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Found 2 results

  1. Well ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again already! it comes round so fast doesn't it? any way, this year i am growing three strains, do sweet do, blackjack, and jack 47. they will be grown in a soilless mix of gold label "compost" blended with coco with add charge and wormcasts, the ratio is 6/3/1 or close as i can get it, i've already got a tent full of jack 47 using this mix and they look quite happy in the second week of flower so far. lighting will be a 400w hps greenpower for vegging and a 600w greenpower hps for flowering, automated ventilation and horticultural heat mats for the root temperature stability. the tent is a 1m2 for vegging and 1.2m2 for flowering feeding will be seaweed extract for the first week of each pot up, then fishmix until next pot up, then in flower it will be a mix of fishmix and biobizz bloom. so, where are the ladies i hear you ask? well here they come! first up we have the super crystally do sweet do, if you want to make hash you can't go wrong with this heavy hitting resin factory, these three cuttings come from a revegged mum that was left to the sunny weather over the summer. next up we have the lovely, well known blackjack, i don;t think i need to say anything about this one, but she's a great couchlock/sleep provider! for me at least. these two cuttings were also from a mum that was revegged in the glorious sunshine we had this summer. and finally i have three cuttings that have just recently started showing their roots, jack 47, these cuttings come from the mother plants that are in my flower tent right now, they are quite a stretchy lot so i will be looking to try to train these three to get a bit more control come flowering. these are the now famous "ratdog party cups" ™ they are brilliant at maintaining a humid environment and you can see the roots develop without messing them about like i usually do! so there, that's all for today, let the games begin!
  2. So here we go again ladies and gentlemen, the 6th sweet seeds competition. first a big thanks to the SS crew for giving me the sees of choice and for running this great and generous comp again here on the mighty UK420 I have wetted 2 of each of the Gorilla Girl, Black Jack and the Do Sweet Do and they are now sat in a mini unheated prop on a heat mat in my nursery/veg room with the probe in the compost of one so they have full control of the temps for a speedy germination, none of this paper towel malarkey! they will be vegged under a 315w cmh for as long at least 6 weeks, preferably longer but we will see how things go in the flower room. they are in gold label special mix and i will be adding dolomite lime in the potting up to combat my soft water here. well that's all for today, if you want to give up now i don't blame you, this comp is already in the bag