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Found 3 results

  1. Ho Ho HO !!! Yes, it's Christmas week and last minute presents are on the starting blocks;) Why not some tabby round beans for the wild garden of grand'ma? Enjoy your time and friends Merry HolyDayzzzzz...... And the rainbow road to Paradise is just here
  2. Hi, has anyone bought and grown any of the discount female autos from "female seeds uk" ? They seem to good to be true for 2.50 each but they have decent reviews etc..
  3. Summer is coming and with it comes the heat. But this year, we have launched a special promotion so that you can organize your next grow for this summer and forget about all the worries. We already had enough worries with this pandemic that has taken us by surprise. Therefore, until the 20th of July you get a 25% discount on all our new 2020 strains. Yes, 25%! Access the promotion through this link: Summer Promotion 2020 25% DISCOUNT If you were waiting to get our new strains, this is your moment. Take advantage of the discount on the new strains! If you haven't seen our new strains yet, you can check them out below: Autoflowering Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto® The strain has a very pleasant, yet complex and deep, aroma of incense, with sweet, pungent shades, and hints of lemon, wood and nuts. It is an extremely productive, tall, autoflowering strain with highly resinous buds. More information here: LINK. Gorilla Girl XL Auto® It has a potent, stimulating effect with very high THC levels of up to 25%. Individual plants can even surpass this threshold. The buds have an intense, sweet and fruity aroma and taste, with tones of blue cypress and wood complemented by citric, earthy shades. The plants’ buds are heavily loaded with resin, have long trichomes and very large flower calyxes. This strain is known for its exuberant resin production which completely coats the calyxes with aromatic trichomes. More information here: LINK. Crystal Candy XL Auto® The genetics have been developed as part of a special programme within the Sweet Seeds® R+D Department designed to discover interesting, exquisite and subtly sweet aromas that evoke an olfactory sensation of sweet shops. The buds have a very sweet, fruity scent with aromatic tones of bubble gum and jelly beans, complemented by shades of acidic strawberries and ripe melons. This strain produces large amounts of aromatic resin crystals and beautiful buds. The plants easily grow over 1 metre tall. More information here: LINK. Photoperiod Dependent Red Hot Cookies® Red Hot Cookies® (SWS83) is a “Super Strong”, highly productive and resinous strain with high THC levels of up to 25%. It has an excellent scent and taste; it is sweet, deep and dense, with marked tones of mandarin and mango, plus hints of fruits of the forest. More information here: LINK. Sweet Zkittlez® The result is a predominantly indica genetic hybrid. It produces a large amount of resin-soaked flowers. It is both relaxing and stress-relieving, yet it also stimulates the imagination and conversation, an effect that is normally associated with sativa strains. The flowers have a high terpene content, an exquisite aroma and sweet taste, with hints of fruit-flavoured candies, hardwood undertones, shades of lemon, cypress and subtle aromatic peppers More information here: LINK. Fast Version Gorilla Girl F1 Fast Version® The plants have a very strong and stimulating effect with a THC content as high as 25%, some plants may even exceed these levels. This strain is known for its exuberant resin production which completely coats the calyxes with aromatic trichomes. The buds have an intense, sweet and fruity aroma and taste, with tones of blue cypress and wood complemented by citric, earthy More information here: LINK. Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version® It is the cross of an elite, selected Tropicanna Cookies clone, with a red flower phenotype, and our highly regarded, red flower, autoflowering strain Red Poison Auto® (SWS39). The plants are very productive and resinous, with THC levels of up to 24% and extremely high terpene levels. The buds have an excellent aroma and taste; they are very sweet, intense and dense, with tones of mango, earthy, wooden hints, and a subtle Skunk background. More information here: LINK. CBD Red Pure Auto CBD® The strain offers a sweet, earthy aroma and taste, with shades of fresh pine or cypress and hints of fruits of the forest. It has a relaxing effect that washes away anxiety, which makes it ideal for medicinal users who do not want to feel any psychotropic effects from the THC. More information here: LINK. Promotional conditions - Promotion ends: the 20th of July at 8:00 (CEST) - Discount: 25% discount on new 2020 Sweet Seeds® strains - This promotion can not be combined with other offers - Valid for a limited list of countries. How to redeem the discount There is no need to do anything, just add to the cart any of the new 2020 strains in any of their formats. The discount applied will automatically appear at check-out. Enjoy the summer! But don't forget... Stay safe! The Sweet Seeds® Team.