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Found 50 results

  1. The title of this thread could just as easily be 'oh my god what am I doing how did I end up here' Some Background I grew photoperiod seeds for around a decade under HPS, made plenty of mistakes, grew some average weed, stopped taking so much well meaning but poor advice and eventually got to the point where I was getting OK bud and OK yields and some of that improvement was down to lurking these forums. I grew so much in 2018 that I haven't done a grow for just over a year. However, those jars full of Trainwreck and Burmese Kush are now running low and it was time to start back up. Why LED? My old stuff was looking quite tired and the tent was too big for what I was doing, so it was time for new kit. My research on what was recommended nowadays landed me back here and I saw plenty of great reports on DIYLEDUK kit. Even better, pre-orders for the new PAR+ boards had started and seemed to be a great price so I ordered the 550 package. The whole 'plug and play' promise really appealed as I am not especially handy and the prospect of giant meccano kits makes my eyes glaze over. A lot of grow diaries had shown some brilliant results and the fact that you can dim the lights easily at the turn of a button instead of being restricted to whatever options your ballast had seems to be advantageous. I also hope to be able to grow decently during the summer months with LEDs and avoid suffering from the heat problems I encountered with HPS. Why Dinafem? I distinctly remember growing 4 Dinafem Critical + and 2 Dinafem California Hash Plant photoperiod plants in the past. All of them were strong, healthy plants and they were all ready for chop at 50 days into flowering, more importantly they smoked nicely. Again, lots and lots of good reviews on these boards helped my decision. Why Autos? Those of us who are married or in long-term relationships will know some things are just non-negotiable. I'm away on holiday with my wife at a certain point and while I can leave plants drying with the house/pet-sitter here, I wouldn't want them to be looking after plants for the best part of a week when they are late in their cycle. I'd actually already got a load of Dinafem Critical + 2.0 photoperiod seeds in, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought that I was probably going to have to compromise too much on veg time and still leave myself no contingency time. My knowledge of Autos was pretty outdated (I thought they were all tiny yielding dwarf plants still - how wrong can you be?) so again I did some reading up on here. The Amnesia XXL strain is one I'd love to grow as Amnesia is a favourite of mine, but the comprehensive lifecycle time quoted and the diaries showing 100+ days meant that it was a no go for me this time around. If I had that sort of time, the Critical + 2.0 would already be up and running..... The 70-75 days quoted for the Auto Cookies looked about perfect for me so that's what I bought. @diyleduk @Dinafem-Mark
  2. Ok seeds arrived in the post this morning so thank you goes out to @Dinafem-Mark and all at @Dinafem Seeds. I will be running Dinafem - Quick Gorilla and Dinafem - Ocean Grown Cookies. All seeds will be planted starting with the Ocean Grown Cookies and a few weeks later followed by the Quick Gorilla. I will be growing in Coco from start to finish. I will be doing a few pot ups and flowering some of the plants out in 11 litre Air Pots. Veg time for the Ocean Grown Cookies will be 8-10 weeks or when the flower cab has free space. Grow style ie scrog, xmas trees etc I have not decided on yet. Nutrients of coarse is being kindly supplied by Intense Nutrients @Intense Nutrients Matt, I will be using the base nutrients, and some calmag. There will be no additives at all, including microbes etc, as the idea is to show how the plants can grow with the basics. Light source as usual for me will be 100% leds from @diyleduk. So with all that out of the way lets get this show on the the road. I have taken all 5 Ocean Grown Cookie seeds and put them into small pots containing moist coco and will put them in a warm dark place until they surface. Using tap water atm and the background EC is 0.4 to this I added Calmag Agent to reach EC0.6 and PH 5.5.. At a later date I will most likely switch from tap water to rain water from the water butt in the yard. The rain water will go in a res and be sterilized as normal with a little pond UV Sterilizer. The Diary will follow along the same format as usual, more photos, less crap and just relevant information to keep the diary clean and easy to view. That's it for now, have fun everyone this should be a fantastic competition and keep the community on uk420 buzzing. Toke… ps ignore the pencil lines they are from a different project and I need to wipe them off.
  3. Hello and welcome to my Sweet Seeds competition grow diary! This is my first attempt at this competition so I am looking forward at getting involved in this side of the community. Firstly, I would like to thank the Sweet Seeds team for having me and providing the seeds for me to grow as a newcomer to this competition. This grow will be in my own living soil and fully organic, meaning no nutrients will ever touch these plants. My water source is tap water through a shower filter and then sat for at least 48 hours so the chlorine can dissipate. For those that do not know, the 'no-till' concept means that the soil will never be turned and re-used run after run... When I chop the next seeds go straight in. This will be a new soil mix and container, so I will run through this process of building the soil if you read on below. The format of this diary will be similar to my other diaries, except this time I have decided to have a bash at doing 'photo cards' similar to how I have seen by a few other growers on this forum... I figured with the 'press kit' pack we were supplied - it would be fun to use it in the photos without watermarking the actual photos. SEED SELECTION The cultivars I have chosen to run I have not grown before, my experience in the past with Sweet Seeds is their BlackJack which I highly rate and recommend growers to this day... So I have high hopes for this run! The seeds arrived this morning literally within 48 hours of filling the form out as I am also based in Spain - Nice one Sweet Seeds and also to @Sweet Seeds-tommy! I have to admit, everything looks spot on.... Here are my weapons of choice: Gorilla Girl® Indica: 40% / Sativa: 60% THC: 19-25% · CBD: 0,1% Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 350-600 g/plant Indoor Blooming: 9 weeks Outdoor Harvest: early October Crystal Candy® Indica/Sativa: 60%/40% THC: 15-21% · CBD: 0,3% Indoor Yield: 500-650 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 500-700 g/plant Indoor Blooming: 9 weeks Outdoor Harvest: mid to late September San Fernando Lemon Kush® Indica/ Sativa: 35%/65% THC: 14-21% · CBD: 0,1% Indoor Yield: 450-600 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 450-700 g/plant Indoor Blooming: 9 weeks Outdoor Harvest: late September to early October I will be germinating 1 of each seed and they will all be sharing a single 177 litre Smart Pot. If time permits, I will be shooting for a 2nd cycle and really do this diary as ‘no-till’! SOIL MIX & NUTRITION This mix may seem a little excessive on amendments, but it is tried and tested and will provide everything the soil needs for a real kick start. Being the first cycle, it is important that the soil is full of nutrition particularly as the plants reach the flowering/fruiting stage and the nutritional requirements and uptake increases greatly. This soil mix is a slight variation on my last mix with the addition of some organic coco coir re-hydrated from a brick: Base Mix - 40% Sphagnum peat moss - 10% Coco coir - 40% Homemade worm castings - 10% Biochar Amended per cubic foot: - 8 cups of basalt - 0.5 cups of kelp meal (nutrients, enzymes & hormones) - 0.5 cups of neem cake (nutrients, sulphur and pest prevention) - 0.5 cups of crab meal (calcium and chitin) - 0.5 cups of gypsum (sulphur) - 1 cup of ground malted barley (enzymes) It is important to also constantly give back to the soil and to do this I will be sowing bio-dynamic accumulators into the bed - these are companion plants that will draw in nitrogen from the air and put back into the soil in a bio-available form for the plants. Some of the seeds I will sow include; Crimson Clover, Vetch and Mustard. In addition to the nitrogen fixers, I will be planting Chrysanthemum, Clover, Basil, Marigold and other bits and bobs in my seed collection.. Growing a diverse group of plants and cover cropping will encourage microbial diversity and aid in mycorrhizal colonization. GROWING EQUIPMENT The seeds will be kicked off under a 48 watt twin T5 light – no reason for this other then ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. After the initial seedling stage, I will be running lighting from our very own @diyleduk. Here is the full list of equipment: - Secret Jardin DS90 grow tent - 220w Highlight Full Spectrum + 150w Scope in flower (providing it fits ok). - 100mm Mountain Air carbon filter - 100mm extractor - Humidifier in veg, dehumidifier in flower - Greenhouse tube heaters on temperature controller LET'S GET GROWING 08/01/2020 - Germination I always like to give my seeds a quick 12 hour soak prior to sowing. This was done in plastic cups filled with reverse osmosis water and a small amount of Aloe Vera powder added. I also used a 100 watt aquarium tube heater to make sure my water was at 19/20c to ensure the seeds didn’t go into cold water: After this pre-soak, the seeds were directly sowed into some 2 litre plastic square pots which have been going a good month or so and actually had some male plants pulled from them! All these roots are going to be like leaves and stems mulched – they decompose! Through this will be a huge benefit to the soil because of the nutrient reserves in the roots that return back to the soil. It leaves behind pathways for oxygen, water, microbes, worms and future roots... Not to mention all the rhizobacteria in place ready to hit these new roots. I am using single bed heat blanket to keep the roots nice and warm: I think that is everything I can say about the grow. The next update will be when the seeds are above ground. I will aim to update each week or if there is something eventful worth logging and during the diary, I will try to drop as much information as I can! I know the whole ‘no-till’ style of growing is alien to some, so may compliment the diary nicely? I would also like to wish all the other entrants in this competition the best of luck with their own diaries and hope we can all grow out some nice flowers to smoke on! Saludos!
  4. The last lot I grew was a very nice smoke so am grateful serious seeds sent me some more to run. This time I may take some clones . I planted three on Saturday and two have shown so far , so that’s good They are in canna prof coco and watered in with Ph6 water with some nitrozyme. These may be in veg for a while , reason being the current grow which is not serious seeds may need replacing if they show Nanas like last crop did , again not serious seeds. So if these are needed they will be ready to do their stuff. Strawberry Akeil Thats it for now till next time take it easy.
  5. Luminus cxm22 gen4 cob kits diy grow light led grow light uk cob uk led uk420 quantum board. After nearly a year waiting, the Lmuinus gen4 cobs are now available. Gen3 was 2.3 umol/j, Gen4 has a 7% increase in efficiency and now on par with the Samsung midpower leds. The main benefits of cob lighting is the 90cri spectrum and the adaptability/upgradability of the system. For the DIY guys we have the bare cobs and DIY light engines. I recommend buying the light engines and your own driver, you can save a chunk off our kit prices doing so, but it does require a bit of knowledge. Bare cobs for upgrading. = £15.99 Preassembled Light engines for DIY projects. = £44.99 All DIY Kits are prices at £1 per watt and feature passive pin heatsinks, white aluminium framework and remote mounted meanwell drivers with dimming knobs. They are made to fit the specified area. But of course, we can adjust them to suit any area, create custom units, increase efficiency and even add other spectrum's. 160w DIY kit = £159.99. Ideal for a 60cm x 60cm area 250w DIY kit = £249.99 Ideal for a 80cm x 80cm area 320w DIY kit = £319.99 Ideal for a 90cm x 90cm or push to a 1m x 1m 500w DIY kit = £499.99 Ideal for a 1.2m x 1.2m area 750w DIY kit = £749.99 Ideal for a 1.5m x 1.5m area Pictures are PAR data will be posted when i get the time. Heres a few pics to show the layout of the systems. 75w per light engine. Any questions about the CXM kits post it here please. Thanks to all whos already ordered one. Enjoy your weekend Adam.
  6. Decided to pop some more female seeds , two WW xBB and two Chem Og .. They been placed into Canna prof coco watered in with half strength nitrozyme ph6 EC .6 same as tap ish .. They sat on wet clay balls on a heated tray till they show then under a Zeus lm301b board 3500k ... Packages WW X BB Chem Og Thats it for now till next time take it easy ....
  7. Lumatek Zeus 600w and 600w PRO led grow lights now in stock at diyleduk. Please use this thread for any information requests, inquires and general talk about this range of products. You can find Craigs overview and comparison blog here https://diyleduk.com/blogs/news/introducing-the-lumatek-zeus-600w-and-600w-pro You can buy them here- https://diyleduk.com/collections/lumatek-zeus-led/products/lumatek-zeus-600w-led-grow-light https://diyleduk.com/collections/lumatek-zeus-led/products/lumatek-zeus-600w-pro-led-grow-light 10% off use code "ZEUS" will end on Monday. Thanks Adam.
  8. Linky link link... Started and held back for ages in 1.5l pot under 65W QB, then moved to larger area under 4000k 375W scope dimmed as far it will go, finally flowered with the scope on max and 2 far red strips turned on.
  9. A little late to the party, but I've made it all the same First up, thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt for getting together and giving us load of awesome free stuff! I started 2 of each quick gorilla and OG cookies last night in levingtons M2 compost with a sprinkle of OG granules mixed. Hopefully I'll see life in 4 - 5 days. They'll start off in the flower area while it's on a veg timer, then when I flower the current clones I'll move them into the 40 X 100 veg area under a 65W QB where they'll stay under they get too big or the other stuff is finished... 6 - 8 weeks... Plenty of time to do a bit of training on them. Current temps in the flower area are 19 - 23°C at pot level, this is the only temp I'm interested in
  10. "We at DIYLEDUK are excited to announce that we’ll now be stocking the Lumatek Zeus 600w and Lumatek Zeus 600w Pro! These impressive new lights have certainly caught our attention. Let’s take a good look at them and go through some specs and key features....." Read the rest of our blog here, at https://diyleduk.com/blogs/news/introducing-the-lumatek-zeus-600w-and-600w-pro Hopefully, this helps you guys make a bit more of an informed decision about whether this light is suitable for your space or not. Here are the product listings for anyone looking for a quick link: Lumatek Zeus 600w https://diyleduk.com/collections/lumatek-zeus-led/products/lumatek-zeus-600w-led-grow-light Lumatek Zeus Pro 600w https://diyleduk.com/collections/lumatek-zeus-led/products/lumatek-zeus-600w-pro-led-grow-light Thanks again everyone, Craig.
  11. Hi all, this is a rolling diary to display ongoing adventures with the custom CXM370 LED system provided by DIYLEDUK As you can see the CXM370 is on a smaller frame, roughly 50cm x 50cm Newly added and to make things more custom we have placed a Vero 1750K COB in the middle to add extra red, this has just been bolted on separately with everything supplied by DIYLEDUK, as you can see it's run off a separate driver which wasn't too hard to mount and make tidy. We've already completed a grow with the CXM370 without the added Vero COB, if you fancy a read you can see it here If you don't fancy a read, here's some of the results
  12. Here is a blog that we're especially proud of, being that we've created a downloadable cost calculator that allows you to input all the variables such as wattage, timer cycles and energy prices as they change. We initially had a beautifully presented equation, but alas, 'computer said no'. "How much does my light cost to run? With lights by far being the most energy consuming piece of equipment in your grow room, that’s a significant chunk off your monthly electricity bill. You can either go through our simple mathematical equation, or download our electricity cost calculator we’ve created to determine the cost of running any given light over a grow cycle and see how much you’ll save on electricity alone..........." https://diyleduk.com/blogs/news/how-to-work-out-your-running-costs-with-calculator-download -Craig
  13. "When you purchase a high-intensity discharge (HID), also known as High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting system, the assumption is that you’re going to be drawing the exact wattage at the wall, that the system references. For example, a 600w HPS will use 600 watts of electricity, a 315w CMH will use 315 watts. NOT TRUE. That number being used, refers to the bulb’s draw, not the system’s. So how much more?"...................................... Read the rest of our blog here, at https://diyleduk.com/blogs/news/hps-what-to-the-really-draw We hope you guys find some of the information we provide in these blogs, moving forward, helpful. We always appreciate constructive feedback! Craig
  14. Auto Mix

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  15. Highlight 220 LED

    From the album Grow equipment

    The Hightlight 220 LED board that I won from the DIYLEDUK 2019 Xmas comp.
  16. Highlight 220 LED Board

    From the album Grow equipment

    The Hightlight 220 LED board that I won from the DIYLEDUK 2019 Xmas comp in a 90cm2 Gorilla Shorty Grow Tent.
  17. Highlight 220 LED

    From the album Grow equipment

    The Hightlight 220 LED board that I won from the DIYLEDUK 2019 Xmas comp in a 90cm2 Gorilla Shorty Grow Tent.
  18. Highlight 220 LED

    From the album Grow equipment

    The Hightlight 220 LED board that I won from the DIYLEDUK 2019 Xmas comp in a 90cm2 Gorilla Shorty Grow Tent.
  19. Hightlight 220 LED

    From the album Grow equipment

    The Hightlight 220 LED board that I won from the DIYLEDUK 2019 Xmas comp in a 90cm2 Gorilla Shorty Grow Tent.
  20. DIYLEDUK Xmas Comp Prize

    From the album All sorts

  21. DIYLEDUK Xmas 2019 Comp Prizes

    From the album All sorts

  22. Scope samung strips kits Scope strip kits Samsung strip kits uk diyleds diyleduk samsung quantum boards uk This thread is for everything scope samsung strip kits related. Any enquiries or general questions or requests, just post in in here. Ill also be adding stock announcements and data ive been collection here too. Comparison parmaps between HPS and leds as requested aswell as technical stuff that may interest some folks.
  23. Veg tent

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  24. I have finally got my arse in gear and got some of the seeds wet for the contest. I have a lot going on with my own Pineapple Skunk strains I made in my small set up at the moment so I am only able to do a couple of plants. I am not in this to win it as I have so many seeds here I want to pop including a big selection of Dinafems and I also won a load of Intense Nutrients stuff for COCT so the free seeds and nutrients are more than enough for me. It’s going to be fun trying out some new nutrients and growing out some new seed plants and keeping a small diary of the progress in here. Big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark@Intense Nutrients Mattfor sending me the freebies, hopefully I can get some nice photos along the way to show case the seeds and nutrients. I have put 2 OG Cookies and 1 Orange Juice in some wet paper towels for now. Dinafem Seeds and Intense Feeds