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Found 73 results

  1. Right boys and girls, I am now finally in a position to start my grow for this year! After a major fuck up on Parcel Forces end my initial order from Sweet Seeds has been lost, although I am still awaiting a refund I decided to order some more seeds and as per my title i've ended up with some Nirvana Bubblelicious and Sweet Seeds Sweet Nurse. I also got some free Seedsman Amnesia too and a nice face mask. I have upgraded my system since last year and I hope they'll allow me to perform a better grow with no popcorn buds: Carboair Carbon Filter as my last one did nothing to mask the smell Scope 275 V2 from DIYLEDUK Some fresh Air Pots rather than fabric I'm just about to pop the seeds to germinate, stay tuned for an interesting ride, no doubt i'll be learning a lot more as i plan to LST these one's.
  2. Lumatek Zeus 600w and 600w PRO led grow lights now in stock at diyleduk. Please use this thread for any information requests, inquires and general talk about this range of products. You can find Craigs overview and comparison blog here https://diyleduk.com/blogs/news/introducing-the-lumatek-zeus-600w-and-600w-pro You can buy them here- https://diyleduk.com/collections/lumatek-zeus-led/products/lumatek-zeus-600w-led-grow-light https://diyleduk.com/collections/lumatek-zeus-led/products/lumatek-zeus-600w-pro-led-grow-light 10% off use code "ZEUS" will end on Monday. Thanks Adam.
  3. Hey all! Exhale is back for some summer fun as promised. Big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem for the seeds. Well here we go, I've got a new propagation tent which is kitted out with some nifty little boards from our resident lighting god @diyleduk you can check it out in depth by clicking the link "Project Nursery" in my signature. Seeds were soaked on Saturday in the usual manner, straight in the dirt. This morning I checked the tent and all 5 had pushed their way out, another 100% germination that's what I'm used to with quality feminised seeds! These will be in the Nursery for a few weeks while we get the current crop in the flower chamber cut, dried and in jars.
  4. Hi all, this is a rolling diary to display ongoing adventures with the custom CXM370 LED system provided by DIYLEDUK As you can see the CXM370 is on a smaller frame, roughly 50cm x 50cm Newly added and to make things more custom we have placed a Vero 1750K COB in the middle to add extra red, this has just been bolted on separately with everything supplied by DIYLEDUK, as you can see it's run off a separate driver which wasn't too hard to mount and make tidy. We've already completed a grow with the CXM370 without the added Vero COB, if you fancy a read you can see it here If you don't fancy a read, here's some of the results
  5. Yes now fellow farmers! Hope everyone is well during these unique times going on in the world...So I thought about packing up on doing forum diaries entirely as I seem to have a lot of misfortune on the last 3 grows/diaries from roofs falling down, old bill issues, COVID-19 lockdown (quite draconian in Spain) and so on.. Despite this I am back with a diary for this competition and to stop myself going crazy bored - I am hoping to break this diary curse and get through a grow and diary successfully again like I used too! Bigups to @diyleduk and @Diyleduk Craig for running this competition and a shout out to the guest judge Mr @tokenroll. I will go all out with my usual diary layout and chatting/sharing gardening information (aka potential bollocks) - as it stops me chewing the mrs ear off about horticulture The Genetics & Story The Royal Wedding is pheno hunted and selected by myself - but due to COVID-19 restrictions: I got locked down far away from home with no proof of address resulting in a big fine trying to return home and as a result - lost all my plants (3 tents including mothers), but a mate did a run of the Royal Wedding I got samples of and this was the best out the 6 girls I got in the pack.. It was not grown to full potential by any means, but still really good smoke - so I am very keen to see how they perform for me. Royal Wedding Breeder: Emerald Mountain Legacy Selection: IntheSystem Strain: Wedding Cake x Royal Kush 8 I actually retrieved the cuttings off another friend (5 hour round trip once was allowed to travel). I left the original cuts from my run with him prior to flipping and getting locked down for 2/3 months visiting my gf for the weekend with just a backpack - This friend is not a grower really, so he ended up putting the mother cut outside in MARCH. Very grateful he kept it alive nonetheless! This was when her when I got the cuts: This was the plant (pheno 4) about 2 weeks or so later - it's off my mates phone so sorry about the photo inconsistency here: Equipment So after the lockdown and losing crops I decided fuck it and moved down south with the mrs. I brought a new tent from local grow shop as I only had big 2.4 x 1.2's before. I stood in the tent for light leaks and picked it up for 80 euro on sale and I have to admit, the quality is nearly as good as my expensive Hydrolabs tents! Don't always have to spend more 1m x 1m x 2m Darkbox tent 420w Atreum LED custom made for me by Adam. 220w Highlight Full Spectrum 8 inch RVK silent extractor in a DIY HDF soundproof box 6 inch RVK silent intake GSE Fan speed controller 10 inch Mountain Air filter with 8” reductor Klarstein 16l/day dehumidifier Pure factory humidifier Custom built SCROG net 170l Smart Pot Blumats irrigation system. 4 carrots, 1 long carrot on a 25l reservoir. No-Till Gardening For those that don't know (I see topics pop up often): No-till essentially means the soil is never dug/turned/tilled. It’s living soil made from simple components and relying on the natural cycle of the soil food web thus, recreating what happens in nature. Along with a strong mulch layer to replenish, improve and give back to the soil as time goes on just like how the biggest and healthiest forests and trees in the world do. This is essentially the 2nd cycle in this bed and has a lot of Cannabis mulch beneath the straw and cover crop. Here is the old stalk: Soil Mix 40% Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss 40% Homemade worm castings fed only kelp, neem, skrill and barley 10% U-Gro rehydrated coco coir 10% Biochar (charged via worm castings and an air pump for 24h) Per cubic foot I amend with: 3/4 cup of Kelp Meal 3/4 cup of Neem Cake 3/4 cup of Crab Meal 1 cup of Ground Malted Barley 7 cups of Basalt (rock dust) Cover Crop & Companion Planting Cover crops give a whole host of benefits from improving aeration in the soil via more roots thus more pathways, increased soil life activity with interactions/exchanges of bacteria and fungi and of course when chopped and dropped; give back to the soil. My Leguminous (nitrogen fixers) cover crop is: - Crimson Clover - White Clover - Red Clover - Buckwheat (also draws phosphorus in its leaves making it bio-available when culled). - Alfalfa - Vetch (sparingly, found it attracts a lot of green aphids where I am) - Rye Grass Companion plants this cycle are: - Greek Basil - Mint (need to cull it back haha) - Marigolds (if they re-seed from the last cycle natuarlly) Diversity is the aim of the game here... Hopefully it stresses the point that plants exchange nutrients with each other and live in harmony to thrive - they do not pull or suck from each other. Again, look at the biggest forests in the world with the healthiest trees. This is what we are trying to mimic in a pot ultimately - also why big pots and companion planting help tremendously Outside Inputs - Top dressing of 2-row diastatic malted barley seed ground fresh every time - Kelp/Neem teas every fortnight providing immediate and complete source of nutrition - Mountain Organics Botanicals foliar providing supplemental minerals/hormones/enzymes and IPM (insect pest management). I do drench the bed in it sometimes too, particularly the seed sprout tonic (sst) Predators - Greenhouse Rove Beetles (Fungus Gnats & Thrips) - Swirski (Thrips) - Phytoseiulus persimilis (Red Spidermite) Let's do this! I think that is all the background info and introduction done (finally you say!) - so it’s time to put this into practice! This really is all in the preparation and it quickly becomes permaculture basically topping a 25l reservoir up every couple of days in full flower.. Plain tap water straight out the tap - you can lookup my chloramine opinion in the many topics but essentially it's a non-issue simply as the soil is the filter (microbes take care of the ammonia once the bond to chloramine is broken basically). The cuts were taken off a flowered plant but still shot roots out in around 5 or 6 days using Aloe Vera from my terrace: They were potted up in 3 month old living soil to slow them down as the intention originally was a multi strain grow with OgKushman’s/Source Genetics "Root Brother" off my pal @Sargares, but again due to COVID delaying post and everything in general - the post took way longer so they are a fragile state to run alongside: Once rooted firmly, they were then transplanted into the bed: The girls were watered in with Mountain Organics seed sprout tonic (sst) at around 2ml per 4 litres just to get some fresh minerals, cytokinins, enzymes etc in the soil and I also gave them a heavy foliar/IPM spray on equal parts of: Mountain Organics SST, Citrus Tonic, Neem and Ritha (soapnut) tonics at 2ml per 4 litres. The aim will be to update this diary weekly, it will keep me out of trouble! haha Finally, I would like to Wish the best of luck to everyone else in this competition! I am still learning how to take photos with a DSLR properly, so bare with me on that front... I am getting better slowly. I shoot mostly in Aperture Priority mode using the exposure compensation with standard Nikon D3500 and lens kit on a tripod. Stay safe all and catch you in a week for the 1st update Cheers
  6. Hey everyone, after spending a lot of time lurking on here and learning the basics my friend @InTheSystem poked and prodded me to do a diary, so here I am with a quick hello and introduction Once I get setup how to upload photos I’m hoping this will become a much more visual representation of my current grow! So @InTheSystem very kindly sent me his remaining (4) ugorg honeybadger seeds to hopefully find a pychosis leaning mum. He also popped in some exodus cheese x blues that I believe were made by @highgrower. I also had a pack of Irn Glu f2’s from Bateman Selections and having been somewhat desperate to see how good they are (and being a glue fan) I decided to throw a few of these into the mix too! All Regs so will need to sort out the boys from the girls and fingers crossed find some stinky gems. And...Just to really put me under a bit of space pressure, Ive also got 3 Orangeade cuts to run too that are meant to finish pretty fast Il’l be growing in coco, hand watering and using Buddhas Tree nutrients in a 80cmx80cm tent with a 4inch filter/extraction and passive intake. The light is a Logic-220 which ive used for a couple of runs now and love the performance, not a bad word to say about it. I’ll hopefully be doing a few updates each week and being still relatively new to growing it would be great to get some feedback along the way to help me learn and improve. Much love, the worm
  7. Hey everyone hope your doing well. Wacky times at the minute, I was in the shop and some old fella looked at the till assistant and outreaches his hand after he dug out a treasure trove load of coins from his pocket! Then drops them all on the counter which seemingly took forever haha sounded like hail! But whilst doing this he says "Put them in the charity box Son." and the best it about it was the bloody box was literally 4 inches from where he dropped them onto the counter. The till assistant must have been looking around for Jeremy Beadle. This here diary will be one containing glimpses into what beers I'm drinking for instance, I'm drinking birra moretti tonight. Night before it was erdinger dunkel, that will make your pish smell alright. Usually hit the holsten pils though. The odd funny pic may slip on into the diary and even the occasional joke if they are PC enough. Really looking forward to doing this diary for everyone and a big thanks to the UK420 team and @teehee @splifi @Professor_X @Slippy One @zeroG @diyleduk @Lamster67 Sometimes for me just talking/writing shit and trying not to be a dick is the best medicine going about! So pop open your can of smingles or get tucked into your Jen&Kerri's here comes the first wave of my diary hope y'all enjoy so dim the lights and roll up a doob for the one time extravaganza the one and only Why"A"Ree! nudge nudge get it, don't be too mean about my bushweed botch up hoping it's more of a Wow"A"Ree than a Why"A"Ree. Enough of me talking gobbledygook. The grow will be of a plant I germed and vegged so far under a 6000K 40w light 600mmx600mm in size. Once my last grow has finished drying I will be moving it into the room with a lumatek attis 200 the whole way through from when I re pot it into a bigger pot from the 3.5 litre pot it is in at the minute, until its flowered and I get our auld danye son to go in and karatekid the fuck out of it. I'll be using the highly recommended clover multi purpose soil straight out of the beg, right! The beg! I have some blood bone and fish meal and also some potash I might or might knock into the soil when potting up. Don't know, think of this grow like the pantomime, feel free to shout in yer 2p, like don't be adding that ya gluebeg! Lucas formula with some other stuff added in. I know it was devised for general hydroponics nutes but I'll be doing it with advanced nutrients because I heard ya can, so spit your tea out, bite your tongue or call me a buffoon that's what we are rolling with. The room size that it will be moved into under the influence of the attis 200 will be 1.2high x 1.1wide x 1.4long. Snugger than a family of unwelcome roosting pigeons under your PVP panels. Thanks again everyone really hyped to have a stab at this comp, took me ages even just getting thisone post up but I really really don't mind I like to pour the contents of my grey matter onto the white matter in the latter half of the day. Right must stop with the rambling her patience is wearing thin and my eyes are on fire looking at this screen for 4 hrs! I'm so not handy with computers and phones, or maybe it's the water fuckits and morettis I've been doing. Thank fuck this saved I thought it wiped, phew here's the plant porn Bye everyone
  8. Hello guys What a great part of the forum added by @diyleduk to document grows with his fixtures...here is my effort Im using the Growmau5 Logic enhanced spectrum 640 kits, i will be using CMH fixtures alongside these...these where also from Adam at diyleduk. Grow room specification is a 2.4 x 1.2 secret jardin tent with an 8" high powered RVK fan and Carbo-air 60 filter for extraction medium is bio-bizz light-mix and nutrients will be fish-mix and PM bloom. Only just settling in and starting to pick up pace , i will get some photographs up this evening on their current progress and we will go from there. The strains being grown are Footloose & Disco Biscuits having a side each. Until later thanks for looking in. Farmer G
  9. In connection to the fantastic £1000 prize competition we've just launched, we're giving diary entrants the chance to win a QX75 board each month via our 'DIYLEDUK Photo of The Month' rolling competition. To qualify for this monthly rolling prize, you MUST also be taking part in our £1000 diary competition. Each month, a new thread in this section will be created providing specific details of opening/closing dates/times and any ofther additional info that might be needed. You must post your photo entry within said thread, or it will not be counted. Myself and Adam will go through the photos in the thread each month and pick a winner. We'll then announce the winner and their photo at the start of next month's new thread. We're looking to launch the first round of this competition on 1st July. Any questions in the meantime, drop a post below and we'll clarify. Thanks everyone! - Craig (Link to £1000 competition):-
  10. Welcome to my next foray into LED growing and living soil. I grow in a Budbox 160x75x75 with a @diyleduk Scope 220 V1 and have a 100l pot of living soil with blumat drippers to keep the moisture levels in check. I use a AC Cloudline T4 fan connected to a Mountain Air 4” Filter for extraction and passive intake. I also have some Buddies that diyleduk kindly sent to me to try out but I am struggling to install them in a way where I can have the driver outside the tent hmmmmmm This diary will cover my adventures in crossing a Psychosis bx2 male with a Psychosis bx2 female and three Smile females within my pot of living soil. I dont intend to seed the whole grow just a branch of each plant, I am in no way an experienced breeder just a pollen chucker that would like to see what results I get. Also being my last seeds of these strains I hope to preserve them in some way. I started this grow a while ago and planted my last 3 Smile seeds from @oldtimer1 and my last 3 Psychosis bx2 from @ratdog . I hit lucky and got 3 Smile females and 2 PsBx femails and a male. The best looking PSBX female the male and the three Smile females got cuts taken whilst I finished up my last grow and the seed plants were disposed of. The female cuts are now in the pot and have been for the last week, they are just starting to find there feet and have greened up as they were held back in small pots. I have started to flower the male in my small 90x0x60 veg tent under a 65w @diyleduk veg board it’s 5 days in flower in a 3 l pot of plagron batmix and will be fed just fishmix . So here are some pics to bring us up to date..... They are the cuts I took and now they are in the living soil pot..... This is the boy I got with some double serrations going on and his balls that are developing So that’s where we are at at the moment, I have made sure that the pot is well watered and the bottom of the pot is damp to the touch as @icki keeps hinting that this is what should be happening. I also have made some hash recently for my “rainy day” stash so would like to share that with you too.... From right to left is Sift, Bubble and some hash I picked up last December. That’s it for now folks. Hope you enjoy the ride!! peace lil d.
  11. The title of this thread could just as easily be 'oh my god what am I doing how did I end up here' Some Background I grew photoperiod seeds for around a decade under HPS, made plenty of mistakes, grew some average weed, stopped taking so much well meaning but poor advice and eventually got to the point where I was getting OK bud and OK yields and some of that improvement was down to lurking these forums. I grew so much in 2018 that I haven't done a grow for just over a year. However, those jars full of Trainwreck and Burmese Kush are now running low and it was time to start back up. Why LED? My old stuff was looking quite tired and the tent was too big for what I was doing, so it was time for new kit. My research on what was recommended nowadays landed me back here and I saw plenty of great reports on DIYLEDUK kit. Even better, pre-orders for the new PAR+ boards had started and seemed to be a great price so I ordered the 550 package. The whole 'plug and play' promise really appealed as I am not especially handy and the prospect of giant meccano kits makes my eyes glaze over. A lot of grow diaries had shown some brilliant results and the fact that you can dim the lights easily at the turn of a button instead of being restricted to whatever options your ballast had seems to be advantageous. I also hope to be able to grow decently during the summer months with LEDs and avoid suffering from the heat problems I encountered with HPS. Why Dinafem? I distinctly remember growing 4 Dinafem Critical + and 2 Dinafem California Hash Plant photoperiod plants in the past. All of them were strong, healthy plants and they were all ready for chop at 50 days into flowering, more importantly they smoked nicely. Again, lots and lots of good reviews on these boards helped my decision. Why Autos? Those of us who are married or in long-term relationships will know some things are just non-negotiable. I'm away on holiday with my wife at a certain point and while I can leave plants drying with the house/pet-sitter here, I wouldn't want them to be looking after plants for the best part of a week when they are late in their cycle. I'd actually already got a load of Dinafem Critical + 2.0 photoperiod seeds in, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought that I was probably going to have to compromise too much on veg time and still leave myself no contingency time. My knowledge of Autos was pretty outdated (I thought they were all tiny yielding dwarf plants still - how wrong can you be?) so again I did some reading up on here. The Amnesia XXL strain is one I'd love to grow as Amnesia is a favourite of mine, but the comprehensive lifecycle time quoted and the diaries showing 100+ days meant that it was a no go for me this time around. If I had that sort of time, the Critical + 2.0 would already be up and running..... The 70-75 days quoted for the Auto Cookies looked about perfect for me so that's what I bought. @diyleduk @Dinafem-Mark
  12. Hi all This is my first attempt at using leds and my first diary so its a bit of an experiment for me. I'm using a lumatek Zeus 600 bought from Adam @diyleduk and growing a bubba's gift which was a freebie from my hso order @HSO-Mark. I'm in a 1.2 x 1.2 tent growing hydro with an oxypot xl using shogun nutes. The Bubba's gift was a bit slow in veg but I take some of the blame for that as I was experimenting with the light settings/distances etc. All in all shes had a 5 week veg just using a+b with an ec of 0.8 up to 1.2 and ph from 5.6 to 6.1 then taking it bk down to 5.6. Any advice/tips is appreciated ✌
  13. The first round of our Monthly Best Photo Competition has landed! We've decided to offer a giftcard for £100 as our monthly prize moving forward as it gives our winners a bit more choice to get something suitable for them. If you guys could please submit a photo below in this thread of your choice from one of your posts from the past month... Please remember guys, the photo must be posted in your diary before-hand and be no older than a month to qualify. There's still plenty of time for everyone to join our competitions, get some photos taken and submitted. Myself and Adam will go through the photos in the thread each month and pick a winner. We'll then announce the winner for August at the start of next month's new thread (first week of September) Good luck everyone! - Craig
  14. Nirvana Northern Lights

    From the album Diyleduk 2020 comp entry

    Hey everyone this plant has been grown under a 6000K 40w light for about a month and a half in the corner of my room just plodding along :)
  15. Nirvana Northern Lights

    From the album Diyleduk 2020 comp entry

    Hey everyone this plant has been grown under a 6000K 40w light for about a month and a half in the corner of my room just plodding along :)
  16. Welcome growers.. This is my micro grow in the shed stealth style! (Attempt) I've been growing outdoors in the UK for the last 5 years with only a cabinet to get my seedlings going. Done the odd seed to harvest with CFLs but nothing special. Then I came across the QX-75 LED board from @diyleduk which looked made to measure for my cabinet and ideal for temps being in the shed. Never using an led before excited to get going was a understatement. Yesterday I received my QX-75 LED through the door from @diyleduk and it's obvious these lights are miles above anything iv seen before for light output to wattage! On full power 75w is crazy bright! Couldn't believe how bright it was. Would like to say a massive thank you to Adam for sorting it out! The light QX-75 Each QX board has 128 leds in total. 120x LM301H (3500k) 6x LM351H (660nm deep red) 2x (730nm far red) And looks pretty The driver has a nice length of cable to reach outside my cabinet and the dimmer switch is a very easy way to adjust wattage The cabinet I decided the cabinet needed upgrading ready for the new light to give me the best chance possible.. Dimensions, 35x35x80cm I put a mini tube heater in and usb fan to help control temps. Then decided I know longer like access from the side. Swapped set up around so I could get to the plants from the front. Both pc fans have acoustic ducting attached. The bottom one bringing in air through the bottom of the shed The top one is connected to my 4" rvk fan that's boxed in for silence sitting on a rhino carbon filter. I then insulted the cabinet.. I put the inkbird probe under shade from the light. Attached a wac1 step controller to my 4" rvk to reduce noise further. Then yesterday I got to do the exciting part.. getting the light in and set up
  17. DIYLEDUK Competition time has officially landed! One lucky member will be winning £1000 worth of DIYLEDUK vouchers! Additionally, we're offering members a chance each month to win another fantastic prize for the best photo. Currently, our monthly prize will be a QX75 board (more details to come, in separate thread) Here are the details for how you can enter our £1000 prize draw..... Entrants must have purchased a light from us or from an authorised reseller OF OUR PRODUCTS and must submit a completed diary by 01/01/2021 in our diary section (*Please see FAQ's for more info) to be eligible for entry into our £1000 prize competition. Now we want everyone who's using one of our lights to be able to create a diary and enter into this competition. We're not looking for every entrant to be a growing master. What we're looking for in these diaries are regular, honest, detailed and engaging posts by the grower. A shortlist of potential winners from the best diaries will be drawn up by myself, Adam, @Joolz and @tokenroll. We'll then present our shortlist in a new thread and give you all the chance to vote on which of these diaries you think is most worthy of winning the prize. Once a winner has been chosen by all of you and announced by us, they will recieve a gift voucher from us - at the value of £1000 -to spend in our online store. Please keep reading below for some additional information. If there's anything we've not covered or made fully clear, please feel free to post below and we'll do our best to clarify. FAQ Q. Can I buy a light just to enter? A. When stock is available yes, you can buy a light anytime this calendar year and still enter (providing your diary with said light is also complete by the closing date). Q. I run your LED's mixed with HID/CMH or other LED's.... Can I enter? A. Yes. Mixed equipment is fine, providing you're not entering with a 75w LED light in a 5,000 watt HPS room . Q. I have a product you sell but I didn't buy it from you, can I enter? A. Any PAR+ products are accepted. Anything else would not be, unfortunately. Q. I made my light myself, can I enter? A. Providing you purchased some of the parts from us. Q. Can I use a preexisting diary I've already started in this section? A. Yes. Q. *Your section isn't private to non members. Can I post my entry in the grow dairy's forum and just link it here for security? A. Yes, of course. WE MAY ASK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER NUMBER AT ANYTIME DURING THIS COMPETITION, FAILURE TO PROVIDE THIS WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION! WE ALSO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DISQUALIFY ENTRANTS AT OUR DISCRETION, IF WE FEEL THE INDIVIDUAL IS OPERATING WITHIN AN UNFAIR OR UNSPRITIED INTERPRETATION OF THE COMPETITION Good luck everyone! DIYLEDUK - Craig
  18. First off, a massive thank you to all the staff involved at @diyleduk I know you guys have been working extremely hard to get units out to people and you have continued to provide a stellar service all while moving location and being affected by the lockdown measures - bravo. So we're here finally! The QX Boards have arrived, I have 2 of the 75 watt versions and already I want more! It's been in my plans for a long while now to establish a Nursery to house genetics and root cuttings to move in to the flower chamber but space has been a major issue, I have a space where I have a small propagation tent set up (Secret Jardin DP60) this is only 60x40 cm floor space so I thought why not buy another DP60 propagation tent and stack them, keep mothers in one and root cuts or start seeds in the other great so I asked Adam for 2 boards as I wanted to replace my old 48 watt T5 system. I went in to my local(ish) hydro store just for my normal browse and I came across one of these Garden HighPro Propagation Tents, soon as I saw it and walked over to it the missus knew I was already buying it, this tent is the same footprint as my DP60 but it's 2m high! 5 shelves all of which you can pop out to create less but larger spaces I absolutely love it, there's space to root cuts or start seeds, space to hold cuts or mother plants or even males for breeding. I hate tents but this went up fast, it was up weeks ago and I've just been admiring it since and waiting to get it lit up. What a beauty! I love the low profile it saves so much headspace compared to the T5. That's only on the lowest draw as well so we're covering a 60x40cm area with a good spread and decent light level at 5(ish) watts! As you can also see each shelf has a waterproof lining so I wont have to worry about water dropping down the levels on lower fixtures. This is the second shelf down from the top so the top has nothing in it. The shelf under is left empty. We can take out the shelf liner and lift the wire rack shelf out.... This gives us double the headspace for larger stock or even vegging out a plant or two to give them a head start before going to the flower chamber! The second unit, again the bottom is left for expansion so that's 2 decent spaces which is great because as you'll all see I have plenty of seeds to play with! The front door is double layered, the inside door is clear and the outer light proof material velcro's to it if you need total darkness. Really chuffed with this little set up, low watts, small foot print, big potential. Genetics I've got a good collection of regular seeds that I've bought based on nostalgia and my love for Skunk, there's some Sativa in there too as I'm looking for something lifting. We have Subscription Seeds - Pineapple Skunk x The New (aka Dirty Larry) by @Smokebelch, Super Manny and Skunk Liver by @Highburyway, Psycho Animal Stomper x MAC 1 by @buddy13, Lemon Amnesia x (Cheese x Blues) and (Cheese x Blues) x (Cheese x Blues) by @highgrower, Smile F2 by @dannychoo, Smottie Remix by @Budelaire and Psycho Animal Stomper x Moonshine Haze by @golf.007 KGBeans - Psychosis BX2, Psychotropic and Wine Gums Seedman Seeds - Early Durban Underground Seeds(france) - Amnesia IBL, Sour'Kush and Durgan Chitral Mr. Nice Auctions - Angel Heart, N.H.S., ASH, Mango Widow, Nordle and NL5 x Skunk I also have some feminised seeds some gifted, some won and some bought all have something interesting. Dinafem - Orange Juice, Blue Widow, Amnesia Kush, Original Amnesia, Critical Cheese, Quick Critical+ and Critical 2.0 Seedism Seeds - Champagne Kush and Kush Valley Lemon Sorbet G13 Labs - Maltezerz Sweet Seeds - Sweet Zkittlez Izzy Whizzy, Let's get busy!
  19. Acinfinity Clouidline Ec fan UK EC motor high efficiency phresh gas After much anticipation, we're extremely excited to announce that the new AC Infinity Cloundline range of EC fans have officially landed! https://diyleduk.com/collections/ac-infinity-cloudline-ec-dimmable-fans Introducing the high efficiency exhaust fans that wont break the bank. Featuring an EC motor, high air flow rate, low power consumption, quiet operation and a choice of controllers as standard. Possessing many qualities found only at higher price-points, if you're looking for quiet and effective extraction, then look no further than the cloudline range of energy efficient, EC motor fans. https://diyleduk.com/collections/ac-infinity-cloudline-ec-dimmable-fans We've invested a considerable amount into bringing you this range of fans, and have bought as much stock as we realistically could. But as usual, the demand is crazy so we don't anticipate this round of stock to last long! - Craig
  20. I been looking for ages now but ready to upgrade and keep changing my mind any help would be useful i got a 5x3x5 so not a lot of headroom i have been using a 400w hps and a 315w cmh which does serve me well. I was going to build my own led system but keep changing my mind so what to doDiy strips2x highlight boards2x attis invisable sunany other options welcome i also dont mind using the 315w with a mix of led .cheers
  21. Hello all, This is my diary for the foreseeable, I am in a 75x75x160 budbox with a 112l fabric pot filled with about 100l of ecolife soil from indoor organics. This is the second run in this pot and have amended with neem meal, MBP, life cycle all watered in with biosys. I have also planted some crimson clover as a cover crop. Above the plants is a dimmable scope 220, I have a mountain air with a 4” ruck and passive vents for intake. Water is being delivered by blumat drippers fed from a 47l tank sat outside the tent with an air stone in. Not currently using the full capacity of the tank but handy if I want to go away at any point. Plants are 2 x Serious seeds AK47 and 1 x macf1 x zkittzo subbies by @buddy13 All plants are cuts I took about 3weeks ago and have binned the seed plants. Pics. Day 1 veg all the best folks peace. lil d.
  22. Updated my Scope PCB’s to V2, would it be a good idea to use the old 3000k strips as a sidelights? (Always liked the idea of sidelighting) Ideally without heavy heatsinks, and low watt driver to keep heat and cost down. Not sure if this is a lighting or DIY section question... cheers in advance if anyone has electrical advice..
  23. Scope samung strips kits Scope strip kits Samsung strip kits uk diyleds diyleduk samsung quantum boards uk This thread is for everything scope samsung strip kits related. Any enquiries or general questions or requests, just post in in here. Ill also be adding stock announcements and data ive been collection here too. Comparison parmaps between HPS and leds as requested aswell as technical stuff that may interest some folks.
  24. Highlight 220

    From the album My first Diary

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  25. Highlight 220

    From the album My first Diary

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