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Found 18 results

  1. Dinafem kindly sent me some orange juice to grow out .. They will be started in canna prof coco and watered in using Biosys and nitrozyme at ph 6. They are then placed on top of wet clay balls in a heated prop with no lid ..I now have a small veg tent 70x50x90 , for vegative growth I use a Zeus board using lm301b Samsung Diyleduk offers similar specs for similar money now , the flowering will be under a Diyleduk custom unit aka scope350 irc.. Three seeds popped in for this round leaving two for another run ... Orange Juice... Thats it for now till next time take it easy......
  2. The unit Diyleduk sent me to test arrived today. He more on the ball than me pm me at 1pm to ask if it arrived as it had not.. it came not long after. The box was how it should be just my address on Packaging was very good nothing could move.. This is a well thought out and assembled unit , much better than other offerings It came fully assembled just had to plug it in .. it’s a good idea to wear some eye protection it’s bloomin bright here the unboxing and first power on .. The diary where this be logged is bellow thats it for now till next time take it easy
  3. I have been lucky enough to be gifted some seeds to do a diary here , cheers .. I was given two Blueberry cheesecake , sexbud and c99 , I thought I try the Blueberry cheesecake as we all like cake ... I prepped canna prof coco with charge and watered in using Biosys and Nitrozyme at a ph 6 .. They are in a small tent , 70x50x90 under a Zeus lm301b Samsung board , when bigger they go under the Diyleduk unit ...the Zeus will be set at 60w first when they show 3500k ..The new veg tent seems ok so far , five inch rvk on a varic.. Thats it for now till next time take it easy ......
  4. Scope samung strips kits Scope strip kits Samsung strip kits uk diyleds diyleduk samsung quantum boards uk This thread is for everything scope samsung strip kits related. Any enquiries or general questions or requests, just post in in here. Ill also be adding stock announcements and data ive been collection here too. Comparison parmaps between HPS and leds as requested aswell as technical stuff that may interest some folks.
  5. I'm relatively new to growing, as this is only my 4th grow. Currently growing Fastbuds StarDawg and Pineapple Express auto in soil. Both popped 11 days ago, but the stardawg maybe stunted and wondering if its worth keeping? It had a difficult start, I had to remove the seed case and later open the Cotyledon manually as after 5 days it hadn't opened itself. In the picture below the stardawg at top has shown miniscule growth over the last 6 days and it may never get to anything I guess though it seerms strong and healthy despite size. Environment: Soil, biobizz allmix (Nutes will be when needed, biobizz grow, flower) Day temp 75-77 Night temp 65-68 Water from tap about ph 7.2, not +-ph'd as I understand biobizz buffers to 6.3-6.5 5" plastic pot at this stage, to be moved to 8ltr Air Pots later. My last grow I started Sour Orange and Stardawg in 8ltr Air Pots successfully so wanted to see how well they would do starting in the 5" pot. 60x60x140 tent 2 Viparspectra 300w lights (hope to replace these with an hlg 150w board from diyleduk in a few months when finances allow) 4" extractor+filter 50w 12" tube heater Any ideas if stardawg will eventually burst forth? Or I'm thinking of replacing it with a Critical Kush photoperiod if it doesn't.
  6. Quantum boards uk quantum board uk hlg quantumboards Due to the amount of preorders there's only a couple of kits left. If some pre orders cancel ill put more up. Restock soon The 135s will go out on monday and the 265s will go out tuesday/wednesday depending on if i sleep this weekend or not. 135w kit. good for a 60x60 area. https://www.diyleduk.co.uk/product-page/135w-quantum-board-v2-kit-dimmable 265w kit. good for a 80x80cm area. Or i can extend it for a 1.2x0.6cm area. https://www.diyleduk.co.uk/product-page/265w-quantum-board-v2-kit-dimmable Ill the info is on the page. Sphere data/SPD/par maps/wattage. HLG are one of the few companies to post this publicly. Heres the 550 TEST REPORT the kits come in a little lower (data on products page) due to the 1% lower driver efficiency. Good luck
  7. Today I am stoked to be starting a new diary with HSO’s Chocolate Mint OG aka ‘CMOG’. I always lean towards the indica dominant genetics - so this strain is right up my street! I would like to thank @HSO-Mark for getting the seeds shipped around Europe for me basically. I have had a blast doing the Gorrilla Breath and Lemon Garlic OG diary on this forum which is on the final couple of weeks, so I am really looking forward to doing this diary now with a bit more confidence and having read other members diaries which have been excellent. I will go into a bit more details on this diary compared to my first one - so it as complete as can be... If it is light or heavy on info, let me know and I will try to sort it out Strain Info - 80% Indica / 20% Sativa - Emerald OG x Grandaddy Purple - 55-65 days - 22-26% THC Setup & Environment I run 2 tents for veg and flower, they are as follows: 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.8m Secret Jardin Veg Tent with Scope 150 LED light (DiyLedUK). 2.4m x 1.2m x 2.3m Hydrolab Tent running Atreum LED's (DiyLedUK). Now I am based 38 LAT - so my environment is not the most ideal during July til mid September.. The LED's are going to help me out here with the ability to dim them along with having cool air being drawn from a room in the house that stays around 25-27c even during the peak of summer. I also have an 8000 BTU portable air conditioning unit if things start to heat up too much and can get some boost bucket reloads for some Co2 which will also raise heat tolerance... I do want to try and use the AC as little as possible to be honest though, so may get more creative once it is end of July time. Fortunately during veg mist coolers can be used as humidity is not an isse - they are quite effective and 1/4 of watts than the AC unit. Medium & Nutes I generally use General Hydroponics nutrients on Spurr's profile for anyone following my Gorilla Breath and Lemon Garlic OG diary, however this was because that diary was DWC. I have a real love hate relationship with DWC/true hydro and during summer months it is a complete write off as I do not like running chillers etc. My aim is to reduce watts, not add it... So I am going back to my favorite growing medium - COIR! With coir I like to run Cyco base nutes, cal-mag, silicon and Mammoth P with Bluelab PH/EC meters for reading levels: The coir mix will be 90/10 - coir/perlite and I am using 'UGRO' coir blocks which I have then prepared with a sieve and water to get all the crappy fibers out. I have not used this coir before but it was actually recommended to me on a topic I created in the coir forum on here, so I am sure it will rock! I think that’s all I can about everything.. SO, Let’s get this show on the road with germination! Seeds placed in cups with unbalanced RO water to start with for around 18 hours or so: I will check on them later to make sure they have all sunk or give them a little poke down. Tomorrow I will move them to paper towels or straight into coir and into an incubator kept at 25c and high humidity. So I will update again when we have some life forming All comments, feedback, advice welcomed - particularly around the LED’s as this is my first run with them, so I am a complete rookie... I have learned a few things using the Scope on a mother plant a couple of weeks, so not going in completely blind. Cheers
  8. So a couple of weeks back I received the Blueberry Cookies seeds - I was actually down for testing the Wedding Cake release and due to some delays with them getting the release out, @Dinafem-Mark was kind enough to offer a replacement strain to do - so thanks Mark and Dinafem! I am already following some great diaries of growers running this strain currently, so I know the genetics will perform and have some nice references to aid me into the unknown... I have never run a photo period Cookie strain before, but have run Blueberry from cuts a couple of years - so this will be a lot of fun! This diary I feel is a little similar starting out to my “Sweet Like Chocolate” diary over in the HSO section, so if you would like to know further details on equipment, environment, nutrients in detail - I would encourage you to check that out Strain Info: - 60% Indica / 40% Sativa - Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies - 55-60 days - 18% THC I only germinated 3 beans as my tents are a little full at the moment with Dinafem autos, seedlings and cuts for the next couple of weeks. Seeds were germinated with the 'cup n water' method for around 18-24 hours and then sowed straight into coco coir. After the first true leaves formed I put them on 200ppm (0.5 scale) of cal-mag and cyco base nutrients and a few days later added House & Garden Roots Excelurator. They are being grown under a 150w Scope LED light (DiyLedUK) which is set 24" from the plants dimmed to around 100w after starting out at 60w 18" away. Only 2/3 seeds made it, but it is no issue at all. I can pop the other 2, take clones or whatever.. I have got out of the habit of trigger popping seeds and ending up with plants everywhere once they start to grow.. Live and learn as I get older... Apparently 9 days from germination The H&G doing it's magic on the roots also: I will transplant them up tomorrow and check back in - just been a bit busy with various bits and bobs. Cheers ps. Sorry, just had to be done:
  9. Hey, In an effort to make some serious medicinal oil I am going to grow out and extract CBD Plus. This will most probably be mixed with an extraction of Karma Genetics Fruity Pebble Rado (FPR). With this method I am hoping to have a high CBD AND THC medicine, probably mixing the two oils at a 1:1 ratio for a hopefully narcotic, relaxing effect. I know that THC 1:1 CBD strains exist (shout to Sweet Seeds Honey Peach Auto) but I am hoping for a stronger oil when mixing the two. A learned friend of mine will do the extraction - he gets very good results out of a big Grand Daddy Purp grown in his garden every year so I'm hoping my indoors can match the potency. He has lab testing and experience so I'm excited for the numbers on paper as well. I've grown out the FPR before and it gave incredibly strong head and body high. This time I will let it go a little longer for a real narco effect. It's top stuff! Since that grow I have been looking for a high CBD plant and Dinamed CBD Plus came at a great time! I'll be growing in biobizz light mix for the starter pots and I may step up to allmix for the bigger pots. It's a small grow; 4 plants in 7l pots, two of each strain. Their sunny days will be provided by two small QB's; 135w (dimmable) and 75w (not so dimmable) from @diyleduk. The 135 fills the dr60 amply, so I use the 75 in the small prop tent. However with both lights at 3000k, I will probably cram the two in at flowering time as I like to dim the 135 a little. @Dinafem-Mark I see that you are active on the forums which is great to have! Any soil / nutes tips you have observed for this strain before I but them in bigger pots would be a fantastic help. I have a good range of biobizz on deck from previous years; grow, bloom, heaven, topmax, algamic, root juice. I'm going 24/0 lights for veg. 3 seeds were popped about a week ago and today showed the first green shoot on the long road from Babylon!
  10. autopicknmix.jpg

    1 - Fruit (runt of the crop, was a small seed tho, on the plus side she's very well behaved) 2 - Kush n Cheese 3 - Blue Amnesia XXL 4 - White Widow XXL 5 - Fruit (Big sister of the runt) 6 - Critical 2.0 All on day 28 from popping their heads up.
  11. Ok folks here we go I'm doing another grow with Dinafem's Gorilla strain. I should have had a Dinafem for seeds diary on the go last year but other things took preference, and I feel it's time to put my guilty mind to rest. I'm not even finished my current grow with them but I just love growing this beast of a strain. Photo below: a Dinafem Gorilla sog plant in current grow. So we will start here with a plan, but subject to change without notice. I am currently in the process of taking some clones from the Gorilla mother plant that I started to grow when the strain first went on sale. This girl lives under the stairs with a 50 watt led cob for light and in a 8l fabric root pouch packet with roots and some coco. She gets starved then fed then roots chopped then put back in the pot, gets whacked with the strimmer and chainsaw etc you get the idea. Clones from the Mother, the clones sit in water with a touch of seaweed extract for a couple of days then move on to the rooting stage straight into tiny pots of canna coco professional, no gels, rooting powder etc. They then get set in a little container with a lid. The temps in the container normally sit at 25c and humidity at 100% for a few days, then I let some air in and give them a little spray of water if needed and leave an air vent open. Normally I have the nubs of roots in 7 days and day 8-10 they should have roots about 10-20mm long, at that stage I remove them from the propagator and usually just put them straight into their final 2l pots of coco to root out for a week or so or as longs as need be. My plan is to have 8 good clones every 3 weeks being put into the flower cabinet. Rinse and repeat until I have one of the levels in the cab full. That should keep me from running out of smokes. They will get flowered under Samsung Led Strips custom built for my cabinet by Diyleduk who was kind enough to let me test the units and see what results we could achieve with max 285 watts of power at the wall. Which I'm sure those who look at my diaries can see what can be done even when I near kill the plants in the process. So here is a photo of clones sitting in a plastic cup that I posted before but feel they should be shown again in this thread. I have about 3 weeks left in my current grow and then I will start feeding in the clones. I'm never in a rush so it is what it is. Dinafem - Gorilla sog girls The diary will be update on a weekly basis and is most likely to be photo heavy rather than my ramblings, lets face it we all like pictures and the plants can do the talking. If you see me making any mistakes which I do a lot off or would just like to chime in, offer some tips / advice or follow along for the ride, please do, feedback is always appreciated. Lighting will be Samsung Strips as mentioned above and will range from 200-285 watts until we add another couple a strips and a new driver then we can hit 350 watts max and see how it goes. Grow space roughly 4.8ft long X 2.5ft Depth and 100cm in height. Lights currently being used and in testing, thanks Diyleduk Photo below of the cabinet. Lower level will be for this grow. Should be a simple grow using straight forward basic feeding Medium will be: Canna Coco Professional Nutrients: Canna Coco A/B Additives: Canna PK13/14 Calmag only if needed, some days my tap water reads 0.3 EC -0.5 EC no idea why. Well that's a wrap for tonight. Toke...
  12. From the album The White House

    Dinafem - Gorilla Day 31 Top Shelf - Day 27 Bottom Shelf
  13. Competition time. To end our 1st month here at uk420 and to thank everybody for the warm welcome we have received. We are giving a away a 135w quantum board V2 light. You can choose 3000k or 4000k. These are a great bit of kit. Covers a 60cm x 60cm in flower and a 80cm x 80cm in veg. Dimmable down to 60w and gos past 150w if you turn it all the way up. RULES. 1. Your account at uk420 must be 6 months old. 2 Your account must have 50 posts HOW TO ENTER. Ive picked a number between 1 and 100. You have to guess it. Just pick any number between 1 and 100 and post it in this thread to enter. If nobody guesses it, the closest number will win. Members get 1 go. Subscribers get 2 gos. Lifetime subscribers get 3 gos. Competition ends Friday the 28th of september. good luck.
  14. Flower Cab Lights All Samsung.jpg

    From the album The White House

    Top level of cab are the original HLG Quantum Boards that I have been using since release and the bottom level Samsung Hinflux Single Row Led Strips provided by diyleduk.
  15. From the album Samsung Led Strip Light 301B

    Custom Built 260W Samsung Led Strip Light by diyleduk
  16. From the album Samsung Led Strip Light 301B

    Custom Built 260W Samsung Led Strip Light by diyleduk
  17. From the album Samsung Led Strip Light 301B

    Custom Built 260W Samsung Led Strip Light by diyleduk