is a bit of a chore Basically looking for advice on what pumps, drippers etc are good ,and what not to use. Any advice or tips etc would be very much appreciated. I understand the basic concept just unsure what will work for my setup.
  7. I dont know if many people have seen it know there is a thread on it somewhere but i ordered from local shop today a Run Too Anywhere system too try and eliminate risk of walking down the garden in full view of neighbours windows with a watering can. I using a 125l flexi res , maxi jet pump, 4 x halo dripper rings as the drip irrigation, bought a air stone and pump too keep nutes fresh only a small pump but hopefully will be enough. the run too waste trays sit in the tent , one for each pot and each tray has a waste pipe using a sealing gland running too a brain pot. The brain pot reaches a certain level and pumps the waste either back into the res or into a waste bucket they didnt have a demo of the trays so i couldnt work out if the waste level is below or above the level that the float switch kicks in , if not im going to have to get a m2 pallet from some where and black and white plastic it too raise the pot level. Am hoping i can fill the res and mix nutes then just top up with 25ls of pre mixed nutes every 4 - 5 days (not sure on that time scale probs wrong but just a guesstimate) so once is set up appart from switch from veg to flower which will mean tank emptyinng wont be much maintance as will be run to waste and ec shouldnt change of the mixed nutes only the ph may fluctuate?? (correct me if im wrong) also another concern is the coco getting down waste pipes and wondered if is a worthwhile investment to buy 4 more inline filters for waste lines as well or if any other suggestions? will take pics and post them once set it up on tuesday but looks like a great system and hopefully can run it all year round where tank isnt in the tent . any thoughts on these systems please give me some advice as i jus trying to make sure i dont end up with any problems once it all set up